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  1. DreisterDino

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    and finally: Seriously, i usually try to simply ignore posts like this, but because you keep posting stuff like this every 2 or 3 pages i like to respond: 1st: You continually make posts that say "look everybody is insulting each other and everyone is salty". i didnt check the whole topic again but i checked the last 3 pages again between your 2 latest posts, and i didnt see anyone insulting another person, and no one is really salty either. People are just posting their opinions, and people argue about stuff, but even the people who disagree are in 90% of the cases not insulting each other. And this goes for the whole thread, which i followed the whole time. 2nd: You might think you are clever now by countering point 1 with the "argument" - "i said veiled insults"....again, 90% of the people discussing here are not even using this kind of insult. But you know whats funny? You use veiled insults if you post stuff like "logic, in this thread?" which basically tries to make us all look stupid, salty and irrational. 3rd: you complain about the lenght of this topic, while making posts that add absolutly NOTHING to the discussion, on any of both sides. So, what are you actually doing here? What is your agenda? Do you have any? Or do you simply dont like people talking about challenge? I see a few possibilites: 1st: You are only fishing for some cheap likes, whatever the reason might be for that 2nd: You are simply trolling and try to enrage people 3rd: You want to get this thread closed although there is no real reason for that yet. To achieve that, you try to make it look like everyone is just insulting and screaming at each other, while that is not the case at all. 4th: You fear any kind of challenging content and therefore try as hard as you can to shut everybody up who even dares to use that word. 5th: You try to produce counter-reactions that are on the same level as your posts. You hope that we get angry and feel attacked and start to attack you back using insults or simply starting to post spammy stuff thats not helping the discussion at all so that you can finally say "see, i was right, lets close this thread". But since this doesnt happen at all, you try again and again and again. So that has been it with my little "Divinity Exposed" 😀 Seriously, if you guys have something to add to the discussion, do it. But if you dont have anything, and on top of it are annoyed by the discussion, why are you even clicking on it again and again and also feed it and keep it alive with posts like the quoted ones? You ask for logic divinity, where is the logic here? 😛 I think ill go back to ignoring your posts now, but i really wanted to say something now. You wanted a reaction, have fun with this one^^
  2. DreisterDino

    A Response to DE Scott on Riven Stat-locking

    lol what? you think you can still sell Rivens for thousands of plat if everyone has better chances of getting the desired stats on his own? Anyway, i am neither for, not against stat locking on rivens. But i think there are plenty of ways of making the process of rolling rivens much more enjoyable for everyone and rewarding in the end. And saying that "RNG keeps the game balanced" is simply wrong. You could go as far as "RNG on Riven rolling makes Warframe as a game unbalanced", because the result is that the power of players vastly differs depending on Rivens.
  3. DreisterDino

    A Response to DE Scott on Riven Stat-locking

    The only problem is...it doesnt. This rivens still exist, and considering how many people play and roll rivens, its a lot of them. The only thing this achieves is that lots of people are frustated while others can make lots of plat with this frustation. If you want to balance it while allowing stat-locking and reduce the frustation, there are several ways: - reduce the possible highest values you can get. - remove DMG/MS completly from the possible values (might be really unpopular, but we could still go for great RIvens) - make them utility based only: No DMG-pushing stats at all, but with stat-locking, we can create great utility mods with stats like reloadspeed, projectile flight speed, magazine size, firerate/attackspeed, combo duration and all the stuff we probably would never waste 1 modslot for - but if 1 mod gives you a lot of those benefits, we might use it. I am using some of those mods anyway because we dont need all the dmg even without rivens, so making a weapon more fun to use with stats we wouldnt use otherwise might be nice. Edit: And what many people forget, even Riven with this "useless" stats are a boost for damage - because it frees up modslots where we can put more elemental mods in for example. If my MeleeRiven got +ComboDuration, i dont have to use the Mods that offer that Stat usually, so i can use another dmg-mod.
  4. DreisterDino


    he ment the forum search... Btw, you can blaim the players partially for using ESO that way, but its also a design flaw. So, DE created this gamemode in a way that it is practically the logic consequence that people use it as a cheap way of leveling. Edit: I said this a few times whenever someone asks for punishments/restrictions in certain gamemodes because of leechers. People leeching is just a consequence of the gamedesign (passive XP, too annoying RNG in case of Khora for example, really high amounts of required ressources for something combined with weird mechanics in case of fishes that only spawn in a 4 mintues time window which is then combined with kinda boring gameplay that doesnt encourages the player to actually play it for fun, not only for rewards) Yes, there will be always some people leeching, but if bounty tasks are really fun, if ESO is not just a fight against efficiency with nukeframes and so on, i am sure that more people would chose to actually play the mission and not just stand there and leech because they dont wanna do it at all and just have to do it because of the rewards.
  5. DreisterDino

    Why are there so many adults here

    You opened way better troll topics mate, try again 😉
  6. DreisterDino

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    Indeed, in case of arbitrations, the ideas are great, but they fear to go all in for some reason. Maybe i am wrong, but i thought that in the first stream they have showed that gamemode, the starting lvl was 80/90? Again, they have good ideas, but then they try to make it work for everybody and "tweak" stuff here and there. What is the result? Both groups are unhappy with it: - one group is complaining that drones are annoying, there should be revives in it and so on - the other group is complaining about what you mentioned, slower scaling, lower starting level. Indeed, its not going to work out if both new players and older players have to play the exact same content and both groups shall be pleased in the same place. DE kinda acknowledged this fact in Onslaught where they intodruced 2 versions of it, normal and elite. And they could, or rather should do the same with Bounties in Fortuna, Arbitrations, Starchart...that way it might be possible to please both groups.
  7. DreisterDino

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    Only because it took you several years to become "endgame viable" doesnt mean it takes that long for everyone 😀
  8. nah, i am not asking for dedicated servers. I simply linked it because OP asked "is there something they can do?", and this question has been discussed over 3 pages in that topic. I wrote this in that topic for example. Index host migrations fail 100% of the time for me leading to bugs, while other gamemodes dont bug at all. And this observation makes me believe that it is indeed a coding issue and can be solved and that you cannot only blame the players for failed hostmigrations.
  9. I think i only had an issue 1 time with hostmigration on the plains/OrbVallis, while in other Gamemodes its failing most of the time. This alone should be enough of a prove that this issue can be solved if DE really tries to. Edit: to explain this: if it would be a problem on the side of the player, the same players should experience the same bugs in more or less all gamemodes, but since a few gamemodes tend to bug way more than others, this might be a hint that there is a coding issue there. Ill just link my topic from some time ago, you are not the first to ask this question 😉
  10. DreisterDino

    Which Enemy Is the most annoying in Fortuna?

    DE. They do a way better job at making me want to leave that place than any of the Corpus units could ever do 😀
  11. You have some posts on your account already, so i guess you have read a bit in the forum^^ The ones that are looking for a challenge are constantly called "salty Vets" and "a loud minority". And i notice this aswell playing with the people i play regulary with. Most prefer the easy and fastest way to do something. Yes, there are people in the forums that want a challenge, but we get shouted down (with sometimes stupid assumptions) If we are really that many and my assumption is false - that would be awesome! But we should make more posts then and show everyone that we are not just a loud minority. Sadly most topics that suggest anything of value in the feedback section get completly ignored, and in general discussion etc it gets shutted down and flooded with "arguments" why any kind of challenge doesnt belong in Warframe.
  12. It would be nice if this is gonna happen. Or at any other place in the game, like Fortuna bountys, just an option to chose your difficulty. Suggested this in the Feedback section there after the nerfs:
  13. DreisterDino

    Why so many people are AFK in fortuna?

    Why so many players are afk? Because they can. Missions are so easy that even if only 1 player actually does them, he has to try to fail them. You still get rewarded even if you are semi-afk or move your frame 1 step forward every minute. We have a passive XP-system that rewards doing nothing.
  14. I completly agree with this. I would go as far as saying that it doesnt have to be super difficult in Warframe, it would be enough if sometimes players have to either communicate a bit or simply pay attention to what other players do to succesfully make it through a mission. Because right now, in every mission, you barely can fail even if all players are completly ignoring everything the other people do. One would think so, but seeing the 100 threads about leeching players each month, this might actually not be true. Again, one might think so, but i had to learn that it seems like the majority of the community doesnt want any kind of challenge. Only a few players look for a decent amount of challenge. Most are somehow happy with semi-afk farming, even if the exact same people are bored by the game and dont play it as soon as there is nothing to farm for anymore. And tbh, this evening i have lost all faith that DE might implement something challenging. They reduced the excavator number in a 4 player bounty from 5 down to 3. Just...why????? Has this been already too hard to manage? Has this really been too much for the players to handle? 5 excavators close to each other while we are having all kinds off cc frames and dmg dealers? - First we have strong enemies, then every enemy gets nerfed on Fortuna. - then we get back a few stronger enemies - then the missions become more easy to do - this is just a back and forth we little tweaks here and there that change absolutly nothing at the end of the day Lastly, i guess maybe 5 people read this, because people in the forums seem to enjoy flaming each other in general discussion way more than talking about actual ideas.
  15. DreisterDino

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    Well, are we going to make everything more easy and boring now slowly? So did people actually complain about it or was DE just afraid they might demand too much from us players? I liked it with 5, didnt see any problem with it, havent seen 1 excavator die in many many bounties.... But serious question without bad intentions or so, are there any people here who really disliked it with 5 excavators?