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  1. It all seems good at a glance but the meter thing on Ember seems like a bad idea for a few reasons: 1) Other high damage warframes don't have this kind of mechanic that imposes penalties for spamming their powers. I'm not against the mechanic itself, but giving something like this to Ember and only Ember doesn't feel good or fair. It can lead to a situation where people will once again avoid using her because other warframes can do just as much damage without having to deal with penalties. 2) Attaching Ember's defensive power to a meter percentage and then adding a mechanic that makes you not want to get the meter to 100% makes no sense to me. You need to fill the bar in order to survive. But if you fill the bar and get as much damage reduction as you can that causes you to potentially lose all your damage reduction...? I mean, I get the point. It's supposed to be a balancing mechanic. But unless there are some specifics you didn't share this is going to be frustrating to use. 3) There's also a potential for this to become a mechanic that distracts players from the action and forces us to consult this little bar at the corner of the screen all the time. Good visual effects and sound effects that tell you how close you are to overheating are going to be really important.
  2. It doesn't really change anything because you're using problems that you didn't care about in the past to try to justify not liking the game in the present. That reasoning is flawed because it's a problem caused by your perception changing over the years, not by the game changing over the years.
  3. Your review would make more sense if the problems you're pointing out were brand new. But most of them are as old as the game itself and many were far worse back then. So it's very strange to say "don't play this game because of these problems" if the problems mentioned didn't stop you from enjoying it back in 2014. If you've grown tired of the game and are no longer having fun, that is understandable. Every veteran has to deal with this at some point. But giving the game a thumbs down out of frustration and ignoring the years of entertainment this free game gave you doesn't seem fair to me.
  4. @kubbi If you go to Options > Display you'll see something called "Window Scaling Mode" below the resolution options. You should be able to change it if you set the game to borderless or windowed. "Native" is higher quality and "Scaled" is for speed. Setting it to scaled might drop the GPU usage. Explanations here:
  5. Because by the time Fortuna came out the year was basically over. It came out in November 8th.
  6. No amount of complexity justifies how silent and vague you guys have been (and continue to be) on this subject.
  7. When you make a new cosmetic of this kind you need to choose between making something that mixes well with previously released content or making something that looks completely new and unique. You can't have one without sacrificing the other. And this time they decided to go with 'completely new and unique'. If you want to be able to mix and match with emissary pieces you'll have to wait for DE to release additional infested pieces. This was pretty much their first infested set, after all.
  8. I think you should avoid running anything that could potentially be used to automate gameplay. For example, using Autohotkey to rebind keys is not cheating but I'm pretty sure that would trigger cheat detection anyway because Autohotkey can also be used to make macros that "play the game" for you. DE probably has a list of software that have this kind of capability and having them running when you play Warframe could be enough to trigger the system. It fits the response you got from Support too.
  9. I made no comments about anything and this contradictory tone you're talking about is something you decided by yourself. If you want to believe that my question must mean something more then they do then that's up to you. But I'm not interested in discussing your assumptions. And since it doesn't look like the OP will answer my question it's probably time to move on.
  10. Are you aware Magnetize can one-shot entire groups of level 100+ infested in just a few seconds? And that you can do it consistently?
  11. [DE] Steve said more then once that they don't like stuff that automates gameplay. A macro that does what you're supposed to be doing with your fingers most likely falls into that category. So if you are capable of playing the game without using macros you should probably do that. I specifically avoid using certain warframes/powers/weapons because they are too spammy and will cause my fingers to hurt after some time. Would a macro help me with that kind of situation? Absolutely. But picking different warframes/powers/weapons or simply taking breaks also helps and it's far less risky. So I do that instead.
  12. Thanks, but I'll pass. My idea of "revamped Arbitrations" includes a better reward system. One that doesn't force you to spend hours stuck in a mission only to end up with a very disappointing reward in the end.
  13. Can we please get a post like this one about what is going on with Melee? I know it hasn't been that long since Phase 1 got released but DE has said nothing about the future of the system since then. The megathread is over 30 pages now and I think everyone who has posted there would appreciate some kind of direct response. Back on topic, I'm fine with air casting as long as proper care is taken with animations for situations in which things look silly.
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