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  1. Only for doing time-sensitive tasks like visiting Baro or something when I'm away from my powerful PC... Really says a lot about Warframe. I hear they also have a mobile app for managing for foundry... speaks volumes about how terrible the foundry is. It's so terrible, an app to manage it is a QoL improvement.
  2. Just pull an Ambassador... all Sanctuary Onslaught rewards drop from Eximus units. Much like Railjack Raknoids drop Ambassador parts now.
  3. And now far far easier to get after DE changed (or changes?) it to drop from Railjack Raknoids. The weapon is just another boring assault rifle with a powerful secondary mode... like the gazillion other assault rifles with powerful secondaries.
  4. I just got the Ephemera today. It's just a repeating series of wave patterns rotating around the Warframe... It's otherwise a pretty neat Ephemera. Good job! But wouldn't it be cool if it changed its form based on your Warframe's own sounds? From weapons and abilities? Just imagine that Ephemera in action on Octavia... but no, it's the same pattern all the time.
  5. If you're not being facetious about it being your favorite... I definitely recommend mastering Naeglar, Eris. Learn the hiding patterns and find all 3 caches and you will know this tileset extremely well! And you will accumulate two valuable mods as well (High Voltage, Shell Shock)...
  6. What you're describing by being "just weak enough" sounds like game balance... and yes, I can ask and expect DE to do that since that's they're profession: they're game developers and balancing is part of game development. And no, the burden isn't on me (or players in general) to make the game balanced by using weaker frames/weapons/mods, it's on DE to balance the game. I know this is laughable at this point since the game is already unbalanced... now it's even worse than it was before!
  7. That's nice, blame me for DE's poor balance decisions. It was fine the way it was before and everyone I communicated with here all tended to agree that Sentients were already easy enough before. DE making them extremely easier is baffling! EDIT: Look, just as a reminder... players asked for Steel Path because they could one-shot everything in the normal Star Chart. Making the game easier in such a way that formerly durable enemies like Sentients and Stalker can be one-shotted in Steel Path partly defeats that purpose...
  8. I don't see the relevance? What are you trying to say? That the game should be extremely significantly easier than it used to be with the right loadout... while playing the "hardest" mode? Just for the sake of comparison... you've played the Steel Path Ropalolyst right? Bullet sponge shields. Imagine if DE made a change where you could just one-shot the Steel Path Ropalolyst shields with your existing loadout. This is how the change to Sentients feels... especially w.r.t. the formerly formidable Steel Path Stalker. I just can't believe it... I mean I guess it's nice that I can just kill him like any other Acolyte now (EDIT: I mean, Steel Path Stalker is now basically the same as Violence, the Acolyte that can nullify your powers).
  9. Look, regardless of loadout, you still had to do more than just, say, toss Glaive Prime once and walk away. This change is so silly and disproportional, I just one-shotted the Steel Path Stalker just now. This is absolutely bonkers man. If you were thinking this ... what do you think now? Should the Sentients be like Level 1 Earth enemies from when we first start the game? Because that's how it feels man. They were easy before... now it's just silly. If you can't grasp the problem at being able to one-shot Steel Path Conculysts or Battalysts... or them being easier than Corpus units... can you at least see how silly it is for the Steel Path Stalker? Here's what it used to be like... and no, he's never once been as easy or comparable to the Acolytes (who have always been easy) Now you can one-shot that guy after DE's change. IMO, being able to one-shot Steel Path Stalker is a serious balance problem and DE should revisit their change. Tweak it a bit... jeez.
  10. There was no Arquebex or Voidrig during Scarlet Spear. EDIT: And even if there was, this was a normal Earth mission... and as you know... you still can't use Necramechs in normal missions.
  11. Until DE nerfed Limbo's Catclysm so that you couldn't actually indefinitely CC them anymore. In Condrix missions, you could not progress to Condrix vulnerability phases WITHOUT first killing every single sentient. So yes, players were absolutely killing sentients into the levels 100s+ (what was the cap, 17 Condrixes?) just fine without needing to nerf them. Now they're ridiculously easy... it's silly how easy it is to kill them in Steel Path.
  12. You can one-shot them with Glaive Prime now. They die even easier than Amalgam Corpus units.
  13. Yeah, OK. Below that it says "Melee" in the black band. Now switch to any other weapon with any other stance and the class name shows up where it says "Melee" for Ghoulsaw. You can also search weapon class names in the Codex (which you cannot for "Assault Saw"... because it's not a real class yet).
  14. Since I fondly remember the Ghoulsaw hooking me all the time at considerable range... I really thought this would be a thrown melee... maybe even like a Glaive. I'm looking at the animations from: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Butcher's_Revelry I don't see any of those thrown attacks the big ghouls use against us with their saws.
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