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  1. Why do you even think that it should count as a melee attack? Because it launches exalted blades?
  2. Nightwave cleary says that applying forma should not be in a Simulacrum
  3. You guys seem to care little about bug reports, but if I show everyone the video I will get banned in 10 minutes, right?
  4. As a potato PC owner, I'd love an "AVOID HOSTING" option. I'm okay with waiting for a host!
  5. Do NOT remove amp self stagger. If people are dumb enough to use explosions right next to them, it's only their fault.
  6. I don't know how to report it to DE fast and without telling exploit details to regular players. All I can safely show here is two screenshots of getting the loot. I don't want to get banned (I have a video demonstration with all steps). @[DE]Bear Help? I'm sorry for the ping, you are the only moderator I remember the name of
  7. Equipping Mortier skin on Paracesis sticks it into warframe's head.
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