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  1. It is indeed. Dog fights in zero g. Important distinction
  2. Ah, the point wasn't it's freeness, but rather the surge in new players Hope you enjoy it, it is a beautiful game at times.
  3. That I cannot comment on. I haven't been a new player since 2014. I would check the forums, the game is free on Epic right now so the new player experience is a big talking point right now. Making money is certainly about 20x easier than it was when I first started playing. As with Warframe though, you'll find that a lot of out of game sites are almost necessary. There's sites for trading, a database site that allows you to search for local stations based on what you're looking for, a site for planning ship builds and so on.
  4. The one singular expansion that was released more than a few years ago? As for the game, I really enjoy it. Plenty of mysteries to partake in, very enjoyable combat and a good example of a continually progressing background story.
  5. I was providing a possible answer, not speaking for you. Might want to quote the person actually asking the question you're answering.
  6. Change your post to something super controversial knowing people can't argue with you about it.
  7. Wasn't DogManDan very publicly made not a Warframe Youtuber by DE as well? Any excuse to bump the thread though.
  8. I haven't, but your interpretation that I have is exactly why I have suggested taking a step back. I feel I articulated pretty well in my previous response that I'm not questioning your mental health. People can have off days without being mentally ill. People can be triggered by a certain topic or argument without being unstable. Suggesting that you're reacting irrationally to something means exactly that, you're reacting irrationally. It's not a statement that you are someone who reacts irrationally to everything, just the context of this argument. Why expect the same in r
  9. When someone's argument boils down to, "You're all bad because you're people", then yeah, pretty much. I sure did do those things, and there's absolutely no chance that you're misconstruing what I said to demonise me, as I have already mentioned. Due to my ability to rationalise, I recognise that people have off days, that over-reaction does not define a person. So no, I do not believe you are mentally deficient, unstable or exist in a state of permanent over sensitiveness. I do however believe that something about this thread has set off a trigger in you, causing you to behave ir
  10. So snakes are Euclidian? Twice my mind has been blown today.
  11. The concept of an "example" or "open mind" is lost on you, isn't it? Says the person who felt the need to come back and continue the debate they explicitly attacked? "Debate bad, don't do it" says the person actively encouraging it. It's incredibly interesting to me how much of your post applies to you, not me. Ah, and you are not "attempting to force me to question my thoughts and events"? That is in fact exactly what you're doing. I can very easily argue I'm providing you with a taste of your own medicine. Yes, you mistyped it as something completely different.
  12. Does it matter? Corvid didn't say text to speech, he said speech to text. Apple devices apparently come with some degree of dictation free of charge. There's no need for me to try, you did it all by yourself. Of course, swaggering into a thread and saying "#*!% you" to the participants and referring to community posts as a whole as "self aggrandising bullS#&$" totally doesn't make you the cynical edgeboy. Wait, yeah, it totally does. Don't whinge about people debating something when you're the main contributing factor to the debate. Your comment right
  13. I think a better question with regards to the initial thread comments is "why do you want to believe people were being cruel?" Ignorance is a certainty, given the only information was a 30 minute video nobody wanted to watch on a message board. But you've repeatedly used the word cruel. So what exactly was cruel? Snark isn't cruel, it's blunt perhaps and considered witty to a few, but cruel it is not. So why exaggerate? Why are you, and the poster I quoted earlier, so desperate to make people into bad guys? I personally think that's quite cruel. Going out of one's way to demonise peo
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