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  1. Emmmm no ( I think this thread is not necesary for making a sarcasm) (Calling 301, Anti-Sarcasm Brutal Force)
  2. This update is a......................................................
  3. is it easy convert the Kuva Weapons dont you want into Kuva. x20.000 aleast
  4. I still think that this event is not profitable for me, for many reasons and aspects. And besides that it does not have fun and discourages me. 1st The murmurs: to be almost making 4 whole planets, without receiving their rewards on the planets (Relics, mods, credits, etc.), just to get murmurs. It is not profitable, it is an unnecessary waste of time. Since you don't even fill 10% of the murmur, in a single mission 2nd. Kuva Weapons: And that there are many weapons on it, if you get some repeated and more with the bonus damage that is random (RNG) ........ Even worse, even having the possibility of improving it, it seems bad, because if we multiply the weapons that there are + the elementary bonuses that there are. In the end there are more than 50 combinations. Do you think I'm going to invent all that time in getting those weapons, and more with the RNG? And that over there is the possibility of repeated weapons touching me ...........? NO. But even with that, I don't even get the 1st weapon. That is another reason why, I don't want to be part of this event. But even with that, I don't even get the 1st weapon. I still have my lich there, which I have not killed yet, waiting for this event to improve, or finally I leave it there to rot until it steals my underwear. And eye, I'm not being toxic, I'm giving my real point of view. Do you think it motivates me to do this event, when the RNG event resides a lot? (Whispers, Weapons, Relics, Mods, Elementary Bonuses and other factors that don't come out right now) I feel very dissapoint and very angry at the same time.
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