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  1. Watched the whole thing. Didn't get a single twitch drop... Got them from watching streamers just an hour before hand, so the issue isn't on my side!
  2. Tomorrow is NOW! My body is ready!! https://giant.gfycat.com/ElasticSlushyKarakul.webm
  3. So, how do you turn off or delete the Mandachord songs so they NEVER play on your ship/somachord??? PS, why does the repeat button not repeat? As in, I want it to play one song on repeat forever on the somachord, but it never works... Yes, Right-Click to turn them off, but there's nothing more than that?
  4. Same! Watched the entire thing too... They REALLY NEED to stop doing this whole 'Twitch Drop' thing... It hasn't ever worked correctly, not once!
  5. Stationary Slide+Jump macros still haven't worked since 22.2 !!! Again, my carpal tunnel BEGS for a fix!!!! I've had to stop playing because of it
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