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  1. You can also usually solo 8 zones of ESO with powerful AOE weapons independent of the frame. With the ammo nerfs, you may have to be more careful for some AOE weapons (I haven't tried recently). You could also use a Glaive if the ammo nerfs are too much! In the past, I've solo'd 8 zones with Chroma and Excalibur using weapons like Proboscis Cernos, Glaive Prime and Cerata. Although there are sometimes zones with sparse numbers of enemies spread over long distances and you will probably lose progress when just using AOE weapons... but if you can make it to the next zone, you can usually climb back to 100% (unless it's another one of those dead zones!). Those dead zones with sparse numbers of enemies over long distances is where a frame like Saryn shines! Khora has always been my favorite frame for soloing 8 zones of ESO. Though she doesn't even compare with Saryn in number of kills!
  2. I feel like if you're playing Steel Path, you could still take on custom modded enemies just fine. Admittedly I haven't thought about the problems, but I wouldn't expect problems for players experienced enough to play Steel Path. For Void's sake, you can already play level cap Steel Path solo without any issues. I get that @Raarsi and @LittleLeoniePrime have observed that enemy health/armor/shields/damage scale with their level ... but that's just not enough to kill an expert Warframe player. And even with respect to randomized loadouts, there are some players that can go through Steel Path Circuit and hit level cap! It's not even so much to mod enemies to be bullet sponges, but also being able to change the damage types and behavior of the weapons too. Simple example: if you can make Void Nullifier's Lanka just fire faster, that could mess with a content-cheesing frame like Revenant! Well... not as much now that they added that unnecessary 1 second invulnerability for Mesmer Skin charges. Or perhaps the Nullifier bubble itself is an ability... a mod like Stretch could make it more potent!
  3. I looked at it again. I tried to do it with a fresh set of eyes. I don't see it. What tone do you think it has? Where's the sarcasm? It even provides details of how you could make this system and how to prevent griefing and everything. What's the problem here? And how about the evolution of the game in the past few years? First Steel Path with higher level base enemies and Sortie multipliers, Steel Path Circuit ramps up the enemy levels quite rapidly that it even becomes practical to reach level cap. Netracells starts at something like level 200 enemies. And Deep Archimedia doubles that further. Just why do you think DE is adding content like this? Don't you think maybe DE is doing this to please a good portion of players that want some semblance of challenge? I don't see anything that says "majority". Can you quote me where I say a "majority of players"? That's putting my words in my mouth... that's bad faith and it's not cool. Do you think DE would add content like Steel Path, Steel Path Circuit, Netracells, Deep Archimedia if a lot of players didn't want that kind of challenge? Do you think "a lot" is a synonym of "majority"? It's not.
  4. No, that's not at all what I am going for. What makes you think this post is a joke? Please explain this to me. And what's fun to you? Killing normal Star Chart enemies? Playing RNG loadouts in rotating Steel Path Circuit maps? Playing ... what was it? Level 400-500 enemies in Deep Archimedia with RNG loadouts? That's not particularly fun to a lot of players. And why were these modes created in the first place? It wasn't for the "haha funny" angle that you think I am coming from. It's because players want more challenge. And mods themselves make players really really powerful. Mods could probably make enemies more powerful than any of the content in the game currently... and some of us want that. It's not really the best substitute to a better balanced game or better enemy AI. As a cherry on top, some of us like messing around in Simulacrum and "meme builds"... really seems like it gives everyone the best the mod system could offer while making the game harder.
  5. Before I begin: Who would ever play Steel Path? Hey, we have all these mods and we had to play the game a lot to earn some of them. Could you add a way for us to empower our enemies with our mods too? What better way to scale with player power than for us to be able to give some of our power to the enemies too? It could be a feature provided by a special console in Teshin's relay room. We go there, review enemies and their weapons and mod them. We can make them hilariously strong... or weak (if you release Rivens with negatives for this purpose). Some notes: For multiplayer, let's say player-customized enemy mod configurations are defined by host. To prevent griefing let's keep player-customized enemy mod configurations Steel Path-only. And to prevent players from cheesing Steel Path by making the enemies weaker... you'll need to complete all Steel Path mission nodes to unlock this feature. Peculiar mods and some enemy weapon augments could be extra special fun!
  6. C'mon man. This is the SECOND time this has happened in a month. Whenever you spawn a Necramite and don't provide a waypoint of a red circle... it is impossible (beyond just pure luck) to find the Necramite to advance in the Netracell mission. And you know what's worse? If I abort because of your bug, I have to watch a my ship fly for 30 seconds to a minute, and then be forced to watch a "Mission Failure" screen because of your bug. You know what I do instead? I press Alt+F4 and then I go to Task Manager and kill Warframe.exe and start the game again. And I wager it is faster to about the same exact amount of time as watching the ship and being forced to see a "Mission Failed" screen... for your bug. If you're not catching my drift... loading screens are one thing. FORCING your players to watch a "Mission Failure" screen is another (especially when it's a bug!). Don't believe me? Here's a screenshot of the bug. Looks normal right? Look again, there's no red circle and there's no way point. Where's the Necramite? Where should you go? This is the 2nd time it happened. This is not a rare bug or a one-off. Two times in a month now.
  7. You still have the character dialogue sound turned on? There's a lot of sound-based hints in the game such that it's a disadvantage to hear any characters talking. For example, hidden Sabotage/Bounty caches make a sound, rare caches that reward boosters and Forma make a sound and the new laboratory syndicate medallions also make a sound. Same with in-game music... it is also a disadvantage to have in-game music turned on. DE put all these resources into voice acting and amazing in-game music that it baffles me that they added sound-based cues to the game at all! It was short-sighted IMO. Everything should have a visual equivalent somehow... for accessibility reasons and so that you are not at an advantage for simply turning off all in-game character dialogue sound and music. IMO: I'd just like to add that hearing Lotus (or Nora!) or whoever tell you the same thing for the thousandth time (literally!) can drive you insane! It drives me crazy anyway! Bites you in the behind when you leave it off for quests though :(
  8. No, it's really not artificial. And no, there aren't 10 Guardian Eximus though (and actually it's 8 in all my demonstrations). You only need one Guardian Eximus to cripple Glaive Prime's Slash DoT on all other shielded enemies around it. And then, in the most recent video, you can even see how slow Slash is at dispatching just one of these Eximus. For an even more realistic scenario, throw in some Orokin Shield Drones/Shield Ospreys/Ancient Healers to add to the annoyance. On top of that, the longer you play in Endurance, the more Eximus spawn. This is a mechanic that used to be abused for Steel Essence drops before Acolytes were introduced. And to really top it off, Disruption has a conduit called "Eximus Wave" and one of the most popular SP Disruption nodes that everyone plays for Axi relics happens to be a Corpus faction Apollo, Lua... and that's also a node where a Viral/Slash kit additionally wouldn't work that well on Demolishers.
  9. Never mind that you can very carefully remove Overguard from Leech Eximus or Guardian Eximus and use them as Thralls to instantly heal the defense objective and make the defense objective practically immortal... But no, that would be a mythical contribution from Revenant in a Defense pub game. I personally used this Eximus Thrall trick many times in solo SP Circuit... I guess I could see it being trickier to Enthrall an Eximus in a pub game. But if players are able to dispatch enemies quickly... well... then I guess you don't really need this trick (yet). It's only practical when the team can't keep up the killing anymore... That isn't to suggest that Revenant is great at Defense (he's not)... but you can go pretty far in waves if you use this trick.
  10. OK, so I went and did this. Hopefully using Spoiled Strike in place of Primed Fever Strike is OK? Power Throw could be good too (it's multiplicative), but it's tricky to get it to work... I don't like it. It's hard to compare because of the final straggler in the pure-Slash experiment, but the Slash+Toxin still feels significantly faster even when prioritizing Guardian/Leech Eximus. And like @0_The_F00l points out... that really shouldn't be too surprising. Finally I threw in a Cerata comparison in to show how enormous a difference it makes when the weapon and element is specialized to a faction (not even considering faction mods). I think the pure-Slash performance in this scenario is barely practical and that blindly using Viral/Slash for everything isn't really a great idea (especially in SP content). Of course you can still make this work more practically... when faced with beefy Shielded enemies in SP Circuit with unfortunate Slash weapons (or just bad weapons in general), I was leveraging Unairu to strip the shields and make killing these units faster. It's the same with a weirdo like me using Toxin for everything (except apparently Infested) ... you can see I use the Phage and Green shards to let Toxin work way more effectively on armored enemies.
  11. You're absolutely right. But there's this entrenched school of thought that modding purely for Grineer (i.e. Viral/Slash) generalizes well enough for the entire game at all difficulties. And Hexerin is of this persuasion. I *think* Hexerin is trying to suggest that the Guardian Eximus's little rotating shields somehow makes it immune to Glaive Prime's explosion (i.e. the "radial damage"). But I observe that Glaive explosions still hit these units though. And they all die from Glaive explosions in my informal demonstration videos.
  12. No, come on now, that's not artificial or some kind of edge case. You can easily run into this in normal SP gameplay. Guardian Eximus are pretty common Corpus/Corrupted Eximus after all! I happened to first observe pure Slash struggling in SP Void missions and figured out the Guardian Eximus were messing with the damage. That's very annoying! Then I tested it in Simulacrum... I didn't imagine this scenario in a vacuum. It's also one of the main motivators of why I dropped Glaive Prime and primarily use Cerata for pretty much everything now (along with a Phage to prime armored enemies to make Toxin work for them too).
  13. Ah, but they still get hit by Glaive explosions. Are you sure watched the videos? They all die from Glaive explosions...
  14. I don't really see the relevance with AOE. If you have a Glaive, like me, you can hit all of them pretty easily. It's not a single-target weapon. And if you're using something with Toxin damage that bypasses the shields, you don't even really need to think about it w.r.t. Guardian Eximus. If I was sporting a single-target weapon and I noticed something hokey with damage numbers or replenishing health bars, I'd definitely be looking for enemies that reduce damage or heal. But that's not really a practical concern with Glaives. Just mindlessly toss the thing into large groups and manually detonate. EDIT: Tell you what, I'll run these tests for you tomorrow where I'll focus the Glaive in the general direction of the Guardian/Leech Eximus to see if it makes a difference for you. I don't think it will make a huge difference between Slash vs Slash+Toxin but I could be wrong! I'll post another video of the result.
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