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  1. Also would be nice to always see kuva and endo near credits and platinum.
  2. Protect the first page of updates from editing.
  3. I mentioned word PUBLIC, this means only in PUBLIC lobbies relic names and refinement should be hidden. Relic parties should work fine.
  4. You sir should create a separate discussion, your reply doesn't have anything close to my suggestion.
  5. Letting us use ANY name would be nice. Just punish people who use real bad words after they get reported.
  6. Hide relic's name in PUBLIC missions, let others see only stuff like "NEO RELIC" without its full name and refinement. Too many people join and leave if they see there's no new relics equipped.
  7. December 18, a simple UI bug is still there.
  8. All I want to say is... rework host migration. Let the player some time to attempt to reconnect, don't throw them away because they got a screen freeze. Increase the time-out timer to 10 seconds, add a confirmation window to ask if the player would like to attempt to reconnect, migrate host or leave the mission.
  9. Thanks for Blink nerf (thanking unironically)! But this Synthesis scanner thing... I thought it's a feature. How are we supposed to complete the 20 scans Nightwave act if we have everything scanned?
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