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  1. Kevyne_Kicklighter

    DE can we have the Ninja sword now?

    Not only that, the sword the OP wants is even a worse example of a STRIKING blade. Why infantry SWORDS (straight blade) and calvary SABRES (curved blade) are used for different reasons. Calvary can't run a guy through with a blade, they have to strike from atop of a horse, and their sabers are designed to put the weight of the blade where it belongs for striking (why the Samurai long sword is shaped the way it is ... for striking). Infantry blades are designed to thrust in (and usually pointed to pierce armor). Striking blandes may not even have a POINT to pierce armor. Look at even the construction of the fencing foil, it's strictly a piercing weapon designed to run through another (like a nail through lumber, even the foil has like a nail tip design more like an piercing arrowhead). The OP wants to USE the weapon and wants symmetry. Good luck in finding that balance when frames bodies and their armor CAN and WILL clip, and how the Tennogen creator will TRY to compensate for it (it will look weird just how far from the body the swords will have to be to NOT clip).
  2. Because of the genre promotes the FTP model a "free". It's not, and thus, false advertising. Want a frame and/or weapon to fit all those kewl mods? Need "potatoes", which is HOW and WHEN a new player learns they need platinum to BUY that "potatoes" to add 30 more points to fit more mods in. Then he will learn he needs to get Forma so he can not only fit mods in empty, he has to fill them with mods that are FULLY maxed out. Each so every frame and every weapon you want to keep and use, that's 40 plat AND at least 3 Forma EACH. FTP is no way FTP!!!
  3. ^^ This. We also need an indicator when armor is stripped/or "leaky" to even NOTICE health is being damaged. Not this "bypass" system that completely IGNORES BOTH shields AND armor to go straight to health damage. A ... Shield | Armor | Health ... bar. Shields are the bubble that protects armor. Armor is the bubble that protects a character FROM damage itself -- be it physical or elemental damage.
  4. I live in the USA and saw what addictions can do to families ... and the price society PAYS for it. Had a neighbor, a WWII veteran who had a son. He not only stoled his father's money for his addictions of Wine/Women/Song/AND BEER. One day, when they were now out of even power as his son ripped him off of all his savings and retirement money, he asked for more money. His dad finally had enough and said, "NO!" to the entitled PoS. What did his addicted son do? BROKE HIS LEGS, and ripped the phone off the wall and left him for DEAD. If his Army buddy didn't do a welfare check he would've died. I don't want to pay taxes for 20 years for such a fool getting 3 meals a day and a roof over his head ... because of passing the buck on OTHERS. So do wipe that grin off your face, son. It's not funny for OTHERS to pay for industries making a buck and asking OTHERS to pay the consequences.
  5. "Free to play" is false advertising. It's not actually "free to play". Ingame currency isn't like gold in WoW (game generated), plat in WF is player bought. Just like the WoW token is -- any in the game cost $20 each and paid for by someone. Like folks get upset about "leechers" in WF, people get upset that people don't pay to keep the game solvent. Worse, seeing people WHINE about not getting things faster, too. That's called "entitlement" and "I do what I want, F U!" mentalities. It attracts the worst making overall gaming toxic, too.
  6. Kevyne_Kicklighter

    Optimize your install? - Never

    I like the reminder to clean up old download files and saving almost 2GB of SSD space. SSD space is a premium and don't like junk left behind in installs taking up that valuable space. But sure you can have the option, but if you can't login/have connection issues and what not, well, don't say DE never gave you an option to settle those conflicts, too!
  7. But it's NOT "for free". Currency in WF is bought by "whales" ... someone is paying, while others are grinding for welfare. That's the "free to play/pay to win" money model.
  8. Kevyne_Kicklighter

    On the Eventual 'Open Space' Navigation Model

    I hope he doesn't mean the Elite: Dangerous or EvE jumps (21 jumps from Jita-4 to 0.0 is a LONG pilot session! It's nice that EvE has a nice jukebox of music as it takes 10+ minutes to get to your location!!!).
  9. Free use healing and energy pads is a P2W concept in too many P2W games. DE designed them as a P2W mechanic in WF. Because in P2W games you BUY them. Otherwise, it would have a cooldown timer on it's use so NOT to spam them.
  10. Again... WoW isn't a P2W game -- health and mana pot usage is strictly controlled. In raids you can ONLY use them ONCE in a typical boss fight. WF is a P2W game -- health and energy pad usage isn't on cooldowns, and you FREELY can use them at any time (pop 2 of them even at once!) ... because the game was DESIGNED for players used to BUYING healing and energy in P2W games. DE may have wanted to originally charge for them, like other P2W games do. So in the higher end content playing WF is like this: you can be rezzed 10x even in a fight -- even DPS!!!; and use as many healing and energy pads you want. No SKILL required. In WoW and EQ/II it's like this: If you die and not a tank or healer, you're watching the raid dead. All rezzes are saved (due to cooldowns) on tanks and healers. You also have only ONE chance to use a healing or mana pot in a typical 4 minute boss fight. Skill required. It feels WEIRD for non P2W players. It even feels like cheating. That's why P2W has a negative stigma to it, and especially the concepts behind them.
  11. WF doesn't operate like other games. In other games we have counters to the 1,000 cut and rat-tat-tat damage because we can AVOID it and even SEE WHEN we get damage. So even "glass cannon" DPS can survive and not have to relay on 1,000 healing and energy pads, instead! Camera angle can't be changed nor the FoV; we have no mitigation abilities which we can weave into our "rotations", either. The game plays differently and people used of how older games play that offer mitigation abilities, the way WF operates is weird. Armor = mitigation (tanks always have more) and their abilities are specifically for tanking -- they win no DPS awards. Shields = like a paladin's bubble or shields; or even a mage shield PREVENT the damage seen in WF (and they're on cooldowns, so can't abuse it). It takes getting use too, but some don't like it. In WF "glass cannons" ARE "glass cannons" and you have no real mitigation BUT using 1,000 healing or energy pads!
  12. Nope. The CONCEPTS in WF are P2W, they just hide it better. P2W applies to even PvE games. Just because they play against NPCs doesn't take away from P2W concepts. Look at the pads they have in WF, for example. In WoW we have healing and mana potions, but they're on timers. Their use is strictly controlled to NOT give too many "get out of Dodge" exits. In P2W games you're free to use them at any time, because they build into the game NEEDING them (so to buy more). WF hides the "buy more", but by it's very design of using healing and energy pads, it's to the P2W model. It's not in your face like some P2W games to "buy", but it's programmed into the game to use them freely as they're designed for you to use freely (have no need for so many heal pads with rat-tat-tat; or, death by 1,000 cuts damage, otherwise). People don't want THEIR game to have the stigma of a P2W tag, but you have to honestly look at how the game is programmed. WoW isn't a P2W game -- healing/mana pots are on cooldowns. P2W games -- use them freely people!!!, because so many P2W games exist on that model. In WoW I ONLY use pots in raids, not because I can't but because what's the point of using them BUT in an emergency? In WF I carry 100 pads and air charges to stop from dying by 1,000 cuts and rat-tat-tats.
  13. Can't go from Shields to Health without damaging armor (i.e., slash damage). Armor is the shield before health. BECAUSE the armor is gone or "leaking" is how your health goes down. Procs damage the armor to get to damage health. Shield operate as a warning you're getting pelted. So, armor needs to be indicated on your protection bar right in the middle of it.
  14. Kevyne_Kicklighter build into Warframe app

    Probably because it takes so long to get a ticket answered. If you think it takes long for a ticket to be answered now, imagine the ticket wait time it will create with trade matters. Oh, DE can remedy it with canned replies, but you know how that fares with players, too. Would be nice if Warframe allowed addons to use within their game. Like how the Undermine Journal works in WoW (hover over an item and get the stats on it's sell/buy prices and median). The old Undermine Journal had charts on what's moving and expansion long prices (so needed to weed out AH "bots wars").
  15. Kevyne_Kicklighter

    How to sustain a long and healthy relationship with Warframe

    Don't forget the other effect: of mobs wanting to feel superior even though they're, again, taken to the cleaners. In order to play video games for extended periods you must be v-e-r-y realistic in WHAT gaming is designed for and WHY. That's when you get off the rollercoasters and play for what YOU like and pay for what YOU prefer in a game. Ever wonder why there's "fashion" frames and all? Has zip to do with gameplay itself. It won't knock out a boss (well, some color combos MIGHT!). But to some that IS what the game is about to them. Once you learn the "formula" you play not to chase carrots, but to have FUN. Games are for entertainment, it's not working out for a sports team (WHY eSports will never catch on. I don't watch games I CAN play, for example!).