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  1. I don't know. In my experience it's pretty consistently reliable in most settings. The only sense of inconsistency I experience is when, for example, a Tusk Bulkor shows up in PoE bounties. If I'm not paying attention... bam, I hear *hmmph* sound when all those stacks vanish almost instantly (Tusk Bulkors have those nasty turrets). The Profit Taker and Exploiter (phase 1) fights can also be particularly painful to face with Revenant... though it can be done! Just very very high maintenance on the Mesmer Skin stacks with those nasty undebrelly cannons they have. Not the greatest bosses to use Revenant. I think normal Corpus Moas and the Oxium Ospreys are probably the worst for non-boss enemies. There was an event some months ago where the Corpus robots took over in the missions and these machines almost exclusively spawned in large numbers those event missions. If you're solo and you get like 14-15 of them all at once, sure they can strip off all his stacks fast (an ability strength Revenant will have 14-15 stacks). But you can just as easily Enthrall one of the Moas/Ospreys and they almost all immediately attack the Thrall (the ones that aren't stunned anyway!). So there's ways to deal with these kinds of situations. If you're on a team, your team mates draw some of the fire and Revenant is OK. If you're solo, a Thrall will do it just as effectively. I am admittedly a bit biased because I am so used to playing him. I keep a very sharp eye on his stacks and have almost muscle reflexes for avoiding/getting him out of bad situations. Mesmer Skin is definitely a weird defense ability. In Earth missions, you are losing a stack to like 1-5 damage. Bring him to Mot, and you lose a stack to hundreds of damage. Wait some hours, and god knows how much damage is mitigated per stack. It's really at a disadvantage for the lower level stuff.
  2. It's really not that high maintenance.
  3. Yeah, it's definitely weird because it has an undocumented time gating system for the stacks. I learned about it from @zhellon recently. So, for example, Orokin Sentries and Ospreys don't instantly drain your stacks. It also allows environmental damage to pass through which is also weird. However, owing to a combination of factors like enemies not actually have 100% accuracy, the stun effect and the aforementioned time gating aspect, his Mesmer Skin is actually surprisingly viable. His only serious weaknesses are from a handful of special enemies that ignore the time gating aspect and Mesmer Skin stun with high fire rate and 100% accuracy: Profit Taker (cannon), Expoiter (cannon, phase 1 only), Tusk Bulkor (turret), Eidolons (seeking bullets, wiki is wrong). I agree that the Eidolon theme doesn't match. He's also bad at fighting Eidolons despite his lore (and the wiki is wrong about immunities from many Eidolon attacks). However, his synergies actually work more naturally when the game stops being laughably easy. I'll admit, you won't be using his full kit in 10 minute missions like those found in Sorties, but you also don't really need any Warframe abilities for most of the game (because it's too easy). Here's how his kit is supposed to work. All of this works more naturally when enemies don't die from a sneeze.
  4. I think it's a lighting issue since if I get close to the Orokin Doors, I can see their proper texture.
  5. Not the greatest example of Revenant vs Profit Taker. You can actually pull this fight off with 0% damage taken 😮 And guess how you pull this off? Enthrall! There's lots of annoying enemies to Enthrall in the Profit Taker fight. Enthrall draws some aggro from Profit Taker and surrounding enemies. You especially have a much better chance to keep your Mesmer Skin stacks up when Profit Taker's cannon is not shooting at Revenant. You still have to pay attention to your stacks to pull this off though. As a reminder, Profit Taker (cannon), Exploiter (cannon, phase 1 only), Tusk Bulkor (turret), and Eidolons (seeking bullets, the wiki is wrong), are among the only enemies in the game that can really strip Revenant's Mesmer Skin stacks very quickly. EDIT: P.S. Revenant can bathe in Ropalolyst's electric blast attack (the one that charges towers). And he can tank her hold (14 stacks will tank it completely) and the red lasers also tickle him. Though something randomly nullifies abilities sometimes, so still need to pay attention!
  6. Yep. Here's Nova doing Lua Spy in 2 minutes and 20 seconds. I don't think any other frame can do Lua Spy this fast. Not even Gauss.
  7. I think Djinn's Reawaken will be counting down by the time the player dies during Eidolons... so Reawaken/Sacrifice is moot.
  8. I thought it had to do with Lady Justice Liberty (the version that holds a sword and scale). I am very surprised it was a direct translation of a Chinese poem! EDIT: OK, that's actually Lady Justice.
  9. But that's not how it works. You can fail or abort bounties in PoE/Orb Vallis and nothing is lost. You keep everything you picked up and even the rewards from the successful phases. Heck, you can fail/abort it 3-4 times in one go and still keep everything... Even better, you can partially complete a bounty, fail it, then Escape --> Abort Mission and keep all the bounty rewards (though you lose everything you picked up). Unless they changed something in the past week, you can fail bounties and restart bounties as many times as you want and keep all partial rewards and everything you picked up.
  10. Yeah, I am confused too! I've even aborted bounties (I play solo) due to bugs or missing the bonus and started a new bounty from the tent/robot dude. Have even done this a few times in one outing on PoE or Orb Vallis. Nothing lost...
  11. There is a way (and an entire field!) to do AI that doesn't require case-by-case programming and can be smart enough to account for anything meaningful a Warframe player could do. The real challenge for DE and other game developers is making challenging but beatable AI. Otherwise, just let DeepMind make some anti-fun AI that always wins (yeah, I am very familiar with the impractical computational challenges with their methods). Having trouble imagining anti-fun AI that could make weak units beat godly Warframe players? I admit, it's hard to imagine... but such AI could do things like hide, use environmental damage mechanisms (Void Death Rays) and resets (falling off cliffs), be aware of and do things that counter specific Warframe abilities that are active, smart positioning, smart use and timing of Eximus units/abilities, oh... and obviously have better aim!
  12. That's not good AI either. I want AI that can do something more interesting and effective... like group tactics or frame/ability-specific counter tactics/maneuvers. Specters do not exhibit any of that.
  13. Also because he makes almost everything in the game a cake walk!
  14. Your problem with Thralls is not a Revenant problem, it's a Warframe-is-too-easy problem. Post your issues with Thralls and CC in general here: When Revenant is in a long Endurance mission, his Thralls work great and all the synergies work very well. But you don't really need Revenant's full kit when every thing dies in one shot. That's a difficulty problem and it sounds like DE is aware of the problem.
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