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  1. Ok, let me say 2 things first: I agree the Lich system really needs some changes to become more enjoyable you might have had fun writing this text, but honestly, this sounds like a story, not a suggestion. Try to get straight to the point when writing suggestions, i am not here to read a story which is unnecessary long, and it makes it harder to get what you really want changed. I'll be honest, i have read everything until "The next step", and i dont really get what your supposed changes really mean and how they will make the system better 🤔 Regarding the Lich creation:
  2. I advise everybody to watch the following video, even if you dont care 😄 I am not much into dancing myself, but these people totally blew my mind and made me smile so hard at times it almost hurt^^ The moves, the facial expressions, simply everything is so on point it deserves credit. I consinder Plasteed one of the best if not the best, and his "select character idle animation move" is hilarious to watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKkq0Vwp-p4 Ontopic: When we are talking animations, i couldnt care less about emotes, they are maybe fun to watch onc
  3. This is indeed annoying as hell. I think already years ago i was suggesting "Elite Fissures" which would work like this: There would be always one endless Fissure Mission for Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi available, between them there would be always one Survival/Interception/Defense/Excavation active. I called them "Elite Fissures" because i also wanted them to start at level 60/70/80/90 because another thing i really hate is that the low Tier fissures are on a level which bores me to death, and while i can ignore a lot of things in Warframe, Fissures are such a substan
  4. I have to agree with others, i dont think its such a big issue anymore. At first, i was a bit annoyed aswell, but the reason was comparable to yours: Others players basically told/taught me i have to level in these spots over and over again. But in 90% of the game, weapons are already viable with just a Catalyst in it and kill everything, so why level them in these spots? I can just level them while playing the game passively and dont have any drawbacks! Regarding Frames: Yes you miss out on some abilities for the first 10 ranks, but again, in
  5. I am just gonna copy my post from another topic in which you stated the same thing since you seem to ignore it: People played Railjack the first few weeks/months a lot, so much that there have been complaints about the Intrinsics Cap for example. Players in Warframe basically play anything no matter how bad/annoying it might be for them, as long there is a goal they can work towards to. In Railjack that goal was to get the best Gear/Intrinsics/XP/prepare for future Content/etc. But players reached that goal eventually, and then players stopped playing because there w
  6. Basically, DE said the Engine/Code doesnt allow this, thats why all players are forced into the Ground Mission. Thats also something i dont like, and i dont really get why they even continued to work with this approach if the Engine isnt suited for this. I would have prefered If the Defense Mission for example would take place in space aswell, so we are defending something with our Railjack. Archwing-Missions (no matter how bad they might be) could be an example on how different missions could be implemented into Railjack without these forced transitions between Ra
  7. I have to adress this, its simply a wrong statement. If you dont believe me, please have a look at older Devstreams (around the time when Railjack was released). DE gathered a lot of Feedback and the majority of players said that "I like Railjack, but its too buggy". Please dont spread misinformation to make a point. That was reason number 1 why Railjack had a rough start. More or less the same here, this is not really true. People played Railjack the first few weeks/months a lot, so much that there have been complaints about the Intrinsics Cap for example. P
  8. I dont think this is the case. I mean, when i think about Railjack, i think about fighting other fighters and Crewships and so on = Skirmish. The real problem was that we had like 20 or 30 "different" nodes - and every one of them was the same mission. If we would have space equivalents of stuff like defense/interception/sabotage/etc mixxed in from the beginning, nobody would have complained about Skirmish. Afterall, Skirmish is the equivalent to the ground mission type Exterminate, and that is one of the most famous mission types in Warframe for ground missio
  9. Are you in Do not disturb mode? It can be activated typing /dnd and deactivated with /normal again (and probably somewhere in the options aswell). Kinda sounds like that is the problem because this mode only disables incoming private messages and invites but not the chats etc.
  10. I think it is possible, although the Ivara Augment makes it tough. Imo Parcour can be used to play a huge role in Spy Missions (and it has been done on some missions already). If you really want to make a Spy Missions which doesnt get as complicated as the Lua Spys i can only think of one way: Combine parcour and puzzles with time pressure. For example, after you activated a console, you only have a certain amount of time to get to the next place to do something else. This way, you can use Ivara with the Augment, but the time pressure forces even an Augme
  11. You really believe this nonsense? There is just so much wrong with it but ok. Maybe try to understand how the F2P-Business Model works. Companies expect that the majority of players is not paying but only playing. But the ones not paying with money are just as important, because player numbers are very important for F2P-Games and if no one else would be playing, the people who would pay will move on to other games. They are paying with their time afterall. You try to act like there are only 2 types of players in this game: the happy supportive casuals who spend a lot of money and t
  12. Since you mention Fissures: Those are basically the only missions so far which already have scaling rewards (the increasing bonus you get over time). What i would rather see for Steel Path Fissures is the option to just open 2 Relics at once so you can make your pick from up to 8 items after each rotation. Edit: 8 items if you have a 4 player squad, so 4x2 relics. This way the higher chance of getting a good reward is tied to an investment from the player. Edit²: Ofc those Missions need to be added first, but i have the request for Steel Path versions a lot, and this woul
  13. What misinformation? I only said it has been on the Roadmap, and that is true. You are correct that it was a Chat-request, but i dont think this is important, at least in this case. Because the exact same thing happened yesterday - Scott sees the word Raid in chat so he starts talking about it. Thats basically the point i am trying to make: Just like it meant nothing in January 2019, it still means nothing that Raids got mentioned again. If you look at yesterdays wording - they still have nothing and just like in 2019, its not high up on DE's list to really start wor
  14. Hello there, are you hyped for Raids or the 3rd Orb because of yesterdays stream? I have seen people go crazy about this in the Chat just because Scott used the word Raid after seeing it in the Chat, and of course there are already topics in this forum about the Raids. But i hope you are all aware that they basically said nothing about it. Lets have a quick look at the exact wording used by Scott: This basically means they have nothing yet, and they probably only mentioned it so that people finally stop asking about it, at least for a while.
  15. Oh they added that? Didnt notice, still something i guess^^ Still, i doubt they will add anything to them in the next year or so... i mean, they are talking about Archwing Rework for 1 or 2 years now already and delivered nothing 🙄 Anyway, when K-Drives got introduced i posted some feedback on how they could become a useful and fun tool. Anyone remember Incursions? Those random missions which were boring as hell and provided rewards that didnt deserve the name reward? 😄 Step 1: Add missions which utilize K-Drives in a way that doesnt just make them j
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