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  1. I mean, obviously the Grineer have better space technology than the Orokin or Tenno. Heck, they have even mastered making space glass! Not even the Corpus could get that right! Along with space glass, Grineer also have mastered materials that are impervious to any puncture, fire, ice or otherwise. Hence, no omni on their ships! Why need omni when damage never occurs? And you probably thought lack of omni was because of the fact that the Grineer are disposable... DE has outdone the cliche Sci-Fi of advanced beings taking over the primitive ones. Now it's the primitive ones besting the advanced ones!
  2. Yes, let us have an option to assign Liches to players we don't like. Each account will have a Lich queue that holds all Liches we are to fight. Then, like adding a friend, we just send the Lich over to a given account. And voila, they now will either have the Lich show up or have it in the near future. Unpopular people will have their work cut out for them.
  3. Here's 4 rounds of Xini, Eris. Apparently there are no more bonus relics? The first two rounds I probably could have won playing the normal way. My progress + enemy's would be less than 100% at 8 reactant. Might be tight to get the last 2 reactant though!
  4. Here's 5 rounds of Umbriel, Uranus. You can see my progress and the enemy's progress at 8 or 9 reactant. Had I played Interception the proper way, I would have never collect 10 reactant in time. So that's five rounds on Sealab Tileset. It's full of walls and has 2-3 levels. There's no way for me (Danse Macabre) to have to killed every non-corrupted too fast on this map. Note the Vectis Prime... that's not going to be wiping rooms of enemies either.
  5. Personally, I'd put a ticket into support. Nothing lost from trying, right? EDIT: Oh right, you did that. I guess we both have short attention spans?
  6. Wait, you had a duplicate Primed Chamber and sold it? So you still have one left at least.
  7. nslay

    Index Map

    They mostly spawn in the little room/hallway near an Index point return. It's not a perfect strategy to patrol those locations, but it makes the larger map easier.
  8. It isn't a thing. In multiplayer Interception (even on that map!), this doesn't really happen. In a random pug where everyone is shooting everything corrupted/non-corrupted, you still reach 10 reactant faster than you can in solo Interception. You could even get a perfect 100%/0% progress score and still collect 10 reactant. What I described happens all of the time in solo regardless of the map (due to low spawns!). So you can't start capturing all the towers until you've collected nearly all the reactant! Do you really think I was killing everything too fast with Revenant using an unranked Vectis Prime? Honestly...
  9. Re-read first line. Here, I've cropped it for you.
  10. Below are pictures on Europa. They match my earlier solo Venus and Uranus Interception experience. This is also using the strategy outlined above! Just to be clear, in a 4 player Interception fissure mission - no matter the map - you can pick up 10 reactant with a perfect 100%/0% progress score. You do not have to wait for spawns like this. The thing you note about Interception with other players is not true even if players are killing the non-corrupted enemies (which usually happens in random pugs where even this doesn't happen). The only time I've seen a player miss picking up 10 reactant is when they join the game in the middle of a round. Heck, you don't even need a strategy... just shoot everything and watch the tower indicators for take over attempts. But you need a bizarre losing strategy in solo! So you can see the progress at 8/10 reactant. You have to wait for enough spawns. It's a non-issue with more players.
  11. It happened on Uranus Neo fissure too. Next time I do solo Intercept fissure, I'll take a screenshot. This happens on all of them.
  12. Are you usually not honest? I know, it's a bad habit to say this. It's really bad to say this though... because it implies you're not honest usually.
  13. This brief guide serves as both feedback (implied) and as a workaround to play solo interception fissure. Although I guess most players will figure this out! Why would you play this? To collect traces (e.g. with no relic equipped), rank weapons, and get some relics in the process. Why else? Average round time with this strategy: 5-6min. The idea is that you let the enemy win for more than half the round until you can collect enough reactant (around 7-8). Then you can start winning. Capture 2 towers. You may also partially capture a 3rd tower (neutral) multiple times to edge ahead the enemy by 1-2%. You don't need to do this though! Enemies are spread out. Deploy a specter at the first tower and it will kill some corrupted that may drop reactant while you are away. Collect up to 7-8 reactant. Usually you have 7 reactant by the time enemy has 50-60% progress (when 2 towers are captured). Capture 3 towers. Collect 10 reactant. If time remains, capture 4 towers. Here are some screenshots of the strategy and what you can expect from Solo Interception Fissure. I think this is completely reasonable. Oh man! I am so owning that enemy at getting 10 reactant before 100% progress! Here's what happens if you don't let the enemy win more! See that? 9/10 😞. I didn't let the enemy win more. I need to lose more to win at collecting reactant!
  14. I see. Warframe players favor long stable content droughts to very controversial big updates. Or they play on dial-up and it takes 1 month to download controversial big updates. EDIT: Oh wow, Counter-Strike people have collectively played the game for 42455 years. Thanks Steam Charts! The more you know! I propose Steam Charts use Wikipedia to tell us about happenings in prehistory to complement the "Hours played" column.
  15. Rubico Prime has a very low base damage. The Critical Damage multiplier and Critical Damage scope bonus are really not all that impressive after noting its pitiful base damage. Vectis Prime, on the other hand, has an 87% base damage advantage over Rubico Prime. Now it gets double that with one mod. The min combo is really what stands out for Rubico Prime. Everything else is just making up for the garbage base damage.
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