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  1. You know I completely spaced Railjack lvling. Thanks for the reminder!
  2. One of these days the forums will dog pile me for all the nutty videos I put in off topic, and then I will put up a video about that too. Gn all o/
  3. Literally. Well earthen oven bread anyway.
  4. Its mostly that a lot of marketiers bought the Tennocon pass just to buy those relics because Volts a long way off from being unvaulted and they will crack and sell the parts or the relics later. It's all about money in the end.
  5. A new meme has been added to Memenomicon this is cause for celebration.
  6. Slova, Duration/Range Volt for his 4, and however the absolute king for solo Interception is Vauban. Build for his 4 and you can drop 4 Vortex's to suck up targets as you go around and clear them they will hold the mobs till you get there. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Kuva Nukor is a great secondary btw. Rad dmg and high status build with Heat, and Corrosive great for Ancient Healers, Eximus, and dropping Nully bubbles. If your melee has Condition Overload then you already have applied 3 status effects before you weapon even hits. Its tasty.
  7. I wish you luck in this request. I can hear Universal Vacuum coming to get you as we speak.
  8. Then what I mentioned still stands. Unless your KPS is higher than regular content you're not going to see the difference. For that you would need a well armed, modded, and coordinated group to have max spawns and funnel enemies appropriately for maximum affinity just like regular content or ESO. Only for the Steel Path more effort is required to keep the KPS up. When they said alternative its just that alternative for people who have high tier builds, it's not a replacement for traditional methods.
  9. In all honesty it feels just a bit more like Heroic dungeons in WoW while what you are describing there would be Mythic or Mythic+(++). I am gonna laugh if the Tennocon reveal is revamped raids. That said I've gone the opposite route since leveling weapons grinds my gears so I opted for the path of least resistance. I go on a EV Trinity or a Wisp and have 2 weapons and nothing else equip in ESO 1-30 in two zones or less and I support the group doing it. And since you can have replacements up to zone 3 now it works out. I give back doing my affinity farm on Saryn or Volt and typically find others doing the same thing. Just have to put up with the occasional host migration. That said these days since Im MR 27 I if I am lvling a frame I just relic missions. My weapons and melee are more than powerful enough to carry my unranked frame in a Fissure and be a productive team member and I get prime parts out of it. ESO gives me relics, relics give me lvl'd frames when I need it. It's not perfect nor is it for everyone, but it's an option.
  10. If you are comparing it to ESO it depends on a few variables. What lvls and how many KPS (Kills Per Second) you are getting. Due to the increased modifiers unless you got some potent dps in party your kill counts are not going to be as high as they would under other conditions. There is a higher potential yes, but you need the setups to get it. I was averaging about 6-8k perfocus pick up on Mars and Venus. ESO is still better with rapid spawns and compact maps to funnel your affinity farm. And since the only affinity increase in the Steel Path is based on mob level not an additional multiplier that makes other modes still far better suited to normal leveling unless you plan ahead with a premade with specific goals. Can happen in a pug, but not as easily with some preperation.
  11. I've always gotten mine on Marduk, that's Sabotage. I don't do endurance runs all that much.
  12. Did they actually say for leveling things from zero to thirty? I was under the impression is was alternate affinity farm more for focus in such since the affinity increase was only from mob lvl. So areas like ESO were still gonna be king. Tho I understand it from the solo perspective, but I get the impression they can't balance the gains around that concept without overturning groups without redoing the XP system to scaling affinity gains based on group size. Sponge Path...
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