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  1. Sunset_Thief

    Update: Lunaro

    not nearly fifa lol, lunaro is so ugh
  2. Sunset_Thief

    Hotfix: Lunaro 1

    do u mind fixing the bug where if u are about to score the goal it bounces off even thou that was an enemies goal and a bug where when i launched teh ball in front of me i some hwo passed it to my teammate behind me and also a bug where enemy takes a ball when ive already laucnehd the ball but the enemy is 5 meters behind me so he has stretchy arm or something?? P.S. also try to simplify the team colours and add a score tab for u to understand which players are within ur team
  3. Sunset_Thief

    Lunaro Rules!

    this is really bad copy of football, it would have been way more better if it was simular to football
  4. Sunset_Thief

    Survival Balancing

    I agree, on T4 survival 60+ mins if u go somewhere anywhere alone its like going to a basement in horror movies, no way u are making it back xD
  5. well they would have tested it out a bit more if u guys didnt cryied for excal rework lol, im not trying to offend..but u know