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  1. that's why i said "off topic" at the beginning of the sentence ... One simple counter argument is the difference between this current version of Ember's World on Fire and the previous version - the one that don't scale in damage and doesn't shrink over time. The previous version deal less damage but have consistent AoE of CC. Many players prefer CC effect of the old version over the higher damage potential (rightfully so, because the damage still shet), albeit DE intention with the change was simply make ppl work more for the CC. When the damage aspect of a skill can no longer effective at killing the enemy at a pace you rely on them to be, the CC aspect of it is the grave saving point. I still stand that the "fix you not dying" to enemies which can easily oneshot you will always have value. And what exactly is your point for crying out loud... I read your original post for like 5 times before concluded that either your concept of CC or the context you using the word CC in is just non sense, which is why i suggested the distinction between debuff and CC in my reply. Go read u post again dude.
  2. Buddy ... you wasn't around back when Torid is king, and Vauban+Nova is a must have in any T4 Survival, or any endurance runs that encounter lvl 60+ enemies. Scaling damage wasn't always an option (also a melee strike that deal 1k damage for melee used to be consider imba) I think you would be benefit from distinguish these two: 1 - Crowd Control (CC) - aka stop enemies from killing you. 2 - Debuff - make enemy easier to kill. To make it a bit easier to imagine, think of Viral prod effect on enemy as debuff and Radiation, Blast/Heat/Electric prod effect as CC. Viral prod make enemy much easier to kill but they are completely free to kill you, Blast prod stop them from doing anything, while radiation and cold prod make it less likely that they would target you, or effectively land a shot. (toxin and slash prod is just bonus damage, and Conditional Overload add a layer of debuff to every status effect) Typically, most waframe's skills have both aspects and usually emphasis one over the other, exclude the raw damage output type of skill. All the decoys skill are CC in nature, Mesa's Shooting Gallery is CC with damage buff, Saryn's skin ... thing skill is also CC, and Khora's dome is basically a CC skill with an big AoE. almost all the skill that you think of as outright killing enemies have some aspect of CC in it. Now, back to the topic, if you can just outright kill the enemy, may be with some debuff to make it faster like viral prod, then sure, do that, no argument here. But when the mission got harder, much much harder, being one-shot without any chance to react is a common thing with frames don't have option to tank it. So duh ... it fix you not dying in the process of killing them. In any context that enemy can kill you before your damage output is enough to kill everything , CC will always have it use. (and you better kill everything before they even noticed you without CC, oh wait ... that call steath...) (also, off topic but the main point of Vauban rework is that DE adding scaling damage to his kits while smooth out his existed CC, they are not trying to CC meta again)
  3. i'm falling to see what u actually trying to get at with this topic, we already have mini-boss type enemies spawn in endless mission example would be Juggernaut always spawn if after ever 10mins of orokin derelict survival. a new batch of sentient always spawn in Lua survival at with the same duration. Clem alert mission always have either G3, Zanuka or Jugg the easy no-rare-drop version spawn. Back in the day, DE even added a lvl 100 jugg to a melee-only Gift of Lotus alert (no Conditional Overload back then) and it's hilarious to see ppl use operator pre-PoE (aka no Amp) trying to kill it. i guess my point is that ... those enemy back then was strong, much stronger than they are currently. DE introduce new imba enemy, let them run amok for a while, then nerf them - it's a cycle. The lastest batch of those enemy just happen to be sentient and ... thumpers ... so .... well, they can't add a Thumper at the end of some defense mission aren't they.
  4. i don't get it, so u suggest instead of having cool down, it should ... remove your ability to roll for a while after use? base on how u compare it to hildryn (she's completely vulnerable when shield start recharge.
  5. and my point is that IF DE decided to have more place that relics could drop, they would already have the 80% of the nodes that drop nothing of worth as options to put those relics in. The "where" was never a problem. Historically, DE never used relics as the selling point when they introduce new "planet", they make new mods, stances or resource (except ESO radiant relics if that count) and then disperse those new reward to different mode of play - to encourage the playing, not the reward. Introduce new planet would just make that 80% number increase
  6. The tesla roller would either have a radius where they would leave the enemy to follow vauban, or a duration of which they would disappear, or both, and they would definitely have a number cap - which mean it won't last forever and you can't affect that much enemy that it's a problem. If your concern is that it would make enemy "stuck" where you cast it while you already gone, therefore messed with the spawn rate, then sure the safe bet is to kill all that affected before u go if the roller not follow you. Your also don't need to worry much about the survival, life support pods already spawn on fixed period of time and it almost always enough (it's not affected by spawn rate as much as it used to in other word). uh huh ...... I can already tell you "Nope" on this one. They missed that chance 5 years ago
  7. considering that over 80% of the nodes on the start chart do not drop anything worth more than 10k credit ... i don't think we need any new planet for the next 10 years
  8. weird, i thought that the leveling of all the k drive board alone was enough to finish this one, grinding count right?
  9. as other mention, the eidolons do not have any mind as they are currently, left alone control other's mind. Also, the Cetus people have been using them to make stuff and weapon for a really long time now, the Quill even selling them back at us. So spying is pretty much something really far fetch. Cetus wisp design do tie them with eidolon, and from my impression, they are more "energy leakage" concentrated and rising up from the water the eidolon corrupted, thus explained why we found them there and not the sea. So their "run away" is just that energy being disperse to the environment again, like a popped soap bubble. And since the edoilon got more active at night, more energy around should make more wisp to spawn. I think you were missing the information that the eidolons are actually mindless, they all just react to what happen to them (and the "unum" probably not exist, not in the way those in cetus describe) when you forming your idea. Back at the Tennocon that introduce PoE, Steve (the developer) said that cetus are full of superstitions people made up to explain things around them over thousand of years, if there are an espionage war on going, they would have had some story about that which we can already discover.
  10. and yet ... new player will get those anyway cuz of post-TWW player join their session in PoE and kill all the vomvalyst. i'm generally don't like mods with operator as a whole just because it don't feel right thematically and lore-wise, and even mechanic wise (focus school/nodes is their "mod" in a sense). I can only agree with you that the grind wall for operator is too steep, and if a player decide to skip PoE/Fortuna, they would have crap operator regardless even if they want to spent plat on it, aside from trading arcane. However, i believe DE successfully crafted a few niche that only operator can do (only arcane and focus school though, can't say the same for Amp ...). I mean ... i would hesitate joining a 1hr+ disruption arbitration if the more than one teammates don't know what Arcane Lockdown does. Sure operator is not in the best place, but it's far from the worst. Try to grab someone who still remember how they was pre-PoE or pre-TWW and you might have a horror story. edit: dude ... they added a cap because you shouldn't be doing that, or feel the need of doing that, it predate PoE and is really necessary and the tridolon is suppose to let you cheated on not having to do that. Where the cap land is arguable but a cap is a must for a grind game like this.
  11. Load out is simply a tool, ppl can do whatever they want with it, and that's not the point. The point OP trying to make is that DE let that button sitting there completely useless for those who can't purchase it anymore. For those who actually like using load out, that should be over 95% the amount of time they staring at that screen, wanting to have more but can't. You get the irony? For those who want it or need it, they can't get it not because they don't have plat, and that button is useless majority of the time. A simply change in UI such as do not show the platinum symbol, strike-through the button, or don't show the button at all after that player reach the slot cap would greatly improve the situation.
  12. u completely missed the point m8, what i meant was how this topic made me realize what specific element that forced DE to move away from actual hard content from the drawing board, and it's NOT the player base or any of the casual/core bull****
  13. i can only assumed DE made all the dudes that can implement those changes locked up making new open world bounties and Railjack mission, so none was free to or have the resource needed (most likely test time) to make the changes i hope i won't have to wait till the year DE canceled Tennocon to see something like this a thing
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