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  1. Yeah they been here for awhile it's orokin text you can google Warframe Orokin text loading screen to see more about it
  2. assumptions are not the best way to make a counter argument i've set foot in conclave and i'm agreeing with the medallions should affect conclave mostly for the following reasons Drop chance of said medallion is 5% and iirc non tradeable so you would have to grind a lot for one advancement solely on medallions it only gives 1k rep and no more so the primary way of getting rep is not invalidated you could do both if it worked this way and get though it quicker to get what you want works for both new and old player to it
  3. instead of purple make it bright neon fecking yellow all in all i dont see this as a thing since we have a do you want the old stats or the new stats and you can sit on that screen as long as you want to think about it alt tab get a sandwich have a internal/external debate about it on discord and or phone call before making a choice
  4. if DE does the week break then intermission most likely they will at least 1 nitain alert up for players to do like they did last time if my memory serves me right during that week break with no NW active there is also the halloween event that had the bat ephemera reb showed up granted that varies on priority lists from person to person but we have no release date for that but impo i want that ephemera as halloween is the best holiday
  5. 13th of october iirc im not ingame to check
  6. oh no a whole 17 enemies are going to get a buff (10 being bosses)
  7. Counter argument before breakfast (warning may contain higher than normal stupid levels) toxin is over tuned to deal with the corpus since it flat out ignores everything to do with their 2 layered health types of shields/flesh it the damage itself its proc everything about it just ignores the shield which in most cases its a majority of their health its why toxin ancient is so deadly to some frames Fire could be the response element to the grineer it melts armor, makes them panic, and burns them with a fire dot the fire damage is not ignoring armor it still reduced just that when it procs it will melt some armor with it temp or perm over time or all at once are details we will need to make hard calls on it Side note: i feel their doing heat procs in general because if they made it exclusive to ember they would have to add specific lines for ember so you would have Heat damage (normal) then Heat damage (Ember) no other element based frame does this and people would complain why not just give it to fire procs in general since ember rn like every other warframe uses non special elements in the game IE: the element they deal is the same as the one you can put on your weapons. Fire did kinda get the short end of the stick out of all the elements non stacking only does a panic that seems to not work about half the time the only element that kinda outweighs what little fire procs bring to the table is magnetic as its only effective against one whole faction as only they predominantly use shields and void damage but that can be overlooked due to its proc being bullet attractor.
  8. Quoting the overview With Ember’s rework above, we are making changes to heat proc to be in line with other status procs in that further procs will stack damage over time. Additionally, it will literally melt armor while active, in addition to the existing damage over time and panic effects,
  9. if its a bombard their armor is allow so +75% bonus damage (ignoring 25% of total armor and getting a +75% bonus) and heavy gunners use ferrite which is neutral to radiation no + or - there but yeah enough of it regardless of resistance can just go pfft dead Fossil has a -75% resistance to it and i can still one shot higher level ancients healers with it because i got alot on it and most weapons have some ISP on it so that tosses their damage bonuses and resistances into the ring
  10. 5k+ armor is around a level 81-90 heavy gunner 77-86 bombard so it's around kuva flood/ arbitration / ESO levels 80-100 / 70-80 / 60-70 respectively as you will hit that point pretty quick in the terms for heavy units as an elite lancer would need to be between levels 142-157 to have 5K+ armor and around that point i think that's were elitism kicks in but that's just my opinion
  11. the pitched idea seems pretty balanced/close to final form just we can't form that solid of opinions as we dont have the numbers or know entirely how it functions other than procing heat reducing armor now How much does it reduce % wise Does it all at once or over time with the ticks Does status duration increase armor shred if the later of 2 is correct Is it temporary or permanent armor removal Does stacking it speed up armor melting Those are my questions TBH
  12. Well corrosive works pretty well for a universal as the only thing its weak against is proto shields at -50% and only 1 other element shares this sole reduction in damage and thats fire and only 17 enemies have this health type before armor or flesh (10 are bosses) besides that no bonus or penalty in how much you do. Viral damage has a -50% to infested and a -25% to machine health types every element has + and - health type just that its effect or the amount you deal outweighs the resistance most elements have this amount/benefit of effect > resistance trade even the raw ones fire DOT panic, cold slow, toxin DOT ignore shields, and shock chain stun. The only damage elements i'd say need a looking at would be Magnetic (only affects one faction) and Void (-50% to cloned, fossil and machine and no bonuses) and if you wanted a universal effective element: Slash. Slash procs deal true damage when it procs it's why people love it so much armor/shields doesn't matter when you can do idk gonna spit ball a number that sounds right 50k+ true damage 4-6 times from one attack getting the proc that can also crit and benefit from locational damage multipliers. On a side note i'd like to add fire now has a kinda full circle moment with armor and i find it very entertaining Effect of armor: damage reduction reducing fire damage Effect of fire: reduction in armor increasing fire damage
  13. I was more thinking a question aloud don't have much a problem personally glad fire is going to become a stackable fire dot with armor stripping i'm just trying to think how adding that would devalue corrosive. You are correct however we don't have the numbers so the most i can do is speculate for all we know DE could make it the same but while fire could melt 25% of a person's current armor it may do it over time while corrosive would do it all at once. I was more thinking how it could speed up the melting down of armor on top of fire's new stackability and making the person panic so you can say take the ignis make it heat and corrosive and just melt the faces of everything while all they can do is flail and panic and not shoot you. As for what else it may do your idea sound interesting true damage could be useful even if its a portion of the total damage or perhaps it could spread to units that are not on fire if they get too close to someone who is or over time each Tick of fire damage could get more intense as it finds more fuel to burn so first tick can do 100 then 150,200,250 ect for the course of its duration.
  14. i have questions then wouldn't the fire proc (assuming its the proc itself that does the melting) even if it is not as effective as iirc a corrosive proc is 25% total armor gone when it procs so not only did the enemy just lost 25% armor off the bat for taking the corrosive proc they are now also losing armor (either over time or all at once) from the fire proc taking a now stackable DOT wouldn't this make the shred time of armor at least faster and the enemy cannot retaliate as they are panicking from the fire proc? all im seeing is a slight speed up with fire helping out corrosive eat armor and panic preventing retaliation if people dont want more armor shred from a heat proc what would they want instead?
  15. couldn't you take her her accelerant augment and rename it and put it on the new fireblast? (i think that is the AOE fire shove) reworks make me wonder more about the augments since they seldom or not at all show those changes flash accelerant could be moved to fire blast as they do looks wise and use do the same thing sorta since they are saying with her new kits immolation and then spam abilities with 3 to manage heat that on fire blast would sync into flash accelerant's effect promote more casting of abilities and gives you more damage for managing your immolate meter Fireball frenzy will probably not change and still stack with flash accelerant Fire damage buff Fire fright may be out right changed maybe make immolation light nearby people on fire if they get too close to the literal walking furnace women firequake is also getting a change i'd assume since the new WOF has knock down at least what i see on the devstream baked in maybe some lingering fire on the ground to help spread the mayhem more Granted i've never played ember i'll admit that but this rework has my interest this is just off my head thinking
  16. You know it feels your doing the opposite of the saying "dont shoot the messenger" is conner even in charge handling the riven changes? or just the person who tells us about them?
  17. Stabbing the lotus the with parasesis sorry dont remember the details before that point because my dreams are very on/off
  18. Im hungry right now might make a sandwich Excited for vauban rework trying to think what to use my umbra forma on Waiting for Episode 5 of night wave also waiting for grass to grow
  19. no i did alot of arbi's with my GF and we had a lengthy discussion it said topic i'm just disagreeing with you. In my run i did earlier today before i had to go shopping for groceries i went for 45-55 minutes and got alot of endo and statues but if they are de-facto rare i should not be getting it so much right? The problem with calling it De facto rare is the numbers of the actual chances tell you something else entirely again you keep going on about just Raw endo your still ignoring the statues that only use besides a decoration is endo. When you look at the charts combine endo + statues as they are the same thing in different forms dominates the whole thing so if you spin the wheel you are more commonly going to get GASP endo or a statue which is also endo and when filled have a good return the lowest being 1,425 from the statue that takes only cyans. and you give me the impression of someone who wants to be right no matter the what regardless of what evidence is shown to them i have a friend that does it so im used to the motions really
  20. For endo it self? yes but tell me statues also make up that chart Statues that can be melted down for endo yes? so endo still takes up the majority of the board just in a different form endo is still endo at the end of the day be it in a shiny clicky statue or the (goo?) it is be default even an empty statue has a use to maroo. I made them to show that while endo takes up a good chunk of the board and the statues as well whose only purpose is endo after getting a full set of them or not the board of the drop table is more endo then other rewards until Rotation C were it is damn close to 50/50 on endo in some form or some other loot The chance for Raw endo went down Statues chance were unaffected statues are endo in another form
  21. If endo is de facto rare now why is it also the highest chance of dropping on the board still and endo stuff are the only drops allowed double digit chances? With the rotation changes of it being now AABBCC chances of endo have gone down abit but now for instance rotation A you have a 40% chance twice to get 900. If you combine all the items in the table that give endo you have 1: 67% of endo or statue 2: 63.5% of endo or statue 3: 49.5% Chance of endo or statue. People literally complained when arbitrations came out that it was a good for nothing but an endo form and wasn't useful to later game players oh hey there is later game player stuff in there now but now people are complaining that DE ruined ONE of the many ways to farm endo geeze people flip flop in here more than pancakes in a diner. the least you could do was show the chances before scribbling all over the page or put the changes you want under them but here is the table in a spoiler as i dont want to take up too much space on a page Edit so i took the time to make some Pie charts i shall put them in the spoiler below to save space aura forma did not want to show its chance but they are 1%/2%/4.5% respectively
  22. whats worse then crushing people with basically a smol blackhole? using one or two orbitral strikes for good measure i wonder how far i can long arm them so i can be more artillery ranged
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