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  1. Upcoming Changes to LandingCraft (i liked to see)

    That kinda was a joke because i myself would have fun messing up my friends' loadouts from time to time ^^ But you could make it so that you can lock/unlock your loadouts so if a noob needs help with a loadout, someone experienced could go in and quickly set up a viable build with the mods the person has.
  2. So, i had few ideas about what could be done with the landing craft to make it useful for interaction between players more, and i thought im gonna share them here now :) Because right now, the only reason to invite someone is to quickly show him what you've got, and then he leaves again. Kinda nice, but since the update i invited maybe like 4 persons to my ship and has been to just a few others because there is no real reason. If i remember correctly, DE already plans to let you go into your Orbiter at the end of the mission, but there could be more ^^ General "Gamplay" additions: - Let invited players use your Arsenal: Let them look at your loadouts you got on your Warframes and Weapons so they can compare them. Add a "copy loadout" function that cost 2 control modules (data must be stored somewhere) and 5k credits. Go crazy and let them change your loadouts - Let your Landingcraft become a marketplace like Maro's Basar You can put things you want to sell in your shelves like ayatan sculptures, Primeparts oder Weaponsets (will appear as a model, when you hover over it it will show details) Add consoles like the codex or market where you can put rivens and stuff, on the screen desired items are running as a slideshow MR 10 requirement for this. - Interactive decorations Let us purchase some decorations that function as minigames with highscores and so on for plat. Honestly i am not that confident in Warframe Lore, so i dont know what the Tenno are enjoing in their freetime, but im sure you know something -starting missions from the same ship let us discuss about advanced tactics like "go in and kill everything" in our new orbiter room, select a mission and go nuts Advanced Decorations: - add new plants to your ship that already exist in the universe Remember we had to scan plants for Titania? Lets expand on this, give us a reason to scan again! Sell blueprints for flower boxes for plat let us take 50 scans of a certain plant like the beautiful moonlight dragonlily or luas Lunar Pitcher to gather the genetic codes Really complex plants might even take 100 scans, who knows but there needs to be an endgame (hell, some people even might want their ship covered in vestan moss) Then we only have to incubate them with lots of rubico (everyone knows its a great fertilizer) An experienced Tenno might even find a way to cross plants and create new ones - add a prison for vay hek Enough is enough, when you defeated him for the 100th time, you can put him i a cage where he will continue to scream "TENNO MAGGOTS", but its in the back of your ship, so no one will hear him....only the few bombards you have put next to him - free running animals from the plains This is the most important change...really, it is...PETA is around the corner... I purchased a condroc in Cetus, but i couldnt stand to look at him in his cage. It is just sad to see this majestic creature i killed about a hundred times in the plains because someone told me there would be a pest in this little cage. Let him be free to walk around and fly in my orbiter along with dozens of kuakas who will follow me around until i give em some neurodes (they eat those, right?) - arsenal with your favourite weapons Let us put our favourtie weapons on the walls, the models are so beautiful but whenever i start to enjoy them too much during missions, i get killed Conclusion: I think there is a lot of potential in which you could do with the orbiter, right now all you do is mostly for yourself (which is ok , i decorated my ship and had some fun). Some things can be really useful, others might be just stupid, but all in all everyone might get something out of it. Imo DE would gain something out of it too, because with more options and reasons to invite players to your ship, people or more willing to pay plat or real money for stuff to put in your Orbiter. Greetz Free the condrocs!!!1!!11!
  3. Ok, understood :P What Warframe shall i take for the run & stun gameplay (see what i did there?^^) that i'd like to play? Is there a quick CC that works through walls?
  4. Votekick AFK Leeches - Solution for abusing

    Well, an option to blacklist players i dont want to play with would be a welcome solution aswell.
  5. Votekick AFK Leeches - Solution for abusing

    Why would someone mark a Mesa that is actively playing as afk? And do you really think all other players would vote yes (which is the requirement for all further actions to happen)? I'll repeat myself: As long as not all players have voted yes, nothing will happen to the player accused of being afk. How often will that happen? Do you really have no faith in the playersbase and think everyone is gonna start trolling everyone?
  6. Votekick AFK Leeches - Solution for abusing

    That was why i added a timelimit to start votekicks, so people dont spam it whenever something doesnt goes the way they like to. Hell, make the timelimit 8 hours instead of one, might be still fine as long the timer resets for succesful votes.
  7. Votekick AFK Leeches - Solution for abusing

    Would propose to read everything i have written^^ That way, no one will get kicked because he is using Mesa, he can just quickly click on the popup and he is done and Makros wont help because at least i think that it will be hard to write a macro that clicks on a popup for you, running in circles wont help If its really that easy (i dont know) put in a captcha like the first responder said
  8. Votekick AFK Leeches - Solution for abusing

    Can you also say how it will be abused?
  9. Hey guys, I've seen that there are already some threads requesting a vote kick function ingame, and i have always read that it will be abused. And i ofc agree that nobody wants a system where people can get kicked because they use a frame the others dont like or stuff like that. But, imo afk-leeches are a big problem sometimes and since the afk timer can be bypassed easily by a makro, we have to find a solution. To start off, just 2 scenarios where leeching is really annoying: - Bountys: Hostage spawns at afk person and will not move, i had this problem in a group in stage 4, only thing we could do was abort the mission without getting the rewards. - Kuva: Afk-leeches get lots of kuva for doing nothing and are therefore able to reroll rivens alot and then sell it for high amount of Plat with no effort put into it..thats fair right? Now, what can we do to prevent a kick feature being abused? - first, i only want a feature to kick afk players, nothing else. - all 3 people have to vote yes -when all 3 people voted yes, give the person who is accused for being afk a chance to prove he is not afk: Popup a window for 5 to 10 seconds on which he has to click manually that way people wont get kicked just because they use a frame the others dont like - on addition, give us a timelimit on how often we can start a votekick, maybe once every hour. If the votekick is succesful, the timer gets a reset instantly, if the votekick fails you have to wait. I think with this system there is no real chance of abusing it. Also, since DE is changing frames lately to prevent afk farming, i think they should have at least some interest in preventing those methods. You might be right when you say "just go solo" "just play with your clan", but thats not a solution, its closing your eyes and restricting your own game experience because there are people like that. You might be right when you ask "why do you even care, just ignore those players", but i think when it gets to rewards that can get you a lot of plat and so on, it should be as fair as it can get with all the RNG. Why should someone who leeches himself through kuva missions the whole day be able to reroll rivens until he gets stupid amounts of plat for that with no effort when a person who really plays like 6 syphons to roll a riven once to get bad stats again? BTW, it might sound like that, but i dont have problems with getting plat, acutally at the moment i dont even know what to buy next with the plat i have, but i think this is really unfair. Let me know if you see any flaws with this system or what you would add. Imo this system is better then a report system because DE does not need to check all the reports. And besides, if you play a little, you dont want to take screenshots, make videos, start forum threads and wait weeks until something eventually will happen. Greetz
  10. PoE host migrations are out of control

    @Lancars: I think there are ways ro prevent people from randomly vote for kick a player ""just for fun" or so. - give us a limit how often we can start a vote kick, maybe once every hour. So you think about if you want to use this just to annoy someone - all 3 players have to vote yes, otherwise it wont kick the guy - maybe just give us a vote for afk-kick, after all 3 players voted, give the person accused for being afk 10 seconds time to click on something to prove he is not afk that way, only people that are really afk are going to be kicked I think we need something like this, DE always tells us they are against afk-farming and stuff like that, but we cant do nothing about afk leeches that can ruin a mission for everyone in the plains (one time, the hostage that should be rescued got teleported to the afk guy and would only follow him, we tried to contact him, nothing happened, all we could was leave the mission and lose our rewards for 4 stages!). Also, i know it would be more healthy if i didnt care about this, but i get angry when i see people leeching kuva missions. Because those are the guys gathering stupid amounts of kuva by doing nothing and then are able to sell rivens for lots of plat...
  11. Hm, but for some reason before the update i had no problems at all with this. Just as an example, i like to play the Uranus Interception Mission for opening relics a lot, and VOlt was my go-to Frame for that. The flags are on ground level except one, and what ive used to do was to jump in from the upper level and cast my 4 when i saw a flag was going to be captured. It always stunned all the enemies in my range with no problems at all no matter at which height i have cast it and i could trust on it. But now it seems bugged, sometimes no one gets stunned, sometimes one enemy gets stunned while another one standing right next to him wont. I really dont understand that...
  12. Hey Guys and Devs, i experienced a bug (hopefully its not intended) that makes Volt kinda unplayable for me because it ruins the fun. So, i first noticed it in the plains that when i am in the air casting his Ultimate, not one single enemy will be affected in any way by it. I then went into a normal mission and tried it out again, so i stood directly in front of an enemy, jumped up and casted (2 meters away from him at max, and he wasnt affected aswell. Then i played around a little more and casted it only when i was standing on the ground, but even then enemies which are slightly higher on a staircase or hill or something wont get affected by his 4. At least for me, this is kinda gamebreaking for volt because, what is the damage increase good for if i dont hit enemies anymore? Also it ruins my playstyle with him. I was playing him very agressive, jumping here and there into the action, casting it, killing the enemies then and so on. And from what i can tell due to the other warframe changes, thats the playstyle you want to see, an active playstyle^^ But like now its not capable of doing that anymore, its not even useful as a panic defensive manouver because you cant be sure the enemies shooting at you will get staggered, so you better just run off if you are low on health instead of trying to stagger them. So my questions: - did any of you have the same issues? - is this the way it should be now? (then i wont really play volt anymore, which would be really sad because i started to like him a lot? - may it possible that in any way its my moddings fault? (which i do not believe tbh because i go for a lot of range on him) Greetz PS: Ofc im not stupid, the enemies were not standing in nullifier bubbles or so ;)