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  1. seem like u are having much more fun making progress log in this thread than actually playing the game. 😂 Just an observation don't @ me
  2. i remember reading some whining about acolyte failed to spawn problem in the patch note thread (not the note itself) for a few hotfix awhile back. People seem to narrowed down the problem to the game having acolyte transmission being overridden by other lotus or simaris dialog so the acolyte transmission never technically finished, thus not triggering their spawn - which make a lot of sense.
  3. Ok first, how many time did you encounter this situation, 3 times? 5 times? with the same dude? Second, since you said he went offline, how did you know if he did not also get that bug himself and was frustratingly rage quit just sooner than you and not noticing your message (or even if he could respond back in english or the language you pm him with). What make you so certain that his internet wasn't just got cut off at a really bad time and it's not also a bad experience for him? Third, why do you keep running or bumping into the same guy if it was like the 5th times this happen an
  4. DE already tried it, Sanctuary Onslaught is basically a survival mission where you can kill as much as you want as long as it's above a threshold, leaving when you like, not have the going around burden that you seem to link to the capsule in survival, and not having the teammate spread around decreasing the spawn rate problem that survival have, ever thought of that?
  5. i believe when he said that, what he meant to convey is that there will always be pain felt by collector players if the system require them to unceremoniously delete something they gain, regardless of what the limit is. Increasing the limit isn't the solution, yes, but the pain is real, and the reason the game make us collector player feel that pain over and over and over and over and over again every time we reach the limit is unjustifiable.
  6. no intention of derailing the topic whatsoever, if that was your impression. my point is that a clarification would at best read as "eh ... yes the health type change is working correctly" and i see no way that it could help any pet become tankier, because the only way to make use of that information is knowing which enemy dealing which damage type which to be honest ... i tried and figure out that every faction would have some enemy type that deal a different damage type than the rest of the faction and would throw all your calculation to the trash can. That's the reason why i said
  7. It is just cosmetic the thing that changing the companion health type does what it said on the tint for all i know, but the problem is that our companion stats are too ridiculously inconsequential that no meaningful change could be observe. Also there are almost no benefit gameplay-wise to remember which enemy dealing which damage type for even us warframe (if it isn't corrosive or toxin, why the heck care), let alone the pet. So they don't really need to provide "clarification" any more than actually make defense stats on pet be meaningful in any sense from the beginning - which wo
  8. you misunderstand me on both let say ... imagine a chroma bringing 3 redeemer, first redeemer mod for corro heat, 2nd redeemer for rad viral, etc ... into profit taker fight. That would mean he never have to actual "change" the weapon he using if we don't exclude duplication. the same apply for bringing 2 of the same weapon, each with different bane mods for different faction, which make it "viable" in the sense that it's not inconvenient anymore because you don't have to switch bane mod between every mission. In short, with this type of hypothetical gameplay, i don't think red
  9. you might also need the limitation of no duplicate weapon, because people would just build 3 of the same weapon and bring them all with different elemental build but then that could actually make faction bane mod viable so idk
  10. same symptoms as you, live with it on and off for years now, sometime i will say the bottleneck is either the CPU or HDD, but other time the issue might simply go away within one or two hotfix without you even tinker with anything. i bet the culprit is that 7gb update not fully optimized from DE end yet, but, doing another optimize from launcher won't hurt.
  11. wait .... why not just switch to operator the moment your shield gone/you have the prod ? i mean you can't anticipate when it would happen, or have very limited avenue to do so, but you clearly have enough time and options to react to it
  12. (edit: misunderstand your point) as far as i know, enemy does get void prod (the bubble) while in the vortex, ... but with using an operator amp, not with xaku xaku 1st say it would add void damage to weapon, i don't recall if it would actually add void status (and it definitely didn't, according to one of the build note last year)
  13. because what you are suggesting - having a shield regen option while in her 4th - is not freedom, it's an imminent boredom inducing afk-friendly thing that DE try so hard for in so many years to stay away from.
  14. Before twitch, warframe already have "drop" in the sense of in-game alert and mini event after devstream and such. And since the whole twitch drop was practically invented and engineered from both twitch and DE side, back when they partner with each other, i would doubt such infrastructure exist for youtube - which mean they have to invest quite a bunch of time, effort and money into it But then ... why should they even spend that money in the first place. The audience on youtube and twitch come to those site for different reason, expect different things. Those who chase the in-game givea
  15. iirc the trailer was teasing on exploring the internal tension of the leader in the grineer, about how vor are losing his position to tyl regor, but we all know after TWW that DE did nothing with that premise. It feel completely out of place and add nothing to the lore context looking back, only fuel more confusion. To be honest i don't expect the new war trailer to remotely represent what we will get when it finally come out at all. Also speaking of trailer, remember that Tomb of the Sentient trailer with all the parkour moment we never got from 2015? edit: i just search you
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