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  1. Found a bug with Stradavar Prime: 1. Shoot till you have 1 bullet in your mag; 2. Switch to Semi so it starts a reload (because it uses 2 bullets to shoot); 3. Switch back to Auto to cancel reloading animation; 4. (Optional) Spam switching mode button to annoy everyone on the map (yes, it can be heard anywhere) and drop tons of pancake mags.
  2. And you keep crying on forums with a hugeass wall of text. Stop.
  3. Don't refund arcane cost, players already got platinum for trading them. Or refund resources only for one set of arcanes (for personal use).
  4. Well deserved, it's too good to stay the same.
  5. Megan is still calling Orbiter a "Liset". And yeah, decoration menu still has "landing craft" path while landing craft has no interior to decorate since it's a flying capsule.
  6. Was it about selling Glappids and/or Arcanes?
  7. You need to complete Stage 3 of the Heist bounty first to get an Archgun Launcher, then put it in your gear (like archwing launcher).
  8. I really hope that this new conservation thing won't apply to condrocs and kuakas... They are pests.
  9. People already told you that it's a feature which will not be "fixed".
  10. That huge DOT at the end of your sentence owned me for sure Mr. Editor Attention Spore
  11. @[DE]MeganFix Hildryn + Decaying Key + Aegis immortality already
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