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  1. the way u put a space between the single word "blueprint" really get to me dude ... but from my perspective, that case with Zymos blueprint requirement to rank up is intentional, they are saying "Get to MR11 before you process this syndicate" indirectly, this is just an instance where they utilize an existed mechanic to soft lock the syndicate behind a specific MR bar. If somehow in the future DE change that policy about MR and blueprint, they would likely put a different MR bar mechanic into the syndicate.
  2. why your topic make me thinking to myself "oh god DE would make MR30 test ridiculously hard that it would take 1 month of trial before any tenno could solve it"
  3. are you seriously don't know the bug about how the freaking profile page do not show mission exp for any player, at all? Think for 2s, how the heck could he get an operator if he haven't done any mission, and how the heck he get 45k intrinsic exp if he haven't touch RJ ....
  4. if you have a full time job, that would mean 56 hour a week . so for 200hr in 2 week of anything to happen, you would need to do nearly 2 full time job, or 14-15hr a day playing warframe and freaking not sleeping. So we can safely say you number is ******** ***** crazy And aside from a Baro prime visit that exclusive to tennocon, i would hardly see anybody ever need over 3k ducat for a single time visit even when they are new or making a different acc. So given that you have the worse luck in the world and every run you only got 15 ducat piecs, that would take 200 relics run to open (so .
  5. OP did not propose to get whatever a boss drop for free, he want an option to spare the boss AFTER you fought and defeated them to be in canon, similar to liches may be stop twisting this into a f2p vs p2w trash argument will you?
  6. oh ... so clearly DE should remove that really good effect from the base skill and make an augment out of it duh...... seriously though, i rarely see it pull new enemy in unless the guy need to survive the whip for it to keep pulling
  7. may be a "kill enemy with her 1st have a chance to randomly recast ensnare to an enemy within LoS" augment might work but yeah that is just copy banshee augment
  8. what? you really think the orokin in deimos were moving around in .. Velocipod or K Drive back in their day? but yeah technology wise, we know the Corpus build roads, and the Corpus was somewhat a servant class to the orokin so if they are building road, then the Orokin definitely have roads of their own. Wheels on flat surface would always be more cost benefit than any form of flying machine or teleport tech for short distance that isn't underwater but i always think of those broken structure you mention are parts of some kind of dock or hangar structure for spaceship to load cargo
  9. So that the Impact of War can be felt by the enemy, of course slashing them to bits is just too humane, ask Tyl Regor, he get it.
  10. so ... eh ... we dont really have concrete information on how exactly the ritual to transfer body play out, is the subject body have to be drilled with a kuva ... err .. driller like in TWW quest? does the host only need to drink kuva once then free to hop into whatever body available in range? we just don't know I think that in the tale, what went wrong is that the host body of the orokin kid consumed both blue and red kuva at the same time, the combination of both is something shouldn't happen apparently. It could be that the red kuva now "anchor" their soul to the deformed body as long
  11. So i did 3 different runs to farm the eximus with the assumption that more player won't really make a different, but what i found is that it isn't quite the case: - the first run is solo, extract at 60min, no booster, did not think of looking at the enemy kill stats, only 8 essence - the second run is me and another khora in pub, extracted at 90min, i got both both drop and double booster, get around 72 essence with a kavat buff multiple time, kill count for both of us is around 9k kills with me having 6k kills, - third run, lucky enough to get into a full squad with someone
  12. situation like this is why i wouldn't dare claim the frames that I crafted for subsuming foundry (even when i do have spare slot) before i absolutely sure i can subsume it right after i claim it then after i claim it, i would parade the frame with no animation stance, no color customization around the helminth room twice simply so my brain can have an impression of "this is a blank frame, this is a blank frame" before i finally start the subsuming a simple warning about "this frame already have a catalyst and X forma installed in it, do you still want to process" after or before the
  13. by that u mean it was balance for cheese tactics
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