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  1. To try and nutshell it a tad: Difference between brainwashed by the hype train and more like following the telltale game-style of: `X-character will remember that.`, because if plenty of people are clearly showing that that they are not satisfied with something and loads of them are voicing opinions, then its at the very least going to keep a company from thinking they can ignore the community. Since soon as they do, its basically going to have some major backlash that could be as simple as many people not purchasing any cosmetics they keep front-loading as priority over game fixes/improvements with the worst case being things like review bombs, boycotting the game or just outright leaving in mass droves, which even if a game is supposedly `centered around newer players`, does not help they did not do much for advertising in the earlier days. Plus i can say with experience on playing many titles, warframe is not a crap game, but it certainly ain`t close to new player friendly, even with the recent changes. When i talk about removing invulnerability phases aka how you are acting like i am talking about making bosses that are `supposedly weak, even weaker`, i mean straight up replacing it with damage reductions that can get in the 95% or more bracket till you do something to let you start doing actual critical damage, aka remove what could be like 70% of that D.R. temporarily removed, by forcing whatever damage dampening shield they had up till you did something like set off an explosive tank under them to force it offline from the surprise explosion. One thing i find in plenty of games quite enjoyable is when you can see a boss`s health bar, it gives a sense of pressure when you are barely doing much damage to them unlike the cannon fodder you have been beating up in earlier missions. But then you get that nice rush of excitement when you see huge chunks of a boss`s health suddenly fall off cause you did something right. Which if Borderlands 3 has also recently showed, said health bars can also be used for better information such as having it in a `shielded mode` or even special state to let a person know if they should be attacking at that point or if the boss has some hidden gimmick where its stock-piling the damage your unloading on it in a biding state that its health bar could be showing and if you do not stop shooting it, you are going to get hit by a miniature nuke as punishment for not timing when to strike. Just basically some examples of creative use of information and how to make a boss fight more exciting then straight up give it invulnerabiity phases and gating you on when to attack. Especially since a player could just gun the boss down for like 30 or 50 minutes due to all that D.R., or they could be smart and get it done in only 5-10 instead by repeatedly disabling the D.R. thru creative use of the environment or even war-frame abilities. Anyway kind of annoying to keep repeating but there is a difference between `TELLING A PERSON HOW TO PLAY A GAME` and `MAKING SURE THEY HAVE A PROPER TRAIL OF BREAD CRUMBS TO GET THE GIST OF IT`, because if a game has no generic basic guides on what they should expect for certain things, then they have to rely on videos/guides thru online sources to look up, which oh hey, its going to lead to subjective views anyway or explanations that likely will make the players think they need to have a lot of things before they can do the entry level on handling certain content. Because their is a type of game that is known to just let a player do whatever they want with no guidance its called a: Sandbox, and a good deal of those can get screwed over if not done properly. Warframe is not a sandbox game so clearly its better for hand rails to exist so people are not completely left in the dark on certain content, since it is not very helpful if, just like how loads of people ended up spending more time in the market-chat to make plat then actually playing the game, people would rather not have to spend more time researching & looking for explanations and looking on how to do stuff, when it would save them some trouble if they have helpful in-game explanations on how to actually play and know the basic idea on they should remember to cram Vitality and make sure to know how to build their equipment, then wondering why the fk their guns can`t kill anything because they do not properly understand how to mod their stuff, especially when things like elemental properties is not exactly easily available information in-game, without needing another player to explain it.
  2. Welp guess we at least agree on some parts. Though i still say that some things could be tidied, since i can`t expect them to redesign some earlier bosses to be more interesting, it would be nice to give people either basic prompts or bits to nudge newer players on why they keep shooting Lech Kril & Sargas Ruk but they do not take damage. Since not everyone has the brain to pay attention to particular bosses doing something they should pay attention to. This is kind of why i want bosses that originally had huge amounts of invincibility states, should instead take significantly reduced damage by default and hitting the vulnerabilities could put them in states where they significantly lose that damage reduction, would make more sense then them just being outright immune to well, basically everything till they decide to do a thing that puts them in a state to suddenly take damage. Never the less for warframe/weapon guides, the point would be to give recommendations for easy to obtain, easy to make, easy to use thinks to start off with. Sort of like a suggestion of early on, guns like the Tigris, Soma & Sybaris would make good beginner weapons, though they could easily add snip-its on plenty exist and its highly recommended to try them all out to find what you like, especially to push the incentive for players to spend platinum on slots and build mastery. Where the same for warframes such as recommendations including Gara, Trinity, Valkyr, Loki, the about to be re-worked ember, frost and rhino with a basic nutshell to describe how sturdy they can be, the playstyle they normally are used as in general and with a few side snip-its on more creative builds that some content creators have submitted to show off advanced designs on using them. Sure it sounds subjective, but i am very sure plenty of players would like to know WHY they should build a weapon/warframe, outside of mastery fodder, especially since not much of a `try out said weapon/warframe even exists in warframe`. Which honestly it would be nice if the simulacrum was expanded with a feature to let players try out the base version of a rank 30 warframe, especially ones newly released, so they can see what makes it so interesting. Also the point is not to pick battles but to make sure the devs are REMINDED about such things, because if no one reminds devs that hey, alot of these things have been neglected for a while, WHY NOT DO SOMETHING TO THEM! Because especially if a gaming company is not properly scolded for making extremely rude decisions whether its catering to another country`s whims specifically(which leads the rest of the player base rather peeved at such actions) or thinking they can get away with dumping b.s. micro transactions in their titles, after going on record: Stating they would NOT put pay-to-win items in their game...Well then its up to the player base to really raise thar voices that the feedback they have to such actions are quite critical. Plus since its clear D.E. is taking notice by reverting the loot-nerfs and how people were not to keen on the `umbratization system`, in addition to some particular elements that should be coming with the next update, it shows they are listening to the community and will likely reach towards those other annoyances in warframe, if they plan to fix the whole `separated islands issue` with how loads of the gameplay features are currently.
  3. I am not simply talking about that oddly specific content with how to be an elite at said content, the following would be some nice condensed guides people could make for newer players that D.E. could have available in the codex: Relic System & Tips Guide. Baro`kiteer Guide. Early Warframe recommendations Guide. Early Weapon recommendations Guide. Early modding build suggestion Guide. How to obtain particular resources Guide(Since we know how many times we get people who clearly does not understand most resources are untradable and have no fking idea on how to get Nitain extract or Argon Crystals). Early boss Guide & a breakdown explanation on the difficulty range of particular bosses and content. Beginner`s guide to Eidolons & Orb mother guide(especially to explain the steps necessary on how to unlock them, what recommended frames should be used for newbies to it and what are the bare minimums they should bring before thinking they can stupidly jump into any group with just a Trinity and not know what said role they have to cover between lure grabbing and heal-upkeep. In addition to people skipping SURVIVABILITY constantly). Pretty much just guides like those which could cover entry level explanations for players so they do not need to rely on looking up online guides & Videos for such. But i guess if D.E. were to be as considerate to the NEWER PLAYER-BASE that way, then plenty of warframe content creators would lose a good chunk of things they would cover on videos usually made for newer players. Plus like-wise it should be OBVIOUS, that it should be in D.E.`s best interest to have the playerbase educated so they know what to do at the BASIC LEVEL and can focus more on enjoying the game then be stuck running around like head-less chickens? Because they have no idea on how to get certain things and rather beg other players for it then actually know what steps they need to do to get said goods? Which if all the newer players are just really begging and getting stuff for free, will those players be able to help the next set of newer players on how to get said things if they do not know how to get them, once the veterans who did know how end up staying off warframe often because they have not much to do and have other titles they can enjoy more? Alerts were quite a bit optional and the desperation was worrying you would miss things. They did fix it a tad by season 2 with less grind, but they still left more annoying ones like silver grove specters in or requiring other objectives that might be rather boring, though i can`t recall any that were worst then requiring us to do a bunch of rounds to chase plants, even if we had the general idea on what maps they spawned on, they need to honestly reduce the plants required per apothic to 2 universal ones and remove this whole day/night cycle crap with regular earth missions, since they serve not really any purpose anymore these days. Never the less, One thing a long-term game, especially one as old as warframe at the moment, should always strive for is never stopping at just `going a long way fixing it`, but instead should aim for `polish a system to where complaints on it have practically vanished entirely`. Since once a system is at that point of perfection, they should not need to do much to improve upon it for a very long time, which if i had to do a proper nit-picking at many systems in warframe, they never did have said polishing either started or even done much with only a few getting some attention after a very long period of time, with many more that never got touched either. Plenty of things i see that warframe has ignored for quite a bit of time, where i have seen plenty of other games addressed rather easily. Such as Final Fantasy 14 ditching its weekly cap on gathering/crafting scrip currency once the stormblood expansion came around alongside changing how its glamour aka appearance system to a plate setup so its easier to fashion your character. How League of Legends long ago changed up its whole farmable currency into that B.E. system which had some benefits, even if it had downsides, but still felt somewhat more enjoyable then how frustrating the old version was. Though its normal to go play something else to get rid of burnout, the amount of time it takes for warframe to drop new content feels as it takes as long, if not even longer then some other free to play games that pretty much devolved into throwing out crappy `cash grab package drops till they start talking about teasing new content, months after the last content is brought out. Basically to where if i was not making sure to do my daily logins to finally get primed shred in a few months, i would likely go on a proper hiatus since i have little care on making platinum these days, doing riven mods aka daily sorties due to how bleh the rewards feel, even the notion of farming eidolons are not that interesting anymore since most arcanes are non-existent value as far as the market is concerned. Plus chasing rare ones is a boredom to boot, when the value i can likely get for them, would not amount as much as me just spending just as much time, getting a bunch of prime parts and hope i can sell each one at 1 platinum a piece, which the latter might actually be much faster in that regard since i am not as time-gated on farming said prime junk. P.S. Very sure you can find it present on plenty of online videos, but a good point brought up often is how rather EASY it is for some newer content to be completed and not much else is given in terms of repeatable content when those things come around. Which just further ruins a game that has a content drought issue to where even newer content becomes a drought just as fast, since not even side-activities like K-drives, fishing/mining, Luna-*shot*, Shazwin music making, etc. have much expansiveness to enjoy, unless you force alot of it into long-time communication with other players, doing silly things in a sandbox style or just doing self-imposed challenges which might not serve much purpose, except trying to be a jerk-level show off to your clan. Either way, not everyone can make the time investment to play multiple online games, especially if certain online games has quite a few dailies for you to do each day, to where even if you barely login for one of the titles, having multiple online games you chase could be more of a chore then its worth, especially if one of them is a subscription based title. Plus expecting D.E. to make ENDGAME, after they took out the closest things to such, Void Key system, Raids and only really leaving us Eidolons, Orb Mother, ESO & Arbitations, which most are just hot-garbage with one used as a affinity/focus farming simulator, two of them could literally be soloed by players and some even do up to 5 full rotations of them in less then the hour provided they are up and the other half of said things have to be part of a frustrations of extremely terrible drop rates for so called `achievement fashion.`, that it reminds me of how Final Fantasy 14 at the very least, allowed people to purchase the gear & mounts of Extreme-tier bosses, if the drop rate of the goods messed with them alot, even if it required 99 clears of said boss for a guaranteed `mount` of that boss, which makes me wonder why D.E. can`t have a similar thing with Ephemera where we could get tokens for clearing rotations for things like ESO and we would get larger amounts in deeper runs and a sizable amount could be used to get the rarer goods, so people do not have to be stuck on a bad, b.s. rng-sus, when said good are untradable to boot. Apparently you did not do a proper listening to my statement, speaking of Sigils, some people do not like wearing them constantly, but you NEED to wear a specific one to get specific standing, sure you get ones that give bonus standing, but you need to be a higher rank to have the option to purchase said ones and ranking up in both mastery and with the syndicate greatly increases the amount you can acrue. I am talking about a simplification of the system where it would be rather nice if players did not have to wear a sigil to get the standing of specific syndicates, plus it would be the same exact amount of time taken, to grind the amount of standing you would acrue. Meaning if you were at a higher mastery/standing rank, the time it would take to get 1000 standing at the initial ranks, would instead give much more standing naturally and you would not have to do a longer grind to get said amount. Basically it would be nice for things like mastery and syndicate rank would boost the GAIN AMOUNT one gets for standing, instead of increasing the amount you can farm a day, where the latter would increase the amount of grind and the former simply gives you a bigger paycheck, for the same amount of work as you did before, sort of like getting a promotion/raise at a job for your paycheck. Plus for some people who have seen my posts in multiple threads, they would know i have kind of been advocating for D.E. to put more systems into a weekly based system instead of a daily one. That way if D.E. is going to continue this content drought approach, people could just simply log in once or thrice a week, get the content they like done and then come back the next week without any worry on missing out any stuff on the several days they do not login for the game. Extra P.S. Just to further point out about the simplification of syndicates, it would be nice if how the missions were carried out were condensed and each one was one was more rewarding as a single mission, then requiring you to do 3 of each syndicate, daily while chasing medallions in each one, when each mission would normally not take so long, while some are not as rewarding since endless ones tend to randomly decide if they want to have medallions or not. The basic nutshell would be the idea of just letting us get some kind of general currency for syndicates (since d.e. wants to finally cave in and give us universal medallions now) that we can donate for standing in whichever we want at the time and not be forced to be a walking billboard for that syndicate to make them give us standing to get their loots, but we have to remember to change syndicates regularly if we want point stock in several of them, unless we like spending said things regularly for either barely any value `platinum` syndicate weapons or on stuff we most likely will not need, especially if we already have say 10+ decorations of that syndicate and all the goods that you only want one copy of, you already had for, years ago. Especially if we are able to align ourselves to multiple factions when they should of probably been condensed a tad or each syndicate had REAL benefits that were exclusive to them, then loot we can easily get from other players thru trading or loot that is not some simple fashion frame extras which most are just appearance garbo these days, which we have yet to even get syndicate emblems for our shoulders or syndicate accessories, outside of the syandanas.
  4. If some of you are familiar with Phantasy Star Online 2, then you would know it was possible for players to have Symbol Art, or basically quick-prompts that were assigned to particular actions that occurred (such as a rare drop spawning, being low on health/dying or even doing a super move known as a Photon Blast), which could act as extra spicy motivation for some players, since some peoplewould use fancy design ones that could be based on a meme, anime/video-game characters or something so neat that makes you want to copy it from your recently seen tab and use it for your own symbol arts. Of course some used rather inappropriate ones, but thats not the point i am trying to go across. Part of the reason im bringing this up is, it would probably be nice if we could take advantage of things like the gear wheel having a new section, to setup quick prompt messages for players to throw out during say near a rotation completion or during the extraction period where people could quick say if they want to keep going or extract now, usually with their own fancy way of stating it. Granted i know its not one of the most interesting or useful things, but i thought it be nice to start up a feedback about a feature i think not many people dove much into talking about, least based on whenever i glanced the feedback thread a bit. Some other games do use quick communication systems usually as simply as pressing a button and quick making it via the D-Pad, but in warframe`s case that might be a bit tricky without some fancy tweaks i guess. Thought it would certainly be better then opening the chat box to type out a message to say some simple things. Probably be easier to let us have a custom section for our own custom messages to quick send for those kind of situations i guess. But then maybe some people would abuse it for various forms of trolling, unless its locked to missions only.
  5. Pretty much why i kept pointing out things like Destiny 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2 to be major concerns since warframe will not have that free to play edge against the former anymore and just like both of them, PSO2 is a space-centric Free to Play, Looter-based game. Granted PSO2 has had loads of previous titles before it such as: PSO1, PSPortable(about 3-4 entries if i recall), PSUniverse, even a mobile version of PSO2 called PSO2es, so you can pretty much declare PSO2 has loads of experience, but considering warframe has only 1 year less compared to PSO2`s launch, its a major wonder on why Warframe has yet to finish polishing things for better newer player experiences. Players rarely want to pay on a game if they first try it out AND/OR they do not want to stick around that long for it, aka no long term experience, little chance they wanna shell money out for it just on a first player experience, even if it has a fantastic early game experience. So its obviously important that D.E. should of been focused on the ENTIRE player retention then everyone thinking they were just focusing on the new player experience. Its honestly just they never put the full on serious-ness to get everything grounded and kept to a clock-work approach with loads of content while a good chunk of the content, fashion frame, was literally just picked up by third party content creators that got what they made picked and they get a small bit of platinum whenever someone buys their stuff in the shop. Honestly in my opinion its the WORST idea to push towards casual players when no proper foundation for newer players is even present such as: After the `lack-luster tutorial`, you do not get much in the form of tool tips or what not to teach players of every function of the orbiter. Not too much of a emphasis on a internal `guide section` that players could setup and D.E. could have a list of links with short descriptions of each guide for newer players to partake of. Sure they can go online for these things, but i do not think every player, especially newer ones, like having to make use of a `training manual`, just to have enough of an understanding for good fun. Lack of a good loop system to keep players wanting to come back, Daily grinds to unlock bigger Daily grinds i tend to find as amongst some of the most boring things, especially if it does not lead to a bigger benefit to greatly improve the player experience. Which getting access to better loot may sound better, but not if you end up having to do twice to even quadruple the previous grind just to get one particular item, even if you get a `limited freebie` on it. Further point on point 3 is that if too many of these `unlocked grinds` keep having a perpetual requirement that you cannot simply put down, leads to just huge amounts of burn out. This is kind of why i appreciated particular `grinds` expanding upon earlier grinds by making it easier to do said things. So if you do a grind on one particular island, you will have sizable progress on another island of grind without having to be on that 2nd island itself. Pretty much why i like to put a emphasis also on systems being towards more of a weekly grind instead of a daily one but they can easily be done in just a few days or just a long-term daily amount. Since Burn out Ruins everything and any type of Grind to give a positive experience should be made sure to not be made tedious, while also being generous. Heck, on that extra note, it would be kind of nice that instead of simply giving us the ability to grind for larger amounts of `standing` on particular things like syndicates, they instead kept to say a base of 1000 for a hypothetical example and each rank up would increase the multiplier gain. So like say rank 2 would give 1200 standing in the period it takes to get that 1000 standing and it would scale up so by the time we hit rank 5 we would get a value of 5000 standing in the period it takes to get that 1000 standing `limit`. Which this is just a hypothetical example, with the basic idea being we basically get a `bigger paycheck` for the same amount of work because we proved ourselves in said syndicates. Pretty much we would still be doing the time it takes to get that 1000 `point amount` just we would get much more due to a `mastery & syndicate rank` multiplier bonus in the same amount of time. Anyway overall, i would like to not say Warframe is a completely dead game, since i have seen games die off much quicker with a free to play design and promising difference they would have compared to previous online games, i would like to believe this is just turning into a nice turning point, that D.E. needs to step up on what they bring to the table and do some tuning on how to improve player retention thru FUN methods, then tedious ones. Even something as simple as releasing monthly content drops like some polished up old tactical alerts would be a good step in the right direction, maybe even bring back raids with a few nice changes to the rewards and throw in a ranking board at how fast people can clear the raid under special conditions such as in 4 man groups or with a limited loadout selection they can make use of. Since if playing Destiny 1&2, in addition to Final Fantasy 14 and my time with Phantasy Star online 2 taught me from experience on those, a game can keep a happy player base with the same repeatable content, if they are done right. Try looking up on Phantasy Star Online 2`s Emergency Quests or the E-Trials that can show up during regular quests for a good example on those bits.
  6. The main issue is some are absurdly useless, nichie or mandatory or require a combination of them to even be decently feasible. Plus unless your running some kind of condition overload weapon, you likely will next to never cram a single-type element(such as heat/cold/toxin) on a weapon(except early on when you have not many mods) when you already have a dual elemental on it, usually needing the weapon to have a innate element so your not wasting a mod slot when you already have absurdly limited space for modbench building, unless the weapon has non-existent crit at all. Oh and also even if the weapon is basically a `status focus` weapon, most would likely just use 2 dual elemental effects instead, without the mod space, people likely can`t be something smart and having a mix of 2 dual elementals to cover 2 factions at once, which would make more sense then having to constantly changing your loadout every time you start up a mission with a different enemy faction. Which does not also help when doing fissures where the void can just screw you and bring every enemy type, but your likely going to stick with corrosive all the time cause grineer are the most over-all frustrating one due to being annoyingly tankie with not really any flip side to them being tankie as the Achilles heel they get. Despite the fact we have magnetic, people will likely use radiation instead since its a more viable element. Blast likely is a element not thought about much and usually if someone wants to use Viral, which should be a freaking plague to `meatsack` type enemies, is basically useless against infested and you are likely using it alongside slash to abuse the potential combo they have. Anyway lost my train of thought on what else i was going to say but the point is, Elementals need some smoothing out and loads of them need to also get stacking gimmicks to make them on even ground. OTHERWISE, they need to have the status effects they bring if they cannot stack at all, HAVE a actual strong effect to stand out better with them. Oh Double P.S. since i saw some commentary about the issue of fast firing vs slow firing weapons. They could also re-tune how statuses work where a potency value could be present that maybe gets modified by status chance also which the higher the potency value, the more `stack value` that could be slapped on a status effect/proc, so slower, heavy hitting weapons could have much higher `potency` value, since it would be like a sprayer gun slowly putting paint on a wall vs you literally taking the bucket and throwing a huge glob of paint straight onto the wall instead. HELL on that same note: Status types could honestly use something as the equilvency to over 100% crits aka tier crits aka orange/red crits. Namely it would be nice if something like applying a bunch of a particular status effect could cause some kind of over-dose effect which could lead to a strong detriment, would certainly be nice both ways such as having on the enemy side where you can probably cause some enemy to fall down in a extremely disabled state by plaguing the heck out of said enemy or in the player side, it could be something to make players not be letting themself keep a status effect on themselves on and letting a enemy constantly reapply the stuff so it could lead to a annoying downside on your part, though honestly it would be nice if they retuned how cold effects work where its a minor slow down and you need to have a stacking effect of it to really affect you hard, aka why i wish things like Eximus b.s. auras such as the Cold Eximuses would get rebalanced so they aren`t able to have several of them in a room, able to stack their auras and then your basically stuck in slow-mo, when you can`t do much of the same with your own way of applying cold effects.
  7. Never the less as you basically said `a drop off in reward for all things`, Because an actual incentive does not exist in practically all the older content, most content turns to utter garbage to chase for deeper runs. Plus with Bounties & Disruption/Arbitation reward tables easily proving D.E. could go that route. They might even need to re-consider how to work out said rewards so the game mode types can be towards more specific loot tables and have more going on then the majority of them just being: Chase this for X bp parts or chase for X specific relic pools. Granted it does not help that D.E. has quite a few game modes that some feel like, if they were forced to scrap some for some critical reasons, i feel a good 3 to 4 of them could be dropped off, which i would likely put my money on Mobile Defense & Interception being amongst them. Since the former basically feels like the slowest of all non-endless types and basically force what is effectively an extra 3 to 4.5 minutes for protecting consoles, regardless of level. The Later being it basically becoming mandatory to have a large group and since D.E. never took the approach to have less towers to protect when you have a group of say 2 people or even solo, it becomes a slight pain to go across the map to keep 4 points on constant lock down, when you do not have many options to deploy a `reliable` way to protect said node for a sizable period of time, which at best is just going to cover 1 of the targets and typical cheese only works if its a infested only map. Plus just because one is end-game player, the issue turns instead from Difficulty, to instead a utter boredom of Burnout to repeatedly do said requirement with the same situation as if you were doing it as a mid-game player and you can`t speed up most of the rotations unless your running a map nuking frame(defense) or just be insanely mobile & great at mowing down a specific target(the new disruption game mode). Sure i can `leave` warframe, but thats kind of the lazy excuse when warframe is still one of the better online games that do not require you paying for a huge amount of expansion packs/subscription costs to even have access to said game. Just to get back to the first part though, its funny that Void keys, just like how Derelict keys are currently, are pretty much amongst the few older content that incentivize players to do longer runs on a single session because you are using a consumable, the former which was rarer then relics were, but D.E. decided to make the game more accessible and pushed towards killing difficulty and alot of the incentive to do difficult content, which is usually what players who stay around would like to do, so they can properly enjoy those satisfactory rush of success, instead of devolving to its just `business as usual` much sooner then it should be, which is basically what Sortie is now for those who still stomach the bad loot pool and the bait of a riven mod.
  8. And this is pretty much why one of the pushes i want to gun for is to make the relic system more stand-alone and not involve other players as much outside of trading relics/parts. Because if a person can just pick what they want from their own list and quickly pick a relic to equip and then immediately get back to the game, it greatly downsizes the time wasted in a inactive state. Like-wise, by having things like traces getting removed or have them gained thru more passive ways(such as maybe just let us distill excess affinity into traces after we stock up the stuff to create a FLOW of a system since alot of the game is just grinding) or we can at the very least just melt excessive amount of relics to get around say 20 traces per relic, then people can actually have a nice loop of a system where even if we get loads of trash relics while chasing specific relics, they can easily be converted into useful materials, instead of forcing ourselves to dig thru them while the intent being for traces. Oh and obviously: Greatly buff trace gain by default if they want to actually keep the dang system the same, Very least D.E. needs to put some PROPER improvements cause i think asking for a +10% void trace gain per MR, as part of an additional bonus to incentive-ize players to chase for higher MR would be rather nice of a start. Plenty of games provide buffs and powerful unlocks as people get to the `high level`, what makes warframe so special to IGNORE rewarding players for reaching the `high mastery tiers`? Kuva weapons feel more like annoited weapons from Borderlands 3, its effectively the same weapon but likely gets a special passive tacked on, based on whatever boi/gal lich you just happen to introduce to your best impression of Altair/Ezio/Conner/etc. with some magical multi-tool stabber we suddenly have now. Variation weapons would of been nice a long time ago, but since they already gave us modular weapons with zaws/kit-guns, the novelty of what they could of been has especially been damped. EspeciallySinceTheOnesTheyWantedToShowOffIncludingedTheStubbaAndWeAllKnowThatUnlessKuvaLichModifiersGiveAbsurdlyGoodEffectsThatTheyWillStillBeGARBAGE,EvenWithanExtraPassive. Just for context, this mobile game i keep mentioning in some other posts of mine, Honkai Impact 3rd, basically started bringing out 6 star weapons with its most recent update. Which basically absurdly jacks up how good some weapons are. A good example being Magstorm, a `signature lightning element katana` for a old character which was normally used as a support by debuffing enemies to take more lightning damage. Said 6 star weapons basically give a massive improvement of stats, plus turn a semi-meh active skill and passive skill into absurdly strong ones on top of giving a second passive. Which pretty much it alone brought said character into a top tier DPS of absurd levels. D.E. pretty much needs these kuva weapons to pull something that is partially like that, so things like a Kuva-Stubba can actually be impressive enough to warrant using them over the typical bread and butter instant kill weapons. Otherwise as soon as people find out we can get things like a ``Kuva Lanka`` or ``Kuva Lenz``, people would likely only chase after those weapons and likely scrap whatever kuva liches they get to a trash board instead. Oh lets not forget about riven mods just further pushing that, kind of a SHAME we did not get these things BEFORE riven mods, so people are likely going to judge if a kuva weapon is worth using outside of memes and funsies, if the riven also buffs it to be absurdly op to boot. This is quite ironically the same feeling i had in Borderlands 3 when i got around to fighting a clearly brokenly designed enemy known as a annoited Militant, which can pretty much go damage immune whenever it wants so even if you have mayhem modifiers that benefit the crap out of your damage, it basically matters little unless your running very specifically abilities, normally an Amara with Phase grasp which can atleast force enemies out of annoying immunity crap. Shame D.E. is not really giving players bosses/mini-bosses that much, where we get to have proper interaction elements like being able to force a enemy out of some annoying action to make them vulnerable to our best impression of a mafia-style bullet storm. Granted that might just be my enjoyment when i kind of enjoyed Dauntless on where you can smash a monster`s face when they come charging at you or is trying to setup a special attack, only for you to force them instead to flop on the ground, usually dazed and then you can enjoy proceeding to Yeet`m and break as many parts off as you can to reap that sweet extra loot for setting up the perfect opportunity. Honestly that makes me wish the third nightwave boss functions more like a giant monster in a open world map and similar to how with ambulas where we break off their armor to allow dealing more damage to them, we can aim to damage specific sections of them to get them to drop particular loot from those parts, would CERTAINLY be quite a rather fun fight i would say, especially if it includes making said `enemy` lose some particular actions like being able to charge as often or as fast, because you crippled some of its legs.
  9. Noxes, Nullifiers, Ancients, Bursas, Bombards, Kavat Old Ladies, Butchers, Mine Ospreys, Spider-bots, etc. would like a good word with ya on what kind of grand annoyance they are, especially when they can either cc you with little issue, able to easily soak thru all sorts of damage because they have some fancy invulnerability/damage resistance gag which could even break what all the other units of the faction has or just out-right force you to break a pattern and put you in a vulnerable moment, which can be a problem if your one of those maximum damage nut-jobs with no survivability present, plus does not help that even if you bring survivability, unless you already somehow have a absurdly high blast resistance from adaptation already, bombards can pretty much one shot you in the higher levels cause of how busted various things can be, since i am sure those buggers are running off a warframe`s damage values and not the enemy damage values, at how rather easy i can find myself getting yeeted by one of those while doing a deep grineer-map farm of some sort. Plus does not help that once you get to the MILLIONS points, most enemies are likely going to be in the level 80+ range where your kill speed should be significantly reduced but the reward pool ain`t getting appropriately buffed to compensate, which is something D.E. needs to honestly do to end-less mission types of rewarding players appropriately for more difficult content.
  10. Warframe is not exactly a Dynasty Warrior type game cause we are not cleaving thru thousands of grunts who do absolutely nothing and our character choice means little, least based on how i remembered when i played Dynasty warriors back on the PS2 era which was the 4th one or something if i recall? Way before that series devolved into utter garbage at the very least, Anyway Warframe still has a good deal of customization and other elements, but its just turned into D.E. resting on thar arses for a bit too long on improving on the base game, then what they have stretched so far on improvements. Plenty of elements have changed in warframe but if we go thru alot of details, quite a bit has not really changed on some ends and despite things like Void key system being replaced by Relic system, its honestly did not change that much except so-called Quality of life improvements, but added more tedious-ness to it. A good long-term game usually has to have some major details to make them stand out so long that prevented them just blending in with other garbage games that usually get filtered into things like generic PvP title, generic MOBA, generic `battle royale`, generic WoW rip off, generic shooter, etc. Warframe has its own charms but it honestly feels like they have not did much on evolving it, where people could pretty much master game play absurdly early on and its just a matter of getting a large resource pool going and waiting for them to bake in the oven to get more `options`, which most are usually just mastery fodder and that bunch of `trash` has gotten copied over so many times that it makes me wish warframe could stop introducing new weapons with every major update/warframe release, so they can use the effort instead on changing up older weapons to make them stand out better and give more reasons to keep all sorts of weaponry, instead of scrapping it soon as its maxed out. Heck might as well use BORDERLANDS 3 as a example, where early on i will likely check thru each weapon i pick up that has better `power` then the equipment i am currenty using to decide if i want to use them or not, which can easily get decided by how the gun functions, kind of like how one would usually not shoot with Tediore guns and instead constantly chuck them like bombs or even turrets or if one wants to use guns with hammer fanning style or raw damage per shot, without much care for elements, you would use Jakobs guns in Borderlands 3. TL;DR: Warframe does have its unique`ness but it seriously needs to stop trying to repaint its design to cover up its age, with just simple content drops after a long wait and actually redo the exterior of the wall itself so its quality is much better then just being a painted over, 10~ yearish old, dated, wall.
  11. Hence why D.E. is supposedly working on that finally a bit with the empyrean update, but considering they took so long to do so and we got Destiny 2`s New light now out and the global release of Phantasy star online 2 coming next spring, well D.E. better be rather substantial on improving new player experiences while cleaning up the long-term player one to boot. Though from what i heard on Destiny 2`s new player experience now is its not as friendly since your basically dropped straight into the tower since it sounds like for the most part, they might as well of removed the entire segment of the city getting attacked, the whole segment where you do not have your powers and like some magical `chosen one`, you are pretty much the only Guardian to get theirs back. But considering i did not try to replay the game that much while looking for other things to enjoy while on semi-hiatus with warframe, maybe its just me mis-understanding how much they had changed the game from the original version of destiny 2. Well, guess we will just have to wait and see when D.E. starts doing the devstreams that will come after the Grendel release, since it would be very nice to know what else we are getting for the Grendel release, on top of the Ember & Vauban rework one. Since the only things i recall that much were some small QoLs like weapon exilus slots and the railjack segment release bits which i hope are not spaced out too far from each other to where it might not be till next summer that we start getting to the juicy bits of the warframe empyrean update.
  12. Still better then how some games tend to work. Such as: Able to get `blueprints` for weapons by doing matches, but its usually randomized between a regular/rare one and usually you want to win said daily match when it pulls up (since its placed randomly between the 5 `daily match bit`), because its on a spinner to decide if you get it and if you don`t you can get a bonus % chance to acquire the next one but it also is on said spinner. Plus said game can have a Antagonist player ruin your chances of winning a match if they are strong. Which can also be bad if you decide to be antagonist instead, on that match since you could get bulldozed by some team with oppressive composition. Plus said random bp relies on you using the character for said one, but since its random you can`t pick which one you want and you can get duplicates. Oh plus you may not even know if said weapon is good or not and how you should build its bonus stats(which your going to do multiple times to rebuild them constantly for higher base stats as you unlock better `crafting tiers`) without relying on guide videos (Space Lords). Games that can require you to make tons of investments in resources and be time-gated to spend MANY days to get said resources and you can`t chase much else cause the time-gating also has to include a stamina bar on top of that to not let you do much else, oh plus the recovery rate takes more then 1 stamina per 5 minutes, aka somewhere between 6 to 8 and you could spend hundreds of stamina on just one of these activities every day. (Pretty much any mobile game/pseudo-mobile game with a bad setup and not-so-generous recovery options, aka none of those full recovery options and the only one giving a limited amount such as 60 stm and increasing the cost for each `purchase` with the premium currency as a daily `cap`). Games that restrict itself in very heavy ways where despite it being a Free to Play game, will gate practically half or even more of the content unless you have a paid subscription, despite also being a extremely old game and even is loaded with huge amounts of `premium options` at very bad pricing models that scream even greedier Chinese cash grab game, oh plus wastes no time spamming you with the usual flags that you can get alot more if you buy a booster pack, especially either during/immediately after the tutorial. (Dofus and several other games i could likely name but would be tiresome to go over). Well, this is turning into a slight ramble but it pretty much comes down to what actually is more fair kind of game, since some will either be rude to the new players, rude to the veterans or rude to both and finding those titles which keeps as minimal as possible between those 3 when i try to find a free to play game, since i have to be quite harsh while looking at a online game you have to buy, since i am never a fan of ones that load up excessive premium options, if i already paid the entry fee and expect to get sizable content, before i even consider shelling out more money, since i paid to Enjoy a game, not to skip grind or further access it, especially if said `extra fee`, would end up with me spending just as much or even more then what i paid to even first get said game.
  13. ^^^^Basically this is the incentives on how the foundry works. If the time was insanely huger then it already is, then people would have massive grounds to complain, especially if it became something like 7 whole days to build the entire warframe, though considering how rng-sus factor the relic/trace/part acquiring is, its technically that but i am mostly pointing out the time on the foundry portion on making the 3 parts and then combining them to start building the warframe itself. Having consumable based goods like pancakes and keys should DE.FIN.IT.ELY., allow one to que up to multiple items and let you claim them in partial amounts as each one is completed, even better if D.E. simply had it where we could customize the foundry to auto-claim goods as it reaches X stack and we get it via the inbox: Seriously we bloody need more uses for the inbox cause the most normal thing it gets used for is Ghoul Purge announcements, Baro ki`teer arrival or invasion rewards shipping, which the latter you might not even run into that much at all unless you are currently doing outbreak for season 2 of nightwave. I used to rush new warframes especially if they were extremely interesting, but since i am feeling the burn out more and more-so, i simply waited on everything these days, especially for the Atlas prime drop, where i was forced to purchase some of the Tekko Prime parts with plat, due to Disruption glitches utterly ruining any decent relic farming. I could of took the `normal` route, but its a much less inefficient way now, especially when chasing specifically Axi and Neo based relics, especially since interception your usually going to want a pre-made group that you have to have everyone at full attention for easily a hour or longer if you want to hit the `satisfactory quantity amount` when chasing Rare or even Uncommon part drops. Which i tend to see at around 4 to 10 if one wants to be extra safe to next to `gurantee` a part, AKA another reason i feel that the current fissure system is insanely in need of Quality of life improvements too. Just like how PLENTY of other warframe systems need major QoL Overhauls much SOONER, then later.
  14. Honestly they DID have this for some of the slightly-older/much-older deluxe skins, namely like how Nidus Deluxe & Octavia Deluxe had some differences to the effects of some of their specific special abilities, with Nova Deluxe having the multi-arm casting effect which i honestly miss that kind of level of quality when it comes to deluxe skins. Even if they provide accessories and a syndana for a `bundle version`. I do feel they have been getting a tad lazy on giving some deluxe skins some impressive effects towards making you REALLY feel that wow effect on them. Sadly i cannot expect them to give a Special effects QoImprovement to all the older primes to renew the special effects and make them stand out a bit more, but it would certainly be a nice way to get players to enjoy warframe more and feel more proud to own a prime warframe, then see it as a stat increase stick over the regular version.
  15. And this pretty much goes to my point on why i do not like a game sitting on one type of design, UNTIL its actually polished in a way that actually works in a very effective manner. Such as how i would think warframe should have season 3 of nightwave to take a similar design to the 2nd season of Dauntless`s battlepass`s bounty system, so warframe can have a much more easier to manage nightwave mission system and people can stack them much more easily to get them done at once in the same mission types, instead of getting burnt out after just clearing 3 of them due to non-overlapping types. Granted not the entire thing, just the whole getting tokens at X time, they get carried over into the next week, late comers would get the tokens of the previous weeks, you can que multiple `missions` of your choice at a time and they keep said missions as GENERAL as possible to avoid annoyances like silver-grove specter kills as much as possible, just like how people were not fan of nightwave missions which demanded having a friend with you to even clear the objective.
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