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  1. And dont forget to bring your topic back to the frontpage with a meaningless reply before it gets archived after it got completly forgotten to maybe get a few more likes! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Dunno...i think the people that already have enough of everything dont really care if they get double the amount of something they dont need ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe its just me but yeah, i wouldnt call that a solution to Content Droughts..
  3. +1 I think this addition alone would satisfy a lot of people... Imo DE is overthinking the whole challenge-debate - and then we end up with stuff like Arbitration Drones which many people dislike. I would be so happy if there would be High-Level-Fissure Missions for example, each starting at level 100 or in steps 60/70/80/90 for Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi. Currently its just "wanna open a lith relic? ok fine, go fight lvl 10 enemies that havent even been a threat when you started the game" At least i wouldnt have to stay in a mission for an hour to get to the desired enemy-level, i could simply start where i want to be at.
  4. Well, they already showed that they are aware of this in the first Devstream of this year, i think they even wrote the word challenge on the whiteboard. And they probably have done this in the past aswell, still no actions have been taken so far... The one thing they have in mind for challenge are the kuva-liches right now, and tbh i dont think it will solve the problem. Its just another system on top of tons of other systems, and you probably can ignore it if you want to. At the same time, our weapons will get another modslot soon (not a bad thing though), the "general balance" of the game remains untouched and "hard" design decisions like Damage 3.0 simply got scrapped because there could have been a huge outcry from the community... Note: I dont want to judge whether the whole kuva-lich system will be good or not, but i am sure it wont change huge parts of the game. Again, it will be another system on top of what we have, but the (mostly unbalanced) foundation remains the same.
  5. You cant only blame the players for this behaviour, you should also blame DE. We should ask the question "why do people leech instead of actually playing the game?". There are several answers to this ofc, and in few cases the leecher might just be a lazy person how likes to get stuff without actually doing anything for this. But in most cases the answer is probably one of the following...people are leeching because: bounties are just goddamn repetitive and get boring really quick (uncreative tasks, most bounties are more or less the same) people have to do bounties although they dont want to (Nightwave) you have to grind such a huge amount of standing and ressources for everything which means most players have to run bounties a lot more than they actually want to low drop chances on certain items make you play (certain) bounties again and again although you dont enjoy it I promise you, if Bounties would be more fun and divers, and/or if the grind would be a little less annoying there would be much less leechers in the game. Btw: i know there have been slight improvements to the grind in the OpenWorlds and i am not saying that perfect game design can get rid of all leechers Still.. When a game is simply fun, interesting and enjoyable, people will play it instead of tabbing out, doing something else and leech.
  6. Hey, in recent Devstreams you have said that you noticed the whole challenge/endgame discussion and are thinking about ways to provide higher level content. I really appreciate that and i want to make a suggestion and ask how likely it is that we will see something like this. A more complex idea would be a Nemesis-Starchart which could provide basically endless progression for each player.
  7. I agree with the following 2 points: right now the Outposts are wasted potential with mechanics barely anybody knows or uses - they should be used for something awesome The OpenWorlds are a good spot to implement new and different Raids which focus more on the core mechanics of Warframe In general, i like your idea aswell although there are many details i might disagree with...but again, in general this idea is great and i posted a similiar one in my topic: Lets hope someday DE reads this and agrees that i would be a cool thing to have in Warframe ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. Thanks man, i would be happy aswell if they implement just a few of those ideas... Imo the most important thing is adding Bounty-Variation, but making the Outposts more meaningful could really boost the OpenWorlds imo. Anyway, i still need to post my idea for a "Endgame"-Thumper Boss, but its not ready to post yet^^
  9. Kinda funny that you can say these 2 things in one sentence - that i am not playing him right and also that he is bad ๐Ÿ˜› Just fyi, i am pretty much solely playing for fun at this point, i have mostly everything and even when there is something new to get i always take my time to explore new gamemodes for example and farm stuff in a relaxed way - not the HardcoreGrinding some other people do where everything is about efficiency. You see, this is what i was trying to say - he is not fun for me, my problem with him is not that he is not the most efficient or something. Anyway, let me make one example which would change probably everything for me. Make charging the battery solely needed for his ultimate - give is other abilities a default perfomance which never changes. My idea for his 4th ability would be this: when you cast your ultimate Gauss will transform into a lightning bolt (or simply goes into some overdrive mode) you have to aim at an enemy and left click to perform an attack after that, you can jump from enemy to enemy until your battery is empty to jump to the next enemy - you have to aim at the next one while performing your attack and left click again (huge range and speed) If you dont kill the enemy, it gets staggered for a certain period of time an addition which would add some skill but could make the ultimate really interesting and devastating could be this: after left clicking, you get an UI like we have while fishing or mining you have to click again at the perfect spot the better you time your attack, the higher the damage and smaller your battery-drain is maybe even guarenteed lethal on perfect timing? (should be hard to do then ofc) His general playstyle wouldnt change much with this - you are still encouraged to move a lot and cast abilities. But you only do it to charge your ultimate - and you can master his ultimate to keep it going much longer and make it stonger.
  10. Again, i know Gauss can be really tanky, and i also know that i dont need to try to be on 100% beyond Redline all the time, that would be insanly annoying ๐Ÿ˜„ I am not saying he is bad - you can make everything work but it feels stressful to do so. I guess what @kyori wrote combined with @trst 2nd paragraph is my problem with him: Lots of micromanagement - still a little worse than other frames in most departments despite doing all this micromanagement
  11. Hey there, so i tested Gauss this weekend, and somehow this Frame is really not enjoyable for me, and its a little hard for me to say why. Yes, his 1st ability makes him really fast which might make him a viable pick in mission like Rescue in which you dont really care for any other Warframe-Abilities. And his 2nd ability is the obigatory Damage-Reduction Ability which for some reason "every" Frame needs nowadays - but this doesnt add anything interesting to the Frame gameplaywise. I am aware of the fact that he can be really tanky aswell...still: I dont know if you understand what i mean when i say he is "stressful to play while feeling like i dont really do anything". The battery-mechanic is probably the reason why it feels stressful for me, it forces you to constantly move or spam abilities while having one eye on the meter. And now comes the part the baffles me, while constantly doing all kinds of actions, it feels like the impact is really low. His 3rd ability is a decent CC-Ability, but i would never pick Gauss for his CC, and if i want CC there are tons of better alternatives (yes, even Vauban imo) While his 4th ability buffs all his other abilities, i kinda wonder "why do all this just to get his abilities to a level which most other Warframe's abilites have by default?" I just wanna say that in general i like it when Frames use new mechanics which add to the usual 4-Abilities-Toolkit. But in this case, the new mechanic doesnt make the frame more fun to play for me. Ps: I also got Wisp this Weekend (i know, i am late ๐Ÿ˜„), and she is the complete opposite. All of her abilities feel like they are useful and always have an impact on the game while being fun to use. When i cast her abilities, i do it because i want to or because the situation demands it, not because the design of the frames "forces" me to cast them. And she is also really fast with the Haste-Reservoir, but in a much more useful way imo since i can control the movement a lot better. How do you feel about this?
  12. had the same idea aswell^^ so yes, i would like to see something like this ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. To be honest, i wouldnt like something like "only Melee Damage", that might be too specific. But i would highly welcome something like "only Weapon Damage" on certain enemies. i would suggest adding 2 new types of enemies to the game or convert some existing ones: enemies that are vulnerable to Damage-Abilities but are immune to CC-Abilities enemies that are immune to Damage-Abilities but can be targeted by CC-Abilities For the most part, i would suggest that the weaker enemies are the ones that are vulnerable to Damage-Abilities while the stronger enemies are the ones that can be CC'dd. My idea behind this was that in any mission, both types of Warframes can be useful because there will never be a situation in which A Nuke-Frame can simply kill everything. At the same time, you cannot completly shut down a whole map with just one ability. This might sound like a huge nerf, but A Mesa for example will still clear huge Mobs of enemies in seconds like she does now, the difference is that there will be some strong enemies left other players have to take care of. CC-Frames are considered useless anyway for the most part, so this can only be seen as a buff i would say.
  14. no i wont because you just repeated what i have written: " that no one cares for the gamemode rewardwise" ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. That will be completly gamebreaking unless you wanted to type "+0.20 Sprint Speed" ... sry couldnt help it ๐Ÿ˜‰ But yeah, i agree that minor temporary buffs like that would be way better than the umbra-gimmick. Besides that, its simply wrong that "nobody ever says what kind of content/rewards he actually wants". Either DE doesnt want to listen to what players want like more kuva for example, or simply something valuable like axi-relics in Disruption (i mean seriously, with that reward pool at the moment, it should be clear for everyone who knows Warframe that no one cares for the gamemode rewardwise). Or on the other hand, serious suggestions will get ignored in this forum because its too much to read (guess what, a good suggestion needs more than a few lines)... Edit: just take a look on what kind of topics generate tons of answers in general discussion for example...the most trashy topics will always generate the most answers (Anasa complaints, Battle royale request, i quit warframe topics and so on and on).
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