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  1. there are a few thing you can do: - use Optimize option from the launcher, it would help u comp load stuff faster, but it would most likely fixed shuttering ( short burst drop of fps, implying u still get up stable fps at least some of the time) - check your graphic setting: Sometime an update could reset some graphic setting if that update have visual upgrade, or it just does randomly. - If you are using a laptop, check if your laptop suddenly decide to go battery saving mode, cuz that would significantly drop the fps - Check the graphic driver setting as well if u did have to boost it a little bit for the game to run, window update sometime reset them.
  2. you missed my point. It was never about " how much should u use operator in what fight" like the way you understand My point is that BOTH profit taker and eidolon have insane AoE damage. the fact that it's required to stay in operator form much longer in eidolon fight to take down the shield than profit taker fight created an illusion that eidolon fight is easier in term of survivability, while it actually not. Thus the AoE argument in the post i quoted is false. In other word, you are not suppose to be in operator form most of Profit taker fight, only in a few key moment (cuz you suppose to stay in the frame and shoot the shield), in Eidolon fights it's the opposite. And due to operator convenient ability to be invulnerable, it make player misjudge the difficulty of the fight. Is that clear enough for you?
  3. do you realize that this sentence basically apply for both Eidolon fights and the Profit Taker? there are only 2 different that notable between the 2, considering the argument of "spider are harder than eidolon": 1st different is that the magnetic prod in Profit taker fight is more random, and harder to avoid, because sometime it coming from the mobs, not the boss. 2nd difference is that in Eidolon fight, you spend more, or most of the time as operator to take down the shield and have invulnerability at a button, and still being immoral considering being killed only send u back to the frame. While profit taker would have u stay in the frame and deal damage constantly. This in turn demand more survivability from the frame you choose, or the support from your team. Aside from those 2 point, other aspect of the 2 fight feel pretty much the same in term of the boss. Both have insane AoE damage that oneshot almost any frame without proper skill to counter so that's hardly a reason for saying Profit taker is imbalance compare to eidolon, try a different one.
  4. decent, but that's just me already saw some other amazing orbiters, or yours just happen to be not my taste at the moment. i do wonder if there are any place ppl share/post their orbiter look more often though, it's just not enough around here, or reddit, or discords
  5. erm ... did you try using the cetus mining tool instead of the fortuna one? i legit did not know that mineral is a resource for baruuk, i just farm the toroid needed for him
  6. my first reaction to your post is : dud ... cuz they are reworking melee 3.0, and we already have many obsolete swords my second reaction is: yeah it could be a tennogen skin then my third reaction is: Why do we have a Candy Scythe skin but no Lolipop hammer skin .... .... so .. yeah ....
  7. and if they one hit kill u already, how the hell could life strike help? i think what OP mean is how does the mod combo prevent you from being onehit, not how u avoid being one hit that far into the mission with limbo (different ppl have different combat flow with him afaik), and does invest a mod/arcane slot for limbo push the level of the enemy that would one hit him from ... say ... lvl 200 to lvl 260 for example, and does it worth the investment.
  8. best designed? rhino is in a decent spot, but it doesn't mean he's "best designed" ... his kit got outdated for a long time already
  9. So does nitain alert, so does kuva, so does mutagen sample, so does oxium, so doest cryotic and be real dude, ducat is not a currency, it's a resource, that you can farm. It's a valuable resource yes, and have more than one use yes. But you can get it from playing the game, comparing it to platinum is simply unfair. did it occur to you that every player can choose if they want to craft it or not? at least until the next cinematic come out?
  10. dat train and the car collection at around 11:00 .... im sold mate, hope u win.
  11. As someone who love the Drakgoon dearly, and used it since update 13, i strongly suggest against some of those changes ... PLS DON'T make the projectile go faster or make it fade/disappear faster. If you guys have to due to gameplay balance, PLS keep the paths that the pellets disperse stay on screen longer, seeing where the pellets went is part of the fun for drakgoon
  12. technically, Megalyst would be much smaller than Teralyst, the same way 1 Megabyte is much smaller than 1 Terabyte. We need a Petalyst :3
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