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  1. Hello, SO i have encountered a bug wiht my email where I would not receive any confirmation emails to my old email address that i still have access to. SO i wrote a support ticket, and today i got a reply from automated support system... the interesting this is the old email( trough redirection) received the info from the said system. I am educated in computer science, but how could this be? They have 2 datafields for useremail? Isn't that redundant? Or its different problem all together? Sidenote: The email got superbuggy since hotmail update back in idk what year, i do not recieve anything, trough redirection I managed to recieve reply from warframe support, yet i still wont recieve any comfirmation keys trough automated systems. Anyways hope my account gets fixed fast i reinstalled windows so i can no longer play warframe 😞
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