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    Hello Kalbintion, Thank u for responding so fast to my post, but no i am not talking about the weapon comparator page, it is the base stats on the Kuva Ogris builder page i am referring to, this one: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Kuva_Ogris If u compare it to the old/normal Ogris's page (this one: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Ogris), it is easy to see that something strange is going on because the base stats of the Kuva Ogris should have higher values the the old/normal Ogris, both on Rocket Impact and the Rocket Explosion, but right now the old/normal Ogris has higher damage then the new Kuva Ogris on the site. XRay
  2. XRay2501

    Warframe Builder

    Fist off let me just say, warframe-builder.com is GREAT. I love the weapon compare tool, the dmg vs all the faction info and ofc the fact that u can pre build ure gear and puzzle to get the best stats, also being able to save and share your builds is awesome. That said it looks like a few things went wrong when the stats were copied over from the normal ogris to the kuva ogris. 1. The only difference between the Kuva Ogris and the normal Ogris should be: Higher area attack dmg (687.0 vs. 600.0) Smaller magazine (3 rounds vs. 5 rounds) Faster reload speed (2.1 s vs. 2.5 s) Higher Mastery Rank (15 vs. 9) 2. the Rocket Impact should be: Impact 18.9 Puncture 8.1 Total Damage 27.0 (Impact 70%) Crit Chance 9% Crit Multiplier 2.0x Status Chance 47% 3. and the Rocket Explosion should be: Puncture 159.0 Slash 275.0 Blast 253.0 Total Damage 687.0 (Slash 40%) Crit Chance 9% Crit Multiplier 2.0x Status Chance 47% Radius 7.0 m Fire Rate 1.5 rounds per sec 4. at level 40 kuva weapons (and the paracesis to btw) with a potato have a capacity of 80 and not the standard 60 5. because the ogris uses sniper ammo, primed rifle ammo mutation and normal rifle ammo mutation should NOT fit, but sniper ammo mutation should. All the correct kuva ogris stats can be found on this wiki here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Ogris Thank u and good hunting, XRay
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