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  1. You can remove or re-order precepts already to make them entirely focused on utility. Why do we need a rework with this regard? A lot of specialty Sentinel/Moa weapons already provide utility (e.g. Cryotra, Helstrum, Artax)... although it's really fun to give a Sentinel Vulklok. Just go fishing and don't worry about enemies bothering. The Sentinel with Vulkok will snipe them! Also, I like being able to pick out weapons for Sentinels and Moas. What you're proposing for Moas sounds restrictive. One thing Moas got right is that all Moa precepts can be shared across Moas. That should be the s
  2. Yeah, I mean... I was bringing rank 0 Kubrows and Moas into Steel Path Marduk (T4 Void... 300% damage) and having them almost never die as I searched for the secret caches. Carrier Prime was already pretty durable to begin with... so it's definitely believable.
  3. Sentinels have shield gating now... at least to my knowledge and experience. My Oxylus, Helios, and Djinn will have depleted shields when near an exploding grenade where this used to one shot them. They still die... but they're definitely less delicate. Don't equip Calculated Redirection on them... only Accelerated Deflection or whatever (shield recharge mod) at most! EDIT: Wiki suggests all "Companions" have shield gating... which matches my experience with Kubrows, Moas and Kavats. All stuff I recently (within the past month) ranked up for mastery. Sentinels are also "Companions."
  4. Do it in the middle of the ocean with moving boats and random shark obstacles. This should come with new Sea Lab Grineer units that use jet skis and harpaks. EDIT: In the ocean so that falling off really messes you up bad. Not like K-Drive races in Orb Vallis...
  5. Sometimes you don't want radiant relics. Not all of Octavia Prime's parts (or her weapon parts) drop in the uncommon/rare category. I only like ESO for stress testing builds... like I beat 8 rounds of ESO solo using Chroma Prime and Proboscis Cernos (how surprising is that?). Proboscis Cernos is good enough to solo 8 rounds of ESO... probably with any frame!
  6. Weekly Nightwave? "Play 8 rounds of Sanctuary Onslaught" Or maybe you don't want some specific Octavia relic rendered radiant by ESO? Otherwise, yes... ESO is much more fun!
  7. The parts are scattered over the rounds. I think round 8 drops the BP and one other part. But I think you can also some of her parts in round 2, 4 and 6 too. Also, it's Sanctuary Onslaught (SO without the 'E'). Please don't try to farm Khora in ESO... you will get some terrible vandal weapon parts and peculiar mods instead.
  8. Wow, that's some extreme bad luck. It apparently rolls in 2 stages (4 and 5). And if you can get all the bonuses, you actually get 3 total rolls that could be Revenant Neuroptics. I guess one of the rolls is 6.76% while the last one is 10.2%... but that's still way better than Harrow (something like ~2% in rotation B and ~7% in rotation C). I think your 3-4 Harrow Systems in like 6 hour Defection is still pretty good luck for Harrow!
  9. You must be joking... I think I probably have a bunch of those. Gara and Revenant parts were already well stocked and ready to go for Helminth for me! But that's probably because I ran bounties so many times during all those past unvaults to get relics and I just accumulated Revenant and Gara parts. Why do you think this one is particularly bad? And what about those 3 Harrow Systems you got in like 6 hours of Defection?
  10. I think Harrow is worse. Grendel seems pretty bad because of those limited missions... but you will get the part if you succeed. You may have to run dozens and dozens of 8 squads-rescued Defection missions to get one Harrow Systems. Defection is awful.
  11. Neat idea! I guess I wouldn't miss his 4 much. Although I like his 4 for quickly clearing Interception towers in the process of being taken over (which doesn't generally work well in Steel Path). But Khora is better at Interception anyway... Could we also address his Warden of Eidolons background? This frame should have some special defenses/advantages over Eidolons (and no, the wiki is mostly wrong about special Mesmer Skin interactions with Eidolon attacks). Being able to kill Vomvalysts with his 4 was one nicety until it got fixed/changed. I'm not asking to be able to one shot Eid
  12. Yep, it's a big problem in many games. Even more user friendly games like Diablo 3 do not really provide mathematics details on game mechanics.
  13. Newbies will be learning/practicing/remembering some basic math and probability theory. I think this is a good thing. Math has long been underappreciated... something nobody really ever needs... now it helps you win the damage% category in stat screens in many games.
  14. The game counts overflow damage rather than the total damage needed to off an enemy. Just do 2 billion damage to 10 100 HP enemy vs thousands of damage to 1000 enemies... The former wins in the stats screen.
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