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  1. Hey, this is an idea for an Event which takes place in either Cetus or Fortuna itself. It has been on my mind for some time now that i would love to play in these areas and i think they could be great Tilesets both in their own unique way. Maybe you remember the "The Pyrus Project" Event in which we had to rebuild the Strata Relay in 2018. I really enjoyed fighting on the Relay itself - it was interesting and memorable getting inside to do a mission in a place you have visited many times before for different reasons like visiting NPC's, trading etc. Extra Thoughts on this aspect: Anyway, i made a rough concept about how this Event could look like. This is just an idea, and in the end i am pretty sure i would be happy about any kind of mission just for the experience. Background Story: The Grineer/Corpus want to capture/exterminate the NPC's from Cetus/Fortuna since they have been harming them for quiet some time with our help. Npc's will escape to the Orokin Tower in Cetus or some hidden ventroom in Fortuna. From there, we can start the mission. 1. when entering Cetus/Fortuna we have to make sure communication to the HQ is working 2. defend the stores from getting looted by the enemies 3. hold those points to reduce enemy spawns and push them back 4. exile all enemies back to the Plains/Orb Vallis Mission Structure: 1. Defense at the start (defend target: communication satellite) 2 minutes 30 2. Mob Def switching between the stores of the NPC's (3 times) 3. Interception on 4 randomly selected points from a huge pre-selection 4. Pushback (new gamemode) - enemies only spawn at the Gate/Elevator (in big masses) - the is a frontline which has to be pushed towards the Gate/Elevator in 5 Minutes - if we kill enough enemies, it gets closer to the gate, if we dont kill enough it goes backwards Thats it already, i think it really doesnt need to be too complicated, just some basic mission in a cool environment will be fun enough. Like mentioned in the Spoiler, i think restricing the use of our Warframe Abilities like in ESO for example could benefit the gameplay on these Tiles in a positive way. If you look at this image, just imagine the vertical gameplay which could be possible: Or defending a target placed directly in front of the tower while starting to recapture Cetus:
  2. Like my preposters said, might be a nice concept, but without content where this might be needed its a bad idea to add it. Besides that, even if we would get content which might make this somewhat necessary/desired to have, this system would turn that content into the situation we have right now again. Meaning, no challenge, because we are too strong for the enemies thrown at us, and with even more PowerRange/Efficiency etc that content might become even less challenging... Anyway, a long time ago i had an idea regarding Kuva-Forma's which i never posted: kuva forma can be applied to Weapons reduces the cost of Riven Mods of each polarity in that slot basically, an aura forma for rivens This is the only thing i can see getting added which is desirable but doesnt add more powercreep at the same time, all it does is using Rivens become more convenient since we can always exchange them without having to look out for polarities. Edit: When talking about stuff like this, it really doesnt matter what Teshin or some other character said at some point. We have to look at the gameplay and not some random lines of lore to justify some new gameplaymechanics. And if you think those randoms lines are a hint that we get really challenging content soon - sry but you are wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. While i am happy that we can finally start missions on a higher level in the future, i agree that it wont become anything which could be called "Endgame Content". Higher level is part of the formula for challenging content - afterall it makes a difference if enemies die in one hit as soon as they come closer than 50m to you or if they survive for some time (if they shall be a threat, they need to be alive ๐Ÿ˜„) Still, i would like to see something more, and both modifiers and player-restrictions can add something to the challenge. Its important though that they dont go over the top with restrictions like in the Grendel-Missions, disabling all of our abilities is just stupid and not fun. There should always be options for us and all of our grinding shouldnt be devalued by disabling everything. I posted an idea on what i would like to see coming with hard mode which combines these 3 elements: high enemy level (which continuously scales with the player progessing) modifiers which change the environment minor restrictions regarding our powers additional boss units liches can be part of that system aswell
  4. I just wanted an Custom Obstacle Course Room since i first started building which is bigger and in which i can use all decorations spawn all enemies (like in Simularum) while being able to set mission tasks and conditions and having Clanmembers being able to donate to a reward pool (just like we can donate ressources to the Clan-Vault) Nothing too fancy ๐Ÿ˜ Edit: Or let us build an actual Dojo in Orb Vallis/Plains of Eidolon which you can see from the outside and walk around and looks like an actual base, the dark basement-corridor-atmosphere can get really depressing ๐Ÿ˜„ (i know, way too much effort to realize, still this would make me happy^^)
  5. Fake! Everyone in this forum knows that Veterans dont spend a single penny in this game and that Warframe should focus exclusively on New Players to make money! Hence why there shouldnt be any Content directed at Vets/experienced Players because i could steer away the paying customers from the game.
  6. This doesnt mean anything. The distribution of players is interesting, not the amount of Clans. There can be 1000 Solo-Clans and 1 full Moon-Clan - in this case still 50% of the players are in a huge clan. Besides that, where is the source for that? Regarding OP: I had the same idea some time ago, and i would really welcome that to revitalize Clan-Life. And i really wonder why we cannot use the Decorations for the Dojo in the Custom-Obstacle Course. Just give us a really big empty room and let us both place Decorations and Enemies and set some conditions - lots of potential for interesting clan-challenges.
  7. But this basically means that we cannot have anything in Warframe which will challenge us and puts us to the test because some people might get toxic or elitest about it. While you see the negative potential, what i see is the positive impact this might have. a real challenge which includes both high enemy levels (this has to be part of the formula) combined with lots of interesting modifiers a place for everyone who is looking for a challenge where the challenge naturally grows with his successes and where you can go on and on something for clans and players who like to work together to overcome challenges Regarding the Meta, everything in Warframe has a Meta, Eidolons, ESO, Railjack and there is even a Meta for stuff which doesnt demand one because of its difficulty or something, people create and use it for efficiency reasons. If you want to farm XP on Hydron, there is a Meta, and people will get pissed and maybe leave if there Squad consists out of Limbo+Titania+Slow-Nova for example. It will massively stretch the mission time and yes, i have seen plenty of people rage on hydron because stuff like that or simply leave the squad. Toxic people can be everywhere, but those people shouldnt be a reason not to implement something or remove it from the game. Just like a Meta exists everywhere but its up to everyone personally to decide if they want to follow that Meta. Is everyone supposed to get to level 9999 in my suggested system? No. Everyone should get as far as he has fun doing it, and since there are no essential rewards no one is forced to go further than he likes to. has been exactly the same, only changed the name (and removed explanations which wont be read anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰)
  8. Ok, i changed the name now and shortened the post and removed stuff that is unimportant. I am curious, what are the points you dislike? Well, i personally thought it would be a fun twist if a Lich was able to decide to turn against you again, but i understand if people might not like it...was just an idea. I have a different idea though which could include Liches in this system. Each of the Nodes which offers this Gamemode is owned by a certain group of Liches we are farming murmurs naturally along the way the Liches will appear when we are about to hit a Milestone then, if we kill/convert them our progress also gets saved, meaning we cant drop below that level anymore since we cleared the Lich on our way to the next Milestone, the next Lich appears Edit: we could be also able to grind murmurs in normal Lich missions once a Lich is activated No, thats missing my purpose and general idea completly. People mentioned there have been several "hard modes" added to the game over the years which all lost its purpose, and with this system i tried to create something which lasts as long as the player wants to progress. Regarding the Rewards, the only exclusives are the cosmetics, and the Trophies have been an idea from the Devs. And the Glyph i mentioned should just be one that acts like this one Glyph for Operations in which the number grows the more Events you do. But if a single Glyph is already too much and makes you feel like i am only looking to get "exclusive" Rewards to feel better i really cant help it.
  9. Well , guess i change the title then ๐Ÿ˜„ I still think the term Nemesis is fitting, but i didnt start this topic to discuss the meaning of the word, so ^^ Edit: Any ideas on how to call this? ๐Ÿ˜›
  10. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/de/worterbuch/englisch/nemesis "Someones Nemesis is a person or thing that is very difficult for them to defeat" https://www.collinsdictionary.com/de/worterbuch/englisch/nemesis "The nemesis of a person or thing is a situation, event or person which causes them to be seriously harmed, especially as a punishment" The suggested Missions are just that, a thing/situation which will be difficult to beat (its gets more difficult the further you progress) while it should come as a serious threat due to raising enemy level and custom modifiers which can harm us and potentially make us fail missions (i know, crazy thing in Warframe). Each player will have his personal "Nemesis Missions", for some that might already be an Exterminate Mission with lvl 150 which he cannot beat at that time while for others it might be a surival with level 500 with disabled Hud-elements. With that come personal goals for each player to beat this Nemesis at some point.
  11. Always nice if people stop reading because of one word and their expectations towards it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nemesis is a common term even outside of the Lich system, and it simply fits my suggestion. Anyway, you cant know since you didnt read anything, but just for you i quote myself and you see there is a (small) connection to Lich-System aswell:
  12. Hey there, with yesterdays announcement of a Hard Mode for the Starchart i want to revive an idea i had a long time ago which could be a nice addition to this in my opinion. All we know so far is that DE is planning on adding another Starchart which lets you start the mission in Hard Mode (starting Level +50) and Ultra Hard Mode (starting Level +100). I will go into Detail about what the Evolving Starchart is in detail, but in general it means that the starting Level of certain Missions is variable depending on the player. The Evolving Starchart: I think having to play a Defense Mode in a completly dark environment with just a few lights like in Chains of Harrow could be both a really scary and fun thing๐Ÿ˜จ Or imagine a Lich you once converted appearing in an Exterminate before hitting your next Milestone saying "i am no longer on your side" and then you have to fight it and get the choice of killing or converting him again (without all the Murmur and Parazon Mod Stuff ofc ๐Ÿ˜„) like you are saying "you get one last chance my friend" or "i am done with you, rest in piece" What do you guys think?
  13. What kind of question is this? Obviously because neither the Devs nor the players are happy with the current situation. Lets take the Parcour system as an example for something that stays constant: Both the players and the Devs are happy with the movement system and how it currently is, so there is no reason and there are no plans to make any changes to that anymore.
  14. I feel like making a quick summary since many people replied to this ๐Ÿ˜‰ Reasons in Total: 31 People mentioned fun 22 People mentioned Grind 5 People mentioned Preparation Overall, fun is the dominant reason for people playing Railjack according to the replies. Where it gets more interesting if you look at how the reasons are interconnected: Fun was mentioned as the only reason 21/31 times in 10/31 cases it was Fun was connected with Grind, with Grind being the dominant factor Grind was mentioned as the only reason 10/22 times in 12/22 cases grind was Grind was connected with fun, in 3/22 cases Grind was connected with Preparation Preparation was only mentioned once as the only reason and was always connected with either fun, grind or both besides that Thats it so far, keep in mind i am only doing this summary for fun aswell ๐Ÿ˜‰ There might be small mistakes, and i could only work with with i got, so if someone only said "i grind for x" and didnt mention fun, this was a counted as "only plays to grind". That person might have also played it for fun, but since he didnt say it i cannot assume that fun played some sort of a role. Edit: Many people also agreed that we need more Gamemodes, and i am happy that Scott mentioned that they are planning to add more Gamemodes in yesterday's Devstream, although i am not too hyped yet because who knows how long that will take...still a good sign though.
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