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  1. Well, i never asked for a Khora nerfed, but i think if everyone is honest to themselves, everyone can see that something had to be done. I didnt check her out after the Nerf (and i probably wont because i dont enjoy her kit anyway) so i dont want to judge if the change was good (probably not^^). In the last 2 weeks i did some endless runs on the Steel Path, i was looking forward to do that because i enjoy long runs and i didnt do it before because i took my time with the Steel Path. Now let me name 2 problems with Khora: (community) forcing a Meta: I cou
  2. You are right, i had people in my clan who did Jordas Raid with only 2 or 3 people. But i dont think its necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it was good to have "backup-people" so new players could learn the (slightly more difficult) mechanics compared to the rest of the game without the ultimate pressure of "if you mess this up now, the whole clan will flame you" 😛 Still, in some parts this wasnt really needed of course. I cannot agree with attitude that just because they messed something up once, they should never even try something like that again. They shouldnt just
  3. Just wanted to mention that i had to smile about your wording, calling it a little request 😄 I mean, the last real Quest we were supposed to get (The New War) is already close to being 1 year late now. And that Quest got delayed multiple times even before the last official Release Date, and then the few parts which were ready even got split up into more little parts 😉 It would be really cool to get a Quest about the past, but most likely it will never happen. Another problem would be the gameplay: Who are we even playing in that Quest? What would the Miss
  4. I know they do this to some extent (like the upcoming Status Changes), but if you actually read what i wrote you might see that my point is that they should now use the time to work out some fundemental problems which have always been ignored, like Droptables for example. Because on thing is for certain, they have never really addressed it so far, and once everything goes back to normal the Warframe Developement will do the same (meaning the common formula of Prime Releases, one "big Release" and many small cosmetic additions and stuff like more weapons with the occassional unfinished revisit
  5. I guess you all at least once stumbled over a discussion which was about "new Content vs. Reworks", and this topic might sound familiar regarding this. You might be tired of this discussion, and you probably have your opinion already, but maybe you can put that aside for a moment. Since the Pandemic gets named as the reason why many projects can't really progress at the moment (think of it what you want), i think DE should focus a lot more on working on stuff they can do without major problems during this time. They might already do this a bit, but imo there would be nothing w
  6. I had the same thing in mind some time ago, but i would go even further, so you could search/filter basically for everything. We got used having to use the wiki or other internet sources if we wanna know anything about the game, but in a game with thousands of different weapons/rewards/enemies/ressources/relics/etc it would be great if we could search for it in a easy way. ( i know there is the codex, but you have to do the investigation first before you get the information, so this isnt helpful from the start) So give us a search on the right where we ca
  7. Many players see (rightfully) a lot of potential in Warframe, but i think the problem is that at the same time they get hyped too much about what something could become. Just look at all the recent Updates, Open Worlds, Railjack, Liches, ESO, Arbitrations, Quests - or like now, the MR30 Update. Everything has potential, and often it has been also DE fault for making promises they simply cant deliver, but some people mistake their ideas of what something should become with what the Devs actually want, and then they are disappointed if Update X turns out to be different or
  8. Bosses with weakspots where it is about aiming and timing attacks from enemies with clear visibility and/or audio indicators which make us use the parcour system more more enemies which are immune to either Damage or CC abilites (but not like in Arbitrations where Drones make them completly immune to everything). The Disruption Bosses are a good example imo. These would be my main 3 points, and if those things will ever make it into the game, i think these 2 things could also make sense: improvements to the AI nerfs to a certain extent But current
  9. I remember that when Plague-Star returned it was announced with these words in a Stream by Rebecca: "Plague Star is coming back, so you can finally grind for those precious Forma again" So yeah, they know exactly why its "popular", people just want the Forma. Who in the right mind would believe that people run the same repetitive mission hundreds of times for other reasons like the gameplay? Its fun for a few runs, and then its just a boring grind you might do because the reward seems worth it.
  10. The fact that people only use it as a quick XP-Farm for weapons is 100% DE's fault. When it was released people gave a lot of Feedback on how to improve the Gamemode and make it worthwhile, but DE decided its good the way it is. Its a shame they didnt do more with it, because this could have easily become a great endless Dungeon-type Gamemode. But they never addressed the main 2 problems: efficiency-drain gets ridiculous Reward Rotation goes back to A after Zone 8 Besides that, there have been lots of suggestions on how to make it more interesting,
  11. You are not getting better Rewards, you are getting more. There is nothing forcing you to do it, there would be nothing exclusive you can only get from Steel Path Fissures. By this logic you are already forced to: play normal fissures over every other mission since there are those 25%/50%/75% Boosters on Affinity, Loot and Credits you are already forced to buy a Booster of everything as soon as one runs out you are forced to run a Smeeta because of the Buff I had a similiar idea a long time ago, i was requesting High-Lvl Fissures when Steel Path wa
  12. Just a little thing for the Steel Path Bounties on all 3 Open Worlds: I think the rarest Reward should be Steel Essence. Maybe there could be slight variations for the other Rewards aswell, but this would be a welcome change already. Other "Essence-Farms" would still be a lot more effective, but at least you have a slightly bigger chance on it in Bounties aswell.
  13. I really dont wanna break your enthusiasm, but all Squadlink will ever be is what we had with Scarlet Spear. If there is one thing that i've learned about Warframe in the past years is this: dont dream about the potential and what Warframe might become, because most likely, it wont once DE has released something, thats it. There will not be any big changes to it, all you can expect are bugfixes and adjustments to numbers If you like what Warframe has to offer, go ahead and enjoy it, i wont try to convince you how bad the game is like some other forum users do
  14. I have to admit, i didnt do the whole math myself to check it 😉 But the tendency of your calculation is definetly accurate, so thanks for adding some numbers to it 👍
  15. I do understand the problem, but the idea of a solution Scott provided was nothing but a knee-jerk reaction. Especially in his position, as a leading designer of a game running for several years, he should be able to see the things more differentiated. Reagrding the Simularum, the Team of DE recognized what the actual problem was and provided a decent solution. People went to the Simuralum to quickly check if the builds are good against high level enemies. The Problem: outisde of the Simularum, there were no missions available to directly face high level
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