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  1. hahahahahaha Whoever compares the two to each other must be blind.
  2. But if you use plexus modding can increse the weapon damage crit end crit change. and can you use valance fusion to increse damage
  3. [DE] celebrate Aniversery in march. not exactly same date March 26, 2014 - Dex furis March 25, 2015 - Dex dakra March 22, 2016 - Dex Sybaris March 28, 2017 - Dex nouchali syandana March 27, 2019 - Excalibur Dex Noggle March 6, 2020 - Dex Raksaka Armor Set March 14, 2018 - Dex excalibur skin March 27, 2019 - Dex liset skin
  4. I assume scarlet sword is metaphor. Dream about an ordinary sword. Then that this sword is covered with the blood of his enemies. Now this sword is a scarlet sword.
  5. If they don't do that you say enemy is to easy to kill please add hard endgame mode. I play this game 7 year. I see countles balancing(nerfing on your view) and continue to play. I enjoy play warframe different weapon and warframe combo. your balance is not balance. you want to 1 shot 1 kill content. DE balance idea open the new possibility.
  6. No op forget somethink. probably they add other shoulder plate then default if they do that vial bottle disappear
  7. Go fortuna Ticker npc in star days event they offer ignis wrait
  8. I want show my wing if this option is come I can't show my wing my fashion frame completely breaks
  9. wing is not mustache or bunny ear. and it's fit warframe very well. if I can't show my wing fashion frame because this option why fashion frame exist.
  10. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_(China)
  11. Yet each man kills the thing he loves By each let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word, The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword! Some kill their love when they are young, And some when they are old; Some strangle with the hands of Lust, Some with the hands of Gold: The kindest use a knife, because The dead so soon grow cold. Some love too little, some too long, Some sell, and others buy; Some do the deed with many tears, And some without a sigh: For each man kills the thing he loves, Yet each man do
  12. I am not an expert. but maybe an animation with the ends going down instead of getting lost would have been better. This seems like a very lazy addition.
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