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  1. I feel like you're misunderstanding the posts. Based on the second response, very much so. OP says the game is about being overpowered, and this is good. Corvid responds saying we weren't always overpowered, and it was also good (if not better imo). You respond to Corvid that DE had to adapt or die. So no, this isn't a case of bigger and better products, additions like Railjack and so on. How was the game's journey from underdog to destroyer of worlds a case of willful adaptation? What would have killed the game had DE not adopted the philosophy of turning us into nukes?
  2. Based on... what, exactly? What did DE have to adapt to, because anyone paying attention can see that we're in this situation because of apathy, not conscious adaptation. What would have killed Warframe had they not supposedly adapted? Please regale us with your omniscient wisdom.
  3. Which is not what OP posted. I'm aware that sliding worked post January change, but that had to do with sliding, not sprint speed.
  4. Er, wasn't this changed... months ago? Here, in fact, alongside the completely fabricated fix regarding toggle sprint.
  5. No, it wasn't. I don't quite understand the sudden inability to recall a simple order. The only instance I can recall in my years playing of gender pairs, outside of recent releases, was Atlas // Wukong, and that can easily be chalked up to Chinaframe. The system, in fact, is still weighted predominantly as M/F/M/F releases. The order has long since been made irrelevant.
  6. Indeed, and don't forget Revenant // Garuda... or is that Garuda // Baruuk and therefore Khora // Revenant... Octavia // Harrow? Or Octavia // Nidus... Harrow // Gara then? Long story short, nope.
  7. Nooooo, who said that? Certainly wasn't me. Definitely didn't say exactly that back on Thursday. That would be mad, because that would mean you didn't actually read my post. Darn, you got me, I have been rumbled. About time to undo some I'd say. Building a game on bad decisions sounds like a pretty silly idea to me. Cute edit earlier btw, hard to fat shame someone so skinny they're in danger of being blown over in a stiff breeze though, but kudos for trying.
  8. Took you a couple of days to think of that response, did it? And all you've done really is prove my point, so thank you I guess. Warframe doesn't compare to them despite sharing the same "identity". Said identity being the excuse you used to defend the idea of making every frame virtually unkillable. Deep Rock Galactic is a Horde Shooter, Left for Dead is a Horde Shooter, Killing Floor is a Horde Shooter, Warframe is a Horde Shooter. All of these games besides Warframe manage to balance the concept of damage without giving players consistent and functional invulnerability. So using the game's "identity" as a justification for it and saying we should accept it as such is... utter tosh. If I actually knew what you were getting at here, I'd be able to at least pretend to be offended by it. But as it is, I haven't the foggiest. Especially given my behaviour of late and in this thread is entirely antithetical to that of a shill. I am sorry however that I upset you enough to cause such a response. Yes they do, so we should probably ditch said abilities and get some more interesting ones, right? I mean, it would be absolute madness to make every frame waste an ability slot on some form of %DR instead of just fixing base survivability and ditching all of them in favour of something else.
  9. To make my Dad finally love me. For the past 25 years he has been asking me, "are ya winning son" and to this day I've been unable to respond "yes". One day it'll be different though. One day he'll ask it, and I'll hold up this thread with me as the clear champion, and I will be able to say that yes, I won at something, I'm not the disappointment that he's always thought of me as. One day...
  10. You think? Have you considered that, as English isn't your first language, maybe you're just not making sense and getting across what you intended to get across? Why is that the lesser logical option? Two way street, that is wholly applicable to you as well.
  11. I didn't say that's what you wrote, obviously. It was clearly a logical extrapolation of what you did write, hence the question marks. It's bad game design to create a coop experience in which one person can affect the enjoyment of others by playing the game for them. "Different options to play" my arse. Forcing teammates to sit and watch should never be an option because, wait for it, that's bad game design. And you're a liar. Twice I've suggested you provide some form of evidence that I "write hate lines" to Saryn players. You haven't, you cannot, and so you're lying through your teeth when you say I do. Yes it is, I'm free to think and post whatever I want about Saryn. Or is it only a free world for you, and not for those who dislike Saryn? That sounds like a double standard to me.
  12. Or play solo, right? Or possibly just don't even play the game in the first place? Don't see why I have to go out of my way to fix DE's bad game design instead of just contributing to feedback, but sure. Inferring that I do? I've already suggested you provide evidence if you have it. Standing there watching the metaphorical paint dry is not playing. That's literally my first post, we've come full circle. Inb4 you just repeat yourself again, leading me to repeat myself again, because you have nothing more to contribute.
  13. Oh! Oh! I know this one. It's me and my 5am shift start.
  14. Indeed it does, because my comment to you was "One person killing everything is not "coop"." Timegaps and my personal playstyle aren't really relevant to that. Thank goodness you said this, I was worried the bait might be too subtle. If you have to step out of range in order to find kills and enjoyment in the first place, how exactly are you cooperating? You can't cooperate with someone in the next room. Not only will you be out of range of buffs and shared affinity but you'll get people boohooing about spawns. So I'll refer you back to your own previous comment. Maybe you're not aware that this is a coop game (haha, funny joke), making such a suggestion. If you can find any evidence of me "offending against a Saryn player", feel free to provide it.
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