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  1. Nah the new system is 10x better and I'm a warframe vet who has been playing since it's arrival on ps4 in 2014.. People please stop asking DE to bring back alerts because #1 the old system sucked & #2 it's not coming back nightwave is the future learn to adjust and accept it as is. Those who want alerts back are just lazy & don't want to put in the work in nightwave.. sorry fellas but those days are so over... DE don't listen to those who want Alerts back as nightwave is the best thing that has happened those whining about alerts are the people who are unwilling to adapt... So please ignore all those who want Alerts back cuz we don't need them back... nightwave gives better rewards & let's you have access to old alert rewards right away vs waiting months to get them all.. Keep up the good work Oh n 1 last thing please update us on when the Sanctuary Onslaught Drop Tables update is coming out. As Rebbecca did say in a post which i can't seem to find now that it coming but it was delayed as more tweaking needed done. Please get this out asap.. Other then that loved the reveals at tennocon warframe future is very bright & I can't wait to see what's in store for us all......
  2. Thank you DE for the drop chance update as I finally got seeding step yesterday.. putting me only needing 1 more Emphera's from having the entire set.. Blazing Step still won't drop for me & im brunt out on warfrane & ESO trying to farm this thing of beauty.. Can I please have some RNG luck added to my account so it can finally drop if you give blazing step too me within the next few weeks i promise I won't say one bad thing or make 1 negative post on here for rest this year..... That said if you can't add some RNG luck to my account can you please update us on when the ESO drop chance update is coming out? I know you said it was coming.. but I would like to know how soon after tennocon we can expect it so I can prepare to either run eso or wait for the drop chance update as I'm planning on farming prime parts from relics and Aura forma's in Aberation.. I have 1 request though can you please reduce the cost of built forma's to build an aura forma?? Because 4 is way to much for someone like me who is still putting forma's into stuff it would be much appreciated thanks...
  3. I wish that was true as that is a very good shotgun I actually like it.. That and The Megastar Prime would be nice.. we need a new melee & it's one of the oldest melee weapons that still isn't primed.. The Syndicate version is very good but a prime version would be leathel... That said I believe it's gonna be an Arch Wing & arch gun this time around as we ain't had one of those released in 2 plus years.. long overdue.... But guess we will find out soon!
  4. I agree i'm tired of farming for this already 300 plus runs at zone 8 and no drop yet this is gotten out of hand and makes me want to just uninstall this game i'm growing more frustrated after each run if I don't have it within the next month i'm done with warframe…. but from what I understand a ESO drop tables update is coming it was set to come with Aberations revisted but was delayed cuz it wasn't ready per DERebecca it explains why the others got buffed but not blazing step cuz there redoing the entire drop table and chances so its coming its just a matter of when and apart of me thinks DE is delaying on purpose to drive people like me away who been with this game since 2014 I know they said it would be ready in the next couple updates after aberations one which was already released and still no new update for eso hopefully it arrives soon cuz im bout done nothing should ever have that low of a drop chance ever idc what DE or any company says it should be aginest the law to put something that low.. I'm so over all these relics if I wanted & needed relics I could farm them or buy them with standing they drop on zone 8 way to much.. I wouldn't mind getting them at Zone 2 & 4 but zone 6 and 8 should be better rewards for the hard work & stress it took to get that far... hopefully they get the update to the drop tables out shortly after tennocon cuz I wont wait past augest cuz i got other games that are coming out & will take up my time if i dont get blazing step by end of August so don't feel bad as I don't have it yet either.. might be best to farm seeding step in aberrations until the ESO Update comes out. . thx
  5. I understand though you do realize there are alot of new players in this game I noticed alot of them join hard missions For instance I had a dude in plauge star that was MR1 he was using mk weapons he couldn't really contribute He may have only had up to 6 to 20 kills but he was doing his best to help basically we carried him doesn't mean he was leeching we all got carried and helped at some point when we 1st started playing warframe.. now it's the vets trun to help the new players until there ready to do things on there own...however I wouldn't read to much into stats cuz there are new players who can't rack up Stats but are trying to hardest to help.. stats can be misleading & doesn't mean there leeching I hope you don't report those type..
  6. Troll Alert.... seriously there are far more pressing things to worry about in this game then a name of an ability seriously is this what the world is coming too??
  7. Look I hate leechers & akrs just as much as you do & I've been playing since warframe came out on ps4 While I agree leechers & akers have no place in warframe it's clear your going overboard & taking it way to seriously abusing the report feature is not going to yield the results you want... Your better off ignoring it & blocking & not playing with the leechers as reporting every leecher makes you look insacure & eventually your account is going to get perma banned from warframe if you continue to abuse the report feature Abuse of the feature can be submitting way to meny reports & more there are people who may have to take a restroom break or do something right quick or whatever it doesn't mean there leeching reporting people who go away for 5 to 10 mins but eventually come back is abuse & a bannable offence... You should really only report those who never do anything to contribute to mission or don't ever return to play If you can't handle people having life things & stepping away for a few minutes then mabye your playing the wrong game & should not continue playing because there are people who have a life & there are things that can't wait it doesn't mean there leeching I dare you to report me in a game for stepping away to take a dump or deal with something that can't wait because I promise you I would report you right back for false reporting then I would report you to PlayStation Network for false reporting & harassment & I can assure you that I can get you banned 2 can play that game I never leech & while I understand leechers suck I'm not going to report every one of them let alone messege them about it like you.. If they come back & contribute there not a leecher as they just had to step away So get a grip & stop taking It so seriously as your not making $$$ off this game your not getting paid to play your playing cuz it fun so don't abuse the feature idc about your time & trill of it you can't get rid of every leecher & DE is gonna get tired of your reports & lock your account until 2035 for abusing the report feature as in case you didn't know Abusing the report feature on any game let alone PlayStation Network is a violation of the terms of service & a bannable offence so only report leechers who don't ever contribute to missions never ever report those who step away from the game in middle of a mission.. because it could be they have to do something if they don't come back why do you care if there afk for 1 minute without moving they lose out on the reward if there not back b4 the reward pops up.. So in a way they hurt themselves missing on the reward so chill just enjoy the game.. if you need someone who won't leech in a game invite me I'll help ya out thx
  8. I just finished a zone 8 run 5 mins ago & me & my squad did not Recieve a zone 8 reward this also happened last night It appears it's bugged I have a pic of my reward screen but it too is bugged & not showing the zones ran. Also noticed a bug where the timer freezes at certain points once entering a portal I'm not sure if this is what is causing it but right now ESO on PS4 is broken please help thx
  9. Isn't the ESO Update coming soon where the drop chances will be updated like how Aberrations was.. I know DE confirmed it is coming but has there been anymore updates as to when? As I'm so tired of getting Relics at Zone 8 it's about time Blazing Step dropped for me...
  10. It's not just me everyone on ps4 is now experiencing this issue as of 1:45 pm I can't invite clan members or friends to squads they can't invite anyone or join via squads & people in recruiting are having same issue it's a mad house right now.. I tired inviting people from recruiting they tried to invite me & we are all getting the same issue Its a mad house in recruiting chat right now People wanting to make trades are unable to invite someone to dojo it's a big mess right now.. I needed to post it here so DE can get it resolved quickly... As This was working fine last night and earlier now it's broken hopefully DE gets it fixed asap.. thx
  11. Invites and joining a friend squad is officially broken as of today June 19th 1:45pm cdt Even region is going ballistic over being unable to invite people to games even recruiting chat people are unable to invite please get this fixed asap thx
  12. None on ps4 can send or accept invites to squads right now nor can anyone join a friend's session all you can do is run solo or with Randoms by joining game.. Please get this fixed DE Region chat is going ballistic over this & my friends who want to run with me are getting off cuz they refuse to play with Randoms. 🙂
  13. Also one last thing a clan mate of mine has been doing a Beautiful remodel of our dojo & as the founding warlord of our clan I was very disappointed to hear that we have some rooms we will be unable to remove without destroying the whole remodeled dojo above We do not want to do this & should not need or be forced to do this we no longer need these rooms but are forced to keep them because of an outdated system.. The remodle took weeks to compete & to have this error is unacceptable can you please remove the restrictions when it comes to removing rooms halls or floors we no longer need. This would be greatly appreciated my clan mate made a post about this very issue a few weeks ago please add this in with your continued dojo updates thanks
  14. Hello DE I'm a long time PS4 Vet been playing since warframe launched on ps4 Here recently you DE added new Emphera's & mods & there are some things that grind my gears that makes me want to uninstall warframe & never ever return... I work and & have a life outside of video games & don't play like I used too so running a mission multiple times a day is not an option any more. I noticed in the pc update thread you buffed the drop chance for 4 of the 5 Emphera's only one that remains untouched is blazing step.. 1st off why was this one not updated as the 1% drop chance is unacceptable I counted upwards to 200+ zone 8 runs since this 1st game out on ps4 & I still don't have it & I'm getting really pissed off & fustrated. I'm sick & tired of getting worthless Relics that I have no use for. 67 It's also unacceptable & unfair that you buffed the drop chance for the other Emphera's but not the one for blazing step this is not cool... Can we please have the drop chance buffed for blazing step if you can buff the others you can buff this one as well.. please stop giving long time vets the middle finger.. please do what's right and buff blazing step.. Also can we please make K Dive mods tradeable as your rank up system for this sucks & is way to slow please make some faster ways to rank up k dive & standing for K Dive... Also can we get a drop chance increase for the profit taker archiillta I've been trying to farm this & it won't stop last thing I truly need from this boss... Can we please get a permanent forma blueprint instead of consumable ones I don't mind farming them however I would love to have a reusable forma blueprint that mabye allows you to make x3 or x5 but takes up to 48 to 72 hours to build I'm cool with this. Same with Argon Crystals going to void is pointless other then going there for argon crystals.. a reusable blueprint would be nice so you can build them when you need them yes they can still decay but having one when you need it would be helpful... Can we please get a location guide in game in the codex where to find certain enemies for codex scans + resources mods and more this could be a very useful tool for new players too... Mastery Rank 26 test needs a serious nerf the speed of the moving platforms is ridiculous I have been practicing & still struggle to beat this no matter what mods or warframe i try.. The problem is #1 platforms move to fast and if you fall even slightly out of the zone the progress meter drops way to fast please slow this down.. Having gaps in this test is just stupid plus wall climbing in this is dumb + to make things even worse is the map showing the platforms is poorly done i get very confused on where the platforms are because of fact the ones you do capture still appear even after you get the ones to 100% this has screwed me over countless times please fix this to avoid confusion.. Nekros is one of my favorite frames can we please update the loot chance for Descrate to 75% or better as 54% is way to low & Nekros is still a looting frame he can use a buff in this aera... One last request here can we please get the Nekros prime bonds i know you mentioned a few years ago you forgot to add them however seeing how you can add prime noggles to our accounts for every prime access we have ever purchased I'm sure it's possible to add the prime bonds to an inbox messege for those that bought Nekros prime access back in day.. Nekros has always been one of my favorites he just needs this & a loot drop rate buff.. There are other things i want to post that need fixed or needs updated but will get to them another time as I need to go i hope you make a lot of the changes above thank you.... DE & good night...
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