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  1. I guess there is a new question I could ask here. What other options are there to make good preview pics for Tennogen items like I see all over the workshop? I'm still looking for a definitive node setup for a colorable Warframe model in Blender, but Blender seems to have a few snags when it comes to properly displaying a colorable Warframe model.
  2. Thank you for this! This setup is great, but how would this be set up to work with the tint mask in order to change the model's colors?
  3. I'm looking to make preview images for a tennogen helmet I made, and I'd like to render it in Blender and possibly pose it. Does anyone have a node setup for applying Warframe's texture files to the model for me to reference? I'm somewhat new to Blender and have been running into a lot of issues figuring out the correct node setup.
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