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  1. That game sounds way better than what we have. I'd take that.
  2. Not going to stop nerfing the Rubico until it's at 0
  3. Why waste the credits when I could flip maxed mods? My 200k+ plat worth says hi to you.
  4. You can not, in fact, trade raw endo to other players.
  5. Sell it. Or do nothing. Endo does nothing anyway.
  6. Same goes for endo, except I can't trade endo to other players. It's okay to be wrong
  7. Yey I actually like the drop tables with less endo. It's completely useless to me, and to many of the veteran players this mode was supposed to be aimed at from the start.
  8. There's no hope for a dojo invite fix. A whole week of having to use a workaround to be able to trade in my dojo. If you still don't know it goes like this - I join the dojo, right click and invite someone doesn't work, typing /invite doesn't work. The workaround is opening their profile (which takes an actual minute or two to load) then closing it and I'm able to invite. If I open my own profile I'm locked in place and unable to move but I gain the ability to invite again as well. This problem is persistent in The Remnants of the Void dojo.
  9. No dojo invitation and crashing fixes, sad.
  10. Please fix being unable to invite people to the dojo unless I open someone's profile (which can take minutes, only takes a long time in the dojo) and then open my own, after which I'm stuck in place and need someone else to send me a trade to get out.
  11. Why is everything so bright?
  12. So you're just going to pretend DE haven't been removing content from the game for years in the cases of Dark Sector solar rail conflicts, the old void, and trials? They literally removed any reason to get stronger by dumbing down everything—removing any reason to be in a clan beyond research/big friends list, making primes too easy to acquire, and adding massive gear checks to get arcanes instead of teamwork based trials. It's a case of using hype to cater to new players who will spend a little money then leave shortly after.
  13. The relic system was poorly thought out and hastily executed. The void on the other hand made perfect sense and gave the prime vault a reason to exist.
  14. Actually true. The prime vault was the only thing keeping prices on everything from tanking due to the new player relic system. The old void needs to exist because nothing is rare anymore. DE will soon learn when their platinum sales tank.
  15. Stop nuking your player market all the time or you won't have a game for much longer.
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