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  1. Just do 4-5 runs per day for the whole week+ of the event.
  2. Main: Revenant. He's basically good at almost anything. Damage: Revenant. His Reave shreds bosses fast and his Danse Macabre kills very large numbers of enemies quickly. Tank: Revenant. His Mesmer Skin nullifies almost all damage. Any damage that slips by while Mesmer Skin is cannot reduce his HP below 2 (e.g. Nox poison clouds, exploding barrels, standing on Plague Star boil, self-destructing Exploiter Orb). Support: I mostly solo, but I use Volt in pug Eidolons and everyone appreciates the shields at the last phase. Defense: Revenant. Danse Macabre and Enthrall are very effective for Defense... even for defense targets like excavators in high level Excavation or low HP mobile defense consoles in Aten, Void. Spy: Limbo. He is effective in most Corpus vaults (haven't tried Gas City) and makes Lua, Spy very easy. He is effective in some Grineer vaults. Farming: Nekros. Press 3 for loot. Fun: Revenant.
  3. I think it's like F5 or F6? I use an IBM Model M... there's no Win Key and I used one of the function keys to take a screenshot.
  4. I think they should add a halo to the host on player radar. That way, if host is not nearby (lack of halo'd player icon!) and someone is extracting... must be the host! Time to gogogo!
  5. The Orbs, in their special battle, at least try to attack you. They're more interactive. The Teralyst is just constantly running in a fixed direction. As we annoy it, it briefly swats us with an attack as if we were flies, and then keeps running. I haven't seen the Hemocyte yet as I haven't played Plague Star yet, but my impression of a Teralyst/Hemocyte fight would be akin to a drive-by shooting. The Teralyst is running toward the Hemocyte, Teralyst attacks with missiles, and then the Teralyst is running past and away from the Hemocyte. Doesn't sound very thrilling... I would expect the Tridolons to be the same way with the Orbs. More like the Orbs will be trying to follow the Tridolons as they constantly run and largely ignore the Orbs following them... Since they probably can't damage each other... one needing Void damage to down shields, one of the others needing Archwing weapons or Thermia canisters, it would be a pretty silly brawl. It will look more like a race... giant spider monsters following tree-wielding sentient monsters and making fireworks on the way to wherever it is Teralysts decide to run (The Teralyst may not even attack back because they can't damage its shields!).
  6. How about a Limbo that casts Cataclysm because you reached the console first and are in the middle of hacking the console? Yep... Happened to me. That Limbo got to hack the console instead of me.
  7. This was not a stupid post. I remember credits were hard to come by before I reached Neptune when I was a brand new player! And a lot of special Orbiter equipment, Power Cells, Sentinels, etc... cost upwards 100,000-250,000. I used to do a lot of Alerts to earn credits faster as a new player. I mean, when you're earning like 1-5k a mission as a new player, how the heck can you afford to purchase and build, for example, the Carrier blueprint (100,000)? Meanwhile you're spending credits building other weapons, forma, orbiter equipment and warframe components on top of that! I remember Helios was very expensive too... though it seems it's 15,000 on Warframe wiki! Alerts at least effectively doubled (or more!) mission credit rewards from those early nodes making 100,000 easier to attain. Now Alerts are gone and the prices for all these basic items are the same. New players really have to work a lot harder to earn credits now!
  8. If it's as effective the Diablo 3 equivalent, it would provide a complete alternative to Index without a doubt!
  9. If only DE could make an a sentinel/pet mod, peculiar Warframe mod or even an Arcane where enemies explode credits on death with some probability approaching 100% with increasing mod/arcane rank? Reference: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Boon_of_the_Hoarder
  10. Oxylus shoots Cryotra like a machine gun. Makes no sense... it makes the same spitting sound as on Djinn. No beam there either. I was using Oxylus for Nightwave fishing challenge yesterday.
  11. Grineer Lancer: Oh look, it's a Teralyst walking through our camp... Grineer Ballista: *shrugs* Grineer Lancer: OMG! There's a Tenno fishing/mining over there 100m away! Let's get him/her!
  12. Since when does the Teralyst care about other enemies? And since when do enemies care about the Teralyst? I've seen Teralyst walk right into a Grineer camp and the Grineer didn't even care. The Teralyst didn't care either. It just kept walking until it left the camp. The Teralyst doesn't seem to care about Eidolon hunters either. It just sees us as mosquitoes and keeps going about its business walking in random directions. It just applies high tech fly swatters on us.
  13. Multiple Alads exist simultaneously. There is nothing contradictory about this! Don't question it! Say... anyone get hunted by Zanuka while doing Disruption? That would be a laugh!
  14. Sure wish they could take Nora or fake Lotus and replace them with a PIP stream so we can watch and play at the same time...
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