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  1. This is why there should be 2-3 arbitration missions to select from every hour. Players like this can ruin the one mission you currently get... and you have to wait an hour for the next mission!
  2. I just looked at the workshop notes again, "Arsenal Divide". It is currently written that CO will be capped to 3 status effects.
  3. "extremely lame reload mechanic" should tell you something about what I think of the grenade... A lot of players use Kuva Nukor for its 5-6 unique status effects for Condition Overload... not necessarily to kill anything... or CC anything. Now in terms of status application effectiveness... if Condition Overload is nerfed to 3 unique status effects... well then Kuva Nukor's 5-6 status effects doesn't really matter anymore. And Catabolyst works as a beam weapon and can apply the potent combination of Corrosive+Viral+Heat procs on an enemy nearly instantly. That's pretty good! And this gives you 90% armor strip and 10 Viral stacks from a secondary weapon. Kuva Nukor can't use this combination of elements... I can't think of anything more useful than Corrosive+Viral+Heat to prime a target for a melee weapon.
  4. Say... you like to break the game... shouldn't you be trying to get the magazine to 0 so you can just reload everything to death instantly? The reload grenade supposedly works with Synth Charge too!
  5. It's already "nerfed" with that lame reload gimmick. It's a good tool... but it's annoying to use!
  6. It you can get past the extremely lame reload mechanic, try Catabolyst in place of Kuva Nukor... can do things Kuva Nukor can't do: Corrosive+Heat+Viral all in one package (and look, it's already 3 unique status effects if Condition Overload is nerfed that way!).
  7. You are correct, it really did briefly mention a cap of 3 in the mod description. I remember seeing this too... and I don't even watch any dev workshops or whatever!
  8. From my perspective, there's a difference between making the use of a buff from Smeeta when you get it (like in your example)... versus.... intentionally leaving stuff on the ground and not picking it up and waiting around for a Resource Booster from Smeeta.
  9. Good. Using Smeeta that way sounds borderline exploitative. And wow... I feel bad for a player that plays that way.
  10. They sell them for single digit amounts because warframe.market does not allow for 0p prices. Now, I don't personally participate in the Ignis Wraith distribution network, but the reddit instructions for distributing Ignis Wraith for free include listing Ignis Wraith on warframe.market for 1p (since it apparently doesn't support 0p). EDIT: Check it out, quite cool! These get re-posted periodically on reddit.
  11. Anybody who was swindled that way would probably try to justify it to themselves so that they feel better about being swindled. As it stands, the Ignis Wraith can be easily acquired for 0p: Clans usually give them away for free on request (and it's usually a feature of clans advertising for members). The trade forum and reddit have a network of players who give them away for free on request. It's now available in Railjack (again, free). You can buy it from Baro or sometimes other events (also free). The established market price for Ignis Wraith is 0p. Anybody who pays 50p is almost certainly unaware of these options (hence uninformed).
  12. If they really think it's worth 50p, they're almost certainly uninformed... and you're taking advantage of them.
  13. Even if you change Primed Sure Footed to stagger from your own AOE weapons... AOE is still king. I should know, I use Proboscis Cernos with lots of frames who don't have Primed Sure Footed and I'm almost never in the blast radius. Though, I think this change would kill the Bramma because of the instantaneous AOE damage! I say good riddance to the Bramma! Lenz and Proboscis Cernos will reign supreme in your new system because no one will ever be in the blast radius of these weapons due to their AOE blast delay. So yes, change Primed Sure Footed! It won't affect my Proboscis Cernos (or Lenz) and these weapons will continue to dominate in efficiency. Essentially, this change doesn't actually solve the problem. It just makes delayed AOE weapons far better than instantaneous AOE weapons. EDIT: IMO... the real problem is the AOE... it's too big! Primed Sure Footed doesn't need to be fixed/changed. The AOE needs to be reduced! It's absolutely silly! Xoris is the biggest offender! 11m blast radius (with no fall off)... that's really silly! And Bramma, Lenz, Proboscis Cernos... these are all extremely silly weapons even without Primed Firestorm! The AOE should NEVER have been as large as it is now. Why did DE make large AOE?
  14. Just so you know, YouTube has been prompting us in the US to sign in for "age verification" for years now. And it's not because they're required to by any kind of law... you can guess this because every other Google content (e.g. Google Blogger) just has a "Are you 18 or older?" Yes/No prompt instead. In other words, YouTube (here in the US) should have never needed anyone to sign in to their Google account ... unless... they were maybe interested in something like tracking your YouTube watching habits. So great! You have a law in EU that compels YouTube to do what it has always done to us... but in a broader and stricter fashion! And to that end, it probably helps Google track your watching habits better! In my opinion, you don't deserve any kind of an apology. Look at how you respond to me and also look at some of your others posts on the forum. You tend to treat fellow posters badly. Here's a better way to respond to me: Now notice how this response doesn't treat me like I'm stupid. By omitting obvious condescending comments, the post corrects me while being polite.
  15. Yeah but... one is just images and potentially sensitive/mature content... the other causes disease and death. I get what you're saying! But I think it's not a good analogy. You should certainly be of age and sound mind to expose yourself to debilitating effects and possible future disease/death. On the other hand - as someone who grew up in the 1990s - what significant debilitating effects or harm can we expect from someone who saw something rated R/X? Seriously... I'm sure there's some bad effects! I just don't think it touches tobacco or alcohol... It's just not a good analogy! On the other hand, I'm sure Google and other ad companies are having a field day collecting sensitive personal information to verify age!
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