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  1. DreisterDino

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    I completly agree with this. And i would add one thing: The game is already so overwhelming for a new player because of the endless things you can chose to do, so much that i think most would agree that you cannot play it without the help of the wiki or other players at first (ofc you could, but lets see how well that goes). So it would actually be good if there would be some things that new players simply cant access until they reach a certain point in the progession. It would help them to focus on the things that matter (and which are fun for a new player) while also having longterm goals. But some people here in the forum will tell you that as soon as something is restricted in any way, it will kill the game, and that a new player will stop playing because he is "not allowed" to do something whenever he wants to (which i highly doubt). Edit: Just to add, i am also not talking about OpenWorlds here, like Rikutatis said, its understandable they want that content to be accessable. But adding a Bounty with starting lvl 100 wouldnt make any new player leave the game either.
  2. So you asked them all? Why is noone complainining about the boosters for fissure missions right now? you have to play or an hour or more to get them all to 100%. Wy is noone complaining about having to go through 15 rotations to get a bonus radiant relic? Because no one feels forced to play longer to get more rewards. And btw, you wrote "good rewards"..that makes it sound like OP was asking for exclusive stuff you only get when you stay longer, but he suggested things like 50 kuva more per extractor or 2.5 cryotic more per extractor. Edit: i would accept the statement that players would feel forced to stay long when there are exclusive things that you cant get in any other way......... WAIT A SECOND....I was forced to play the index for an hour to get an exclusive item....where are all the people complaining about that? Seriously though...if "important" stuff like mods would be locked behind playing for hours, yes i can see the outrage...but noone is asking for s.th. like that.
  3. If you just continue to play like you always do when scaling rewards would exist, you get just as much rewards as if scaling rewards wouldnt be a thing even get a little more because scaling would start already pretty early in the game How can someone make this into not rewarded properly Punishment If you stay a little longer, you get rewarded - if not you get as much as always - how the hell can someone describe that as punishment? Sry, proof me wrong but for me the only reason is: Others get more than i do - and i dont like that although it doesnt even affect me.
  4. I think this shows that it is about greed and envy, although the people that are against it wouldnt admit it (not saying its the case for everyone) The thing is, even the people that dont want to do 2 hour runs would still benefit from scaling rewards, because in most suggestions, rewards start scaling already after 5 or 10 minutes, and i think everyone does a mission that is a bit longer than that from time to time. So everyone would benefit. But, they dont benefit as much as others, and thats the point. There has been a study in which people were asked something like this (dont remember exact numbers): Do you want to earn: A: 1000$ when everybody else earns 900$ B: 1200$ when everybody else earns 1400$ You might have guessed it already, but more people have chosen A, although they have less than in scenario B. I guess its something similiar here...you could get more, but when that implies that others get even more than you - no thx. I agree with this though, because like torint_man explained already, DE would have to balance around the very few people that go crazy long then, and that would probably mean that casual players would get less than they get now. Like he said, the way it works in FissureMissions would be fine.
  5. 🤣 Ok, awesome ^^ Thats how discussions work ofc... A: "The earth is flat" B: "Why? Its not and i can explain you why its not" A: "Its my opinion, you have to accept it!" B: " -_- "
  6. Then you have to explain why it is a problem if another player gets a little more of something just because he plays more. This is a coop-game and you are never in a disadvantage because another player can farm a little more ressources.
  7. This doesnt count as an argument for me... you are not punished... Why does it affect or annoy you that someone else is getting 2.5 cryotic more per extractor when he stays longer? "I dont like the Orb-fight, but i shouldnt be punished for not wanting to do something in the game" If i dont like something, i dont do it, let it be endless or bossfights or whatever. And i am not punished at all because other players can grind the Orbs like crazy and get lots of crispy Toroids, because, why should i even care about what other players get as rewards? Anyway, i agree with this: I made this suggestion in Mission & Levels:
  8. Haben wir, habe dir auch eine PM geschickt 🙂 an alle (hoffentlich) noch zukünftigen Interessierten^^: - falls ihr hier postet zitiert am Besten was von mir, dann bekomm ich eine Benachrichtigung und lese es schneller - oder schreibt mir eine PM oder addet mich Ingame (mit Hinweis), dann bekomm ich es auch auf jeden Fall mit
  9. DreisterDino

    "Baruuk is bad lul"

    You'd be surprised 😀 I do more damage with him on a regular basis than Mesas in my team. His MASSIVE Punchthrough and Range on his fists do a great job. Sure, in the Plains a Mesa will do more damage, but in maps like the KuvaFortress he is strong(er). I hated Baruuk at first, but now he is one of my favourite frames. Agree, especially on the part about his 1st ability. I only use his 2 and 3 to remove the restraint, using the 1 is not fun at all (and when other players kill everything, it doesnt even work^^) Edit: I know that some frames might be able to do more damage, but i really like his kit. Casting lull to slow down enemies and gather "energy" for my ultimate while also disarming enemies with his 3 and being able to move some of the spears(?) onto allies is also useful, and i really like the stances on his ultimate. Its kinda cool to have different ways to use his 4 - "i cant kill that one nox fast? ok ill just do this attack now and CC him while taking care of the other enemies" And for me its kinda fun aswell that i have to use my 1st/2nd/3rd ability even when i am in my ultimate to keep it going. And if i cant keep it up, fine aswell! i kinda like it that i cannot just throw down an energypad and be able to use my ultimate whenever i want to. (you might find it weird that i like that, but thats how it is 😀)
  10. DreisterDino

    New game mode

    With all respects to your idea, why do you want this to get deleted if you want DE to see it? This might be the only place where they might look at it. Are you afraid someone "steals your idea" and takes credit for it? And even if so, why would that be a problem, do you actually think you get money for this or something?^^ (serious question) What exactly do you expect? That they invite you to a talk or something? Sry to burst your bubble, but chances for that are even lower than the chances for an additional payout in your gamemode 😉 Considering your idea, i dont really see the value of this gamemode. Its just some sort of survival with bosses that are not really bosses and no life-support. I have seen better concepts for missions with recurring boss-fights for ESO for example, and none of those have been recognized by DE so far. The fact that you added some formulas for the spawns doesnt make this idea better.
  11. DreisterDino

    Rework Fissure Missions

    I want to suggest a slight rework to Fissure-Missions. Its not about the gameplay itself, that is fine imo. What i want to adress is the variation of available missions in regards to enemylevel (and nodes) The current Problem: i simply dont want to play Lith/Meso fissures for example because the enemy level is so low, its beyond boring even with unmodded frames always the same Tilesets for same missions: Neo-Defense seems to always be either the Map in the Void or on Uranus only a very limited selection of high-lvl-missions available (Sortie once a day (not what i am looking for if its Spy+Rescue+X for example), Arbitrations are really random aswell so they might only provide missions you dont like when you are online, ESO might not be in enjoyable in general for many players - no "standard"- high-lvl-missions in general) Possible change: add 1 high-level mission for each Tier (Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi) that starts at level 70/80/90/100 there is always one active for each Tier (allow those missions to be on all Planets, so a Neo-Defense can be on any Planet, not just Uranus or the Void) the only change to rewards i would make could be that in those Missions each booster starts at 25% already this is not gamebreaking by any means, but it still can be an incentive to play those missions (i dont need that incentive, but others might) possible benefits: more different missions to pick from always some high-level missions active for players that want to play against higher levels still, all the low-level missions will stay in the game I would like to play more, but very often when i look at the available missions, there are either just quick missions like Rescue/Sabotage or when there is an endless mission at all, chances are high it starts at level 15 so i think "no thanks i dont want to play that" - especially when random squads tend to leave early. I know i can play with clanmates and i do that most of the time, but playing for an hour to get to high level shouldnt be mandatory. The goal of the current system might be that i log in more often to check if there is something active i want to play, but the reality is: i log in less because very often there is simply nothing that i enjoy playing, and i neither want to sit there and pray that when the fissure missions go live that there is something i like, nor do i want to have an app running or keep looking at tracking sites that tell me "go play now, you have 1 hour to play a mission you like"
  12. DreisterDino

    Plains of Eidolon: Abandoned?

    Ok they have updated and changed things in the past, but most of the changes you have listed there have been made 2+ years ago. Since you mention UI 3.0, this brings up something else, the time it takes them to change things. The first Update for UI 3.0 has been in June 2018, and its not even close to finished... if it takes them a year or so to rework the UI, i dont even want to think about how long it might take them to make more important/difficult changes. So, with this in mind and with their Roadmap for 2019, i think we can say for sure that the Plains are abandoned and wont see any substantial update in the "near future" (with which i mean the whole year of 2019) and probably not even after that. Because when they Release Railjack, Wolf of Saturn 6 and Planes of Duviri, those are probably the things that need updates/tweaks/changes in 2020. (Edit: Or 2020 brings up totally different stuff again, like a 3rd OpenWorld) Edit2: Before someone wants to scream "give them time!"....they shall take the time they need, but i think the way they set priorities is a bit weird to say at least. Thats what i meant when i said " i wonder how they can announce completly new stuff like Wolf of Saturn 6 and Planes of Duviri"... there is sooo much to do, you have big things to do for Fortuna, Railjack, Melee 3.0, Damage 3.0 etc etc and yet they announce 3 big new projects in the first Devstream of the year.
  13. DreisterDino

    Is Vauban Rework Coming in the next update?

    I know this is an unpopular opinion because everybody seems to want a rework for Vauban, but i think he doesnt need one as much as other frames. His 3 and 4 are both really useful and great tools for different purposes. We dont have many frames that can CC multiple spots at the same time (you can throw down 4 bastilles) you can literally throw your abilities far away from where you are standing his bastille (and vortex?) dont get disabled by nullifiers! Yes his 1 is pretty useless and expensive, but thats the case for probably 50% of the frames 1st-abilities we have. His 2 offers at least some fun stuff to play around with (not just talking about Bounce-trolling 😛) I wouldnt mind it if they change his 1st ability and tweak some numbers on some of the mines, but i sometimes think that people are exaggerating when they act like Vauban is one of the worst frames ever created. Because he is definetly playable and tbh i sometimes enjoy playing him more than a frame with 3 toggle-abilities + 1 aoe-nuke. Octavia for example is really strong and i never saw anyone asking for a rework, but for me, she is one of the most boring frames in the game because you really dont have to do much besides keeping your toggle-abilities active all the time. Octavia rework when!!?!?!?! 😀
  14. DreisterDino

    Plains of Eidolon: Abandoned?

    This. In both the Plains in Orb Vallis, all we really got gameplay-wise are the same bounties (with the same task randomly shuffled together) and the bosses. Thats it. Some might say that fishing/mining/and the k-drives are content, but i wouldnt really count that.
  15. Considering Point 3 in my starting post (large-scale-battles), i want to show you this idea. It could be seen as a mix of the High-tier-bounty/Sortie/Raid/Heist, so difficulty, time investment and rewards represent that. 5 Stage Bounty with Sortie-lvl Enemies (lvl 90-100) the structure of the bounty is always the same the locations will be different, depending on the first outpost, which will be selected randomly a drone will play a key element in this example and will go through multiple stages with us (no health regen!) keeping the drone alive will be very important since we need the drone in each stage Sortie-lvl Enemies (lvl 90-100) maybe certain conditions like in Sorties each day (dense fog in Fortuna could be really cool for example^^) if the rewards are substantially better, so comparable with Sortie-Rewards for example, it should be limited to once per day like Sorties