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  1. Because I deserve it for putting up with so much forum garbage over the years.
  2. Disagree on principle. One shot deaths happen at levels far beyond anything the game is balanced around. The whole point of increasing enemy levels is to eventually make them so tough we can't keep fighting. If we have scaling damage and scaling tanking we might as well do away with enemy levels altogether and just fight level 1 enemies all day. There has to be an upper limit to what we're designed to fight, if we can push past that then great, if not then it's not an issue.
  3. Hold #1 if you don't have the augment. If you do have the augment then you can't get rid of him, as holding #1 performs the slam. Consequences? You have to recast. The exact same way it will in a mission if you were to only equip a single weapon. You both have that weapon.
  4. You can, that's what an opt out does. Spam text messages will often end with something along the lines of, "reply STOP to opt out of 'x'" so that you don't receive messages from them anymore. Ignoring them also seems to work as well.
  5. Why not? Looks like a useful gap closer that has the added benefit of healing you and your clone at the same time.
  6. Sure, your post was totally humourous. I just forgot to laugh.
  7. Your posts do resemble that of a drunk. No, it isn't. You haven't explained anything. You have stated many things that I have argued against, you have failed to argue back and instead have resorted to ad hominem and strawmen, allow me to do the same. Your explanations are incompetent, your opinion is negatively biased to the point of being slightly ridiculous and you're arrogant enough to decide you're completely right before even trying it. Ya boring.
  8. Yeah. Shame we have no arcanes or mods that can also do that, meaning we aren't locked into doing this at all. Wait... I already mentioned that. No offence but if you can't get that you aren't locked in it, and can cancel it at will to attack, I can't help with that. What has that got to do with the price of fish? Why does the clone need that invulnerability? It'll have at least twice the health pool that you do and can be healed reliably. Not me that hasn't really read what's changed. Your glass is so half empty that you're over exaggerating the negative aspects and blowing them out of proportion.
  9. Cloud heals clone, also relocates clone to you. Clone gets Defy buff as well as using it. Clone also uses Primal Fury. Each ability synergises with the clone.
  10. Inaros is locked into finishers or repeatedly recharging his 4, how is that any different? Oh no, using an ability will get you health back, how positively tragic. When people say you're "locked" doing something, they mean you can't get out of it. Finishers lock you in place, Cloudwalker doesn't lock you in place and is cancelable at any time. - Moans about the cloud not being useful as a traversal tool. - Has it pointed out to them that it is now a traversal tool. - Complains about it being a traversal tool. It's genius. This is bs, it does not need to be managed. You can manage it, but "can" and "need" are two very different words. It'll be more than twice as tanky as you yourself are and can be healed on demand. 30k+ ehp seems quite accomplishable for it. The armour duration seems fair enough to not require "spamming" the ability.
  11. "Lock". Have you seen him use it? You can cancel out of it into an attack whenever you want, it's quick to get into it and speeds up your movement instead of locking you in place. You're less "locked" using it than Inaros is using finishers to heal. Silly me, I thought I saw the cloud moving pretty fast across the map, almost like it was being used for flight and travel. Guess I imagined that. You don't have to manage it. I dare you to bring up nullifiers.
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