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  1. I like this idea, but I would also make it so that when a Photon Strike hits Bastille it will deal damage to every enemy in the Bastille's radius. I would also remove the redundant blast ragdoll from Photon Strike to prevent it from throwing the enemies all over the place. Or another idea would be to attach it to the Bastille and make it shoot the Orbital Strike at X seconds intervals in it. At the moment is just costs way too much for such a puny AoE and damage. I love the looks and feel of the ability, but it's simply bad and almost hurts Vauban's synergy by throwing enemies off Bastille. Can't say there is a valid reason to be using the ability at all. The way things are now Flechette Orb is definitely Vauban's best ability for the damage, cost and ease of use. It feels quite disappointing to be honest.
  2. Vauban's buttflaps and all of his alternative helmets look off (too shiny and plasticy):
  3. Eeh, it's not. Bastilles always expire into Vortexes making low duration builds throw enemies around like crazy. And also there are multiple scenarious where I would love to be able to throw a Vortex into a corridor while keeping the other enemies Bastilled. After all Bastille is the one that removes enemy armor and gives you an armor buff. I think it's just stupid that you are forced to turn Bastilles into Vortexes and limit the versatility of the frame. I think the mechanic just clunky and redundant. Having it always tap for Bastille and hold for Vortex would make him so much more enjoyable to use.
  4. Not sure where the Old Blood feedback topic vanished, but I still want to try to get the devs attention about Vauban. 1. Remove the forced Bastille > Vortex conversion. I can't repeat this one enough, it's so darn annoying and completely destroys the point of Bastille. Perfect solution would be tap = Bastille, hold = Vortex, removing the conversion completely would give Vauban more options to choose the correct CC for any situation. The conversion gimmick is just clumsy to use. 2. Remove the homing of Photon Strike into Vortex. This one is also so darn annoying that you try and try to aim your Photon Strike at enemies, but instead it clips the radius of a nearby Vortex and flies off to a completely different direction. Also not to mention that your Photon Strike can home into OTHER players Vortexes as well. Because of this and the "recent" buff to Flechette Orb, it's just generally better to use that instead. 3. Overdriver STILL sticks to EVERYTHING. That means sentinels, excavators, rescue targets and heck even your own damn tesla rollers. It's almost impossible to micromanage and feels like a chore to use. Just make it simply stick to the Vauban player and give its buff to allies in a radius around the player. 4. Lower the energy cost of his 4 to 75 and 3 to 50. He's a caster frame now and drains his energy way faster than before. It doesn't help that his only survivability tool Bastille now has a whopping 100 energy cost. Photon Strike on the other hand is one time "grenade" and costs too much compared to what it does. Flechette Orb almost makes it redundant to even cast his Photon Strike. 5. Tether Coil is still bugged. The tether effects linger on dead bodies and makes it hard to see what it actually grabs. Not to mention the grabbing mostly causes enemies to get stuck pretty much all over the geometry. Just fix the tether effects on dead bodies and make the pull faster and more aggressive (wiggling around before reaching the tether point) to avoid enemies getting stuck. I could say a word about his survivability or the redundant Vector Pad, but these small things are much easier to fix/change and go a long way for my general enjoyment with Vauban. At the moment his most effective and viable skill is to just spam Flechette Orbs.
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