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  1. Warframes are in 99% of the cases not the problem, people that use them (or their builds) are. A Loki wont DPS in ESO, that doesnt make him bad. Wrong Expectations are causing a lot of misconceptions, damage is not everything.
  2. Son has been busy developing new bio-technologies for Helminth. Visit SON in the Necralisk on DEIMOS to obtain the New Segment required to upgrade your Helminth to perform a new operation: Invigorations! Our main objective with this system expansion is really simple: give players a way to engage with Warframes they may not have used in a while! Here’s how it will work: Every week, your Helminth will have an Affinity toward 3 Random Warframes. You can interact with Helminth with these Warframes to gain select Weekly Buffs (one Offensive and one Utility/Defense)! For ex
  3. U need to stay below the loot cap otherwise it doesnt work, its not about time its about how much loot is on the ground.
  4. Maybe try playing smart , dodge, hide , leave distance , etc. instead of blindly relying on invisibility
  5. U are jealous of people getting a lot of steel Essence after they played for hours, that is ridiculous. The Efficiency of such runs can be mathematically described: 4 drops per 5m for 2 hours means 24 drops (2 SE eaach) multiplied by 2 (booster) and by 4 (double cat buff) ends up at 384 Steel Essence in 2 hours meaning u got 3.2 Steel Essence per minute. NOTE that this is an absolutely optimal run that you get like once in 10 runs and usually the gain is much lower (NOT EVEN calculating in mistakes that can and often happen during 2 hours of active and focused gameplay). So lets compare this.
  6. People who like to do long endurance missions have a reason to do them again. They can stay in extended runs and hope for a RNG buff during two hours or more to get a lot of Steel Essence. This is no bug at all it is a clever use of game mechanics (that loot stays on ground until a limit is reached) there is no reason t o fix something that isnt bugged. Why would you take this away from the people who enjoy it? This doesnt make sense.
  7. Tell me one good reason why this should be changed?
  8. Yeah but why is that an *ISSUE* just leave players who want to do it ....alone? If you dont do it then it thats fine but why would you make it impossible for others
  9. the fact you use 250% strength for a globe build alone shows me you dont understand how to use him
  10. someone watched too much GHS. You are not a veteran after 1 week and not after one year. Knowledge determines whether you are a veteran not when you started the game. mind elaborating on ,,interesting'' as I dont know what you are trying to say exactly
  11. old players always get the short end of the stick what did you expect. if you think he needs a rework play him again and understand how he works not ask for a rework, he is not supposed to nuke ESO tho as a headsup
  12. . With the recent two Credit Weekends players have seen a trend, namely the Profit Taker meta. I already gave detailed feedback on that one ( https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1257386-index-credit-farming/?tab=comments#comment-12104972 ) The problem here is that old but definitely fun and engaging content is lost simply because it cannot compare to newer content ( like it always happens after some time i.e. Mining getting replaced by Thumpers , Arbitation Kuva farming with Steel Path/Essence farming etc. ) This is a sad trend and I think we should give old content a new reason to coexist
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