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  1. That's quite a claim considering you people only care about making strong options weaker while letting the already weak options remain weak.
  2. "Untime" is Protea's theme. Not only it would have been a perfect fit but Protea also needed this a lot more then Xaku.
  3. Hey DE, which of these two situations seems ideal? A) A video game that EVERYONE claims to be REALLY GOOD. B) A video game that TWO PEOPLE claim to GET GOOD EVENTUALLY. If you answered A then you need to stop and think about what you're doing because you're going in the complete opposite direction.
  4. Still needs more duration on powers and less disruptive casting times. These changes don't address the clunky gameplay.
  5. Overall: Slow and disruptive cast animations combined with low duration on several powers make this warframe feel very slow and unresponsive. She also has a lot of duration based powers. So you spend too much time casting things, looking at duration timers and checking which of her #3 powers you currently have selected. It's a beautiful warframe, but it's not very good or fun to play. #1 Xata's Whisper Good power all around. Extra damage is good. Short cast animation and duration are also good. But the bullet attractor effect from Void status procs is a double edged sword. It's good b
  6. They seem to be pretty rare. I've only found a single one so far.
  7. I did nothing you didn't already try. Shot it a few times because someone said you had to and that didn't work. Tried my operator and it didn't work either. Then I jumped at it and got it. Only relevant thing I can think of is that I was playing solo ("friends only"). That also means I was the host. Edit: Another thing I just remembered (though I doubt it matters). I didn't take the bounty from Mother inside the hub. I went from my ship directly to the open area and got the bounty outside.
  8. You just touch them like the Cetus Wisps. Bullet jump straight at them. Here's how they look after you pick them up:
  9. The thing is, even if I have 1 million tokens they all become irrelevant as soon as I reach the daily cap. Because it's the cap that stops me from progressing in ranks, and ranks are necessary to unlock interesting things like Xaku or the Helminth system itself. In regards to that, this system and the old system are exactly the same. The new system only really benefits players who can't play Warframe regularly. Because now those players are allowed to stock tokens and don't need to farm more standing every single day. Also, if we are talking about Xaku or weapons there is already a crafti
  10. - The Deimos syndicate is a mess. There are many unnecessary steps the players need to go through in order to get the item they want and if you're not very familiar with Warframe you are almost guaranteed to get lost in the process. Also, the tutorial on the bottom right (the little "i" icon) has the generic syndicate tutorial. It tells players to equip syndicate sigils in order to gain standing, which is completely wrong in this case. - Daily caps are as bad as ever. I know the time gates exist to stop players from doing everything too fast. But these daily limits go muc
  11. Leave it up to Rebecca to give us some good news right after returning from her vacation and landing in the middle of this crap storm.
  12. Steve himself has done that many times in the past. He is almost always the one who explains how and why they messed things up and what he wish they had done differently. But that's usually after the "crisis" and I think we are still in the middle/end part. And it doesn't always happen of course. Personally, I don't need a response. DE's responses can always be found in their actions. But for the sake of the people who can't move on and for DE's own sake, I hope they eventually talk about it.
  13. It would. It definitely would. But Steve doesn't usually handle this kind of situation well. He's very passionate and having to face a wall of criticism (most of it probably containing insults) gets to him. Also, knowing DE they might still be in the process of figuring out what the heck they're gonna do and can't even offer a response that wouldn't simply add more to the fire.
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