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  1. which part of my response make u think i'm making excuse for them? lol my point is that if DE started to recon acolyte, it would take a long time to make it, and that we won't like the result. Because as far as "abandon" contents are considered, acolytes had it worse than others because they weren't just abandoned, they were recycled. yeah, the whole tile set part is just my hypothesis, at the earliest stage of the war within quest development. In the final result that we have, the Kuva resemble the Nightwatch elite grinner squad more than stalker. (and DE recon Nightwatch the heck out of existence) It's kinda pointless to talk about the past when all are already said and done now since we have no way to check any of it. What I know is just that DE had to delay the war within, DE had to rewrite the quest, the sentient also have black-red-white color scheme back then, and the stalker was highly associated with the sentient after the 2nd dream (so i should have said sentient theme instead of stalker theme, but whatever) and that there is a large enough portion of player pursuit the head-canon of "the operator is not real". All those details kinda make me realize why DE pick the direction that they did back then when we looking back.
  2. i think it's not that DE don't want to make a story about them, more like the story they got for them years ago already outdated and discontinue. Lore wise, acolyte are ... err .. "frames" that took Stalker route instead of 2nd dream route. But then what stalker route suppose to mean got scrap in a sense and DE moved on into War Within. (off topic but u can search for the rant of how long the war within quest got delayed and how DE mention how they need to rewrite it on some devstream back then) Basically, I fully expect the environment artists that first developed the Kuva Fortress tile set was instructed something to the like of "make a stalker theme tile set". But then the operator got some ... mixed feedback .... and due to how all eye are on what a frame really is from the last scene of 2nd dream, I believe DE looked at all that and want to put more emphasis on the operator instead so the tile set are re-purpose into kuva theme. (then what ever left of that stalker theme route that survive are turned into The Sacrifice and how umbra re-contextualize the essence of what a frame is). So ... basically, if they touch acolyte, they need to touch stalker and do a hell of a recon to make stuff at least look consistent, if they don't touch stalker and rework them away from stalker and made up a faction of evil operator that contr... err .. "work" with the acolytes, then that would dilute what the New War would be about, and generally a bad direction to take things to
  3. there's a different between a perk that some frames can provide, and a global mechanic that every frames can exploit, But then again, DE aren't really good at calling that distinction themselves.
  4. Actually, Harrow 4th is the other ability with a cool down (you can't recast for the invulnerable phase till the buff phase over) and Nidus's 1st and 2nd skill have a soft cool down where his 1st's can't be recast if the spike not fully extended yet, and his 2nd can't be recast until all enemies it molested are killed. If you played long enough, it won't surprise you that Radial Javelin used to be his 4th and people exploited the heck out of it back in Viver era and all the way too Draco era even after DE put an line-of-sight limitation to the skill. In my opinion, DE kinda screwed him over by already used up all the good mechanic that could have made Radial Javelin useful to a melee frame in other frame/focus passive (disarm, status prod, increase melee damage, pulling enemy, etc ...) so any buff in damage make him closer to a nuke frame, and any CC tweak make the skill conflicting or work against Radial Blind, That's why javelin has been in a bad spot despite having a fine concept overall. Heck, even if you stretch his theme and make each enemy hit by javelin add healh/armor upon melee attack and make him a tank/support, that concept would also already been used by other frames and some melee mod provide superb mechanic.
  5. you always have the option to consider that you did not have that login booster in the first place (and from DE perspective, you don't, since u didn't buy any). It's important to understand what the system are trying to do - nudge you to play a little more by give u a bonus, and why that would unlikely to change. Personally, i'm kinda against push back login reward to a later point in the day, because it normally mean you would forget about it till the next day (think argon crystal, it won't stay). I'm more lean toward letting player control when a booster duration start. That way, you would just pick the booster you want right away at login reward screen, without any hesitation like any resource reward because u can choose when to activate it later. (but if DE make that a thing, player would undoubtedly hoarding booster pack, and it's a bad situation for DE) also, off topic but the thing i wish i can access when i'm at login reward screen is the chat window, to ask ppl for opinions when i reached a weapon milestones (which would most likely snuck up on you)
  6. ... you realize that my tweaked loki would build for strength, sacrifice range, and may be keep duration for invis right? it sound like a broken record now. So to put an end to it. If you don't think a max strength buff Rhino vs a max range AoE Stomp Rhino would mod and play differently because "Oh but you still stomp them as a buff rhino if they got too close so it's still a stomp build" - which is basically what you are saying, then nothing i gonna say would change anything, and I'm really glad u ain't anywhere close with DE devs team and ain't gonna influence on them in anyway. I'm already tired with your narrowed views on how abilities could be when build diversity is the goal. That rhino example up there end up being kinda the closest analogy to the my tweak and basically sum up this stupid discussion
  7. err ... agree to disagree then, because the loki with my tweak won't even need to cast disarm at all, and play/mod more like a support nidus link - as i say in my previous post, so it's not an disarm build. just to be clear, you do realize i was talking about the game play of a loki with my tweak being different right? wait ... we still talking about disarm? did i even mention disarm in my first response? the whole point is a loki that would mod for something else rather than disarm. And the decoy invul cool down reset mean that he didn't have to rely on invisibility alone for survivability. wow .... ok ... you are that guy huh .... and which paragraph was that? the one i originally response to or the one line reply saying my loki is different variants not builds? Then you are using the same freaking definition for both variants an builds there dude. what the hell calling my tweak variants and not builds for if you using them interchangeably. Buddy ... be clear of what you mean, or don't call other people stuff with a different name to dismiss it. I edited out a chunk of this response that propose a distinction of "variant" and "build" because i have a feeling you won't even try to be consistent with it, base on all the example you gave. This is where we disagree. Loki is not the same boat as Octavia, at all. Loki have 4 skills, of which each skill can stand alone and be a star of a build that would mod around that skill. And yes, a focus on different skills in this scenario do change the play style significantly (ie cast switch teleport to buff allies instead of disarm, again i'm talking about an imagined loki with my tweak here). With the current Loki, 2 of the skills do not have enough pay off to mod for, but the potential is there, and all i did is demonstrate that potential. Octavia have one skill, and 3 other skill to support that one skill. I cannot think of any tweak that would make her 1st,2nd or 4th skill to shine on it own without modding for 3rd skill, or change the play style so that it remarkably different. On this alone, we agree. Octavia is a frame that belong to the generation of newer frames where the skill synergy took the spotlight over the individual skill itself. The very potential of Loki's individual skills to shine is the reason i say that you used the wrong example in your original post, that he have potential for multiple different builds - which doesn't require player to build for disarm alone, with the right tweak. So back to the root problem ... If you still say Loki do not have that potential at all, then i don't know what else to tell you, i tried to show how that's not the case already, you do you i guess. If you are saying i'm wrong .... because a build for the tweaked switch teleport loki still ... need to cast disarm as the main skill? then you didn't get my point. And none of what we discuss even about what OP want to discuss, so this off-topic thing is already drawn out enough.
  8. please read my second paragraph again. My point was that if those imagined mechanic were in place, a support loki would need to build for strength and play entirely different than the one-trick-trickster we have right now (which need communication, ally consent, good timing-placing. etc, and may be a bit stronger than nidus's link),. In other words, i made up those mechanic to demonstrate "Hey, loki can be played verryyy differently with just a few tweaks" and that he's not a frame that can't have multiple builds (or variants?). also, i'm not quite sure what distinction of "builds" and "variants" you have in mind there, as in builds suppose to do the same thing with different level of effectiveness and variants does entirely different things? Then yes those are variants, but if so then why even discuss the different of effectiveness of doing the same thing here? (because it imply you would not play differently with different builds)
  9. you picked the wrong example, Loki have multiple builds, the decoy and switch builds just being too much hassle for the pay off to be viable. Imagine if Loki decoy invulnerable augment don't have cooldown/have a way to end cooldown, or if the switch teleport give 180% range+strength for the switched squadmate and combine both frame LoS for the next ally skill being cast within 5s - Loki would be a god tier support frame in that scenario (oh and make his decoy actually attract enemy + not dying ofc) Almost every frames are already designed with multiple builds in mind when the devs start to put them on the drawing board, it's only the matter of how to balance between the builds -- On topic, if you want DE to reduce all the mod effectiveness to only 25% of what they were, then there is a look of stats for the individual frame skill that DE would need to make it won't break the trade-off they built in with the imba mod in mind (for example, if they nerf duration mods, Nova nullstar can not reach 90% damage reduction anymore). I expect a change like this would be on pair with the melee 3.0 rework, not a simple change.
  10. wait ... you are a nova main that have ... limited experience with nova? and no you don't need tigris p to work with her 2nd, u just need a gun that doesn't mod for crit, with either fast fire rate or high base damage, i been using it with strun wraith, euphona p, akstilleto p and recently kuva stubba, tigris p is just the optimal option. (and of course, you need to be either the host, or have good connection to the host). On the topic, i don't really understand the reason u want nova 3rd to be change OP, you did not provide any straight up reason anymore than.... err ... it not fit for her? .. So i would say no to that. side note that i sometime don't understand why ppl got too worked up with the backward synergy between her 1st and 3rd. She's not suppose to be a tank (and it's fair that if you want her to, then sacrifice mobility), mod for normal range and the 1st skill become a retaliation skill aeit with unpredictable duration instead of a tank skill. There suppose to be a trade off and the middle ground is far from uncomfortable.
  11. good luck asking that .... it has been requested forever but i sincerely believe DE won't remove it. If you want a knock-back-free experience, you would either have to work around it by: - prioritize killing enemy that can do knock back - using a tank skill that can negate knock back (or that mod) - be mobile enough to not let anyone target you - read the wind up animation enemy does before they properly knock you back and avoid it. (with the exception of scorpion lady, almost all enemy have an animation before they do it) the only aspect i think DE would improve on this is to making those knock back wind up animation clearer or cut down the base duration of it to improve the feeling of it (or introduce almagam mods that have knock back resist along side an essential stats, like Constitution mod)
  12. Actually, count me as one No, seriously, no trolling. I wish i could explain detail why, it simply clicked when i realize i do not have to kill my lich at all, if i don't want to, and that the system does rely on me to do that .... to keep the lich alive because realistically, that's the only way something with loot can stay alive that long in a game like this. I used to hate the lich system up to that point when i realize what DE actually trying to achieve. (or at least my vague interpretation of it) Not hyping and have low expectation do contribute to it in someway i guess, i did not hate it fast enough/
  13. historically, extremely high grind for DE is a clear sign of "hey don't run this too seriously, we ain't finish building it yet" so that "hardcore" players turn away, that's it intended purpose. Then over time, DE would either decrease the grind, or make up an entire mechanic to "boost" your "effectiveness" of grinding it. From which point onward, newer player started at that time don't have to experience the old horrendous grind anymore. I started playing since late 2014 and that have happen more time than i can count, it's simply part of how DE introducing new mechanic and not have it completely obsolete before they even finish working on it. There will always be players that choose to burn themselves out, the different is if DE rewarding that burn out behavior or not (and DE actually doesn't)
  14. those resource are basically a new type of energy bar that play into "the longer you play the stronger/ freer you become" kind of thing. I have no idea where DE want to take that system to, . It kinda pose some semi-interesting takes for DE on resource drain/gain game play loop if execute right later down the line. or if it would be obsolete like the pets incubator resource drain and DE would just add a similar one-time-use skip button for it like the incubator update. Regardless, i don't expect DE let u bring resource with you like suggested in .... more than a year from now, after the dust settle and they gave up the idea.
  15. if wf slot and weapon slot are in nw shop at all, i would expect it price to be 600 and 400 cred each respectively to be honest (like ... one per season) both of the slot types are mechanics to limit f2p within a reasonable range so the game devs don't go bankrupt from having only f2p player and no paying player in the game. Different company have different .... flavor with these mechanics and they always messy (wf are pretty tamed with it compare to others company).
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