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  1. yeah i guess i know what you mean, i just add that people probably wont stay and loading screen problem would persist anyway
  2. implementation problem aside (because that capture description sound like an entire game mode by itself), i don't see why don't u just pick endless missions over capture mission in daily fissure run, problem solved for u right?? and the problem with endless mission is actually that people can't join your session if someone in the squad decide to leave, so really low chance of having a public squad staying longer than the first 2-5 round if someone already leave because why keep continue when extract and redo would let u have more options for picking the prime parts? without solving this problem, i doubt that an endless capture game mode would change anything.
  3. that's the problem in your math right there, you are assuming players would still keep farming with that 10x kill time without extracting and revisit their build first. Eventually those who would decide to farm in steel path would have their kill time fast enough that it's almost equal to the spawn rate, which should be higher than normal mission by significant margin (or just equal, who know if DE gonna nerf it) so i say it would stay roughly 100% increase as they said, if not more for those who can kill even faster
  4. then the answer is easy, improve your aim with the weapon, accept that you can't control the timing fully, the mechanic are designed for the player to quickly flick the aim onto the enemy head in the very last moment of the charge, don't aim at their head the entire duration. Also, the trick of using it as AoE weapon is to jump up and shoot down from above, that would make sure it always damage the enemy when the bullet hit the ground, or just target their feet till u comfortable aiming at the head. These are the thing a player should realize for themselves and feel clever discovering it, i probably just spoiled that for u If in the end that still not your cup of tea, then ... just use any other weapon, we have no shortage of charge weapon that work like a bow, which the Lanka is, and Drakgoon is, and Velocitus is, and etc ... you get the point, "bow" is just a short hand for guns that let you hold the charge shot, The fact that you don't realize that there are people prefer Opticor to work this way, that they would run around using Javlok all the time, that instant shot after charge is someone else cup of tea is .... fine, really, it's fine. Nobody know how everyone else play the game. but then condemning something like this as evil and saying "why this is still in the game" like it's an oversight really show that you didn't think it through or realize that there is a deeper level of diversity at work.
  5. ever think that your "smooth gameplay" isn't so smooth for the guy running behind you? and that the friendship door actually make the mission flow smoother for him cuz now he caught up with the action? The door is a primitive mechanic for players to synchronize the game flow, we need a better version of it or situations where it's more useful, not to get rid of it. Opticor charge can always be release before fully charge if u pass half the duration with reduced damage, it's a risk-reward situation that make it unique and frankly, make charge mechanic more diverse. For primary tombfinger, this isn't the case, but then it's just a little different flavor of risk-reward in the sense that u don't need to wait half the charge duration to shoot something like the opticor. Oh and did i mention both of them are AoE weapons so u ain't really being punish for missing a shot? both of these things that you think is bad are simply being use for situation and way of plays that you don't usually engage with. It doesn't mean they are bad, it just mean u ain't thinking it through on their purpose.
  6. if you was in the pilot seat, then as soon as you see the gun charging at the shield crewship, steer ship away so the ship is out of sight for both of you. Then type "don't shoot it while it shield still on" to chat. The dude most likely just grinded enough intrinsics to finally saw a shielded one for the first time, it's not exactly his fault The one gunner who keep destroy the engine while other are charging at it is the one who's hard to deal with, those would most likely killed the engine before you finish typing or charging the shot It's a communication problem, any squad that have either have "gonna stay farm resource" or "i need dry dock after this" would often end up quite peacefully, regardless of who said what after it. If they don't communicate, then initiate it yourself anyway. if they picked dry dock without saying, then there's high chance they do not wish to do mission with you anymore and still keep the looted resource, or they don't expecting communication to be returned (or just may be you are too lag a host) but either way, that wish should be respected by all player, because we shall all have times when we are in the shoe of that guy sooner or later and hit the extract button yourself, just took the right squad to piss you of. That said, any form of a voting for the next mission would be nice EDIT: ok .. did not realize this was a zombie thread, nothing to see here, don't take the bait whoever happen to saw this.
  7. nah, if you were able to leave, then that mean the tower failed to "digest" you. so it's more like ... vomit from the other end
  8. i think that if DE ever do that again, they would just need to add a bunch of mini boss that spawn in a more stable schedule and drop much more reward to replicate the feeling and actually, i believe a lot of lower player still feel that weird rush of the tiny chance where the mod they need but not currently actively farm for are gonna drop while they are grinding something else. the problem is more of how dilute the list of places we player suppose to go for and how stuff people deemed end-game-worthy only drop this way in form of mods, and there isn't a lot of mod can even fit that description.
  9. Relics and Fissure system was created to replace the old Void key system, and in the old void key system there was an advantage for endurance mission in the form of being able to get the more reward the longer you stay, without spending another void key. (and this make a lot of people burned out with void tile set fatigue) The relic system removed that advantage completely for endurance mission, so DE feel the need to add a different advantage for endurance fissure so that spamming capture fissure isn't the best method of opening relic for everybody (at least in the form of you can farm more void trace the longer you stay in endurance runs due to the resource boost)
  10. the drone purpose is to keep the other enemies it affected from being one shot, would be ironic if it can also be one shot isn't it also killing the drone most likely would one shot every enemy it connected to in low-ish level and kinda halves their health in medium-ish levels, im not usually go for 100 waves defense arbi so idk what would become of them then.
  11. Things that can be make in a weekend can be break and break and break again in the future if that one weekend didn't start after a period of deep research toward every system that this kind of feature depend on. i don't know if the thing you described ever happen or not, but .... well .... saying that it's would be "easy to work around" would be too optimistic in my opinion. DE is much stronger at create new stuff that make old stuff obsolete than making their old stuff finally working as intended. -- Let's put this another way perhaps, would you still want this kind of feature if you know bugs that might need the following caliber of fixes might occur: - having your mod config keep resetting to no mod at all every time you leave the simulacrum with a loadout used more capacity than you should have, then forgot and jump right into normal mission with that empty loadout - having your normal everyday use config keep ejecting random mods out because the polarity of that slot changed (like what usually happen when you forma the normal way) whenever you try to push the testing in simulacrum - completely lost all the polarity on some of the weapons that you formaed the legit way, because some bug was discover that let people keep their simulacrum loadout to normal mission so DE need to do hard reset on every player that used the simulacrum at all during the bug period. ..... The limited ways that i can imagine creating a feature like this and could avoid those potential problems won't be finish within a weekend, or even a whole NW season..
  12. i would say something like this is nice to have, but could become a minor nightmare in term of implementation from DE side base on what we know about how the game work, imagine a bug where u could bring that simulacrum-super-build into real mission
  13. i think that's more like the result of enemy nerf in armor than a buff of the bow, depend on which heavy u are talking about here
  14. i feel sorry that you end up thinking that way ... but you are approaching warframae the "wrong" way. And by wrong i mean it's the kind of approach that would get u burn out even if u can complete them. the design around content part though, i do disagree. DE do design them around the content and not every NW challenge should be playable for every player at every progression level. After you reach the point where you can comfortably approach such challenge. you will know they are easy enough to complete within the first 1-3 day with like 1-2 hours of play time each at most. (and the 1-3 day is simply because we need daily reset to kick in for some of the challenges, like sortie). in other words, they are one-time-cost to know and understand them. You don't need to finish them all, they can return next week. Just pick the one you curious and try. Most of the NW stuff is progression-based, not hardcore-based
  15. i find the new Blast Shield precept that come with the new MOA is pretty good since i would give 3k overshield on it "melee attack" other than that, yeah ... it's weird that they would call it melee Moa at all
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