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  1. Hello fwends. Many of you don't know me nor am I well known in the Warframe community like some content cretors, however they all have a voice just like myself and many of you, which hopefully can be heard. Today I would like to say what has been on my mind and my feelings on the state of Warframe in 2019. (Not a good writer so dont mind me) I have been a veteran player of the game for over seven years even before the founders package took place. While I do love this game as of recent times I havent really been playing it much as I use to. LETS BE CLEAR just because I criticize something, doesnt mean I dont like it. The content drought or lack of endgame or the wait for Railjack, the POE, Fortuna, raids and main game not feeling connected, while I have a tremendous of respect for DE and the devs, it seems like their ambitions have caused them lose out what makes important: Feedback. Feedback from your fanbase is very important because it help elevate the growth and progress of the game, but at the same time may be a detriment depending on the point of view of course. Plus theres just alot of things that needs to fixed. The other reason I haven't been playing as much I did before other than what I mentioned above is the drama that has been surrounding the game and community. Aside from many players have been attacking people because it's stupid. Well we already know how that's going. All I will those who defend this game are really not helping the game grow and sometimes you need a little tough love. Right now, the game is making a steady decline and thats not good. What happened recently, not something I gonna touch because I'm not a lawyer, but that is serious if many fans feel like they're being slighted. I dont want the game to end up like Anthem and die out. The right now it has become a meme. DE is their own company and they can run it anyway they please and I respect that but as vet to and watch this game to end up like this, something had to be said. Many content creators have voiced their thoughts and I thought I should voice mine concerns. I love this game and respect my community. DE themselves are cool and wholesome people, had the pleasure of meeting them as well as partied with them in NY, but they need more consistent content to the keep the players invested and community needs to sit down and reflect on how they treat others. Give your thoughts and feels below. PS this isnt to say about the entire community as a whole. Everyone is their own individual and should be treated as such. -Falhurst (PC) Dandy Zoran (Switch)
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