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  1. They are available on all frames, so the 200k Endo dont have to be for only one frame. You have to think a bit about your builds and about what you wanna sacrifice to make us of the umbral mods, but like you see with the Valkyr build posted here, its totally possible. Totally against this additional layer of RNG to add those polarities (if they add them at all which i dont like, they should do it in the normal way with regular formas). And btw, RNG taking care of power creep? Nah, it only takes you more time to get there or more plat to buy it from the market, so i dont think its taking care of that 😉
  2. DreisterDino

    [Spoiler] The Sacrifice is very underwhelming.

    Sry, but this some of the most stupid things to say (and so many people have this attitude) 1. Just because it is free that doesnt mean you are not allowed to criticise certain aspects of the game. 2. Just because it is free you dont need to "praise them" (seriously?) for everything they do. 3. Constructive criticism is something every artist needs to get from his audience! Nobody grows if everybody around them always says "i love you so i love everything you do" 4. They announced this quest over a year ago, and regarding all the words that came from the Devs about this quest and the hype they (!) created, you are allowed to feel disappointed and let them know it. 5. "5 years of non-stop working" .... nearly everyone who has a job works "non-stop" for many years, that doesnt mean they can get through with every mistake or flaw they make while their customers and or boss say "well, this wasnt good but hey, regarding you work for such a long time...its ok dont worry" 😄 6a. "Just to make us feel happy for free" again...seriously??? They dont work for free, they have a business model! Yes the businessmodel is different, but it still is a businessmodel and they need and want to make money (which im ok with ofc!) If they wouldnt get payed at all, lets see how long they work for free just to make us feel special and happy. 6b. And if they want to continue to make money with this businessmodel, they have to deliver. And they have to deliver something good, not just something thats ok more or less. And again, if they fail to deliver something great, you should critise them and dont just praise them because you are such a nice person. Yes, DE might have put more heart and soul into Warframe opposed to some other Gamedevelopers especially in their early days with the game (still, in the Sacrifice quest i really didnt see that they've put much love into it), yes you can totally play this game for free, but i honestly hate it when people forget that Digital Extremes is a company with a serious businessmodel and that they do not ONLY work to make us happy... DE does a lot of things right, and if its appropiate to praise them for something good they should recieve those praises. For example its really fair that if you want to buy something with real money, you always know exactly what you get and dont have to go through lootbox stuff where you can end up paying 50$ and still not having what you want. Thats transparent and DE deserves the praise. BUT that doesnt mean you have to praise everything all the time while saying "hey its free, show some love". Thanks for reading 😄
  3. I dont think they will make us able to put Umbra-polarities on non-Umbra frames, and i dont want that aswell. I said it in another topic already, i like it how it is now and i think it makes sense in a way. If you want to add even more strength to your Volt for example, you can do that with Umbral Intensify, but because of the high cost you have to sacrifice some survivability, other ability-related upgrades or the exilus mod to achieve that. Imo thats more interesting then just put another 2 or 3 formas into frames. Anyway, i also agree with you that having a universal polarity that works for the other 4 polarites would be great, i thought about that a few times when i had to re-forma a frame or weapon just because i got a new riven with different polarity or wanted to test another build. Another thing id like to see is this: Let us put polarities on everything like we want to in the Simularum, so we can test builds there before we actually go into forma the weapon or the frame. One time i got a new riven for a weapon i already had a riven for, it looked promising and i wanted to try it out, but switching the polarity just to test it and eventually having to reset the forma again because the old riven was better....nah´not gonna do that.
  4. DreisterDino

    Random enemies are invulnerable to gunfire

    Same problem here, i think it has nothing to do with the enemy-types, used warframes or used primaries/secondaries, can happen on everything. Never had this issue before the update, but now it happens quiet frequently... was confused at first and thought i didnt see a frostbubble in my way or s.th. like that ^^
  5. DreisterDino

    The Sacrifice - The Worst "Cinematic" Quest

    I didnt talk about the things that the quest gives us on purpose, because i wanted to rate the quest itself on what it is, not for what it possibly rewards us with. And would want to keep it like that in this thread, there are many other threads talking about Umbra as a Frame and the mods and so on^^ I agree with you on the point that this was really short, if it wasnt for the scanning part you maybe have real gameplay of 10-20 minutes.
  6. DreisterDino

    Fair Fix To The Umbra Polarity Problem (Short Post)

    Actually, i dont want to be able to add Umbra-polarites to other warframes. First reason is that Umbra owns something special that he can use better than other frames. Second, you can use the mods on other frames, but if you want to add even more powerstrength to a frame that might use it you really have to think a little on how you will achieve this. You cannot simply put a forma, lvl the frame another time and boom, more powerstrength for everything now. No, you maybe need to sacrifce other mods to make use of it. So if you want the maximum powerstrength thats possible in the game right now on your Volt for example, you need to sacrifice some survivabilty or other ability-linked stats to get there. I think its fine the way it is. Ah btw: Considering the ongoing "endgame / Warframe is too easy-discussion ", if you can add more strength to all frames now simply by adding another forma, would this really be that great or useful or necessary at all? I dont think so. I think its way better that if you want to maximize a value with the new mods you can do that but you will get worse in other categories.
  7. DreisterDino

    The Sacrifice - The Worst "Cinematic" Quest

    😄 I knew this would come... 1. One year at least, first announcement on Tennocon 2017 2. In any discussion you see someone saying "Do better". No valid point though. Noone needs to be able to do something better to criticise it. Might be true and like i said "i accept that some story is told via dialogues between my Operator and Ordis", but still i think it was poorly implemented here and boring to listen. Ok then, but if i count this as cinematic, it was a bad and boring cinematic for sure for me. Doesnt make it better at all...Its not interesting seeing the same scene from the same perspective doing the same stuff over and over again. You can do sooo much with switching camera angles, switching between different ways of visual storytelling or using the various cinematic technics that are used nowadays.
  8. Hey guys, i want to leave my feedback on the quest here to see if i am alone with my feelings. For me, this quest was simply a HUGE disappointment, i didnt had much fun playing it. It was just boring and felt really cheap to me. I want to say first, i wasnt a person that hyped this Quest over the top, and when i jumped in to play it i did it with the intention to have fun - so i wasnt speed running the missions - i actually went in with a relaxed mood, went to fight most enemies although its not mandatory , enjoy the sceneries and so on. My expectations were definetly not over the top, when i rate this Quest i compare it to the 2 Quests before it (TWW; TSD) or simply try to answer the question "did i have fun". And the answer is no! 1. Cinematics The first thing is, this quest was always announced to be an "CINEMATIC" quest, but where are the Cinematics?? - one at the beginning (1-2 minutes long) - one in the middle ( maybe 20 seconds long, where Umbra attacks the operator in the ship) - one at the end (~2 minutes long) I dont count the dialogues between Ordis and my Operator, the minigame with ballas where i lie in bed the whole time or the narration in front of the "new UI background" as "Cinematics". Maybe, and just maybe i can count the scene where i have to go to the tree under the effect of the "bloomy edge filter" as cinematic if im am generous. This is just some stuff for trailers, not more...And compared to the 2 previous quests, it didnt have a big impact on me. Btw: I rewatched gameplays of the 2 previous Quests to "prepare" myself for this quest and remember everything lorewise that could be important, and the cinematics in those quest were much more interesting in my opinion. 2. Storytelling The storytelling was even worse in this quest, i think it was implemented really bad and bored me pretty fast. I mean, its nothing new that they tell a bit of the story via dialogues between my operator and Ordis/Lotus. and its ok if a portion of the story is told this way. But the whole lore here gets narrated to you like in an audio book. Either you listen to your operator and Ordis, listen to ballas while there is this "new Ui background" or listen to ballas while you lie in bed. Seriously? To create a link to my first point, there is some lore in this quest that would be GREAT material for cinematics, instead of this boring way of narration there could be cinematics while most of this narration happens. And it doesnt need to be fully rendered videos all the time, it even could be something like slideshows of artworks which would take much less time to create then real cinematics for the developer but still would be much more interesting to watch. 3. Gameplay Now, this is the worst part for me (and the most important aswell in a videogame), the gameplay was more or less a bad joke and boring aswell, and remember, i didnt speedrun this, i tried to have fun. so what do you do in the quest? - run somewhere - Defensemission ( Door in front of the place where the first cutscene takes place) - scan stuff (you can barely see) - run somewhere - solve new ciphers (those are actually not bad and a nice addition) - find stuff (you can barely see) - play a minigame with ballas where he looses on purpose -"fight" umbra, go back to minigame with ballas -"fight" umbra, go back to minigame with ballas -"fight" umbra, go back to minigame with ballas - walk to a tree - fight a few sentients - done Yes, seriously, thats it and for me it was as boring as it sounds when you read this. To point this out, i am ok with the fact that they "recycle" mission type like defense, sabotage and so on in their quests, i dont expect it to be a whole new game, but all you have to do in this quest is a short defense, a minigame and one sentient fight. thats it. And i also wanna say, i fought against the ghouls and i killed sentients when it wasnt necessary to do it (you could have just passed them most of the time), but it didnt make gameplay much more interesting. When you want to implement sections where you have to find stuff, its fine do it. But it has been done in the worst possible way in this quest. When you have to find something tiny that doesnt call for your attention, a good game would maybe give you some hints that you have to think about and when you do, it actually helps you finding that thing and when you mamaged to find it, you feel some satisfaction. Not here. Just felt like time-stretching. The minigame, well, could be fun but im not playing a quest for something like this ;) Especially when my opponent wants to lose and its just a "put stone to recive next sentence" game. Anf if you have to do it so often it becomes annoying anyway. All you did was this: Deplete Umbras shields, play minigame, repeat. There could have been some interesting things that would have been really awesome considering the main difference between UMBRA and other frames - he can act independently. Why not implement this in the gameplay? Maybe only in somekind of bossfight in the end where you have to be in Operator all the time and work together with your Umbra frame: You are the one depleting shields of enemies, open them up to finishers, stagger them and so on with your operator while Umbra finishes them off for example. It was a fun moment when i noticed that Umbra isnt just an empty shell when i am in operatormode, but there was nothing done with this at all in the quest. So, yes i am disappointed a lot by this quest. No, its not because i myself built up hype and expectations the game could notlive up to, it simply wasnt good. Its a lazy excuse if the answer to someone who says that he didnt like it is "well, you hyped it too much, your fault". I didnt expect much, just a quest thats on the same level with TWW/TSD. But it was nowhere even close to those quests in any way... Still, if you enjoyed this quest, i would like to hear why you did enjoy it :)
  9. DreisterDino

    True Endgame?

    Do i say i want everything that is in the game right now removed or changed? Everyone who enjoys this still can "easily jump in and out", the "Endgame" thing would be just something extra. You simply cant speak for everyone...why do you think the term "Endgame" appears nearly every day in this forum? Because not everybody likes to "easily jump in and out" and wants something else. I see this trials "argument" popup so often... i understand not everyone liked it, still there were lots of people that liked it. Could they be better? Yes. Still, people liked that 8 players have to work together a little more than usual and have different tasks (like some go into the Golem to do one thing, some stay outside to do other things. In my clan/alliance, there where 20-30 people everyday in Teamspeak to play those raids together and afterwards do some of the "jump in and out" stuff. Btw..might be true that in Public only "toxic elitists" were doing the raids, but i think it should be clear that if you enjoy this type of gameplay you go look for a community that also enjoys doing it. And we werent elitists...i was a noob that knew nothing about raids, but the alliance was always nice and there were explanation runs whenever new players needed it. And there were much bigger raid-communites then us. I can fully accept that you dont want anything else then what the game is right now, but you should also accept that many players would really like to have something else.
  10. DreisterDino

    Nerfs are good, inclusion of teammates

    I dont see teamplay encouraged by the recent changes aswell. Like some people said, the Missiondesign doesnt force you to play together. The only interaction you get is at doors with 2 buttons to press (aka endgame doors and elevators). The problem i see is that DE always tries to balance everything so that it works in every gamemode with every possible Playercombinations, but you will never balance a game where a MR25 plays with a MR5. MR25 with be always faster, will always have better gear, mods and understanding of the game. And i also think that everything in the game is so easy you dont need any other teammates, i mostly choose to run public if i want to lvl something and get more XP, not because i couldnt do something alone. I would really like to see a gamemode thats exclusive for vets (like MR20+) with some of the mentioned modifiers like no self-revives, tougher enemies and maybe even things like only certain frames allowed in some missions to make it challenging, just anything scaled for people that play the game long enough. But at the moment we wont get something like that. First reason is that players for some reason complain if they are not allowed to play a certain thing in the game or get certain rewards. Second reason is that DE pointed out they want to maintain bitesized gameplay, and in regards to scaling rewards they said that they dont want players to feel that they have to go long in any mission to get something (although for the most part people are only asking for "more of the same thing everyone can get", not exclusive items). What the thread creator likes -the Nerfs- only underlines my point that everything will be balanced around this lowlvl bitesized easy content and works against whatever Endgame could be. The problem is not that Warframes are too strong, the problem is that everyone from MR1 to MR25 is basically playing the same mission together. I mean, frames like Ember didnt nuke anything in highlvlmissions, and the recent nerfs to her only made her worse there. In lowlvlmission she still nukes everything, so no inclusion of teammates at all like the creator of this thread might think. And if you balance her around E-Prime with lvl 1-3 enemies, she will be comepletly useless in anything beyond. Man, i can nuke everything on the first 5 Planets with every frame. You can even nuke everything with Mags 3 and 4 there, but should those abilites be nerfed? No. If you nerf Ember to the ground because she nukes everything there, people will use banshee. if you nerf banshee then, people use euqinox. if you nerf equinox, people use oberon. if you nerf oberon, people will use frost. If you nerf frost, people with use mag. and so on and on and on 😉
  11. DreisterDino

    Tennogen Pricing

    Aside from everything that has been said here, i do really think that they could make more money in the longterm if they would lower the price just a little. I have the feeling that they are many players that dont buy anything at all because they think a Skin isnt worth 7$, so no money for DE/Steam/Creator. But to be sure you would need surveys on this at least i guess.
  12. DreisterDino

    more riven spare please!

    As far as i know the Devs limit the amount of Rivens you can get because of the server space that is needed to save the data. Still, i think many people would like to have more Riven slots, many people have the problem that they continuosly have to sell or trash Rivens (more often trash if you dont wanna spam tradechat for 2 weeks to try to sell non-meta-rivens 😄 ) they might use under other circumstances just to make space for new ones. I mean, because of this limit, you are not even able to give away rivens for free in your clan/alliance sometimes because nobody would take them for the same reason^^
  13. DreisterDino

    True Endgame?

    @Zareek: I have read two posts yesterday...one was about the sortie3 with enemy elemental enhancemant survival which the person really liked because it was so hard that the players had to stay together so they could perform well. The other was about Sanctuary Onslaught and how crazy boring it was to farm Khora because it was so easy. So, the answer to your question might be as simple as this: "Endgame: Something where players really have to work together to get through and feel challenged" Right now, there is nothing in the game that meets this criteria besides maybe Eidolons (which is more like a gearcheck), a Sortie3 Mission with the right conditions and gamemodes from time to time or playing survival, but any survival only gets hard after the first hour, but killing underpowered mobs for over an hour just to get to a point where you get to a challenge doesnt seem like a good concept aswell. So, Nightmaremission somehow could show a way of what endgame might be. It would be cool if you had the option to start any mission in the game at lvl100 already (maybe with a little payoff in the rewards) so you really need a strong setup. Related to ESO, i also made a topic with suggestions on how to challenge the players and let them feel rewarded without excluding rewards from people who dont go that far, if you wanna check it this is the link:
  14. @Klokwerkaos: I had the feeling aswell that the Devs think that making something ridiculously hard to grind is the way to keep players invested in the game, but imo thats a really bad decision und doesnt help them at all. Many players are burnt out or frustated on the game in so many different aspects (Focus farm could be another example). I made a long topic with suggestions on how to make ESO fun and challenging and not just another grind mode like so much else in the game. People dont like Focus farm, they do it because "they have to do it". People dont like ESO for what it is, they play it because the dropchances are so low "they have to do it" People dont really like kuva farming, they have to do it if they wanna get a chance on good rolls. Dont get me wrong, i dont want everything extremly easy to get, and can be hard to achieve something, but at least make the way to get there fun and challenging (i think thats kinda what you try to do with your advice on rolling rivens aswell). If people would play ESO because its fun and challening, if people would farm kuva because its fun in itself and wouldnt do everything until you totally get burnt out on it because you simply have to do it, it would be much healthier for the game. I know it might take a long time for them to change their mind (if you look at the VenusOpenworldleak you can already see that they didnt take into consideration what people liked about POE and what they didnt like, it will be just another not-challenging grind map where you have to do the same not boring stuff over and over again if you wanna build a zaw gun for example) but i am still hoping that some day they will see that if you make the grind more fun, challening and diverse, they could keep the playerbase much more invested and happy. I mean is anyone still doing bountys in Cetus because they are so fun? Did anyone think "oh im gonna play a bounty now although i got everything i need from the plains"? Did anyone go to a kuvaflood because he thought "i like the challenge, i like the gameplay, i just wanna play it now"? Would anyone do the EidolonHunt if it werent for the arcanes but just for fun? I sometimes do solosurvivals just for fun and try to get far, and i would really like to challenge myself in ESO because in the beginning i thought it had a lot of potential, but most players do everything in the game with this weird "i have to do it although i dont like it" mentality, and that will kill this game eventually some day. I know i went a little Offtopic here, but the Kuva/Riven problem is a problem thats present in the whole game.. I know i cant speak for everyone, and if someones says "i like kuva farming" i can accept that. But those people should maybe ask themselves "would i do this if it werent for the rewards" and if they would really just play it for fun and nothing else, and if the answer is no probably something could be changed.
  15. Well, the problem is you can put in as many effort as you want and still never get lucky. I really invested a lot of time into kuva farming and rolling rivens, i had some rivens with 100+ rolls, lots of rivens with 50+ rolls, i dont even wanna think about how much time this is, even with booster and cat active. And i never got a 3+1 roll once. Im not even trying this for profit, im not the guy that would ask for 10k plat for a riven, i just like to have one for example for my vectis myself. On the one hand, i agree with your point that maybe there shouldnt be a possibilty to "lock" stats so everyone got cd+cc+ms-zoom rivens for everything in a month, but making the grind a little less time consuming would be the least they could and SHOULD do. Is there really a problem if prices for rivens go down a little because people are able to get more rolls with less time effort? I think no, because if you are a guy that wants to sell rivens for crazy amounts of plat, what can you do with that? Right, nothing but buying other overpriced rivens. In the end i think just more people are able to get more rivens that they like without going through all the tedious frustation and grinding or spending crazy amounts of plat. Still, godrolls would remain expensive, because if the system stays the same its still pure luck, but at least you have a little higher chances.. Just wanted to add this here, i didnt read the whole topic yet but i think its important that something changes. +1, i think this would kinda make up for only bad rolls, it would motivate me to stay as long as i can and then the survival itself is a reward, and the good rolls that might come are just a cherry on the top. I just dont understand why DE doesnt want scaling rewards...the argument "we dont want people to feel like they have to stay long to get certain rewards" (what they said in a stream) is just wrong, because you dont HAVE TO stay to get "certain" rewards, you just get more of the same you get if you dont play as long. and for me thats not a problem if guys like lifeofrio who can and want to do 5h survivals get higher amounts of kuva...because i myself can get more aswell.