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  1. I think the hotfixes are great. My concern is towards converted liches, as they currently do little good. In fact, they've done MORE harm with all the host migrations upon spawning in to assist, dealing little to negligible damage. They might as well be armed with peashooters with base 1 impact damage. I would also like a surefire way to call them in to assist in missions as a PERMANENT ally(for the 1 mission they spawn in) with perhaps a squad of grineer bodyguards. Perhaps a new segment upgrade for the orbiter radio(the one that exists to annoy most players) could be crafted to enable communication with our converted liches. Then there's an hourly spawn timer for them, and we can manually call them in by interacting with the radio before a mission. Otherwise we could have the option to pay them a credit fee(bonus credits to bring in followers) to have them assist. The liches were supposedly grineer supersoldiers, yet as I said, they did more harm to players than were an asset. Some fixes and additions mentioned above would make them WORTH converting, else we might as well just vanquish them all for bps.
  2. There goes my willpower to grinding liches..... To quote all the Tenno before me,"Thanks DE!"
  3. Agreed with first 3 comment blocks. Another solution to the larvaling is to have them ONLY spawn in kuva fortress as an hourly alert mission where 1 node will have the spawns, and the node changes hourly. This way there will be a dedicated farming ground for larvalings w/o causing conflict between players. In addition, 1 larvaling should spawn for each tenno, and each tenno has the choice to Mercy or leave their larvaling alone.
  4. *Sees another stream going up Oh hey, maybe I can make it this time. *Checks date/time, realizes stream starts when break ends. .................................................................... And that's another stream that starts when I'm at work.....oh well. *shrug*
  5. As the changes have not been made yet, the following is all just my opinion based on what I have read and NOT from the updated arbitrations: 1st quote: I like that each of the mission types are going to be more equal in terms of rewards/time spent. Seeing that mission times per reward will be reduced(supposedly by half, or being returned back to original 5min sur, 5wave def, etc), this means we now get rewards from drop table in half the time(supposedly). The following is a theoretical Arbi 1.0, defense 10 waves(9min hypothetical run), rotation C, 2k endo. Drops every 10 waves. Total is 2k. Arbi 2.0, defense 10 waves(9min hypothetical run), rotation C, 1.5k endo. Drops every 5 waves. Total is 3k. So less endo per drop, but we can get them more often so arbit feels less like a chore and more of a grind(*shrug*). Meanwhile, arbi mod drop rates are unchanged, so we can get 2x the mods(more adaptation users yay!). Drones with a chance of dropping VE is a welcome change, and I would like to know the droprates as "small chance" isn't really descriptive enough. Oh well. So far so good. 2nd quote: New mods and stuff is always nice, but I'm kinda questioning whether some of these will be used or are ending up as......more "junk/filler mods." Verticality looks nice if adaptation/aero mods/patagium can be used simultaneously, Wicked Strikes for the charged weapons looks alright, Loyal Herd could be just a mod for companions instead of as an aura mod(or introduce companion aura mods so we can bring multiple auras into the game, but we can't have 2x corrosive projection on 1 player, for example. Or do, *shrug). Bloodletter......so are we taking damage when melee killing and diverting as health restore to allies, or are we not gaining health on melee kills? Or is this a melee health restore with the concept based on Power Donation? Likewise for Bladed Restraint. And since we're on this topic, having an aura mod that borrows Power Donation's concept of - on self/+ on allies and use the bonus as health/shields/weapon damage. So if you play a caster frame like saryn, you can reduce your weapon damage and up allies weapon damage. Further comments on the new arcanes: Rifle kill = +melee dmg and melee kill = +rifle dmg.....seems odd.....I guess this might work with Vigorous Swap builds, but......*shrug* Ammo efficiency on pistol headshot could be nice. 6 melee kills = heal companion.....I guess that's nice? Maybe include a chance to revive a fallen beast companion? Gain armor on summoning heavy weapon is nice, but we've other arcanes that already do that better. Unless for example we gain +1200 armor upon summoning heavy weapon from 1 maxed arcane, I don't see any reason to swap out my Arcane Guardian. So we're now seeing a drop table diluted with 5x cyan star bundles? I need more amber stars, and cyan stars doesn't help(sitting on 3k+ cyan, around 50 amber, so *shrug*). VE diluting the drop table is nice, can help those who want more something(s) from the vendor. Although may I ask we can get kuva drops from arbitration? 3rd quote: This is a rough guesstimate on VE per hour that we had before. OG arbit, we get about 1 VE every 10minutes roughly(unless you played excavation) or 6/hr. Since mission durations are halved, we now will get 12/hr roughly. Throw in the fact that we can expect to see drones to drop VE, and that VE can come as a bundle of 3 in drop tables, it'll be roughly 12 drops an hour(some of them can be VE). So we'll see a minimum of 12 VE an hour. Quite a bit of inflation here. Meanwhile, to compensate that inflation, VE prices from vendor are raising by 50%....well, we'll see what happens to archgun rivens... Opinion on the whole shebang: Looks like a solid arbitration update, and I hope this isn't going to end here as it can still always use some polishing/improving(higher enemy levels, more enemy variety/elite enemies with abilities that aren't nullifiers, maybe have assassin type enemies spawn in at higher than the existing mob levels as "mini-bosses" to hunt down specific players). TL;DR Looking forward to the upcoming changes that are to come and are coming #PrimedSoon
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