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  1. Yeah, Venus being the hottest planet in our solar system and all, that totally makes sense that a patch of Venus ground needs more heat! I'm not disputing what you said, I just think it's funny! It's also partly why I suspect that the Sun has a lovely snowy surface too... with cute little fauna to catch/conserve to boot! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus
  2. Still one-shotting enemies in Steel Path with Khora's Whipclaw using that Rakta Dark Dagger... without a Riven. It shouldn't surprise you that much if you thought the pre-nerf Xoris would have pushed you through the Steel Path Star Chart... because builds with that weapon are essentially Riven-less even if you had a Riven for it (very poor Riven disposition).
  3. Really? That's awesome! I always wanted to play a Sci-Fi game in a binary star system. This may be a first!
  4. I suspect that the Sun in Origin has a nice snowy landscape like Venus.
  5. I'm not justifying the nerf. I always thought Xoris opened up build diversity for stat stick frames so I never thought it was overpowered and definitely not more convenient. That said, the reality is that DE went through with the nerf anyway. Even though DE nerfed the Xoris, can still build aorund the nerf using Naramon and having the same damage as you had with Xoris without using a Riven (maybe more so using weapon augments). All you really need is the Naramon Power Spike node which is easy to max (and it doesn't even need to be maxed to benefit from it!). I know the nerf sucks, but all is not lost.
  6. I think it's still going to work out nicely in Steel Path. You can still eek out millions of damage without a Riven... I mean, look what you could already do with Xoris without a Riven (see Brozime's video that probably caused the nerf). And even if you had a Xoris Riven, it has such a low disposition as to be negligible anyway.
  7. I don't use combo duration mods. I use Naramon. For annoying armor enemies, put Weeping Wounds and Buzz Kill on your stat stick weapon! That deals nicely with the very beefy ESO Grineer when transitioning to 12x combo multiplier (every zone makes you start over on combo!). I won't argue that nerfing Xoris reduced player choice. It does exactly that! You could use Xoris and pick a focus school or you could pick Naramon and a weapon of your choice. Now you're basically stuck with Naramon again. For me personally... I didn't bother with Xoris because I already had this Naramon Khora build. But yes, they should not have changed Xoris for stat stick frames. EDIT: You can see my goofy Naramon build... It's got you covered on energy! I haven't taken it through Steel Path yet, but I do use it in long Disruption runs without issue. I'm pretty sure it will still work in Steel Path as long as I can get quick and early kills in to jump start the energy and combo! Modify as needed if you think it will work for you!
  8. I don't think you need a Riven for Steel Path either. The Acolyte mods and Accumulating Whipclaw mod does so much heavy lifting as it is!
  9. I mean, what do you want to do? I just do solo 8 zones of ESO and run Disruption missions with Khora... and I use a Rakta Dark Dagger with Naramon which probably has one of the worst Riven dispositions. If you just want to solo 8 zones of ESO for Braton/Lato Vandal parts or do some Disruption, you really don't need expensive Rivens.
  10. Already did that. And I was hitting him with my Propa. No, he's an Amp sponge.
  11. The kid runs out of energy quite a few times before the Amp kills the Stalker. So you are in your frame liable to be one-shot for a few moments while your kid recharges energy.
  12. How did you get 97 kills? My first attempt, I had level 106 Stalker spawn and then the game put a red waypoint on extraction at 53/96 enemies. I wandered around, but all I could find were feral kubrows (which don't count). My first attempt also yielded a Steel Essence. And my first attempt was my first abort!
  13. Having experienced level 106 Sortie Modifiers Stalker on my very first Steel Path Mission... well, you can still kill him purely with Operator. It just that he takes a looonnnngggg time to kill with an Amp in Steel Path.
  14. Same XP with Sortie-modifier Amp-sponge Stalker that breaks the Exterminate mission spawns! Maybe if you're Inaros or a frame that doesn't require defense abilities, he's a pushover. He's definitely not fun to kill with an Amp.
  15. Do you really want to argue with someone who thinks this "1-shot gimmick" is the worst "1-shot" in the game and useless because nobody plays 5 hour endurance runs only to then post a nerf request thread because it's too powerful for Steel Path? I mean, this thread's mere existence is already too funny!
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