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  1. Equipping Mortier skin on Paracesis sticks it into warframe's head.
  2. You agreed to pay the price, what's the problem? You're not asking your money back when something gets its price reduced irl
  3. Look at those tears "uwaahh I rushed to rank 5 and now "lost" over 100k standing uwaah"
  4. Still no fix for Cortege alt fire? It just doesn't let us shoot for 4 seconds (with default fire rate) if we use alt fire. I call it a bug because the delay is not mentioned anywhere, neither in description nor by stagger/cooling down animation.
  5. I've added this bug info to wiki, yet someone removed it and marked it as "not a bug because alt fire rate is 0.25" :\
  6. 1. Equip your Heavy weapon; 2. Waste some ammo to add to a cooldown timer (this part can be skipped); 3. Use an ability that removes weapon model from your hands (for example Protea's grenades or dispensary); 4. Equip a gear item (for example Synthesis scanner); 5. Equip it again to go back to your heavy weapon. Result: Your heavy weapon is reloaded, an archgun cooldown timer is triggered so you can call another archgun whenever you want. Also you can use melee and aimglide without penalty.
  7. It's affected by warframe speed (which is separate from sprint). It's not a bug
  8. Lazy to report and it's also not too important to fix right now (in my royal opinion): - Kuva Ayanga projectiles collide with the camera view (camera changes the angle like we are close to a wall), with themselves and with a Warframe, dealing damage to myself; - K-Drives can drop you off when you spawn them or attempt to get on them, happens quite a lot to me. This is not a keyboard or any other input issue; - Protea's shield grenades are too bright. Effect brightness settings are not a solution since all other abilities look perfect; - Protea grenade casting animation should not make
  9. Aw, no maggor leg armor fix for Rhino
  10. Why do you want it to get "fixed"? That's a feature and it's beautiful
  11. Remove armor scaling with levels Or rework armor to be an another layer of health, same as corpus has shields (but without %damage reduction)
  12. You guys never learn, do you? Grineer armor should not scale with levels, grineer lvl 5 and grineer lvl 100 should have exactly the same armor values but different health pool
  13. Right Maggor leg armor doesn't fit well on Rhino now
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