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  1. I'll try that. My workaround was to use Octavia... again... originally from Isolation Vaults to all other bounties... because of Latron Une's shield Osprey that doesn't regenerate shields for itself somehow.
  2. It means that these weapons can easily reach over 100% critical chance and start to do tiered critical damage (so higher than 100% critical chance can do more damage). Soma Prime has a new augment that can even push it upwards to 200%+ critical chance. These numbers are color coded... you have yellow, orange and red crits. You can see more about it here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Critical_Hit#Crit_Tiers Yeah I mean... Supra Vandal is OK. I have some other high status rifles like Boltor Prime and Quellor all modded out. They're pretty powerful. I just don't like them as much.
  3. I have and I find Prisma Gorgon, Telos Boltor and Soma Prime to be better weapons. And like you said, you can get 10 stacks of Viral with these 3 weapons pretty easily owing to fire rate on top of exploiting Hunter Munitions better and exploiting higher critical multipliers than Supra Vandal has. The tiered critical damage (which Supra Vandal can't use), higher critical multipliers for these weapons combined with their ability to stack Hunter Munitions more consistently makes them better weapons than Supra Vandal.
  4. Soma Prime, Prisma Gorgon and Telos Boltor are way way better for Hunter Munitions. And I disagree... IMO you should be modding Supra Vandal mostly for status. You can make it hybrid, but it really shines most on status.
  5. Augment: Ensnare now provides a protective barrier around all nearby defense objectives and allies (50% damage reduction, longer duration). Can no longer be casted on enemies. Imagine seeing a Rescue target running in a cocoon of chains!
  6. Nora is also a real enemy with Latrox Une's special shield Osprey that lacks the ability to regenerate its own shields... Just need some glass fissures to blow up near the Opsrey.
  7. I can't speak for that poster, but I do have a Viral/Heat Boltor Prime which works pretty OK. It's a status rifle just like Supra Vandal! You can probably mod the Supra Vandal mostly the same way! Make sure to appropriately tone down/tune the Viral damage so that you get just enough Viral while letting Heat proc more often (so, if needed, use lower ranked 60/60 cold/toxin mods).
  8. I do think Prisma Gorgon is one of the best assault rifles in the game. It is perfect for Hunter Munitions anyway! I prefer it over Soma Prime... I think it even outdamages Soma Prime (it has higher base damage). Although Soma Prime now has Hata-Satya augment... so maybe not anymore! On the other hand, I don't think much of Supra Vandal... I mean, I have a well built Boltor Prime which is a similar kind of rifle and that's... yeah... so-so. Definitely eclipsed by Prisma Gorgon, Soma Prime and Telos Boltor! Prisma Grinlock looks like an OK weapon... but I don't like Semi Auto! But yes
  9. You're in luck! For PC... there's really nothing relevant for a brand new player with few Ducats. I mean, the Thermite Rounds and Scattering Inferno might look really useful to get from Baro, IMO, you should not get them from Baro. The only mod you might benefit from (but probably not) is the Fanged Fusillade... and that's for specialty status builds where you want to get lots of Slash procs natively. It's probably not a new player mod and you can forgo Split Flights and Fanged Fusillade. So if you're a new player, you're going to get a Limbo warframe. And you can take him with no mods, p
  10. I do question your claim about kill speed affecting eximus spawns in Survival when eximus really start spawning in these Survival missions a lot more after about an hour... which is why you see Essence farmers post screenshots of their several hours long Survival missions and you see complaints that often 30 minutes of Survival yield no essence. Anyway, as I see it, the entire reason you think Khora needs to be nerfed is because she can play Steel Path survival for hours better than many frames? You commented that there is no reason to queue with anyone with Khora... SP popularity aside,
  11. I think these are obvious: Gauss + Energized Munitions (replace Thermal Sunder) + Soma Prime/Hata-Satya... works OK I guess? Everything dies too quickly to notice. Energized Munitions + Gauss' insane fire rate + Hata-Satya lets Gauss abuse Soma Prime without needing to reload often (prevents losing buff)... but everything dies too quickly anyway! Khora + Dispensary (replace Venari)... another energy redundancy for Naramon Khora in ESO and Steel Path where Energy Pads cannot be spammed. I still recommend you carry something like Rakta Dark Dagger in case you don'
  12. I think it's the other way around. Nobody cares about Steel Path (SP) balance (and it has never been well balanced). The Steel Path Star Chart is largely vacant for public games... Here's what a Steel Path Hydron looks like with a Naramon Khora (not that I like Hydron... it's just one of the highest level Grineer Defense missions). She can do this Defense mission pretty quickly owing entirely to her Strangledome synergy. So you're right in the sense that you can just play efficiently by yourself. Personally, I don't think that's a problem and I don't think it's any justification for nerfi
  13. Nora: Where are they comin from? Me: I wish I knew so I could go get rid of them permanently.
  14. I'd be fine (actually very happy!) if Rivens no longer applied to stat stick weapons. But have you ever experienced Steel Path Grineer with Khora... even without a Riven? It's really not as clear cut as SneakyErvin describes it. Make no mistake, Khora can kill those Grineer just fine, but you often have to wait some seconds for something like Slash to finish them off. I can make a video and demonstrate this if you'd like. I used her primarily for Defense, Interception, Hijack, and sometimes Mobile Defense... and the Grineer Defense missions stand out as me waiting seconds for the trapped Stran
  15. Well, for me it's it's a bit old. I'm a relatively new player and I came well after Cetus/PoE were released! I think there are examples of the vehicles that traverse these roads/tracks somewhere in PoE. I vaguely remember seeing a sled-like Orokin vehicle somewhere!
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