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  1. It was comparable to normal melee.
  2. Which made it comparable to normal melee, which could also do millions of damage. It isn't balanced.
  3. You have no idea what I'm saying, do you? You saying that he is the fastest tankiest damage dealing CC frame does not make it so. You are presenting your personal opinion as objective fact. This is your opinion, and I don't care how confident you are that your opinion is objective fact, it is not. Arrogance does not make you right. Once again, I'm so glad that you've found a build that works for you, and I'm sure it'll work for many of us as well, but this thread really isn't about that in the slightest.
  4. Arrived at work today to find big red warnings plastered across the computer screen, someone had attempted to produce a label for a pharmacy product, and given we aren't a pharmacy store that's very illegal due to a lack of license. Warning tells me to ensure that the product isn't on display and won't accidentally go on display. The one thing the warning doesn't actually tell me however is what the sodding product is in the first place, not like that information is incredibly pivotal or anything like that. Work pls...
  5. Not even that, it's off topic. Not sure why you're telling me this though, my initial post is literally that this isn't a place DE reads threads.
  6. Can't say I agree with that. Whether they would do something is another matter, but I doubt they'd read the thread and be so dead on the inside that they don't care.
  7. He is not. You'll get it eventually.
  8. Then that's the cast time to be decreased. Decreasing the cast speed would increase the time taken to cast. Hence my request for clarification.
  9. Do you mean to nerf it? Or did you mean increased?
  10. It's not a futile argument to point out that anecdotal evidence is not objective fact. I'm glad it's working for you, that doesn't make it true for all people, or true as a general rule.
  11. Nova will still be faster. Waiting for you to remember that tiles exist that aren't just tiny corridors.
  12. You're so wishy washy I swear. One minute it's "I'm not talking about damage because everything dies in one hit" and the next it's suddenly a relevant factor. You're a fish, flopping around. Also no, Volt's damage output is fine in this regard. ^ Hard to try and lecture me on that when you're failing yourself. You know Nova is a speedy little frame, stop trying to deny it. If celestial stomp is "very good CC" then Rhino must be overpowered, given it does damage and has a further range. I guess that explains all the times I saw people asking for CC Rhinos for T3S runs and Pheonix Intercept... Wait no, I didn't see that at all. If I needed to take a CC frame, not that I ever would, I wouldn't pick up Wukong. And you need to see that you're just wrong. These things he excels are are being overblown by yourself, and there are frames who are just as competent if not moreso at performing all these things at once. I mean, I already did pre-rework with my Iron Staff before CW was good. Doesn't really change anything in my statements. Slower players exist, and are not validation for your build being the "tankiest fastest damage dealing CC frame" in the game. I've played with a good Nova, and I absolutely was not getting to the enemies first. And that's great and all, but besides the point. Other builds exist yes, but lets not overblow them to be something they aren't.
  13. That's the dream. I had an issue with my headset when I played it earlier, mic still worked fine, still heard everything fine except for one single thing. In-game dialogue. Loud guns? Check. Loud music? Check. Shooty McExplosion Bang Pow? Check. Audible dialogue? Only when actively looking perpendicular to the speaker, because magic surround sound wizardry. Not sure how effective a tactical military guy I'd make if I have to crab walk towards the enemies just so that I can hear them...
  14. Based on your "CC this room and the next" comment I was expecting more than 38m tbh. Nope. Because he isn't what you said he is, as demonstrated earlier. For all your talk of "practicality" you're looking at Wukong in a vacuum. How is his speed "practical" in situations where you're making use of his tanking and CC? His speed is best utilised for skipping enemies or the occasional longer range gap closer, in any situation in which tanking and CC is relevant then a form of speed buff that maintains it's effect even in combat is going to be superior. He isn't tankier than Nova. His CC is inferior to Nova's. You even posted something along the lines of "too much CC", that's how much better her CC is. Wukong is not the fastest, tankiest CC frame. Volt can move plenty fast as well, tank a ton of damage via his shield and Capacitance augment and CC enemies with Discharge. The point is the only thing your posts actually tell us is that you have found a build that works for you, and you've played with people who aren't as fast as you. That's it. There's nothing in it that even touches on the main topic, that being the Iron Staff. I'll give it a pat on the back the next time I see it shooting a wall, remind it that it's supposed to be a good AI and shoot the baddies. Maybe that'll fix him. I might even try it on the rest of the AI in the game.
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