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  1. Unnecessary just shoot the people in your near vicinity and fish. I never have trouble fishing.
  2. Pulse turbine door is broken again, forcing a failure of mission.
  3. Then I am out of ideas what it could be maybe try running a survival instead manics usually spawn there as well past 5 minutes as a secondary test it is where I killed mine.
  4. Did you equip the jar into your gear?
  5. 2 things did you kill the ones from Uranus boss fight because those are different same for generally uranus nodes I think. Second how certain are you on kill as they do teleport away after a damage threshold and then attack again.
  6. Concerning your supposed kiddy rage you should remember. A relic is only used when an item is rewarded from it. Otherwise it will just go back to your inventory.
  7. Then they have to learn as well its that simple.
  8. Should have learned to not nuke first 5 rounds of a lith, it is not that hard to control your urges for 5 rounds. I can take your stuff if you want or donate EVERYTHING to your clan they will appreciate it.
  9. Epitaph How can it be that something is farmable and then only 2/3 things are tradeable. The tradeability of the Carmine and Nautilus was great so you could trade and swap your missing parts for extra's you got, but with epitaph you now need to farm the blueprint 100%. I have run plenty of missions now and so many disgruntled players after 8 barrels but no blueprint. The frustration comes mainly because you can not get the blueprint any other way.
  10. Don't forget Railjack credit payouts as well which can be a big factor for beginners and mid tier players.
  11. Looks like there is a bit of interest. Megan Color palette.
  12. TYPE: In mission DESCRIPTION: Noticed that the Animal Instinct did not properly display Loot and Enemies inside Neptune Proxima Exterminate Also had a case of 3 enemies in a room but only 2 visible on radar and 2 were facing each other. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Happens everytime I do exterminate solo with Helios with [Primed Animal Instinct] EXPECTED RESULT: Seeing what is actually there OBSERVED RESULT: Not seeing what was around me REPRODUCTION RATE: Every mission but not a specific enemy or container.
  13. Okay loved this April Showed it to the wife and she actually wants these. I know its a longshot but any chance DE might consider making some shadow palettes for the women of warframe (Anybody that uses makeup)?
  14. When will second round of dojo QOL be planned roughly. There was mention of Kuva fortress assets and could there be a possible rework of some newer objects not having textures from some view directions.
  15. So the point of this was what exactly? Complaining it has 30 ranks? Complaining you don't want nightwave credits? Trying to boast your done? I am not kidding, what was the point of this thread.
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