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  1. No drop and I watched it from 8:25pm ET to 10:05pm ET. Another failed Twitch drop. Not sure why I even try tbh because Twitch drops work about half the time.
  2. Thanks. Since I haven't caught any of the past couple of streams I wasn't sure if it was ever mentioned or not what, if anything, they planned. Thanks again.
  3. I missed the past couple Twitch streams and just caught the last 10 - 15mins of this one but never actually heard if they were planning on doing anything special for reaching 1 million followers. And Rebecca said they hit 1 million followers on Twitch as they were leaving does that mean anything for us players?
  4. I'm just wondering how often you guys run into the Man in the Wall after completing the Chains of Harrow and/or the Chimera Prologue? I have not seen him since either of those two story missions but now after having just bought and equipped Mother's Mask I see him sitting in my ship looking all creepy. I asked in chat and they said it was just a coincidence that he showed up right after I equipped it. It was kind of weird too because I wasn't use to seeing him in my ship I was just headed down below when I noticed something wasn't right with my decorations. I came back up and he's just sitting there. Creepy! I did not know that he can just randomly show up ever after Chains of Harrow. +1 DE for creepy stuff like this. More of this please.
  5. I didn't get any and I was on about 50 minutes that stream. Only mail I got today was my Zealot Code which got me the new Nightwave weapon BP.
  6. Hope the drops work this time. They said they were staggered but I never got my ducats and I could've used them because Baro had a Primed mod I wanted. Last try at getting Twitch drop and then I am just not even trying anymore. About half the time the drops don't work anyway.
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