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  1. And why is that, pray tell? Why shouldn't this game be co-operative? What makes your opinion on how the game should be more important than anyone elses? There is no "impression". The game was designed with cooperative play in mind, the powercreep has simply gotten away from them. That doesn't mean that people are wrong to look for cooperative play here. Again, you're doing that insufferably arrogant thing again.
  2. No no, I'm a monkey. Please don't associate me with humans.
  3. No buts, you're rage posting. I recommend alcohol for chilling out.
  4. Did they get that impression due to the fact that you can have a squad of 4 people and the game is advertised as cooperative? You're right though, how silly of them for seeing these things and actually thinking the game was intended to be co-op. You're doing that thing again, just a gentle reminder.
  5. Then your OP needs to be reworded. The "it" in this context refers to the purchased plat you wish to refund. You state that over a year is the length of time in which it (the purchased plat) has existed in an 'unspent' state due to you not logging in. You can't 'not spend' platinum if you haven't actually purchased it yet, you feel me? Ask for a list of what you've purchased.
  6. You want to refund platinum purchased over a year ago? Dude, guy, mate, pal, buddy... what? Of course that's not going to fly. What is the Refund Policy ? Just like *any* online service, once a product has been used, refunds are no longer available. Specifically, if you have purchased platinum/Prime Access packs and then spent the platinum or used the items included we cannot offer a refund for the package. Please also note that refunds are only available for a limited time after the purchase.
  7. Sigh. I really hope you work on the attempts at wit, assuming that's what you're saying it was, there's potential there. Comes off as snide a lot of the time. In case it needs clarifying, I'm not MR 9, no.
  8. Oof, that's a real big brain moment from you there.
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand? This is the part where you get to the point you're trying to make, as opposed to just making a snide remark.
  10. I messed up the MR 9 test a couple of times earlier today, does that count?
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