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  1. with atlas prime on the horizon and with his rework failing to improve him enough to bring atlas players in i'm throwing my own thoughts in the ring my general thoughts on atlas is he is currently a terribly flawed warframe, one that is fun to punch things as but with some absolutely confusing design regarding his rubble mechanics and his petrification state, both contributing to why he is such an under performing warframe to start off with the inability to status proc petrified enemies really cripples atlas in many ways, while at low level this is a non issue, at high level this outright ruins the value of this state as status procs absolutely dominate scaled content, be it corrosive, viral, slash or gas (though it does pause currently active proc timers (but so does limbo's stasis)) this isn't exclusive to atlas as frost and gara have the same inbuilt flaw onto avalanche and mass vitrify, though atlas suffers from this drawback far more for a few reasons firstly while gara has her blind which she can use with finishers to bypass the scaled resistances of enemies or outright instant kill them with a dagger and frosts avalanche reduces armour atlas has neither instead petrified enemies only take bonus damage, atlas has absolutely no means to overcome this outside of praying he can get a squad of corrosive projections this in itself is the start of multiple problems with atlas's scale ability that leave him a brutal cycle firstly it makes enemies unnecessarily difficult to kill outright harder to kill than using no power at all, even though it is a unique form of cc which causes enemies that are high level to be less likely to die in order to drop rubble which means atlas is less likely to be able to collect and maintain his rubble armour which means he takes more damage which prevents atlas from collecting more rubble armour as even missing 1 hp will cause rubble to become health instead of armour which means his armour peels off even faster making him even more reliant on enemies that are unnecessarily hard to kill or repeatedly spamming rumblers not for the sake of having them around, but solely to generate rubble the petrify state was an issue even before his rework, his rework only highlighted the issue more as it forced the use of the state to generate rubble and with wukong's stellar recent rework all i can ask is why, why even tie the armour mechanic to something so inherently unreliable and thus comes to my collection of improvement idea's Landslide: allow range scaling on the dash allow natural talent to affect speed Reason: if other dash power can range scale properly why not atlas Synergies: allow landslide to target tectonics punching a tectonics wall shatters the wall dealing damage to enemies on the opposite side of the wall Punching a tectonics ball would launch it like a cannon in the direction of the crosshair exploding on impact Reason: fun combo interactions _____________________________________________________________ Tectonics: Remove ball following crosshair Reason: following the crosshair does little but cause the ball to immediately slam into a wall _____________________________________________________________ Petrify: reduce energy cost to 50 or preferably 25 make petrified enemies instantly die below 35% health reduce petrified enemies armour make rubble only heal atlas and his rumblers Reason: while i would prefer it if the petrified state not prevent procs, it is also a unique state that makes sense for it to prevent them decoupling rubble armour from petrify allows it to be used solely as a lightly unreliable source of healing the low health execution threshold just being a cool means of "shattering" enemies turned to stone (i would also appreciate this on gara and frost for consistencies sake) as for the reason for the cost adjustment, there are far stronger forms of CC that cost less that don't make enemies proc immune Synergies put rumblers into a berserk state when hit increasing their attack speed and movement speed for 10-15s petrified enemies hit by either tectonics or landslide have a chance to drop rubble Reason: fun combo interactions _____________________________________________________________ Rumblers: remove radial petrify.... Reason: if you have two sources of petrify one being a cone the other being radial, why would you ever choose to use the cone become stationary channeling while absorbing all damage before summoning the rumblers absorbed damage increases rumbler damage and health absorbed damage increases atlas's armour by up to 1500 until the duration expires have rumblers deal impact damage and whatever elemental damage types are present on equipped melee divided up equally Reason: its a way of utilizing a very well implemented absorption mechanic used on wukong in a way that makes sense and isn't just a copy paste that and people already spam rumblers for rubble armour so why not just make it part of the ability,
  2. To elaborate on the clan alert\invasion idea more- which i consider to be the more important part *which came from me 😅 -Alerts- high ranking members of the clan can mark down an endless mission alert on any planet Clan members can run these alerts for heightened resources drop chances and quantity a % of resources earned is added automatically to the clan vault this is extra resources not a tax the number of active alerts would be scaled with clan tier EG 1 alert for shadow clans 10 for moon clans -invasions- once per month or bimonthly the high ranking members can select a planet to be invaded functioning much like a corpus/grineer/infested invasions the invasion would last 1 week during a clan invasion specters carrying the clan emblems will join the missions to aid tenno clan specters would use either random clan-tech weapons or weapons popular within the clan members completing invasions gives both the squad and clan vault a payout in planet resources finishing the invasion completely allows for the clan specters for the month and allows the deployment of a clan extractor also rewarding the player with a clan emblem and sigil for free lost apon leaving the clan while the clan extractor is active people can run a challenging endless mode *which decided with extractor deployment once the month concludes a payout is given to all participating clan members -extra notes- its not a fight between clans, its not a competition between players unless they want to hit the clan leaderboards its exclusively a clan activity with no interaction with other clans outside of personal recruitment the goal here is to allow more interaction within the clans themselves matchmaking being exclusive to those within the clan or those invited to squads hopefully matching players with other clan members without the direct use of clan chat alongside aid for clans of moon tier resource collection for research, room construction and decorating without the constant need for reminding or permission for players to donate resources into the clan vault hopefully overall making players less likely to just join a clan solely to access clan tech, but to join the clan community itself
  3. unexpected change for warding halo, 90% damage reduction and 2 invulnerability phases, as a hunter adrenaline user i like this blazing chakram dropping health orbs instead of pulsing healing is a nice change because health conversion, i also like this the fire walker change... not all that excited about, given the expanded methods of restoring energy through means other than zenurik and (lol 0.6) energy siphon aka the change to chakram and hunter adrenaline makes this change ultimately not as good as one might think the lack of an bladestorm esque marking system on chakram giving reliable bounces (unless the enemy tracking gets worked on) is somewhat disappointing and i still think divine spears should be a ground targeting ability akin to limbo's cataclysm or hydroids tentacle swarm i also think firewalker pool/damage should apply to divine spear targets as currently enemies affected by divine spears completely disregard firewalker damage regardless of whether you bullet jump through them or if they are touching it at all and lastly if a duration focused frame like nova can get by with an unmoddable range antimater drop why not make the firewalker explosion a static 15m range
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