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  1. Raniu

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.0

    @[DE]Megan New font is awesome but it seems to be missing polish letters.
  2. So, the Polish can't participate. @[DE]Megan, what's the reason for which legal residents of Poland can't take part?
  3. Raniu

    Kody promocyjne do gry

    Nie wiem, czy nie padły wcześniej, ale wyników w wyszukiwarce nie ma. Są jeszcze takie: BIKEMAN SP00NERISM ADMIRALBAHROO KINGGOTHALION PROFESSORBROMAN SUMMIT1G https://www.warframe.com/promocode
  4. Raniu

    Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0

    Thanks for neat additions. Now... Can you please revert how we color Verlorum Prime sigil? Being able to color the energy color separately from Warframe's energy color was the attractive aspect of it. It'd be awesome if we had it back.
  5. Raniu

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2

    huh. You missed my previous post from the first page. I edited it and said that I was wrong. I suppose I should've edited the nest one as well xD A negative flight speed riven mod caused a dramatic change to fall off of my Pyrana. Plus I (still) can't seem to notice that AkBronco is any stronger than it used to. Based on these two impressions I went nuts and accused DE of doing a bad job. But, thankfully, a forum poster made me aware and it's all cool now.
  6. Raniu

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2

    Damn. Gotta do way more testing xD You are a life saver, probably.
  7. Raniu

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2

    There was a secondary shotgun weapons balance pass that intended to buff them because they are niche. But the pass either left them barely changed or crippled. I've used it a lot before as well and I've done plenty testing after. The changes were supposed to buff it. Instead, Pyrana's damage feels weaker. A bit but weaker nonetheless. Which is not good because it was supposed to be buffed :s Build shouldn't matter if I used the same build before and after the changes. But in case I'm wrong... It's an elemental damage crit build featuring a riven and Primed Heated Charge. Edit: forgot the doubled mag which is very relevant. I suppose it makes up for the fall off reducing the damage.
  8. Raniu

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2

    That's good that DE are still willing to look into the niche weapons that were changed back in U21. There's hope that more will get the much needed attention. Can DE now restore Pyrana to the original pre buff nerf state? Pretty please? It really needs looking into. edit: I would never suspect a +230% damage and +110% electricity damage (crucial for corrosive) to be a culprit. I was under wrong impression the whole time.
  9. Raniu

    Last Post Wins

  10. Raniu

    Oberon Prime: Update 20.7.0

    No Herrow/Earth yet? D: Well, thanks for the regular update anyway I guess. Big thanks for the intriguing Effigy augment! And even bigger thanks for the Shield augment, the wait is over, Tenno! Omg. Can you please add more slots to favorite colors? It's been requested for years now, it'd make a relevant difference for the fashionframe. Pretty please.
  11. Raniu

    Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.6.4

  12. Raniu

    Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

    Q: When are clan sigils going to be a thing? Q: Will we be able to separate profile icon and glyphs? So one can have their favorite frame as their profile pic in game and on the forums AND be able to spray something else in missions. Q: Can we get more orbiter decoration capacity? Q: Can we get more favorite color slots? I hope for at least one yes
  13. Raniu

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.6

    Not cool. I had players disconnect from my session and then reconnect back. The LC supports were still there. This is how it should work. The only condition for above fix to take place in practice should be that the player who disconnects from the session doesn't reconnect (in such case, their LC support charge should still be consumed).
  14. Raniu


    Well, I had to overstay on the mission because of reasons and if I did extract, I would be late for Ergo anyway. Turned out the score did count for the leaderboards :P
  15. Raniu


    Wondered why there's no redtext warning about that. I'll buy some stuff from Ergo then. Big thanks for clarifying this!