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  1. sometimes (very rarely) it works properly and i have no issues, i have no clue what the reason might be
  2. HELP!!!! everytime i open the game it just loads and loads. Going through one loading screen (entering from client to the game, logging in, opening navigator/market/arsenal) takes about 10 minutes which is unbearable. Its the worst for opening navigation, when i open it the screen just goes black and i cant do anything. When i try opening task manager or alt tabbing the game it just breaks my computer and i have to restart it. The issue does not come from my internet connection, id say i have a very good internet (stable 100mb/s download) Reinstalling the game or verifying data integrity did not help. My computer specifications: CPU: intel core i7-8700 graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 hdd drive, 16gb RAM
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