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  1. Back to Arcane farming, because eidolons suck and I missed out on 99% of the Scarlet Spear event!
  2. That's because you have something typed in the search box... User error
  3. Without doing the Iso bounties first, just running out and grabbing a Arcana one, the Esophages do not get marked Wish they were available at mother so I could get a random group, I like helping others!
  4. 3 Index's. Two 1hr runs, no Prodman spawn on the first, spawned on the second, died, waited out the timer, no poster. Last one, 55minutes, and then it bugged out... 3+ HOURS of my time gone, and not a single thing to show for it but some credits... Giant beams of light aside, I don't understand what else I'm supposed to do here. I'd run it again, but WHY waste yet another hour at this point?
  5. Just happened to me too. Had to Alt-F4
  6. -ZeroStar-

    Auto Search Bar

    I had noticed that any menu you opened the caret would auto be in the search bar. For me, this was a HUUUGE QoL upgrade!! Since the last patch, 29.5.4, it's back how it was before, manually clicking into the search every time :(
  7. The Defense mission seemed bugged for me. Attempted it a few times and the "Control Area" drops so fast and there aren't any mobs around to even kill. Nekros with all my shadows out, no red arrows to be seen, couldn't complete it at all. Much less enemies stacking out of LoS making it impossible for one person to actually defend it, even as a Mesa and Octavia... That's just stupid. The Deimos K-Drive timers seem to be a lot shorter than they used to be too. I used to be able to finish them with time left over, now I can't even get through 4+ portals now.
  8. After the hotfix, mine showed up! Note: I did restart the game a few times and un-link / re-link my Amazon and Twitch accounts.
  9. Same here. Restarted a few times. Unlinked and re-linked twitch. First time ever having issues with receiving the Prime rewards
  10. https://www.warframe.com/news/upgrade-your-operator-with-the-latest-prime-gaming-bundle
  11. Page says, "This will be the last Prime Gaming Drop" ... The last Amazon Prime drop for this year? Forever?! I really love the things from Prime Gaming!
  12. Requiem Pylons no longer spawn any mobs. Forced to fish when they barely even spawn, forced to run around to farm mats randomly, not to mention mining!
  13. New iso vault 'secret' rooms, shooting the Reactive Crystals, bugs out 100% of the time, 7 vaults, 0 rooms opened, and I have all the old ones memorized!
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