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  1. If you don't put your idea into a certain logic, that idea cannot go beyond imagination and become a reality. Think of it you have a giant warframe you've got it down to the plain of eidolon, everything there must be destructible.
  2. they will be very slow and cumbersome due to gravity and air friction. that's why I think it's against the nature of warframe.
  3. discord don't give prime its normal ash and deluxe skin
  4. Don't do that. They sell every single weapon on decoration 10plat.
  5. I think we will see them in the Duviri paradox.
  6. volt is electric frame. not the runner if you use them runner. you play all wrong
  7. I am ask 14 years ago dark sector video landing craft not orbiter
  8. I am watch Stream and see railjack combat slow and arcwing is not make much damage other ship. So maybe we are use are landing craft in action to arcwing gun an equitmet
  9. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_Duviri_Paradox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DObN_3ha6M and read down the video you see it
  10. They say it's open world. I think we go in and out what we want. I'm nor sure it's a quest or story base content.
  11. it's not demon it's man in the wall. it's your alter ego
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