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  1. I'm looking to panderp and tenora for octavia prime.
  2. 1/3/2015 vesper blow up by vayhek fomorian
  3. and grace. realy need there only 3 arcane set not need to arcane nullifier or healing never use this arcane why you want to buy @_RazerX_
  4. warframe color palette every 18 warframe to 1. after last palette release total 8 warframe out this palette we need 10 more warframe to new palette
  5. I play warframe nearly 6 year. I have 2500 steam hour. 2500/24=104 day 104/6=18 day a year total now I'm mastery 29,5 thats not too much. I think this is a not a addiction.
  6. Just wait. O create my PC account 6 year ago after that can't play 2 or 3 year but after that play again and nearly infininty affinity booster I gain because long time no play
  7. Yes we can. DE make spesific warframe to spesific job. like spy loki limbo ivara ash, like tank rhino inaros nidus. if you want job done you use the spesific frame to this job. You can't want to some broker build a house.
  8. Nikana prime is good healing return also good but if I put this mod 1 slot damage mod drop down
  9. Saryn + daikyu + daikyu amalgam mod + nikana prime = easy 8 round solo
  10. 2 step verification work on pc base already now your pc this is why don't ask verification
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