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  1. Absolutely loathe what you guys did with the avionics to mods transition. I had a railjack that could handle missions that drop tier 3 equipment before. Now my railjack has been downgraded to tier 2 content because it lost all of its health, shields and armor. It can't survive unless I'm inside babysitting it, so I can't properly do the higher level missions like I used to. This means I'm now being forced to grind again for things that I already had. And I'm not even talking about all the time I would have to waste because my avionics are now mods and my grid slots now need polarities. In
  2. It's fine, I guess...? I mean sure, a lot of people use macros and I don't see a ton of threads complaining about being banned for macros. But DE's stance on third party software is still "use it at your own risk". And to me that means "it's fine until we decide it's not". So we all have to decide for ourselves. I personally don't use macros but I use Reshade. Anyway, not trying to discourage you or tell you what you should or should not be doing. Just sharing some information I got over the years to help you decide on your own.
  3. I don't think Steve speaks Japanese. So that information was probably translated from English to Japanese and then from Japanese back to English. I'm definitely not going to trust that to be 100% accurate or specific. But even if it is, the interview is from 2019 and we're in 2021. I think that's a pretty clear answer regarding what happened to it.
  4. I don't remember DE ever mentioning we were going to get to choose specific materials for the warframes. All I remember is Steve making a comment on how Anthem had great materials and that it would be cool to have something like that in Warframe. But that was it. No promises or progress reports as far as I can recall. However, they did talk about improving the sigils system recently, and that could be huge depending on what they plan to do with it. Worst case scenario we'll get more freedom for sigil placement, which is neat. Best case scenario we'll get tools to control placement, size,
  5. There is a really old thread about this (created by DE): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1105960-third-party-software-and-you-a-psa/ In my opinion it does not offer a definitive answer. However, every time the devs address this question they say something along the lines of: "If the macro you're using is not being used to automate gameplay then you're fine". To clarify, "automate gameplay" in this case is referring to macros that will basically play the game for you. Like making a macro that casts powers automatically and using it to finish a defense mission while you sit and watch. Tha
  6. A lot has changed in the last 5 years. The core gameplay is still the same. You run and jump around like crazy, spam powers, use big guns to blow enemies up or cut them down with melee. But the meta, power creep, difficulty and overall direction of some aspects have all changed. You would need to try it for yourself to know if it's something you approve or not. Also, there is still no real endgame. Nothing you can really dedicate yourself to once you've "done it all". My personal take on the state of the game is that Warframe is still as fun as it has always been. If you had fun with it b
  7. Yes, they are interested in Vulkan. According to Steve someone inside DE even writes tutorials on it. But I don't think they will implement it anytime soon. Warframe needs to be in kind of a stable and comfortable situation to allow for that to happen and what we have now is quite the opposite.
  8. I think if that was truly going to be the case then DE would have stated it already. When they avoid saying the thing that everyone obviously wants to hear that usually means they don't have a good answer to provide. The way I see it they either didn't expect this problem or were naive enough to think that throwing random resources at their players solves everything. Either way, what really matters is if they are going to actually do something about this or if they'll just try to pretend nothing happened as they sometimes do.
  9. I see. So people like me who maxed out all of the fifteen grid slots are basically fools for doing so. Because none of the time spent doing that is ever going to come back. We get three polarities and a bunch of random things that we most likely don't even need anymore. Well, that makes me far less interested in investing even more time into any of this.
  10. Concern #1: Avionics to Mods and Dirac to Endo I'm going to assume that since it's a mod system, it will work the same way a warframe would. Meaning you spend Forma to buy a polarity and that doing so resets your rank to zero. If that's the case then we already have a problem. Because you're giving early adopters Endo instead of Polarities. The time and effort spent into ranking up grids is not being reimbursed, only the cost. Which is probably going to be insignificant anyway for most people. Concern #2: Command Intrinsic I love managing a crew of NPCs like in XCOM,
  11. @4veil I read your message. First of all, as far as I'm aware what you're trying to do has nothing to do with ingame FOV (field of view). The FOV settings only affect the ingame camera angle. They don't change how your hardware does scaling. As for the ingame "native" and "scaled" options, if I recall correctly those let you choose if Warframe is going to scale the image or if Windows is going to scale the image. Glen posted an explanation in case you're curious (it's long and technical): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1095607-high-dpi-issues/ So, here's what you can
  12. If it's going to be one hour per month I hope you at least ask the guys to try not to fool around as much since that takes up a surprising amount of devstream time. Nothing more disappointing then waiting a month for information and then seeing a bunch of time wasted on bad jokes and laughing.
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