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  1. I hate this efficiency mentality personally, and i really wonder why so many people fall for it or if Warframe really is just a game to attract that kind of players. For example people will tell you that in Railjack the Void Hole tactic will be the "best" and that you have to play that way if you want to be efficient. I dont even care that the Mod didnt drop for me yet because i know that i will find that playstyle boring, when i play Railjack i enjoy using my guns and maneuvering around the most, so why should i switch to a playstyle which will kill all my enjoyment for the gamemode? Still some people will do exactly that because they themselves or others pressure them to be efficient. Besides that, i think it makes it harder for the Devs to decide whether something really needs improvements or not because they will look at raw statistics too when debating this. There might be people all over the place complaining about how annoying the Murmur-Grind is, but if statistics show that most of the players spend a lot of time playing it, is there really a need to change something? Why are people spending so much time with something they say they dont like? (we know the answer, but still...)
  2. While i was looking forward to these missions, i was kinda disappointed. They could have been a fun challenge, but the fact that DE decided to remove all our powers at the same time makes it annoying. If the Devs had chosen to disable just a few select mechanics, these missions could have provided a new interesting way to play Warframe. Just one example: Modding frames and weapons not allowed operator disabled Gear Wheel allowed This change alone would allow some different strategies like spawning lots of specters to help you out (and this time you really need them) or restoring energy/ammo to cast your abilities more often and make at least some use of it while they are weaker. (in different missions the type of gear we can use might differ aswell) Right now, our weapons dont kill anything, our abilities cant be cast most of the time because energy can be really limited sometimes and even when we are able to use them, they hardly do anything. Why not let us use at least some of our skills we have worked for and which are part of the reason why warframe can be an enjoyable game instead of disabling everything? And to add a little variation, the skill we can use in each mission varies, so in another mission we can't use the gear wheel but we can use our operator to either generate energy, cc or kill enemies or as a mobility tool. Although this might never happen, i decided to wait until i play the Grendel Missions until they receive some changes ^^
  3. I know this is getting a little OffTopic, but this particular line took my attention. Its pretty much the same with my Clanmates. I remember the time 2 years ago when people would log in each afternoon to do Raids together and then do other things in the game together. There have been 20-30 people online each evening playing Warframe together. Raids might have been buggy, and i dont even want to talk about Raids but simply my experience. After they got removed we continued to play the game. We tried to make our own fun. We did Sorties together with Random Loadouts to keep them interesting. We did many different things while talking to each other having fun. The thing is though, the fact that we were playing together talking to each other was the thing that kept us playing Warframe. But just like you say, negativity about Warframe grew, and we played it less and less. Now, we still meet frequently on our Warframe TS. But what do we do there? We play AoE2 together, Northgard, people playing Destiny or Counter Strike or all kinds of games. We simply stopped playing Warframe together the way we did because these years of complaining without desired changes have been exhausting to most i guess. You cannot make up your own fun forever. Again, this is just my experience and its not about Raids or Destiny or other keywords that popped up in my reply. Its simply about how it seems we all got tired of Warframe and moved on to other things. (we still play a round of Railjack together maybe once a week or so or do something else, but compared to how it has been before this isnt a lot) Just like you, i dont even log in for my Daily Rewards anymore when i dont want to play the game. On the one side, i simply dont care about the Rewards anymore, because why should i when i dont play the game? And even though i dont know if it has in impact, i also dont feel like advertising the game with my playtime/log in numbers when i dont even play it. I would love to see this change again. But it also feels like most of us are ok now with simply playing something else (thats what everyone suggest in these forums whenever someone complains about Warframe anyway, but is it really good for Warframe if we all just play something else and dont care anymore, when we are even to tired to complain?)
  4. @(PS4)Maunstreappreciate the work you have put into this, this probably took a few hours to write.. While you focus on the Ui which is not directly connected to In-Mission-Gameplay, the feedback i posted was focussed on that part. Ill just leave it in the Spoiler below since the Ingame Part is just as important imo: Nice to see this gets noticed at least, but come on, its not like this feedback is anything new. The whole Thread Pablo created is full of great feedback and suggestions, and people gave valuable feedback even before Pablo made that thread. Still Pablo makes statements like "i never had a problem with Item Labels turned off" and "90% of our icons are very recognizeable" I am really trying not be salty about this, but you got this feedback since the first introduction of the new UI. This didnt change anything about the way you approached the Rework, and the way Pablo's post was written it felt like you guys didnt even expect that sort of backlash from the community because it was simply a thread to showcase and explain why you do the things the way you do instead of asking for feedback. As if that would make anyone go "ah thats why its the way it is, now i feel a lot better about the UI which is a pain to navigate through". Anyway, i just hope that your Team really takes a look at all the Feedback given there and readjust your philosophy according to that. On major part of the topic was the end of mission screen, and i want to highlight one awesome suggestion a user made here aswell:
  5. The last time someone "stoly my Railjack" i just jumped 1 time in front of him and he instantly left the pilot seat^^ Sometimes i wonder if i am just incredibly lucky with randoms or if the problem isnt that big tbh. And i agree with Aesthier, there are many good reasons not to forbid everyone being able to pilot the ship. One of my clanmates doesnt even like piloting that much, "forcing" him to pilot when he is the host would be stupid aswell. If i really want to make sure no one interfers with me, i play solo. Btw: I find this whole "its my Railjack" thing kinda funny, especially the "someone is using my crafted ammo or my Artillery cannon" topics... One shot cost like 5 ressources of the most common ones, its not like he is waisting precious Orokin Cells or Argon Crystals or Plastids or something like that.
  6. Sry, he didnt say "might become" but simply "might be sort of". I remember being a little hyped and interested in whats coming next after i have seen that, especially after he said "the market for ayatans might be more interesting in the future". And guess what, all that happened was that they introduced new "primed" mods aka sacrificial mods which need a lot of endo to rank up - thats it😂 There has been absolutly zero new lore to ayatans added to the game, absolutly zero new mechanics - just new expensive mods so we needed endo again... Just empty words to hype us with nothing translated into the actual game...kinda sad and funny at the same time how so much lore is just being touched in devstreams and interviews instead of...yeah.. telling storys in the actual game (besides some lines of text in the codex).
  7. Probably more healthy to just ignore this system and move on (Edit: i had more than enough after 3 Liches) I think in the 2nd last Devstream of 2019 they said they wont make any changes to Liches anymore. In the survey from steve 40% of the players voted Liches the worst Update of 2019, so lets see if they care about that feedback or stay stubborn and keep the system untouched ignoring all the great ideas players posted to make this an actually fun and engaging system.
  8. Try Baruuk 😉 The only thing i find boring are the abilties you simply activate (and recast after some time). Its ok to have abilites like that, but there are so many Warframes with a generic Damage Reduction Ability it gets kinda funny. Or take Chroma, while he is strong, all you do is press 2+3 every x seconds to keep your buffs active. Not really engaging imo.
  9. I just have 2 things to say since this interview was a whole lot of empty speech imo. 1st: Only 28k people replied to the survey. If they wanted a well distributed feedback from many different players, they should have put this on all platforms. I completly missed it although i log into the game frequently, follow Devstreams and am pretty active on the forums.. 2nd: Out of those players ~40% voted Liches (one of the two biggest updates of the year!) the worst Update of the year. At the same time they said in one of the last Devstreams that they dont plan to make any big changes to Liches besides minor fixes. Lets wait and see if they change their plans.
  10. I forgot to adress this 😄 In my post above i talked about "form follows function" and "what information does the player really need?" Regarding this: What is even the reason to remove the forma count there? it feels like you are turning the rule form follows function on its head again. i have never heard anyone complain about having this information there, and in fact i wanted to ask you to even add another symbol which tells you instantly if you have an Aura Forma installed on the frame. for a streamlined experience this is indeed helpful information you want to get upfront without having to hover/click/TAB somewhere else Why? Some time ago i was putting some Aura-Formas on Frames, but after i have done that there is no way of telling which frame has an Aura Forma unless i scroll through the list select the frame go to loadout switch to an empty loadout to see if it has an Aura Forma installed this is 4 steps to get information instead of just 1! You say you want to add more information available, but why do you need to erase other information which is instantly available to do that? I am just repeating myself, but it feels like again you want to make the game look better and forget completly what might be important for the players.
  11. Hey @[DE]Pablo, im glad you are adressing this issue with this post. I am gonna write a few things and they might sound harsh at some point, but it simply is how i feel about the UI changes the Dev-Team has made over the past year or so. I talked about the UI in a few topics recently, and i might just quote some things. Unlike many other replies, i will focus on Railjack with my reply to explain some points. There should be a third point aswell you have to think about when designing the UI: 3. What is the information players need the most and most frequently? Example: The weapon-selection on your Railjack: I get that you dont want to put too much information on the screen because it might be overwhelming. Hence why we have to hover + TAB to get certain information. But what is the information we want the most and most frequently about the weapons? The stats Still, i have to press TAB each time to get there, which is simply annoying. I need the text-description of the weapon only a few times (depending on how good my memory works 😄), but i always want to see the stats when i am selecting weapons. So you should simply switch these two tabs to make it more streamlined. Then there is the Ingame UI in Railjack, which is lacking the most important information for coordinated Teamplay: Lets take the pilot as an example and we can ask the same question as above: What is the information the pilot wants most frequently? is someone in the Slingshot? (needed to know when to aim at a Crewship) - the Voice-over is not enough and sometimes doesnt play at all is someone in the big-cannon? (same as above) for coordinated Squadplay where friends also communicate via TS/Discord, it would be also helpful to know who is using these things If we take the Gunner, there is another important thing to make it able to communicate with your Squad in a viable way. Again you can ask: what information does the Gunner need the most to give commands/request to the pilot? most players will have the 360° degree view unlocked, but you cannot make commands or requests because you cannot really tell where you are looking at. we need a compass on the screen so you can tell the pilot: "turn x° left so i can hit y" - the pilot needs the same compass aswell as the Slingshot Lastly, there is other information which might be less important for actual play, but still interesting for the players, especially in Public Groups. In general i would say your fear of adding lables is unreasonable and doesnt really help the experience (sure nobody wants walls of texts, but there is nothing wrong with 1 line) Example: Your are a gunner on a ship you do not own. the weapon you are using performs really well and is fun to use but what weapon is it? all we have is a symbol in the bottom left, and actually i dont even know if it tells anything about the weapon. the only chance of learning which weapon you are using is asking the owner in the Chat - i tried it and never got a reply just add 1 line with the name and the house of the weapon and the gunner gets crucial information he might want instantly Regarding Ingame UI, you adressed many points players asked for in the Feedback-Megathread already (like marking Drops), but this is crucial information missing imo. The following point is more of a general problem. I think you could avoid the need for certain information if the game was more streamlined. Let me use Railjack as an example again: when modding your railjack, many of the systems are basically the same as in the rest of the game (modding Warframes or Weapons) Avionics=Mods ; Dirac=Endo ; Battle/Tactical Avionics=Warframe Powers/Weapon Augments and so on still, for some reason ( i guess its flavour) everything needs to have a completly new name and look each player has to learn everything from the scratch again although in theory, he already could know everything before he even played it once why does it have to be like this? In recent discussions on the forum i refered to an interesting Video of a Head Designer from WOTC (Magic the Gathering) in which he talked about lessons they learned over the past 20 years. A very important lesson he talked about was this: "Use pre-existing knowledge to frontload information" This means that longtime players learned a lot about how a game works, and if you introduce something new, you can use this fact by simply using names or images or whatever which the players connected with a certain mechanic in the game so they already know what something will do before even using it or having to read about it. Learning Railjack could be so much more easy for the players if there would be references to already existing mechanics. But it seems like your approach is more like: We wont "use pre-existing knowledge to frontload information" but instead "erase everything players have learned over the past years and replace it with new stuff they have to learn again". And to repeat myself, i have the feeling you are only doing this to add flavour to the game, but in reality you add unnecessary confusion. This post has been long enough, but i wanna give 3 more example i have read about in the forum which falls into the UI/art category. The first is about Liches and this is the post of the player in the feedback section: my reply to someone who said its the players fault for not looking up the information before getting to this point: I admit my reply is a bit harsh in regards to the UI team, but this example should show really well how your approach of using as little text as possible can create player frustation. To get back to the start of my post, this again is an example of "what information does the player really need?" The following example is about how a bad UI can destroy the gameplay: In the Ropalolyst fight, the Lotus Transmission still takes up about 50% of the screen! No matter how important the the Lore is, how is one supposed to play when half of the screen is covered with a transmission you probably want to hear only once? And with my last example i come back to Railjack: While obviously you want the game to look stunning, some effects are simply too much and destroy the gameplay aswell. Abilities like the Particle Ram do look stunning, but i dont use them because they are so annoying to play with. In the Slingshot you cant see anything when Particle Ram is active, even as the pilot its annoying. Although i work in a completly different industry, i got confronted with the following guideline: "form follows function" As a player i wish you would ask yourself a lot more often if what you are creating follows this rule and if its good for the general gameplay, or if you are only creating something because it looks better and more stunning. Is it really good when you are playing the game or just when you are looking at the game?
  12. Seen a few posts from you now, and i am getting to the point of being convinced you are a troll 😀 Edit: Maybe you dont notice it, but you sound just as disrespectful and arrogant as the people you are talking about..
  13. Wouldnt be bad if they do it, but like the_fool said: Why would you go there for a small chance for certain ressources if you get alot more in real Railjack missions? With that in mind we could go ahead and say: "Ok lets put better rewards in there to make it viable" (for example avionics) But that will likely cause anger since it feels like they force us into those missions again which most players dont like. If they want to make those missions to be played again, they need a complete overhaul. Ps: While you say this is good for integrating Railjack, it feels more like integrating Archwing Missions. Which is not a bad thing aswell, but again, a few chances for Railjack Ressources wont change anything i guess.
  14. Correct. Unless a new player wants to spend like 75% of his "play"time on the wiki, a player has to make assumptions. I know i didnt make this assumption, but i made other (wrong) assumptions since barely anything important is explained well in the game. as far as i know the codex doesnt tell you anything about mods until you collected them. It doesnt tell you anything about enemies or anything else aswell unless you scan everything. Codex might be a somewhat useful tool for someone who is in the game for a long time, but that person probably doesnt need most informations provided there at that point anymore. Correct aswell, but again, the game doesnt tell you what you should spend this plat on, and many players bought something useless with it for sure. Nothing wrong with adding a few more starting slots - afterall thats probably one of the top new player killers in the game. Besides that, from what time is that starting number? Today we have so much more frames and weapons to collect, so this low capacity is outdated for sure. I know someone will come around and say "but DE needs to make money"...yeah but they dont make any money by frustated players who left the game either. In order to do that, you also need to know that the mod exists in the first place, and if you know that and the name of it you probably know everything you need to know already.
  15. While i completly agree, i kinda lost hope that they will even try to diversify the Events and add more interesting and rewarding Events... I made 2 concepts so far i posted in feedback which could be fun alternatives imo and make use of the "operational supply" syndicate. additional Bosses for Operational Supply (Plague Star): I mentioned the possibility of already existing Grineer-Bosses appearing on the Plains (and Corpus-Bosses on Orb Vallis) in Point 2 - Variation. Instead of always fighting against the Hemocyte when Plague Star returns, there could be different bosses we have to fight. Lets start with a concept for Counciler Vay Hek: The Kuva-Fomorian: This is a concept for a recurring Event (just like the other Fomorian). Once again, its all about adding variation (both to the Events we have and the OpenWorlds). You will recognize a lot from the already existing Fomorian Event, but i added/changed some stuff so it works on the Plains. That would be really cool indeed, some time ago i tried to imagine how a "Tower Defense" style Mission could look like in Warframe and this is what i came up with. Although i made this concept for Fortuna, it would have so much flavour doing it at the Cetus Gate 🤗 I sometimes still like to think about the awesome potential this game has, but after more then 2 years now i came to the conclusion that Warframe will never use the potential of new systems they implement. Some things will be fun for a bit of time while others are not at all and i will ignore those unfun additions completly (like Liches), but even if they wanted to use th existing potential it will take them ages to do so sadly, but at this point i start to doubt they even see something like a "problem" with the OpenWorlds and the Events, DE probably has the opinion that they have fixed the important stuff, made it look good so they dont need to put in any more work.
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