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  1. Edit: Looked into my previous suggestions further and found them not pertinent or already mentioned. Please Disregard sorry! v.v
  2. I also got this today, I've been trying for a bulky sunika lotus for weeks with the same set of imprints being run again and again to get the body type I desired. I was *very* alarmed when I saw the puppy had the Stripes pattern, panicking I thought I put in the wrong imprints, but a double check insured I hadn't. Thinking it was just a hopefully harmless bug, I matured it it has the Hound pattern? Did I really just lose my Lotus Sunika with gold imprints? This isn't acceptable, especially with the amount of time (and money) you have to invest into breeding to get desired patterns and body sizes. Should we be submitting tickets? Or is this something they're looking into? UPDATE, POTENTIAL FIX I'm not sure how it will affect the imprints (not going to chance it), but going into your Kubrows appearance, you can select the actual intended fur pattern from the menu.
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