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  1. I shouldn't have to to and fix this on my own with some janky 3rd party software of questionable reliability, and trying to do stuff like that when you're not used to it is an exercise in frustration. More importantly if it remains as-is when this update rolls out to console players, it's going to cause issues because console players won't have any reason whatsoever to advance beyond rank 8 in the Gunnery Intrinsic. They'll be shooting themselves in the foot otherwise. That's why I called these recommendations. As in, things that I've noticed that I recommend be addressed before the console player fanbase, who use gamepads a hell of a lot more than the vast majority of PC players, take notice. And they will notice. Now, I don't play Warframe on a console, so I don't even know if console players can rebind commands. I'm just pointing out how inefficient things currently are for gamepad users.
  2. So, as the title suggests, I play Warframe on the PC with an Xbox One gamepad. I do this largely because my hands aren't what they used to be and playing such an action-heavy game with just a mouse and keyboard is guaranteed to have my hands aching like you wouldn't believe inside of twenty minutes (I personally blame way too much Diablo 2 in my early teens). Watching the dev stream yesterday made me aware of a few things and pay attention to a few things, which is leading me to making a few recommendations and an observation or two. 1: Give reloading a gamepad keybind for Railjack, not just core Warframe content. I have rank 9 in the Gunnery Intrinsic, but as of right now the only way I can manually reload after overheating my turrets to trigger the rapid cooldown is to physically reach over to my keyboard and hit the reload key. I tested this with both my pilot and gunner turrets in Earth Proxima's Free Flight node. This right here is definitely the big one to do something about if you don't want console players raging too much over the Gunnery Intrinsic changes. 2: Allow rebinding of the Ability Menu command for Railjack. I feel like this one is something that was accidentally overlooked. Given the changes to Railjack, I figured it was pass time to try and change my gamepad bindings into something more intuitive for flight. The Ability Menu being locked to the RB button when I'd really, really prefer that to be just for banking right is not intuitive, plus it makes it currently impossible to roll to the right with a gamepad. Believe me, I've tried. 3: This is more of a suggestion than a recommendation, but separating Dodge/Blink from Move Down might a good idea. As it is, there's four buttons on the Xbox One gamepad that go completely unused when it comes to default keybinds for the gamepad (The D-pad down, the X & Y buttons, and that funky button above the D-pad with the double-box on it that I think it commonly called the 'view' button). 4: Just what is the purpose of the Toggle Railjack Camera that by default is bound to the D-pad Up key? Near as I can tell, I honestly cannot discover any possible use for this command beyond an odd locked-in-place, over-the-shoulder external camera view of my Railjack without HUD elements that's not exactly useful for flight and not at all for combat. What is it even for? Don't get me wrong it's a cool view, but not only does it feel like it's stepping on Captura toes, it feels like it could and should be doing a lot more than it currently does, and worst of all right now it feels like a useless appendage, like a vestigial tail. 5: Railjack/Archwing specific Captura scenes would actually be pretty cool now that I'm thinking about it. Not actually something I was even intending to touch on when I started this threat, but my last point made a little lightbulb go off over my head.
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