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  1. i do not see OP mention the effectiveness of guns overal even once in this thread, may be i missed it, idk. The TTK of the OP example are still fast, the gun still kill the acolyte quick enough. The effectiveness of Catabolyst isn't what OP make the thread about. He could be actually satisfy with the damage number for all we know. It feel weird to me of why you seem to be so keen on pulling his opinion from other thread here. If you have disagreement of what exactly is the most critical issue for secondary with OP somewhere else, why not keep that discussion over there? About
  2. The first 3 pages of this thread already made it clear that the DPS cap exist and perfectly explained OP test. Multiple people already immediately provided work around (more crit and and lower fire rate) imply they also already encountered this problem before. This isn't new, but it doesn't make it less frustrating. Unless someone are willing to contest that "no, DPS cap don't exist" with their own number, what test we have here are already enough. the data that matter are already presented. This thread isn't about that gap since the beginning, and no, the issues highlighting here
  3. may i ask the source? was the number 30k somewhere in a build note?
  4. May be something was lost in translation here but my frustration was never directed at you, i acctually really appreciate the numbers you calculated back at page 3 and the discussion that there would still be a cap even if the disminishing return was right that followed. I'm thankful, for those are insights i would unlikely to discover myself. My frustration was firmly directed at DE and the now-obvious DPS cap, regardless of if it followed a correct diminishing return curve or not. I blame DE for letting player discovering the cap this way because ... it basically left you feel like you
  5. Assuming you are correct (since i'm not in the mood of that much math), that disminishing return would inevitably lead to a hard cap, my view however, is that players should never have to discover the cap in this way, it would just leave bad taste in our mouth. Games are already smoke and mirror, the devs have the all power to decide if we could reach the cap, of if they should keep the cap, or make another cap just for that cap, ... Not all options are available obviously (like how DE can no longer control player's dps ceiling), but they can make that math whatever they want.to be.
  6. @Traumtulpei would really appreciate if you consider edit the first post with information about how vex armor didn't help, and the DPS problem that seem to pretty much concluded here, to help with the unavoidable derivative/off-topic comment to come. May be also edit the title to me more precise, devs usually ignore title like that. Not everyone would scroll to the 3rd page to read if the problem resolved and i really think this need as much visibility as it could get.
  7. oh, then i guess you would be as equally disappointed if you were playing back when hydroid prime release, valkyr p release, ... or the future garuda prime release, grendel prime release assuming they won't have a rework before then, given how all of those frames have other frames doing things better than them. May be you think that playing xaku make playing gara feel underwhelming, but then just keep playing xaku till he's power-creeped by another frame or till you bored with him. No frames should be changed just because another frames do a better job than them, as doing that would just
  8. just wanna say to your last question that ... actually yes, quite a few. there are people who actually detest using prime frame, i encounter a whole set of player whom neither new nor poor on plat/money in one of my former clan (some of them been playing since update 10). They are however, a bit time-poor and don't mind losing access to some of prime fashion frames. Heck, they still bought Prime Access for the attachments and such while the prime frame come with it gathering dust after maxed while they keep using their 8-forma vanilla frame And that's the thing - the almighty advanta
  9. what make you so sure about that? DE already altered the base effect of infused damage buffing skills, and since this augment basically make air bust another damage buffing skill, It could be easier for them to just side-step all the "is this a damage buff skill or not" by not carrying the effect over. (and no, though it also require an augment, elemental buff skills like oberon's isn't the same)
  10. those tatical/combat avionic used to also consume capacity, so i say that's already a precedence that something similar can happen again for frames. "Never say never" still their freaking motto. would take hella an uphill battle or something truly unusual to happen to get them to care enough for this to be done though.
  11. And by title i mean consume no capacity, not require "normal" mod slot and have a separate mod screen of their own. Given how many augments they keep cranking up without any regard for their practical opportunity cost that we have now (for example both of the new augment in destream), this should feel more than fair already. Also this should give DE an excuse to rework the disaster of UI that is raijack modding screen and put the config part up top again.
  12. if you are asking for a functional first person that functional in normal mission, then you have the option of using guns that scope in like sniper, buzlok, etc ... It's already establish that DE won't spend their effort making a first person mode that is good. I believe you would have better luck finding another first person game that you enjoy as much as warframe than requesting warframe to become 1st person, if that is such a deal breaker. the way you framed your request though, sound like it would be fine if it's just for special occasion like Captura and such to take in the mood or
  13. you are making a pretty big assumption that people are playing protea enough for it to matter
  14. I think you forgot Grandma song (also a shanty) that she would sing sometime when you start speaking to her. diegetic song with lyrics is something relatively new in wf, we didn't have any before "we all lift together", and the "cold bellow" is only the 2nd one in the spotlight. I think the non-existed "problem" of we don't have any grinner song yet is just because DE haven't plan any big grinner content to fit one in yet. Not something DE made but in Tennotunes there's a song that suppose to feature the Worm queen doing exercises song for the kuva grinner. There's also another epic
  15. .... DE doesn't get "bored" with the game mode, the game mode failed to gain enough traction from the player to justify further development effort. There's a different, and again, it's a whole different topic. So far you make no respond any of my original arguments that showed the logic from the dev perspective, you choose to respond to my one off-handed comment about other mission type, and seem to be only interesting in demonizing DE... Why exactly? Warframe's drop locations got switched around multiple times in the past, and the sky still haven't fall, new player still come and g
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