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  1. From front he looks decent: Now on the back you can see his buttflaps still use the old texture and look completely out of place: And all the alt helmets are missing the PBR treatment as well:
  2. Yes, but every Bastille will eventually turn into a brief Vortex. And that brief Vortex will be ruining your Photon Strikes. I've been playing Vauban since he was released in 2013 and nothing in his rework annoys me more than the forced Bastille into a Vortex and the homing part of his Photon Strike.
  3. This may not be the best demonstration of the issue, but I think people get the idea. You can imagine how bad it is when a Vortex is behind a wall or when a Vortex appears just as you are throwing your Photon Strike. It makes this neat orbital laser extremely annoying to use when the damn thing instantly starts homing to a Vortex if the ball's trajectory happens to clip the Vortex's radius. This "feature" is also inconsistent as it only works for the host. Not to mention that your Photon Strike will home into ANY Vortex (allies ahoy). I mean come on, Photon Strike is already quite "e
  4. Compared to everything else they are busted. Like I said, they completely negate the need to put ANY kind of defensive mods on your companion. Also I'm not telling DE to nerf the mods, I'd be happy with a universal respawn mod for all companions (rework Primed Regen to work infinitely and make it mountable for all companions, just add a cooldown to its mechanic 30-60s).
  5. Sure, I'd love that. It's just atm they give it to one particular type of companion and leave the rest out to dry. Vulpies could have their unique respawn mechanic, but the general respawn mod should be for every companion.
  6. For 3 points and one slot you get an immortal pet and infinite vacuum. You can pretty much just ditch all the link mods, pack leader and bleedout reduction mods. Just slap this new shiny baby on your Vulpy and you'll be ace. Not to mention that Panzer Vulpy is amazing. Viral procs for days and being able to fit Sharpened Claws is just a cherry on the cake. Is pets 2.0 even coming anymore at this point or is it just power creep after another? I remember DE (Sheldon) talking about some Kubrow buffs for example to Raksa's Howl, but so far I have seen nothing. At t
  7. Thank you so much ❤️ Works perfectly after the latest update.
  8. Still bugged in the Heart of Deimos update. Really annoying and hinders my enjoyment of the update. 😖
  9. Another tweak that I forgot in my original post is removing/changing to status proc from the Photon Strike. Blast has such a terrible synergy with Bastille when it just knocks everyone away from the containment field. My suggestion would be changing the status proc to Heat to give the Photon Strike a little bit more oompf, better justify its energy cost and give it some edge over the Flechette Orb.
  10. Sure, my main issue is the forced part of the conversion that happens always at the end of the Bastille. The few second Vortex is just a nuisance and throws enemies around for no reason. I can live with the manual conversion as long as Bastille stays Bastille if I'm not manually converting them into Vortexes.
  11. Not sure where the Old Blood feedback topic vanished, but I still want to try to get the devs attention about Vauban. 1. Remove the forced Bastille > Vortex conversion (at the end of the Bastille's lifetime). I can't repeat this one enough, it's so darn annoying and completely destroys the point of Bastille. Perfect solution would be tap = Bastille, hold = Vortex, removing the conversion completely would give Vauban more options to choose the correct CC for any situation. The conversion gimmick is just clumsy to use. Heck, I just want to use the good-old-Bastille and enjoy my ne
  12. Gonna sign this topic too. Very annoying when playing Vauban because his Bastille now has the forced blue filter over everything and his Photon Strike explosion causes the annoying explosion color effects. Please revert whatever you did to the color correction setting.
  13. It was optional before the patch. It used to go under the "Color Correction" graphical setting. Not sure why it has been changed as it's really annoying.
  14. BRATON PRIME BUFF. Hell @(*()$ yes! Took you long enough~
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