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  1. Have some sleep, you don't need to spam and edit just to be the first in every single hotfix.
  2. A nice update feature to the forum would be nice. Don't let people on the first page edit their messages.
  3. So streamers are now "content creators"? HAHAHA
  4. Aww, no more Pendulum Narta Soprana Banshee in Fortuna 69?
  5. Still no fixes for: - Shy Glyph is behind a Patreon wall; - Renewal doesn't have a hold-cast to recast it without removing the buff from others (to cast it for someone near you); - Iron Skin is too effective in Index; - Saryn spores are too powerful, need LoS check or 75% dmg nerf if there was no LoS; - Vex Armor gives too much damage increase; - Kohm riven dispo is still too strong; - Maiming Strike makes any melee a crit melee; - Time-out timer is too short, let us get a screen freeze without lagging out, it's a PvE game where packet loss is not that important; - Wisp can RUN while melee is out; - Channeled amp prism ammo drain is not client sided, lags can either drain it in 0.3 sec or let you burn stuff for 5 seconds without reloading; - Catchmoon can't hit things that are too close to the Warframe; - Low FPS compensation for automatic guns doesn't compensate the recoil; - Operator void dash is too sticky. Sometimes it works only if you jump.
  6. Oh look, another great hotfix! Oh wait, it's spacing makes it look big
  7. Wrong place dude. It's a comment section is for comments for 25.2.2 update
  8. Because it's a wrong place to post a bug
  9. Thanks for the fix. Now can you look into her interception tactics with cheesing enemies in one place so they ignore objectives completely?
  10. Hey don't forget about big Stug-like weapon in Nox hands.
  11. Looks like I'm getting a ban for 10k event score? I just wanted a golden statue for a clan...
  12. Back to solo Hydroid on Ophelia.
  13. Again, we don't need it in update comments. If it's already reported, just F STOP
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