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  1. From the wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Penance Allies don't get the fire rate and lifesteal themselves, but they do gain whatever healing Harrow generates with his own lifesteal.
  2. This only makes sense if you look at the support role from a completely traditional MMO standpoint, and Warframe never has been, nor will it ever be, a traditional MMO. The thing about Warframe is that since weapons are not restricted by class, every Warframe can pull really good DPS. There is absolutely nothing in the world stopping me from putting my Lenz on Oberon or Trinity and going after top kills. Well, nothing except for the archaic notion that supports should be completely passive, and that I should just sit on my hands while everyone else in the squad actually plays the game. W
  3. That's really the problem with Mend. It's designed like an "anticipate and counter" heal, but it works more like an "instantly react to near fatal damage" heal, and ended up inheriting the worst aspects of both types of heal. It has a constant energy drain, but has no benefit to maintaining it whatsoever. Then when you actually do heal with it, the only thing it does is heal. There's no other benefit to it at all. Just one, singular burst of healing, in a very limited area, with no additional buff or heal over time or anything else that would make the ability stand out. Mend needs to deci
  4. I've noticed that sometimes, when the duration on Warcry is almost out and you get a kill with the Eternal War augment equipped, sometimes the duration increases, but the attack speed disappears when this happens.
  5. Tennogen is honestly the only hope for such a thing happening.
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