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  1. I actually watched a Brozime video earlier today. He pretty much nailed it imo. Not so much as Frost needs a rework as COLD DAMAGE in general needs a rework. Its the least effective element and it doesnt really do much without a lot of extra work put into it. But I agree with you in that he needs to be more of a tank. I guess a subsumed elemental ward with cold colors would kind of be doing what we are talking about and fit themeatically but that kind of defeats the purpose if you HAVE to subsume it to him.
  2. Thats exactly what I thought when I read it too! Also what I thought at first. But what if instead of a bubble that follows you it turned into an icy coat on Frost that continued to absorb say like 25% of the globes remaining health of damage. Kind of in a similar fashion to how the Icy Avalanche works except only applies to Frost and could have a slowing "cold" aura within like 5-10 meters.
  3. Now that we have subsuming and it is an issue...can we please make it where you can just hold Frost's 3rd skill (Snow Globe) to pop it instead of relying on having the 1st skill (Freeze) to pop it? I think a 2-3 second hold would be plenty to avoid accidental popping. Please consider this. Thank you very much.
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