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  1. Yes, official Warframe art is expressly allowed if you read the FAQ on clan emblems. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/218983077-Clan-and-Alliance-Emblem-Creation-Guide
  2. If old operations were to return I'd rather have the real thing, not whatever you're making up.
  3. Inb4 people complaining about login time-gating and muh "entitled vets."
  4. It seems worse to have a mediocre kit overall than have one really strong gimmick. If his clones and defy buff don't give him an absurd amount of damage this is a big step back. Edit: Cloud walker has no reason to exist when operator exists and can heal way faster.
  5. They'll never miss prime access dates though
  6. You should remove Plague Star indefinitely because it's too expensive to upkeep. 😃
  7. The music >.< why does it all have to be electronic music now? Can't we have drums and chanting once more?
  8. This is messed up. If DE aren't going to give an all clear to reorganize AFTER the event is over then they need to stop scoring right when it ends.
  9. After all is said and done I just want to say this was an amazing operation and I had a lot of fun with it. More operations please.
  10. Page 13236... This is fine.
  11. At this point they can't just keep moving the goalposts.
  12. They're trolling because they believe using Loki's switch teleport, as they believe it is intended or should be used, is somehow comparable to using Inaros' survivability.
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