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  1. FireSegment

    Companions murdering Simaris targets

    or may be try doing it at a higher level mission? don't do it on mercury. And since i suspect that u are doing it for a riven challenge instead of for the standing, i would say leave u pet at home is just another preparation step on doing it, so yeah.
  2. FireSegment

    Ideas for Damage 3.0

    by my understanding, you main goal with this rework is to make the damage type behave more inline with the "impact", "puncture", "slash" description, correct? if that is the case, i would say that ... well you are doing it backward. "Impact", "slash", "puncture" is just names, and between changing the name to fit with the effect of the prod or changing the prod effect to match the name, changing the name is always less costly . "Impact" prod effect is crow control, "puncture" 's is reduce enemy damage, "slash" 's is damage over time. The names are only affordances to make the effects took less mental strain to remember for the players, like the push and pull bar on a door, a door priority is to be able to open and close first. When talking about Damage 3.0, people usually talking about drastic change on the scale of the effects (crow control now have tiers, reduce damage debuff now stack, and damage over time now nerfed to the ground - a few simplified points of the damage 3.0 that never was), not to change the effect itself to match the label of the damage prod.
  3. FireSegment

    Musical weapon.

    Octavia do come with 2 weapon: Tenora and Pandero and here's the thing .... a "musical" theme frame/gear in essence would dictate the rhythm of the shooting for the player, instead of let the player control when to shoot The reason there are hell songs where ppl just fill the whole music wheel with notes is that they don't like being dictate. So either u have to invent a new mechanic that solve the issue (and somehow not making octavia redundant in the process) then i don't think it is a good idea.
  4. neural sensor, orokin cell and neurode reusable bp also have ridiculously high requirement. DE simply don't want you to use it. For some reason, transferring between resources are something that DE afraid, they want it to exist, but absolutely not want player to use it.
  5. FireSegment

    Ways to get Energy

    that is even worse ....
  6. FireSegment

    Ways to get Energy

    first, as the guy in the second post said, pls carify that you are talking about mod polarities and notthe operator focus school, it's confusing. second, each polarity have a "theme", all the energy mods like Flow, Fleeting Expertise, Streamline have a Zenurik (or Naramon? the dash polar, as ppl call it) polarity, almost all strength mod have Madurai (or V) polar, and almost all health/shield/armor mods have Vazarin (or D) polar. It's just a theme ... being too serious about it don't bring any meaningful changes practically. edit: ........ i just read your post again, and now i'm not sure if u was talking about focus, mod polar, or frame default polar anymore ......
  7. FireSegment

    Passive 12m Vacuum (toggle on\off through menu)

    err ... no, as in i'm against univac as toggle option also, since as i said, it is an upgrade, not an accessibility feature like color blind support.
  8. FireSegment

    How do you fell about skill based gameplay

    you still have to dodge and be on your toes at all time even with max serration and health, not maxing them hardly add any challenge to the game, since it would still be "kill them or disable them before they oneshot you" my most
  9. FireSegment

    Passive 12m Vacuum (toggle on\off through menu)

    my point is that they tried vacuum as not-a-mod before, then scrap it, instead of iterating on it. (there was plans for increasing the range discussion from the devs around then, before it got reverted), And yes, i should have type sentinel instead of frames, but there are not much different practically. It would simply never become a toggle option in a menu since it have always been an upgrade, not an accessibility feature.
  10. err .... yeah because that's their target audience, and just speaking in general here, but irl currency in F2P games almost always overpriced. DE did not invented anything that can negate that issue, so far i don't see any game or company could. What separate DE is that, as DErebbeca said "we try to confront player with the option of time or money as soon as possible". In other word, they make it fair if you choose to invest time and i think they are pretty success at that point, except for a few case. You are not suppose to buy anything before you decided that you enjoyed the game. I don't have any data on this, but from what i gather, a large pool of ppl start buying their first plat in average have 60hr+ play time. It is very likely that if you did not enjoy the game enough to get through a period like that, you would put the game down permanently - in which case, it is a good thing that you didn't spend any money on plat.
  11. FireSegment

    Passive 12m Vacuum (toggle on\off through menu)

    and they have responded time and time again, you didn't get the memo? we even had a period with 6-7m innate vacuum to all frames, and yet the community fcking make DE reverse the change within a week. Your solution is already tried by DE, in fact, it IS the current system we have right now fundamentally. You "toggle" it by decide to put the mod in the sentinel or not, in that sense, they just make it "universal" by extending it to pets.
  12. FireSegment

    Disappointed With Nyx rework list

    since you can always spam it, having a short time doesn't matter, it just mean the debuff won't stack.
  13. FireSegment

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    i believe that it is pointless trying to guess what Wally is, or capable of in this current state, we simply do not have enough information. All we know about him is that Wally think we owed him - which justify him toying with our head (or so he thought). Wally surely is'nt the "the whole truth and nothing but the truth " type, he haven't lie to us yet, but i interpret that as he doesn't feel like he need to. He try to focus us into some hot spots where big things happen but we have no idea what he do and didn't do (and since right after Rell let him lose, Ballas appear in Apostasy Prologue, so i imagine he do involve a bit in that). Wally seem to pitch us against the Sentient and ally us with Ballas right now. but his agenda is till a mystery.
  14. FireSegment

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    i think the general problem is that ppl taking ballas words too serious at it face value, while he already show himself to be an untrustworthy narrator. (he manipulate the Orokin trial, deceive the Orokin and join the sentient, etc... ). I can see the case where he do meant what he said to us in the quest and not lying, but it doesn't mean that he's right. We do not know if it was Lotus, or even Natah the one force Continuity on him and bring him back alive - as he stated (and judge by his legs, seem to be true). Cuz the way i see it, Ballas is pretty much in charge of his action after being revived. The manipulation Ballas suffering under is extremely different from whatever the hypothetical manipulation Natah did to us (we don't slowly turning into sentient last time i check). If anything, it's the Man in the wall (Wally for short) the one who manipulation us. if we follow Ballas narrative, then the Natah he speak of revived both him and wake the tenno, with the clear mind of "weakening the solar system for the sentient to take over". But then why would she also revived Ballas? As his awaken so far only throw a wrench into that plan. Why would we tenno keep making a lot of allies around the solar systems in our quest? The syndicates, the Myconians, the Cetus peoples, etc.... And the biggest question of all: why allow us to become so powerful, we are the sentients greatest threat in the first place. A true evil Natah would never pull the Moon out of the void in the Second Dream quest, it would have been too great a risk, it was the right opportunity to ditch a dangerous tool like us, and shred the manipulation if it was there in the first place. Ballas are trying to make us his ally, after witness our capability in The Sacrifice quest (well ... either him wanting it or Wally want us to be ally with Ballas), it's what Ballas do. He picked the corpus scientist as his allies after seeing what he can do. He pick Hunhow as ally over the orokin (or manipulate hunhow from the dialog in Sacrifice quest, we don't know, it could as well be Hunhow who put Ballas in this state for revenge), he picked Margulis after seeing her success with the Transference project (but can't neither control nor defend her). He also pick the Umbra Dax as his enemy because umbra jeopardy his plan. Ballas just happen to be picking us as allies and Natah as his enemy right now, so it would be in his best interest if we keep confronting the Sentients.
  15. FireSegment

    Fastest way to KO the Pumpkernaut

    in the past it did, im still waiting for it to be patched before i play the time mission