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  1. Just goes to show you tenno...don't eat the red snow. Red text is fine though.
  2. The fact that you guys communicate so effectively to the player base is one of the reasons I am proud to say I have played this game since 2014. While I certainly havent agreed with every choice you as a development team have made I am happy that at least you share what is going on internally and always outline your mistakes and future plans. The community team there is top notch. Reb, Megan, Danielle and Dean all do a tremendous job. Its really one of the reasons that even though I take breaks from Warframe that I do and always will likely come back to this game. Why can't other devs take from you all that being open and upfront and truly involving the community in the game making is the real key to success. Whoever wants to call me a fanboy fine, but through the ups and downs Warframe is a great game to be a part of imo. Just had to get them feels out.
  3. Please dont put metal tints on a different slot. keep them in the accent for consistency and fashion. So, please move Vauban deluxe skin metal tint to its appropriate slot. thank you.
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