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  1. New mastery badges don't make sense. The old ones were better.
  2. I quit the game because of intrinsic farming.
  3. Will we see clan vs. clan dark sector conflicts make a return soon now that railjack exists? There’s a whole new opportunity for rail conflicts when people can actually fly a ship.
  4. I implore you to remove the necessity to pick up resources in railjack and archwing at all. To quote my feedback in the Empyrean Megathread:
  5. Remove item pickups in archwing/railjack missions entirely. It ruins the flow when I have to fly over to the shinies to get them instead of taking on the death laser. It's not important to the gameplay for me to go drive over and pick things up. It's like the rest of the game without vacuum multiplied by 100.
  6. Hope the invite issue is resolved.
  7. This update is kind of hilariously pay to win.
  8. "Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarter, or take any from you." -Blackbeard
  9. Strange, I'm also on a 2070 Super and I've been seeing hitching and a bit of crashing recently even with the latest drivers.
  10. Prime armor channeling FX don't seem to have made it in.
  11. Lots of complaining about difficulty here. Please don't cave and change the scoring DE.
  12. Recycling content in record time! PogU
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