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  1. Heratic!!! Kidding. Bottom line is dollars and cents. If enough people are talking about it who knows, they can do it. There is no rule set to unvaultings. Not trying to discredit you....I just want that armor so much. My fashion frame burns for it. So for now I will dream! 😄 Nekros and my fallen angel Trin (fallen angel tennogen skin make it happen awesome artsy WF community...I have no skill!) are worthy as well....just that mirage armor tho.... Acanthus shoulder guards are awesome when you are channeling...hmmm but channeling is supposed to be going bye bye...it would be cool if it would build up to full visibility as your melee combo counter grows (since its so fast anymore anyways) kind of like the syndicate syandanas do.
  2. Good point....RIP Well it seems that most frames have been unvaulted besides Banshee, Mirage, Nekros, Oberon and Trinity. Thats not a big list. So I will hold out hope for maybe 1 or 2 more unvaultings til Mirage unless there are 500 more Rhino/Nyx Unvaultings between each! 😛
  3. Please......PLEASE....for the love of our lost space mom....unvault Mirage Prime....I need that armor....please.....P-L-E-A-S-E!
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