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  1. thats because u subsumed an ability on the 4th place
  2. move once each minute and dont afk in the middle
  3. i am pretty sure they died coz DE needed arcanes as a reward to put them into Eidolon their new shiny project
  4. Allow me to rephrase, I just wanted ,,everyone'' (with you,i meant people in general,i am german sorry for any misunderstandings) should take these things into consideration. On PC we had some runs with a host migration bug too,much worse than you on Console,i think the ,,fake record'' is around 600k by someone with that bug. Anyway, that ,,1 point difference'' thing is something I never saw on PC and i checked leaderboards almost daily. I am very curious as to how that even happens, but like u said its most likely the host migration exploit,I just wouldnt claim such things without testing
  5. Most scores seem achieveable enough to me,keep in mind if one of the persons in a 4 man team gets a higher score the old disppears and it will look like a 3 man run. Leaderboard doesnt tell you what happened in a run or over the past few hours/days keep that in mind before accusing anyone
  6. You can stay longer in the mission to celebrate a world record run , i am in the top #2 squad on PC and did that myself, its no crime to stay a little longer after that
  7. DE does not care, Blast proc had ONE job, one... knocking enemies over now it reduces accuracy ,sth u dont even notice. I wonder if the only reason they removed it is really people complaining that they cannot headshot them anymore....with the current status system there is no way you get blast without wanting to or on a AOE weapon,but lets be honest,you dont aim for the head with a bramma or tonkor anyway
  8. Can we get old enemy scaling back in some way?
  9. My general idea(this is personal) is that even if the enemies dodge,jump,hide,go invisible whatever the hell you can imagine it does not matter. Challenge cannot be achieved if they die by hitting E two times,that was NOT the case in the old times. You mentioned covert,yes,that is indeed a mod that got nerfed,and for what reason? it was able to one hit anything and everyone at high level. So now i ll give you a real insight,that was actually true but also had its limits,enemies that you couldnt finish, often times drones in void/corpus started to pile up,which you could not finish and therefo
  10. completely true,i dare to say SP is still a joke compared to old enemies
  11. Old enemies were fine,completely,i never complained enemies are too hard,the people who complain about that will always complain because its not the enemy at fault for being spongy its the people for using bad builds/synergies/methods to kill them,they just fail to realise that and ask why a skana doesnt kill a level 9999 enemy instantly
  12. One of my friends had such a ,,solo'' run as well,with sth like 40k even, the reason being the other 3 people did a better score than him with another player while he was not available,therefore it appeared like it were a solo run. This is a unique case however there are many factors which can lead to such a case,3 people doing another run getting wiped,doing a better run, etc. Just because it looks like its solo ,doesnt mean it is. Even the top squad on PC was 3 man for a very short time because one of the people in the squad were afraid of a early wipe and aborted,therefore 3 people left the
  13. The part where you have a reason to say No to a change which wont affect you at all unless you choose to?
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