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  1. is a reflection of your currently equipped war frame tracking you mouse a feature of the him? have you never noticed when in alot of menus when you mouse over stuff your warframe is moving its head?
  2. so you didn't put between the couch cushions just thats the first place i look when stuff goes missing
  3. how about alternative objectives? for example one is easier but more demanding one is more tedious but do able yourself for example Kill the profit taker orb with a clanmate or freind OR Kill the exploiter orb solo or maybe do all the profit taker bounties (phase 1 to 4) and then kill it either your self or with pubs
  4. Sir ill have you know my flying camera roomba has a shot gun that can kill things almost at the same level as me and it tries its hardest now if i could get him to understand the effective range of said shotgun it might work out better bless his heart for trying but you can kill something with a shotgun from 40 meters away i cant be mad at the attempt but i wish they realize the weapon they have engage differently based on it my charger doesnt think of it as a concept with how absurd link health and armor makes him, my moa kinda doesnt care he is just happy to participate and beep angry at things with a laser that explodes, and my helios is adorable trying to 40m range a shotgun and he likes looking at things being a baby banshee if anything in my case my sentinal dies more often then my pets cuz if they do eventually go down i got a minute to pick them up and then im back in business my sentinel dies well im shiet out of luck with what he gave me all honestly my moa replaced my helios since he can do what the sentinels can do AND be revived so i dont lose those things when they eventual get killed
  5. awwoooo of satarn six does not give rep How ever pablo has said that words the end of the episode series thing he will be so common he might start to annoy people also side note he is immune to status but radiation does a real knock to his HP since all of it and i mean all of it is alloy armor i have yet to get full scans on him but from experience of meet and trial and error weapon damage when he shows up radiation does a good bit so does operators so a powerful amp might also be a good
  6. depends is it a minor dislike to to the frame so you just don't play it due to preference he just doesn't do it for you or are you going on space marine worthy crusades of the forums and region chat to try and convince people who do use the frame to use something else and not to bother with their time and that the frame is somehow worse then limbo so yeah 1-11 that for me please
  7. this is jsut phase one of the melee changes from what ive gathered to understand its going into atleast 3 phases this is phase one fluidity between gun and melee next is going to be mods and re balances for said mods then stances and how combos are done from memory more universal one stance combo imput works over any other stance
  8. the person might be thinking of arcane aegis 6% chance on any damage you take to gain +60 shield regen over 20 seconds the regen is instant and doesn't stop over the duration of the arcane affect and can proc again during it refreshing the duration on paper 6% isnt that high of a chance but to be perfectly honest it procs alot more often then you would think practically give you haven and aegis storm for free for the next 20 seconds also if you have sheild regen mods on those affect as the arcane goes off the base shield regen rate but since it forces shields to regen and not stop even if you take damage these mods also take affect making the arcane more potent i have just one and it procs almost every fire fight at-least once
  9. hmm not that ive seen what you see on the stats is what you get its pretty straight forward from what ive experienced with her besides being able to casually shrug off efficiency its kinda like where the stat doesn't effect one ability all that much but it affects another one in a useful way so you kinda end up with a boost in everything like bale-fire range is kinda pointless as you will shoot for direct or at feet hits but its really nice for aegis storm since it lets you lock down rooms and make orbs due to numbers or duration on shield pillage gets really crazy after a certain point (unnecessary crazy range) but it benefits haven with more shield recharge (174% duration = 139% recharge) for allies allowing you to recharge the passive on them faster on top of what ever shield regen they might have that being a amazing boon for say arbitration where getting one shot starts to pop up
  10. if you got a problem with just the flexing consider a different animation set personally i use the umbra noble works pretty well kinda my go to if i dont like a frame normal animations or harrows noble looks silly on them
  11. well the damage is radiation and if i recall against alloy armor its ignore a portion of the total alloy armor value and does more damage to it against infested its more meh something it does only 25% less damage to the total armor value But also does 75% more base damage to it look all i know is it makes the wolf of saturn six (alloy man) take reasonable damage
  12. Duration effects expansion duration of shield pillage (enemies hit but it stay hit and give shields regardless of leaving LOS or AOE also gets Big AF with decent range imagine nova) shares in the drain per tick of haven (efficiency affects starting cost and a bit of the drain per tick but duration can help lift the drop in efficiency also if nothing is in range while active you will regain shields normally more things = more drain) recharge rate for haven (shield recharge i don't know if it affects you most likely not and haven to enemies do radiation damage staggers light and medium units per damage tick heavies kinda shrug it off having over-shields = more damage till your burn though it) shares a drain per tick for aegis storm (See 2 except it always drains as a base just increases drain with more enemies in affect does radiation damage slam is impact affected by PS) Range effects Bale-fire cannon explosion range (imho needs a buff and up fire rate when used with aegis storm) initial range of shield pillage (again duration based range gets absurd also peels off any negative status to you and allies idk fully about radiation procs) link radius for allies and enemies in haven (this requires them to have LOS of you they share your gating passive if they lose LOS they gain over-shields from what ever bonus shield capacity you gave them) range of aegis storm range of bubbles expands and shrinks as you go up and down (higher you go more damage less area the lower you go less damage more area occasionally make orbs pop out) PS: energy orbs immediately start your shield regen on-top of giving you their value in shields you cannot gain over shields and does not regen during channel (obviously) from this how ever and brief respite and augur set effect don't do anything as you don't spend energy also you dont do much to infested
  13. id just like to point out if you have guardian, smart with shield pillage, have just one arcane aegis or barrier (two maybe but personally prefer one aegis more reliable), any mean of shield restoration in synergy with your passive of invulnerably when shields break for any means (Damage drain etc) You can outright ignore the efficiency stat and dump into power strength and such like mine is uhm 243% power strength 175-165% range and 174% duration and only 45% efficiency and good lord and off support that can give 1215 shield capacity with a 139% recharge rate and a bale-fire that can output uhm roughly 50-70K (spam to charge) enough range to lock down a medium sized room with a infinite amount of enemies floating in the air giving energy orbs (granted wish this was abit faster since there only 25 orbs) she can also remove armor&shields (with build) 60% at a time increasing damage they take and it only gets more effective in what you get as a return as level goes up and for what ever reason should a armored enemy live around you long enough it will lose all its armor and be put to red health so with abit of sense (sounds mean saying it but its what it is) you almost have infinite energy oh and with arcane aegis (one or two) you just get haven and aegis storm for free for 20 seconds that can be reset if you get lucky when something shoots you in the air and yeah aviator affects you the mod that gives 40% DR in the air yeah that works with aegis storm
  14. personally id make the request that you could color them separably from your frame energy color like i wanna use the blood one but i don't want it to look like im being followed by orange flavored yogurt and maybe let us have a "intensity" slider for how subtle or unsubtle we want the effect to be also maybe make the effect splat abit when you hard fall or land from a sizeable drop besides that here is a idea from my midnight sleep needing brain haunting Ephemra - tailed by the specters and ghosts of those you killed in your past be perfect for Halloween maybe a faint wailing sound when you walk around too for some added spook maybe have it grow in intensity for abit when you kill something as you add to sea of dead you've already made
  15. i for one enjoy seeing the ball of nitroglycerin labeled rivens smash into the wall when the concept of balance or fair is so much as uttered hmm maybe i just like seeing people's nice things burn -shrug- entertaining all the same be it mine or someone elses as long as there is a sizeable fire ill be making smores with a cooler of chilled drinks
  16. just met him he is a angry boi
  17. *happy chatter*
  18. i wouldn't say hard thonk more like i had a little trouble with all the "we" stuff i had to read it twice kinda try imagine 2 people are talking at once for the we to make sense in my head that and i don't keep track of this sort of stuff as having personal experience with people who go off about this kind of stuff as a shield to wave criticism or conflicts of interest/opinion away personally i find the concept interesting though all the social stigma around makes me want to avoid it as i find personal feelings skew things i want to look into EX: people who say they are ocd because they don't like shoes on in the house compared to someone who actually is OCD i also yell at my brain like its a hamster on a wheel and when i fail reading and speaking at once i yell at the hamster to get back on the wheel so i can read properly again though since my time playing elder scrolls IV: oblivion ive always had one quote run though my head when ever i doubt myself or go though a process similar to yours "Trust in your knowledge for it is the whole of who you are" its helped so far
  19. nah mate your just way too efficent you did the daily without even knowing it thats impressive
  20. i did it story was interesting Zuud was stressing out like mad about people with debts to small to collect and how they couldn't come back for them even euido was scared but no since the community said no i dont get a cookie for doing this so im not gunna do even though it would lead to rewards in the future and even though video guides giving exact locations exist now here we are having the most meta of complaining/discussion is it ok for DE to boost numbers to give us content because we were too lazy to do something even though we had all the tools to do it in like 10 minutes
  21. Ha At Ed Def Eds Eh Tv makes me want to watch Ed Edd and Eddy
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