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  1. warframes are made of steel and infested. steel is to heavy. this is why we are use the archwing under the water.
  2. Before tencent buy the riotgames, riotgames going well. but developer choose the money. Before leyou buy the DE, DE going well but founder choose the money. Now leyou see mobile market more profitable and they want bigger piece this pie. whit this income they make more mobile game. we don't see the future maybe they are make a mistake. Business more comlicated then you think. if your company gain money. you can sell easily. if your company lose money. hard to sell this company. sony or tencent are seeing a profit as they want to buy this company or game.
  3. Why. I don't like 5 forma to Max system Why we 6 time lvled up never used again weapon
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