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  1. The last time I saw Melee being discussed in a devstream is was basically Geoff asking Steve if "someone" was testing "something" and Steve saying yes. And that was the end of the discussion. It's very much in the backburner and it will probably stay there for a while. They have a mainline update to release and that means a ton of bugs to fix and another ton of feedback to work on. That should take about a month. And then there's Tennocon, which probably means they won't touch Melee because they'll be busy working on whatever big reveal they have for this year. In other words, it's very unlikely that we will hear anything concrete about the Melee system for the next two or maybe even three months. And if we're talking about actual stuff being changed or added to the game then I imagine it will take even longer then that. I would love to be wrong about all this, but right now I'm getting that Dark Sectors/Raids vibe when it comes to Melee.
  2. It would be nice if the mixed version was a skin you could just equip. Then instead of changing models when you use Metamorphosis it could simply invert your color scheme. It does feels a bit wasteful to have a cool Equinox skin that you never get to see during missions.
  3. To clarify what Taylor said, Tennogen skins usually have two different components: 1) A pack of new textures. 2) A new helmet. Adding new textures to an existing warframe is a piece of cake. Because the artist who made that skin already took care of most of the really difficult stuff, which is coming up with the concept and creating the textures. The rest is just replacing files and potentially making some minor adjustments. (Keep in mind that one of the reasons why DE has guidelines for Tennogen is to ensure the art team won't need to spend an excessive amount of time adjusting and fixing these skins). However, dealing with new 3D helmets is a different story because many of these helmets have parts that need to be animated. The process of animating a 3D model usually requires you to create a skeleton for that model (this is called "rigging" the model). And rigging models takes a lot longer then replacing textures. So even though the texture work is probably all done at this point and the skins look pretty good, the work on the helmets needs to be finished before everything can be released.
  4. Thanks, but I'll pass. My idea of "revamped Arbitrations" includes a better reward system. One that doesn't force you to spend hours stuck in a mission only to end up with a very disappointing reward in the end.
  5. Can we please get a post like this one about what is going on with Melee? I know it hasn't been that long since Phase 1 got released but DE has said nothing about the future of the system since then. The megathread is over 30 pages now and I think everyone who has posted there would appreciate some kind of direct response. Back on topic, I'm fine with air casting as long as proper care is taken with animations for situations in which things look silly.
  6. Can you talk a bit about the future of melee gameplay?
  7. For future challenges please replace "Complete X Sorties" with something like "Complete 1 Sortie with X void keys equipped". It's less time consuming, more challenging and more interesting then just doing sorties over and over.
  8. I think my biggest complaint about Phase 1 is that it doesn't make a statement like "yes, we are trying to make melee more enjoyable and useful but we're doing it one step at a time". Instead of offering improvements to even basic things things like mobility or blocking, Phase 1 offers a stripped down version of a melee system that was already struggling to remain relevant. The result is that melee no longer feels like a weapon you're supposed to rely on. It feels like a support tool for ranged combat. What happened to the stylish, interesting and more mechanically complex Melee 3.0 we saw a last year? It was a prototype and yet it already seemed to offer many of the basic improvements Sword Alone was in dire need of. Improvements like the ability to move seamlessly while attacking regardless of the direction. Or the addition of a heavy attack button that could have increased the depth of the system. Or the adjustments made to rolling that would have brought it one step closer to being actually useful in combat. Seriously, what happened to all that?? Why is Phase 1 all about making melee less interesting and less complex? How is this supposed to be the starting point for a better melee system when it's entirely focused on making melee suit ranged combat? I simply cannot see it.
  9. Not suggesting this as a solution, but did you equip toxin resistance mods to see if it makes a difference? I'm wondering if this is one of those situations where DE thought "it's fine, they have mods to deal with it" or if they just really completely forgot some damage types bypass shields.
  10. What about the 45° nerf to block angle? Does committing to Sword Alone has any effect on that?
  11. Nice things about Phase 1: - New visuals look great. - Aimed ground slam is nice. - Being able to access melee more quickly is good. Not so nice things about Phase 1: - Merging ranged and melee killed Sword Alone and sacrificed choices and nuance that Sword Alone used to offer. This is actually a big negative but since it's only Phase 1 I'm hoping this was intentional and that future changes will come to compensate this loss. - The way weapons immediately pop in and out when you alternate between ranged and melee doesn't look good. I understand the intention is to let "gun & blade flow" but that's not gonna happen if it looks clunky. I think it would look better with some sort of animation for the transition. - Mods that rely on a block button can't be used anymore. It sucks that we'll have to wait until Phase 3 or more to be able to use certain mods again. And even then I'm concerned with the possibility that they will need to be sacrificed for the sake of this seamless gameplay thing. - Very little has actually changed from a melee perspective. This feels more like a ranged gameplay update then a melee one, which so far is very different from Sword Alone upgrade that was shown to us a year ago.
  12. So you can keep doing the same challenge over and over again? It's not like alerts where you can only do it once and then wait for a new one to appear?
  13. Is better rolling/dodging mechanics Phase 2 or did it get overlooked?
  14. Since this looks a lot like a syndicate will there be daily standing caps? Or will the standing cap be the inability to repeat the challenges?
  15. Wouldn't it make sense to spend some of those resources on warframe reworks since they are not as difficult to do and give people a great reason to play the game?
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