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  1. Can We change Relic missions into opening the relic whenever we get 10 reactants and not fixed timers in survival etc? People dislike survival and prefer exterminate because its 3x more efficient, please do sth about it to allow more variety
  2. and why is that? a *legendary* arcane should not fall in your hands for logging in once a week and doing fun stuff. You should earn it. Also if you dont want to farm eidolons just farm sth else,sell it and buy a set.
  3. Its more active even than sitting on a spot waiting for enemies to spawn in Grineer stage or other time gated objectives, Tumor Cache spawn is not the best way because its some kind of bypass for all the ,,hard work'' its because you can influence the gain by skill and being active 100% of the time. Most objectives are bad and simply a mobile defense with a different name, ask yourself why Tumor Cache is the only objective people go or why they avoid all others.
  4. Why not add them every event? Energize to Plague star next time too i suppose? So that prices stay low hopefully,sounds like a good idea /s
  5. Hemocyte dropping relics is a nice change,can we get other enemies (in permanent gameplay not event only) that drop relics of all kinds? farming the same mission (aka, capture and disruption) all the time gets boring
  6. To contact me you can message my forum profile, reply to this post, or contact me in-game by simply copying & pasting the following into the Warframe chat: /w FSK41 Hello Just press ctrl F to search my list for any item of your desire with the listed price. If you buy multiple things prices can be negotiated further. Prime Warframe/Sentinel Sets Ash Prime - 400p Ember Prime - 320p Loki Prime - 600p Mag Prime - 400p Nekros Prime - 350p Nova Prime - 340p Nyx Prime - 250p Odonata Prime - 200p Rhino Prime - 300p Saryn Prime - 360p Trinity Prime - 270p Valkyr Prime - 310p Vauban Prime - 400p Volt Prime - 380p Volt Prime - 320p Hydroid Prime - 290p Oberon Prime -270p Zephyr Prime - 260p Mesa Prime -330p Mirage Prime -310p Frost Prime -280p Chroma Prime -250p Gara Prime -230p Equinox Prime -310p Inaros Prime - 290p Wukong Prime -260p Limbo Prime - 280p Wyrm - 400p Carrier -260p Prime Weapon Sets AkStiletto Prime - 320p Ankyros Prime - 200p Bo Prime - 500p Boar Prime - 250p Boltor Prime - 200p Bronco Prime - 70p Burston Prime - 70p Cernos Prime - 220p Dakra Prime - 200p Dual Kamas Prime - 300p Fang Prime - 60p Fragor Prime - 180p Galatine Prime - 200p Hikou Prime - 150p Latron Prime - 250p Lex Prime - 70p Nikana Prime - 250p Orthos Prime - 60p Paris Prime - 70p Reaper Prime - 180p Scindo Prime - 190p Sicarus Prime - 220p Soma Prime - 210p Tigris Prime - 160p Vasto Prime - 200p Vectis Prime - 260p Spira Prime - 300p Pyrana Prime - 200p Vasto Prime - 180p Glaive Prime - 290p Gram Prime - 150p Karyst Prime - 140p Kogake Prime - 220p Kronen Prime - 260p Ninkondi Prime -150p Nami Skyla Prime - 210p Silva & Aegis Prime - 260p Astilla Prime - 170p Rubico Prime - 230p Stradavar Prime -190p Tiberon Prime - 140p Zhuge Prime - 170p Baro/Void Weapons/Items Dera Vandal - 150p Imperator Vandal - 200p Machete Wraith - 200p Mantis Set - 75p Prisma Dual Cleavers - 200p Ignis Wraith - 25p Prisma Gorgon - 200p Scimitar - 80p Warframe Mods Agility Drift - 20p Armored Agility - 35p Battering Maneuver - 10p Blind Rage - 50p (maxed 400) Coaction Drift - 20p Constitution - 10p Continuity - 10p Cunning Drift - 20p Endurance Drift - 25p Enemy Sense - 10p Firewalker - 30p Fleeting Expertise - 50p Flow - 10p Fortitude - 10p Handspring - 12p Ice Spring - 50p (maxed 370) Intensify - 10p Lightning Dash - 50p (maxed 370) Master Thief - 10p Mobilize - 10p Narrow Minded - 50p (maxed 400) Natural Talent - 15p Overextended - 50p Patagium - 10p Power Drift - 20p Quick Thinking - 20p Rage - 25p Rapid Resilience - 12p Reflex Guard - 10p (maxed 380) Retribution - 10p Rush - 5p Shock Absorbers - 10p Speed Drift - 100p Stealth Drift - 20p Streamline - 10p Stretch - 5p Sure Footed - 10p Toxic Flight - 50p Transient Fortitude - 50p (maxed 400) Undying Will - 10p Vigor - 10p Vigorous Swap - 40p (maxed 390) Rolling Guard - 40p (maxed 390p) Adaption - 40p (maxed 390p) Aura Mods Brief Respite - 35p Corrosive Projection - 30p Energy Siphon - 20p Swift Momentum- 40p Melee Guidance - 35p Combat Discipline - 30p Primary Weapon Mods Adhesive Blast - 20p Argon Scope - 40p Arrow Mutation - 10p Bladed Rounds - 40p Catalyzer Link - 30p Charged Chamber - 10p Combustion Beam - 25p Critical Delay - 15p Cyro Rounds - 10p Depleted Reload - 50p Firestorm - 15p Guided Ordinance - 50p Hammer Shot - 30p Heavy Caliber - 50p (maxed 400) Hellfire - 10p Infected Clip - 10p Malignant Force - 10p Metal Auger - 10p Point Strike - 5p Rifle Ammo Mutation - 10p Rifle Aptitude - 5p Rime Rounds - 25p Serration - 10p Shred - 10p Sinister Reach - 10p Sniper Ammo Mutation - 10p Speed Trigger - 5p Split Chamber - 20p Spring-Loaded Chamber - 40p Stabilizer - 10p Steady Hands - 15p Stormbringer - 10p Tainted Mag - 15p Thermite Rounds - 20p Thunderbolt - 10p Vile Acceleration - 25p Vile Precision - 15p Vital Sense - 10p Wildfire - 10p Shotgun Mods Accelerated Blast - 10p Ammo Stock - 5p Burdened Magazine - 15p Charged Shell - 10p Chilling Grasp - 10p Contagious Spread - 15p Critical Deceleration - 15p Frail Momentum - 25p Frigid Blast - 20p Hell's Chamber - 10p Incendiary Coat - 10p Laser Sight - 50p Nano-Applicator - 40p Narrow Barrel - 50 Ravage - 10p Repeater Clip - 40p Scattering Inferno - 35p Seeking Force - 18p Seeking Fury - 15p Shotgun Ammo Mutation - 10p Shotgun Spazz - 20p Shrapnel Shot - 40p Sweeping Serration - 50p Tactical Pump - 5p Tainted Shell - 15p Toxic Barrage - 10p Vicious Spread - 40p Pistol Mods Anemic Agility - 20p Barrel Diffusion - 15p Concealed Explosives - 30p Convulsion - 10p Creeping Bullseye - 20p Deep Freeze - 15p Embedded Catalyzer - 30p Frostbite - 20p Gunslinger - 5p Hollow Point - 15p Hornet Strike - 5p Hydraulic Crosshairs - 25p Ice Storm - 10p Magnum Force - 20p Pathogen Rounds - 10p Pistol Ammo Mutation - 10p Pistol Pestilence - 10p Pressurized Magazine - 50p Ruinous Extension - 25p Scorch - 20p Seeker - 15p Sharpened Bullets - 60p Steady Hands - 10p Stunning Speed - 10p Tainted Clip - 15p Target Cracker - 5p Targeting Subsystem - 30p Melee Mods Berserker fury - 20p Blood Rush - 25p Body Count - 40p Buzz kill - 15p Collision Force - 15üp Auger Strike -15p Energy Channel - 10p Fever Strike - 10p Focus Energy - 10p Focused Defense - 25p Heavy Trauma - 10p Jagged Edge - 10p Killing Blow - 10p Life Strike - 10p Molten Impact - 10p North Wind - 10p Organ Shatter - 5p Power Throw - 10p Quickening - 30p Rending Strike - 10p Spoiled Strike - 35p Sundering Strike - 10p True Steel - 5p Vicious Frost - 20p Virulent Scourge - 10p Volcanic Edge - 25p Whirlwind - 15p Volatile Quick Return -15p Condition overload -15p Healing Return -15p (maxed 400) Proton Snap -15p Drifting Contact -15p Any of the Smite mods -10p Melee Stance Mods Atlantis Vulcan - 25p Astral Twilight - 30p Bleeding Willow - 25p Blind Justice - 10p Brutal Tide - 15p Clashing Forest - 5p Cleaving Whirlwind - 35p Coiling Viper - 10p Crimson Dervish - 80p Crossing Snakes - 10p Crushing Ruin - 55p Decisive Judgement - 25p Defiled Snapdragon - 25p Eleventh Storm - 15p Final Harbinger - 40p Four Riders - 50p Flailing Branch - 25p Gaia's Tragedy - 30p Gemini Cross - 5p Gleaming Talon - 25p Gnashing Payara - 30p Grim Fury - 10p High Noon - 35p Homing Fang - 10p Iron Phoenix - 10p Malicious Raptor - 30p Pointed Wind - 25p Rending Crane - 35p Seismic Palm - 10p Shattering Storm - 45p Shimmering Blight - 10p Sinking Talon - 10p Stalking Fan - 35p Swirling Tiger - 10 Tempo Royale - 80p Tranquil Cleave - 25p Vermillion Storm - 60p Vulpine Mask - 30p Companion Mods Animal Instinct - 15p Bite - 40p Fast Deflection - 10p Link Armor - 10p (maxed 390p) Link Health - 10p (maxed 390p) Link Shields - 10p (maxed 390p) Loyal Companion - 5p Maul - 15p Pack Leader - 5p Pounce - 10p Scavenge - 5p Sense Danger - 10p Sharpened Claws - 10p Shelter - 20p Swipe - 10p Territorial Aggression - 10p Archwing Mods Afterburner - 30p Argon Plating - 5p Auxiliary Power - 10p Cold Snap - 30p Efficient Transferral - 10p Energy Amplifier - 10p Energy Field - 30p Energy Inversion - 5p Enhanced Durability - 15p Hyperion Thrusters - 25p Morphic Transformer - 10p Superior Defenses - 10p System Reroute - 25p Archwing Melee Mods Astral Slash - 50p Blazing Steel - 15p Bleeding Edge - 5p Cutting Edge - 5p Extend - 5p Furor - 10p Galvanized Blade - 10p Glacial Edge - 10p Meteor Crash - 50p Nebula Bore - 50p Poisonous Sting - 10p Sudden Impact - 5p Tempered Blade - 5p Archwing Gun Mods Automatic Trigger - 15p Combustion Rounds - 10p Comet Blast - 30p Dual Rounds - 70p Electrified Barrel - 10p Hollowed Bullets - 15p Magazine Extension - 5p Modified Munitions - 10p Parallax Scope - 5p Polar Magazine - 15p Quasar Drill - 30p Rubedo-Lined Barrel - 10p Shell Rush - 30p Venomous Clip - 10p Zodiac Shred - 25p Hypothermic Shell -20p Magma Chamber -20p Contamination Casing -20p Charged Bullets -20p Charged Bullets - 15p Critical Focus - 45p Maxed Prime Mods (Must have 1 million Credits to receive) Primed Animal Instict - 450p Primed Bane of Corrupted - 450p Primed Charged Shell - 450p Primed Firestorm - 450p Primed Fulmination - 450p Primed Point Blank - 450p Arcanes with max rank Arcane Aegis - 650p Arcane Arachne - 100p Arcane Awakening - 70p Arcane Barrier - 700 Arcane Consequence - 60p Arcane Energize - 1500p Arcane Fury - 650p Arcane Trickery - 125p Exodia Contagion -300p Exodia Epidemic -200p Railjack Mods Conic Nozzle -10p Void Hole -10p Revo Reducer -10p Blackout Pulse -10p Forward Artillery -10p Crimson Fugue -10p Particle Ram -10p Tether -15p Battle Forge -20p Cruising Speed -20p Protetive Shots -25p Flow Burn -10p Warhead -10p Intruder Stasis -40p Countermeasures -10p Predator - 15p Munitions Vortex -10p Parazon Blood for Energy - 20p Malicious Code -20p Hit and Run -10p Auto Breach -15p Firewall -20p Power Drain -40p Runtime -15p Miscellanous Arcane Menticide Helmet - 400p Arcane Gambit Helmet -350p Rivens under https://riven.market/profile/FSK41 Any of the standart Focus Lenses - 20p Prism Guard -40p Augments from Perrin Sequence/New Loka -20p Any of the Galvanized mods -25p (maxed 400) War blade -30p War Hilt -20p
  7. I think you misunderstood my intention, i meant a slash proc but with the explosion's and therefore higher and to some extend scaling damage as base damage of the slash proc. Which means you would have like 10k base damage or more depending on build and amount of enemies.
  8. Make her 4 do slash damage to enemies when they were affected by the blades before and also give her 1 more duration
  9. and you dont need a 60% bonus on all weapons after 4h of farming
  10. People managed to farm them, so its not impossible apparently, stop crying for changes and start farming
  11. holo key doesnt need changes you just need to farm them like any other person
  12. because its not 2 pm ET yet wait 5 more minutes ;brain;
  13. how is that an oversight exactly? if you refer to abilities working on Sisters are a lot more you know
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