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  1. That sounds like a good idea, think i am gonna try it. Thank you! ... seriously..? If i would care for likes or stuff like that i would have stopped posting anything in that topic half a year ago and instead exclusively post nonsense in General Discussion like many others do with huge success πŸ˜‰. Never heard of this WYSIWYG tbh 😁 Thanks for the explanation though.. i am still gonna try it, if it looks stupid i will remove it again.
  2. Hello, i just want to know if there is a way to change the font-size in this forum? I think i have seen it a few times, but i cant find any button for this and the usual commands dont seem to work. This would be interesting for me since i have one big topic about the OpenWorlds in which i gather ideas and concepts since ~ a year now. Although i am using all the tools available (bold/underline/font colours/spoilers/quotes) i have the feeling it could be arranged a bit better. It would be nice to have at least the Headlines in a different size. Edit: Btw, simply creating a new topic each time isnt too much of an option since sometimes one idea is building up on other ideas, so its nice to have everything in one place imo. In case you wanna have a quick look, this is the topic i am talking about: Maybe you have other ideas (or even think it doesnt need more structure?) I am thankful for any reply! πŸ™‚
  3. There is another thing that gets really annoying with this new system: i do use a lot of aimgliding (like many others i guess^^) in any mission with items you have to pickup (Excavation, Kuva-Survival, Mobile Defense) the new system makes you instantly drop those pickups when aimgliding because this makes you switch to your primary again (there might be weird work-arounds like always making sure you switch to your secondary (if you have one equipped!) before picking something up, but this really shouldnt be the solution. if you dont pay attention, you might not even notice it until you reach the next terminal for example and be like "didnt i pick this up?...ah its there 500m away from me" πŸ˜‘ I just hope they really work towards finishing the new Melee system. While there are nice additions (directed slam-attack for example), the whole system doesnt feel polished yet and shouldnt stay in this state for too long. Damage 3.0 at least got canceled completly instead of getting released in an unfinished state.
  4. Dunno...i mean in the Devstream in which they first mentioned the EidolonEphemera they talked about that there should be some sort of task related to Eidolons (either lots of captures or a very specific way of capturing them)....and now its a Nightwave reward. I understand that Gear like (Prime)Frames and Weapons or Mods or stuff like that is locked behind RNG, and thats somewhat ok for me in a F2P-Game. But imo it would be really nice if cosmetics like this would be tied to some sort of task that is related to it. That way, when i see someone wearing it i think "ok that person mastered Eidolons" or "that person did really well in ESO" instead of "ok maybe he got lucky the first time he ran a mission - or he ran it 200 times, who knows and who cares its all about luck anyways". Just like with the Badges you can get for Animal-Conservation - if someone wears it i know that this person dedicated himself to get it. On the other hand, i dont like conservation and i will never get that badge - and that is totally fine!
  5. Hey there, after the recent PlagueStar-Event, i want to make a Suggestion that is related to Point 2 - Variation. There is nothing wrong with Plague-Star in general besides one thing - after you have grinded it the first time, it gets pretty boring because you are doing it alot. I only played it alot the first time, the 2nd and 3rd time i only did like 2 or 3 runs each (its the same for many of my clan members aswell). So, what is my suggestion? I mentioned the possibility of already existing Grineer-Bosses appearing on the Plains (and Corpus-Bosses on Orb Vallis) in Point 2 - Variation. Instead of always fighting against the Hemocyte when Plague Star returns, there could be different bosses we have to fight. General: the "Operational Supply" Syndicate will be the Headline all these different bosses are connected to this means, no matter which boss will appear on the Plains, the Rewards offered by Nakak will be the same (slight variations might be possible ofc) frequency of the Event happening should be a little higher (which should be a good thing since there are always many requests to return the Event because of the exclusive rewards like the Arcanes and Zaw-Parts) - so every 2 months for example (when there are different bosses, the Hemocyte will keep is current cicle more or less the structure remains the same - a multi-stage bounty leads to the bossfight at the end Possible Boss - Councilor Vay Hek: Vay Hek already plays an important role on the Plains (he talks to us in the PlagueStar-Event and the GhoulPurge-Event) and besides that, i think he could be a really fun boss on the Plains of Eidolon without many changes (Councilor Vay Hek on Earth-Oro already has multiple stages and a high mobility) while i dont think changes to his mechanics are needed, it might be both necessary and cool if his size and HP gets increased while we are doing the bounty tasks, he will appear multiple times just like in the Star-Chart Version before the real bossfight because he is related to the Ghouls, instead of going against infested we are fighting against Ghouls The Grustrag-Three, (which are also related to Vay Hek) might appear in the caves when we have to get something like the Thrax Toxin to make this stage more interesting the bounty will include some of the regular tasks, but i think 1 mission-type i suggested would work really well with this, namely Recovery. The description can be found in my first post alongside other mission-type suggestions, but i will put the description for this mission in the Spoiler below: Thats basically it - i still think adding variety is one of the most important things to keep Warframe interesting and fun. Since most of the Events/Syndicates require us to run a certain mission a lot, i am 100% sure many players would welcome this. Just one example: If you want to get only the 2 Zaw-Arcanes from Plague Star you need 5000*10*2=100k standing. with a possible maximum of 3k per run, this means we have to do 34 runs just to get those (ranking up, buying BP's for the Catalyst/Phylaxis not included). Dont get me wrong - i think its totally fine that we have to do some work to get an item like this to max rank and i dont want to change this at all - but i want to suggest to change the process itself and make it more fun πŸ™‚
  6. Ok, now i am confused - have you become the troll now? πŸ˜„ I mean, you call the current tasks "chores" and say that you "instantly log off" after you are finally done with it but at the same time you say that you prefer them over something else? I only made four examples and there might be better ones -but there are many possibilities which, to quote myself are "hopefully fun to do and leave room for experiments" Yes, if you only add like 10 of those it gets repetitive, but you can make 100's of tasks like that - they just have to get creative. Again, i explicitly said they shouldn't replace all "grindy" tasks with tasks like that - a good mix of both would make this a lot more entertaining imo. You can call my examples "gimmicky", but at least for once, Nora's total cring line "Ladies. And. Gentlemen. Listeners of all ages. I present to you. Walking amongst us. The once. And future. Bad. Ass." maybe would fit at least a little bit because we actually did something that makes it worth calling us a Badass....(its still cringy though) πŸ˜… Do you really prefer "guild a modular weapon" for example over this task i mentioned? My task at least makes us do something that fits the space-ninja aspect of the game and leaves up many different ways to do it, we can get creative to solve this task...maybe i try Zephyr to get up high - or i Void Dash into the sky before smashing down - or i get into the Archwing to spot my target - maybe i try it in the very tall elevator rooms of the Uranus-Tileset - who knows what else is possible, this is just what came to my mind in a few seconds thinking about it. And the feeling after killing an enemy after succesfully aiming at him and dropping down for 150m is probably really satisfying. Thats what i am aiming for with my examples - tasks that instead of making you think "finally i am done with this *** and can log out again to do something fun" make you think "whoa, that was cool, i am curious what tasks will come next week, cant wait to do them!".
  7. Regarding Season 2, i just hope they take some of the feedback they asked for and got in the Dev-Workshop. Lots of people made great suggestions for tasks that can be actually fun and interesting, and if thats the case i guess many players wouldnt even complain about how much they have to do if the tasks itself are actually worth doing both for fun and the rewards. I was honestly surprised to see this "use a Forma 3x" task again after that was one of the most mentioned "plz remove this" tasks in their feedback topic (and others like "guild a modular weapon"). The Riventask they added this time (extermination without getting noticed) is a step in the right direction, and i hope they add more like this and remove more of the tedious tasks. There is so much fun to be had, so make funny tasks instead of annoying tedious ones no one really wants to do.... these are some examples i suggested: short tasks, hopefully fun to do, room for experiments... Edit: just for clarification, not all tasks should be like this, some of the "grindy" tasks like opening relics, killing enemies etc are ok and are things you would do anyway, but many others are simply uninspired, boring and annoying, and thats why people complain i guess. Geyser Glide: Kill one/two/three enemies while aimgliding after getting lifted into the air by the Geyser on the Plains of Eidolon Death from Above: Perform a Kill with a Ground-slam-attack from a height of at least 50m/100m/150m FreeFall: Kill one enemy with any Warframe-ability while in the air after leaving your Archwing/K-Drive before hitting the ground ο»Ώ Crash Through: Ragdoll an enemy into the ocean/into a lake (from at least x meters away)
  8. This sounds really fun, like my pre-poster i want it now! πŸ˜„ Bullet Magnet and Crush Field sound at least interesting too, but Shatter Pull doesnt really fit Mag's Theme imo and i dont think i'd want to use a Modslot for that.
  9. Everyone only points out how bad the experience of Eidolon Hunting is with random Teammates in this Thread... I think this is missing out an important factor - Eidolon Hunting is probably the only activity that needs some sort of coordination and Teamplay if you wanna perform well. It might be true that this exact thing makes the experience bad in Public, but at the same time it makes it a lot more fun with Clanmates/Friends. Just yesterday i did a run with Clanmates again after a long time, and we enjoyed it because we actually had to communicate a bit. We didnt do great (1 Member of the group even went to the phone for the entire run πŸ˜„), but it was fun again. I can only talk for me, but i would prefer doing something Eidolon-Related to get the Ephemera for 2 reasons: i can still use the Focus/Arcanes and everything you get from them (although i got a lot already) if played with friends, its a lot more fun for me than most of the boring tasks from Nightwave
  10. I might have got carried away a little to the end of the first half, but my level of seriousness went up to at least 2.7 when i talked about the rewards...i mean, how can DESATURATION count as a proper reward for anything? πŸ€” I would have been totally fine with an oversaturated colour palette though, that would be a great reward i must admit... Edit: Anyway, i am going to bed now, i wish you all a good Night(wave)....omg πŸ™„
  11. Seriously, i was playing for half an hour already and i feel so pressured to do it all, i cant take it anymore. The rare gems are soo god damn rare and fishes spawn inside of rocks - i tried drilling myself to them with Ripkas+Riven+Amalgan Mod but it didnt work! I dont even wanna start with all those bugs - i wasted 3 formas on weapons in the simularum just to notice it doesnt work...fix it! And do you seriously expect me to spend 20 platin for a good looking glyph i can deploy just so people dont laugh about the standard glyphs i own!?! Come on, crack 10 relics? 10??? how am i supposed to farm all of those in 1 week AND open them? thats ridiculous - i have a life besides Warframe -_- Using an Emote should be an Elite Weekly, its pretty difficult to: hold q - press the right mouse button at the same time - select the emote that fits the situation - release the buttons... Just to find out that the colourpalette is just a downgrade of the Classic Colour Palette. And the so called Rift Sigil is a straight up ripoff from the Scars of Arbitrations Sigil... If you feel burnt out just like me, use this topic and tell us what bothers you, General Discussion always has an Open Ear for you!
  12. We are talking about an Ephemera here..."new players" probably dont even know that this form of cosmetic exists in the game. I wanna see the player who leaves the game because he cant get this Ephemera that is related to Eidolons from Eidolons. But then again, thousands, if not millions of new players already left the game because they couldnt get the Articula from the Eidolons, so you are probably right πŸ˜€ Btw: i dont really care about this, but OP is right when he says that it would be a lot more logical and flavourful if we would get cosmetics that are clearly related to something from that exact activity (when they first teased us with it, they said in a Devstream it will be related to Eidolon Captures)
  13. Iam not that stupid to think that DE will just use every nice idea somebody presents in a Video and throw all of their own ideas out of the window just because it got a few likes. πŸ˜‰ But at least they have an eye on what they post. Thats why i would like to see Youtubers put a spotlight on good ideas - yes, DE will probably still ignore most of those ideas and simply do what they are working on and thats ok of course, but just every now and then they might notice something they never thought about and implement some of the ideas/requests from the community.
  14. Have you seen some of the Warframe Concepts made by players? There are many really well thought out concepts for Frames i would really love to play, but instead we often get Warframes that feel a little uninspired with copy+paste abilities from DE (ofc this is up to each players taste) DE has limited time and is a small studio - so why not takes some of those awesome concepts other people took their time to create?
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