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  1. There should be no active Twitch Prime Loot right now except the Ember you always get at the moment.
  2. I have gotten it from the mission so it is still there just very low chance!
  3. I think they have tried removing required items for missions which is why derelict keys got retired.
  4. No from lockdown always goes full reset but either way turning them into normal ciphers would use them and not require much except a blueprint converting them.
  5. Full Lockdown always goes into no alarm if you open it the console does not remain white.
  6. I know this probably came up so many times already but I think it would a nice and easy repurpose. Yes we have Ciphers for quick hacking when we are lazy. We also keep getting Orokin Ciphers from vaults. Would it not be easier to just make the Orokin Ciphers usable as a hacking device. Sure you may have plenty of ciphers and the single cipher from vaults won't be a huge increase or a boon for players but at least it would make them usable instead of collecting dust in inventories. I have collected 121 of them and they just sit there, they can not be sold, used in some sort of a blueprint
  7. Scores do not seem to properly be working would be fairer to snapshot scores of members at end of event for trophies than during. Would be no score padding or losses.
  8. The clan got feature dojo and now has a huge advertisement for ignis wraith for 50 plat to message 1 member of the clan. DE talks about holding feature dojo to a higher standard. Supporting the exploitation of new unknowing players is wrong and having this free advertisement through DE is just wrong. Such actions deserve a stripping of such an award.
  9. We did not know there would be a clan ranked event not like scarlet spear was in any way. We ranked up before the even was mentioned.
  10. Yeah we ranked up from 30 member shadow to a 100 member storm rank about a month before event and yeah we are struggling finding members that joined pre 19th of December so your not alone, even people that were unaffiliated before do not seem to count. We tried getting teams to push as far as we can but we at most managed a 4 man 28129 and some 20k's.
  11. Any news towards a feature dojo using its free publicity to sell the Ignis Wraith for 50 platinum, in a way trying to monetize its feature dojo status?
  12. Great so you get punished for sizing up before the event was announced and just not getting the members fast enough.
  13. Wondering what happens if the player makes a new highscore with the clan does it then count for that clan because we swapped to storm about a month prior to event so reaching gold is tough with the current cut off and been recruiting throughout event and getting new scores for people.
  14. They posted a QOL plan no idea when it is in the works and hopefully fixes a few things.
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