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  1. Well, my approach was that we have to dismount somewhere from a cliff or if we are able to get some airtime after dismounting on normal ground to then either use a gun, melee or even Warframe Ability, but using this mod should also work of course then. This is exactly how i imagine this tasks: quick and not overly complicated with different ways to approach it. I didnt even think about the mod so i would take a different approach, but if you suceed using the directional dismount thats perfect. So we get some tasks which are creative in itself and make the player get creative aswell instead of "ok, now i go mining for either 5 or 20 minutes depending on RNG"
  2. This, plus you cant do it in Public groups because everyone else will just kill the enemies before the Ambula does anything (or they hack it before you). In general, i'd like to see more creative, fun tasks instead of the tedious checklists. I know fun is subjective, but let me give 3 examples: Geyser Jump: Kill 1 enemy with a Primary/secondary after being lifted into the air by a geyser on the Plains of Eidolon. (could also be modified so the plants on Orb Vallis also count) Death from Above: Kill one enemy with a slam attack from a height of at least 100 meters. (might go even higher, i did have my fun jumping on enemies from insane heights on the plains ๐Ÿ˜) Fast and Furious: Kill one enemy after dismounting from a K-Drive while still in the air. (i might be wrong, but i think we can jump upwards while dismounting to get some time?) Just some quick tasks which focus on the many (cool) ways we can kill enemies, but not stupid tasks everyone will cheese anyway like the "get 3 headshots in a single aimglide" from Riven Challenges for example, those arent really fun in my opinion. Some Checklists are fine (like open 10 relics, do 3 missions of any type etc), usually the ones which revolve around just playing the game like you would anyway more or less, but other checklists are just cheap ways to get us to do time consuming activities no one would do if they wouldnt show up in Nightwave (like mine x gems). Ps: I am aware you can skip a lot, and thats what i do anyway, but still i think we can all agree that some tasks are just lazy and that there could be improvements.
  3. Ok, Servo. Ill try to remember that. Guess you are right and i am aware that there are most likely not any plans to use this as a feature somewhere else. But i am pretty sure someone at DE must have had the same thought at least at some point ๐Ÿ˜‰ And playing a crossfire exterminate on Lua for example would be interesting at least since we experience the tilesets in a completly different way, with slower movement, less mobility probably, no Spoiler mode and less Power overall we have to adapt our playstyle. At least its much more easy to balance than Conclave with Warframes and countless combos of abilities and weapons. The movement system actually plays the biggest role here i think because in Conclave the most efficent way to play is kinda weird.
  4. I want them to become nodes which allow you to start a mission as Kahl or Evo (names correct?^^) and play as a Grineer or Corpus Soldier ๐Ÿ™ƒ I hope there are a few missions in the new Quest which let us play as those guys, looking forward to it. Hell, why not let us have those guys in our Arsenal and give us the option to mod them and equip them with our weapons? They could go over the top and let us unlock different characters^^ Could be fun...for now i am just happy to see this gameplay..this just came to my head ๐Ÿ˜‰ Edit: Oh or Pvp Battles between the Corpus and Grineer on the Plains/Fortuna in that style, better than Conclave for sure..
  5. I completly agree that there needs to be a way to influence the weapon. Some time ago i suggested the following method: Equip the weapon you want the Kuva/Tenet Version of Want the Kuva Zarr? Kill the Larvling with the normal Zarr and make it spawn a Kuva Zarr. This would be an option to force the spawn, if you dont want to force spawn a weapon use weapons that dont have variants. I can see two other ways to force spawn certain weapons, and those are more likely too happen and probably better: Each weapon is connected to a certain node on the Starchart Pretty simple system and imo the best, just chose the node that has the weapon you want. Note that a small UI-Rework should come with this: Players should be able to see on the Starchart by hovering which drops they can expect from nodes. Liches/Sisters or Larvlings/Candidates drop keys While engaging with Liches and Sisters, you farm a certain item like a Parazon Mod or something you equip in your gearwheel which allows to pick the weapon you want. I think this is 1. probably the way DE prefers because they love to keep the RNG and offer ways to bypass it 2. fine aswell because through playing the game you get the option to bypass RNG at some point, so you get rewarded for playing. Ps: Probably has been said before but regarding that "endgame items should be hard to obtain, the RNG is fine": Getting all the items would still take a lot of time even if you have the option to dictate the drops. On top of that, if you want to max out the bonus you have to farm the weapons again and again, so it will still take a lot of effort/dedication. And lastly, running a low level capture mission a dozen times and abort/restart as soon as you have seen the larvling doesnt sound like endgame at all, its just unnecessary.
  6. Yes i have used it quiet a lot and i know how it used to be. This was supposed to be joke ๐Ÿ˜‰ Because whenever something is is just a bit harder/more difficult compared to the rest of the game there are many players who want the difficulty to get lowered (Fortuna at Release with the slightly stronger enemies regarding the level or mission types which get toned down like the excavtion i think is an example or Arbitrations without revives at Release). And now we are even complaining about the difficulty of a random totally unimportant side feature ^^
  7. Wow, so now Warframe Players even complain that there is too much challenge in petting their pets pressing x at random places ๐Ÿ˜‚ This game is definetly getting too casual^^
  8. Gotta say this is a really simple but cool idea ๐Ÿ™‚ Ive got quiet a few captura scenes (since after some time you simply have nothing else to spend that Rep on), but i didnt bother to get them all because i have no real "reason" to use captura. Not that there needs to be a reason, but this would be one. Also, since you can place those displays in Dojos aswell this would be a cool way for Dojos to have something unique.
  9. Seems like this is everything DE could come up with again... If you look at the Dev-Workshop, the Arcanes basically all say the same: "On kill: + x damage" Still, i think this will neither solve the problem, nor will it mess up the current balance.
  10. In general, this is a good idea, but what you guys provide so far is pretty lame tbh... I mean, all i read there is "on kill: + x damage". This wont help alot, because the damage output isn't the main problem of Primary/Secondary Guns. In my opinion, more creativity is needed than simply saying, you get extra damage once you kill something. Let me give an example, i made a post about it recently: Adding to this: We can easily leave the temporary aspect out of it and simply turn my suggestion into permanent arcanes btw, that aspect isnt the most important. Again, the damage-output never really was the main problem of Primary and Secondary Weapons. There is a wide spectrum of aspects which made Melee far superior over Guns, and this wont be changed by adding conditional extra damage to guns. I have no problems killing enemies even in "high" level content like Arbitrations, Sorties, Steel Path with guns. But i am too slow and too vulnerable using guns compared to Melee/Warframe Abilities.
  11. At least my experience is that i dont have a problem dealing enough damage with guns even at "higher" levels like 100. I think the numbers are fine on many guns. The problem i observed is that melee is way quicker because you dont have to aim and can hit much more enemies at the same time and i am much more vulnerable to enemy gunfire when using my guns because i move less, so squishy frames can get into trouble Thats why i think a straight up "weapon does 200% more damage" would do nothing on single target weapons because the damage output wasnt the real problem to begin with. Edit: For example, i play with Soma Prime again now, and i can get hits with 10k+ damage per bullet. this means when i solo, i have no problems killing the enemies - but as soon as i play with other players, everything is dead before i can even aim at it because they can just melee through everything mindlessly ๐Ÿ˜› thats true, those attachments do increase the dps, i just think its still different than a simple "+ x amount of damage". considering the Meta: Like with all systems, there will be a Meta at some point. I didnt mention it, but the 2 slots should be only able to holster different types of attachments, so you cannot add 2 bullet enhancements. That way, i am sure the other more utility based attachments will still find their home, if only on certain weapons. i fully agree, i am in favour of my 2nd option, so the timer runs in actual ingame mission time. That way, everyone gets the same out of each drop, no matter how frequent he or she plays.
  12. Well, i think it would be really cool if you could even see the Attachments on the weapons, but thats never gonna happen^^ But i agree, these attachments could be anything. So far i focussed on stuff which could negate the main drawbacks guns have over Melee, so: adding aoe damage (explosive bullets/split bullets) adding CC-potential and survivability while using guns (lasersight/disrupting bullets/magnetic bullets) adding other utility Melee simply doesnt offer (like enemy sensor) Regarding subforum, well i just want to see what others think and what ideas you might have ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Edit: Now that the Dev-Workshop is out - i would have no problem turning my suggestion into those Weapon Arcanes, meaning they become permanent items. I would still like it to be the way i suggested it in the first place, but thats not the most important factor of this suggestion anyway. Hey there, so there are 2 topics discussed pretty often, one recently with DE's plans to change the Melee/Gun Balance: what are sustainable rewards? (or Endgame/Evergreen, whatever you wanna call it) what are the possibilites to make guns a better choice? My idea for this are temporary Weapon Attachments with the following features: Each Primary/Secondary has 2 Slots for different attachments (compareable to Arcanes) once equipped, these attachments have a lifespan of either a) 7 days or b) 7 hours of actual ingame Mission time (numbers are random, it depends on the rarity) these attachments can modify the weapon's utility - nothing which adds damage directly (like +Damage or +Multishot etc) The Attachments can drop in ESO/Arbitrations/Railjack/Eidolons/Orbs can be bought from Vendors like Smokefinger, Father or from the Syndicates Note: I am fully aware that you might dislike the idea of items which only last for a certain time, i dont really like this for Argon Crystals for example aswell, and i would never want to have this system for the actual weapons, warframes, Archwings etc. But in this case, i think it might be a good solution, and the drops should be frequent enough + the prices from the vendors should be reasonable so that you should be able to always obtain the attachment you want to try out. I just want to give a few examples for possible attachments, since this is Warframe the possibilities are basically endless. Attachments could either do stuff which some mods can already do or add new mechanics to a weapon. explosive bullets: when a bullet hits an enemy, it deals AoE-Damage in a certain radius smart bullets: when bullets come close to an enemy (like 1 meter or something like that) they auto-target it split bullets: when enemies are close to each other, each bullet will fall apart into 2 fragments, each hitting a different enemy (damage split or full damage for each fragment?) disrupting bullets: impacts attract enemy aggro magnetic bullets: impacts create a forcefield, trapping enemies and enemy projectiles in it enemy sensor: aiming down sight will highlight enemies through walls and obstacles simaris sensor: aiming down sight will find weakspots - hitting those enhances the damage enhanced magazine: Magazine size increased healing magazine: aiming at allies will heal them (maybe only for beam weapons for example?) regenerating magazine: every 2 bullets hitting an enemy will give you 1 bullet back to the magazine lasersight: when aiming at enemies, they will be blinded (unable to move) for a few seconds scopes: aiming down sight will add a sniperscope (different magnitudes possible) grips: reducing recoil or faster holster speed Then there could be also combinations like this: Smart bullets will track enemies marked with enemy sensor and are able to fly around corners. I think this could be a cool addition which can make guns better and bring them closer to Melee (although this will not be THE change to solve all problems, i am fully aware of that). It could also give us room for experiments, certain attachments might be great on certain weapons while being useless on others. And finally, having these items in the Droptables will be something you might always need, unlike all the Rewards you only need once (i was trying to get Nautilus for example until today, the amount of useless duplicate Sevagoth and Nautilus parts i got were simply frustating, if these drops would have been weapon attachments i would have been a lot happier). An Idea i just had while typing this ๐Ÿ˜ Droptables could also change according to what you already got from them, so if you got you full set of a nontradeable weapon/warframe, these drops could be switched to weapon attachments. (ofc there should be a way to set it to default if you want to farm another set for some reason). What do you guys think? Do you have ideas for fun weapon enhancements?
  14. Well, i play this game for almost 4 years, started shortly before the release of Plains of Eidolon i think. I remember that at least since 2018 they mention "Pets 2.0" in Devstreams every now and then, but nothing really happened so far. (besides the Stasis changes and the addition of Fetch i think, but thats about it) It doesnt really matter if DE says they are working on something or if they plan to do this or that, because it can still take years until implementation, if it ever happens ๐Ÿ˜‰ The 3rd Orb for example went from: "almost bossfight complete" in 2018 to "we have a page document wirtten" in 2019 to "we got some ideas" in 2020 Just ignore their Streams and see what will actually get released.
  15. I knew i should have written that before, but ok ๐Ÿ˜„ Free Roam is just the "mission type" you chose when you go into the Open Worlds without choosing a certain activity. Or in other words, Its only called Free Roam when there is no mission type active, like bounties or bosses etc. Edit: Like, you are only roaming around without doing a certain activity ๐Ÿ˜‰
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