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  1. Amazerath

    My New Player Experience

    @dpencil The change isn't as small as you imagine but you'll have to finish the quests to understand why. I'm not saying it's impossible to do it, but when I think of the benefits and the requirements I don't see it as a major improvement to the game. It would be different if Warframe was first and foremost an RPG such as Fallout, Ultima, Zelda and Elder Scrolls.
  2. Amazerath

    My New Player Experience

    You can unlock some Codex entries (which contain lore) by scanning certain objects found in each planet. But the main reason why you would want to clear the star chart is not related to lore. It's related to the acquisition of new warframes (drops from bosses), new mods (drops from enemies), mastery rank (unlocking nodes give you MR), alerts (can't do an alert if the node is locked), Arbitrations (all nodes must be unlocked) and possibly Sorties but I'm not sure about that last one. I'm not against Warframe having a 'main quest' but I also don't think it would improve the game by much. And that's because the nature of the game is basically "try out new stuff and see if you like it". Getting sidetracked along the way is part of what makes Warframe it's own thing. You set your own goals and you're free to change those goals along the way. So if you don't feel like clearing the star chart then just don't clear it. There will always be time to go back to it later if you feel the need. It took me over four years to clear every single node and it never felt like a chore because I never felt like I had to do it.
  3. Amazerath

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #231!

    Nevermind that. Different stream.
  4. Amazerath

    Warframe needs a report option for unsportsmanlike conduct

    Report functions cost money and create additional headaches for DE. And I don't think we need that to solve the problem. We just need leeching to be less rewarding. For example, in bounty missions the game doesn't check if you entered the mission area in order to decide if you're going to get a reward or not. It just rewards you regardless. Changing that doesn't seem too difficult. And while it may not be the perfect solution for all kinds of leeching I think it's a reasonable first step.
  5. Amazerath

    Returning player, Cetus and Fortuna question

    Expansions in Warframe are not designed to make previous content obsolete. They are designed to give players new things to do. And while some of the rewards from Cetus and Fortuna are very much high tier, none of them are mandatory in order to become powerful in the game. You can absolutely do high level content without ever stepping on Cetus or Fortuna. But that means you would miss out on everything that's unique about these locations such as weapons, warframes, cosmetics, enemies, missions, boss enemies, lore, characters, environments, systems and a bunch of other stuff. How relevant Cetus and Fortuna are depends entirely on how interested you are in those locations and their respective rewards. If you're having fun doing stuff on Cetus then just keep doing that. And when you feel like it's time to move on go to Fortuna and check out what it has to offer. You're the one who needs to decide what's busywork and what's not. Lastly, Focus is still relevant and will probably remain like that for a very long time because it's a system that is meant to support and augment your preferred playstyle. It doesn't get replaced by new weapons or warframes. It empowers them.
  6. Amazerath

    How do I co-op right?

    Yes. Always remember that random players will play the game in random ways. If you want something specific out of your team you can try to ask politely, but usually your best bet is to use the recruiting channel in order to find people who want the same thing you do.
  7. Amazerath

    How do I submit a ticket?

    I think you're supposed to talk to the community team about that. Support is mostly for in-game stuff. Try sending them a message with the "Community Inbox" button at the top bar where the search function is. They'll either fix that for you or tell you what you're supposed to do to get it fixed.
  8. Amazerath

    Huge fps drops and freezes today

    They don't do anything without letting us know via in-game chat. If all four of you were having the same problem at the same time then it's very likely to be a bug. Hotfixes and even network problems don't cause the game to freeze. Did any of you get these FPS drops and freezes anywhere else in the game? Or is it just in Cetus?
  9. Amazerath

    So What Exactly Are You Supposed to Do?

    I'm not even sure it was intentional. It's possible that they just decided to increase the requirements as a last minute change and there was no time to restructure the rewards. DE does that a lot. Another possibility is that they thought this would somehow encourage players to keep grinding. For me it had the opposite effect.
  10. Amazerath

    Man finally gave Valkyr's Eternal War a spin....

    I like Prolonged Paralysis with Prisma Obex + Entropy Detonation. It's not the most efficient way of clearing a room but it's a very fun and satisfying one. Eternal War is also fun but it's impossible to use in some cases due to teammates obliterating everything and leaving you with no targets.
  11. Amazerath

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    No changes to the mobility and attack speed of mind controlled enemies is very disappointing.
  12. Amazerath

    do again valkyr deluxe skin

    If they change it then all the people who like the way it looks now will get mad and demand them to change it back. Then they'll have to make two versions of the same skin. And while that proposition isn't terrible I'm pretty sure DE would rather spend their resources on making new skins instead of making multiple versions of a single one.
  13. Amazerath

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    They addressed Titania's problem not too long ago. Apparently Titania was supposed to ship with an entire new set of floating animations but they couldn't find the time to do it. As a result she shipped with only the idle animations and that was it. But I'm pretty sure Geoff said they still want to finish that set. As for the elbow stuff you should probably report that in the Art & Animation section. It's not too complicated to fix and they'll do it when there's a bit of time to spare.
  14. Amazerath

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    One or two years ago Geoff mentioned there was an interest in updating the universal warframe animations such as running or sliding. Is 2019 the year for this?