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  1. I don't have much to say when it comes to icons, tags and overall visual presentation because that is very personal and it's also not incredibly important. People will learn how to read and navigate through menus regardless of how complex or overwhelming they might look. If someone decides they're not going to play a game because the UI is overwhelming then that person was probably not that interested in the game to begin with. That being said, there is one aspect in which I think Warframe UI fails and that's specifically present in the warframe powers section. You have an entire screen dedicated to describing warframe powers yet there are tons of hidden statistics and mechanics that the game doesn't tell you about. And that's information that can help people create builds and improve existing ones, which in turn makes gameplay more enjoyable. Every single time I end up having to open the browser and check the Warframe Wiki for a detailed explanation on how powers work. So the point I'm trying to make is: a UI that looks pretty and clean but lacks the information the player needs is not useful to anyone. Because even the person who thought the UI was complicated at first will eventually learn and will eventually want more information that the UI doesn't have. So instead of trying to make the UI less intimidating, I think the focus should be adding simple tutorials or at least images that help people learn how to interact with the UI. This is one of the most basic features that even free indie games have. Yet Warframe barely has any UI tutorials and the few it has are really bad.
  2. It's not a matter of quantity. Empyrean is a game built inside a different game, as the developers themselves have noted. What Empyrean wants you to focus on is different from what Warframe wants you to focus on. It would be fine if the game was released like this back in 2012 (or 2013 in my case). But it wasn't. So you have eight years of Warframe being a third person shooter on one side and less then two months of Warframe being a space combat simulator on another. Unless DE is willing to make Empyrean an isolated game mode (which seems unlikely), I can't imagine how they would manage to merge the development of Warframe and Empyrean without making some harmful sacrifices. And I'm not even mentioning actually pleasing players who are only interested in the third person aspect or in the space combat aspect.
  3. To put it simply, my problem with Empyrean is that it doesn't provide the Warframe experience that has kept me coming back to this game for seven years. There were many aspects that made me want to download and play Warframe, but I think the main things were definitely the warframes themselves and the gameplay. Having a game mode that takes the focus away from the warframes, the shooting, the powers and the parkour doesn't feel necessarily bad, but it does feel like something that is not Warframe. For example, in standard Warframe, gear is your main motivation for everything. You want better gear in order to handle stronger enemies and you want new gear that allows you to do things you couldn't do before. Having more warframes, more mods, more weapons and more builds also means you get to pick the config that is best suited for specific missions. And that adds a lot of variety to the game. However, Empyrean doesn't really care about anything you've done in Warframe, so all of that variety you get from gear is lost almost entirely. Does it matter if it's a rank 30 Ivara Prime piloting the railjack instead of rank 0 Excalibur? No. Does it matter if you have the most powerful weapon in the game instead of a MK1 Braton? Not really, you can just use the turrets or fix the ship. Does it matter if you're insanely good at parkour? Nope, you barely even have room to jump. Does it matter if you've been playing Warfame for seven years? Not at all, it's a different game! In a sense, Empyrean is the "Warframe 2" DE kept saying they were never going to do. A game mode that disregards your time spent as a Warframe player and your investment in it. I hope Duvuri will recapture some of the things that made me fall in love with Warframe.
  4. Thanks, but the only way you're gonna make me want to deal with this amount of uninteresting grind and unreasonable RNG is with new, interesting and fun gameplay elements. And since kuva liches barely have any of that, I think I'll pass.
  5. Vauban: Vauban is in pretty bad shape, to be honest. I almost gave up ranking him to 30 because at a certain point it stopped being fun. The main reasons for that were: 1) The game demands almost constant movement, yet Vauban's only mobile defensive tool can't protect him when he is moving. Tesla Nervos (#1) is severely lacking in every way. This is a huge weakness that often gets him killed. When I compare what this power does with what Wisp's Reservoir (same energy cost) has to offer, the difference is astonishing. 2) I understand Vauban's theme is engineer/inventor/gadgeteer, but Minelayer (#2) feels like a bag of toys instead of a warframe power. The mines are weak, limited, slow and cumbersome to use because of the 'tap or hold' mechanic. I lost track of which mine I had selected several times. And each time that happened I thought to myself "I don't think I'll lose much if I just stop using this power". Both Tesla Nervos and Minelayer do very little and feel unsatisfying to use. 3) Vauban's last powers, Photon Strike (#3) and Bastille/Vortex (#4) feel completely disconnected from the other two. They are powerful, incredibly flashy and overall satisfying to use. But they're doing their own thing, playing their own game and don't want to get along with anyone else. And even then Photon Strike has problems of its own. It's so slow and has so little range that it can never be used by itself. Even if you combine it with Vortex, your guns end up being more effective. And making the target method a thrown sphere instead of something quick and more reliable was also a bad call. The new Vauban still feels like he was designed for the old 2013 Warframe. Back when things were slower, more predictable and dialed down a whole lot. His powers are stuck in an era long gone and so is most of his gameplay. His kit desperately needs increased speed, responsiveness and flexibility so that he can better adapt to situations on the fly. It also needs more organic interactions between the powers as opposed to required and obvious ones like Photon Strike + Vortex. Lastly, sometimes I feel like DE forgets warframes are weapons and that they are supposed to be brutal, efficient and terrifying. I can imagine myself as Grineer being afraid of a warframe that throws fireballs at me, or of a warframe that conjures a glass blade and chops me in half. But I can't imagine my Grineer self would be equally intimidated by a warframe that throws little objects I can crush with my boots or kick away.
  6. Ember: Overall it's an improvement but there are many troublesome things about her rework. I'll point out the problems that bothered me the most. 1) The visual/audio indicators for when you start to overheat are insufficient. When things get busy you simply can't notice your energy is being drained. And since overheat causes you to lose energy very quickly, this is not ideal. It forces you to keep looking at the indicator at the side of the screen when instead you should be focusing on what's in front of you. If you need a good reference, check the Pyromancer class in Warhammer Vermintide 2. She has an overheat mechanic with amazing audio and visual indicators. 2) I don't like being forced to waste energy in order to preserve energy. I have to constantly cast Fire Blast in order to stop Ember from overheating even if there are no enemies around me. That means I'm throwing away energy in order to avoid losing energy, which is very silly. You can turn Immolation off directly but then you're asking for a random enemy to one shot you. 3) Having your damage reduction from Immolation going up and down all the time is kind of a pain. This is further aggravated by the fact that this damage reduction is basically the only thing stopping you from getting one shot by everything around you. Immolation doesn't feel reliable or safe. It feels like an annoyance that keeps nagging you for attention. 4) You should not instantly lose all of your damage reduction under any circumstances (and this isn't exclusive to Ember). Having enemies that can drain your energy or shut down your powers is generally ok. But you should not be exposed to instant death just because an enemy in a different floor or room was draining your energy without you even noticing. It is equally annoying to suddenly die because you were attacking a Demolyst with a melee weapon and they decided to randomly disable your defensive power. 5) Fireball is stronger now but it will remain forgotten because of how energy starved Ember is. You'll never want to use Fireball because you're constantly dumping energy on Fire Blast in order to stop Ember from overheating. So you have to choose between spamming Fireball to get the combo up (keep in mind you're still spamming Fire Blast as well), or casting Inferno once. I simply can't find a good reason for spending energy on Fireballs. In the end, it's a similar situation to what we had before. If Ember's survival is related to her energy reserves, that automatically discourages players from spending energy on non-essential powers or on doing cool stuff.
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