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  1. Oh and of course i would not mind the conversion idea, but even if the rate is 5 or even 2 ducats, i am sure some people will likely abuse with the huge pile or relics. Plus that would just make people want to just burn the relics for the 15 ducat price per despite the tediousness. This is why i suggested void trace melting or just get us the ability to equip multiple relics at the same time for say HIGHER level fissures, to let one go thru them much faster and get loot much faster. Which could easily be balanced to not allow people stacking the same relic in that new farming aspect if people are worried about people abusing for targeted prime part farming. Which would be kind of stupid when you think about it.
  2. The issue is how the drop tables are arranged in terms of how you have so few number of axi relics. Even with disruption now acting as a new mission type for easily acquring said relic. you have to directly farm it alone for `efficient` axi relic farming. Older drop tables are honestly in need of a redesign since all previous nodes need to be more generalized or as i said in my previous post, that the whole relic tier system needs to just be axed and just have any relic can be used on any tier. Never the less, the issue of cleaning out excess stock is a frustration, because its the same thing as having dozens of slots filled with the same type of item, even if a inventory limit is not present, its annoying to acquire such an absurd number of them and not able to burn them faster then you acquire them. Which you would have to be a nut-job to purposely avoid getting relics while working on other grinds like for kuva, endo, resources, prime parts or grinding warframes/weapons. Just like how with Dragalia lost, a mobile game i currently enjoy, would be nice if you had the ability to burn extra `other world fragments`, per run, during the raid events, since you get so many of them from casually farming the event and it feels like a waste when the event ends and you have 9000+ (literally) otherworld fragments, its an annoying feeling to have such an excess and you have no capability to clean them out. Which even burning a third or half of them in a short period of time without having to do 5 minute runs for each one, which will likely get replaced often while doing those fissure runs, due to how rotational rewards work. BUT SERIOUSLY, No one would do 300 rounds of fissure runs, without a full group and still be in a sane mood. You would have to be having a bot running them for such a long time, which warframe`s game design is not something you can run bot scripts for, due to its randomly generated map design and random mob spawn style or basically its lazy sandbox approach to how to handle map generation and enemy spawning. If D.E. continues to just ignore fixing up systems like how MANY content creators have especially been bringing it up, then clearly its just going to turn into any game`s case which was popular for having something interesting, But because the company abused those bits for so long as its catch and never focused on improving the game, then its clear why people want to jump ship to games with more friendly systems. Then be stuck with a boat load of tedious grinding elements like how the fissure system has always been, even for when it first came out and replaced the void key system. No Simplicity, No friendliness, to keep things straight to the point.
  3. Which quite literally is the most easiest way to do it on a base level of fixing the crap up. But i will still stand by my statements alot more needs to happen since the same gag as being able to trade kuva lich, to get specific weapons, did not resolve the issue with kuva lich grinding alone. The entire concept of fissures needs the following and getting at least 2 of them(preferably all of them honestly) in, would be a ground-breaking fix on loads of ends, which the not-much was changed to it current fissure system, is a tiresome system that burns out many indeed. Improve the functionality of removal of excess relic stock to disolve them into something useful like a nice hunk of void traces. Especially since regardless of tier or refinement level, you ALWAYS get 6-30 traces once that relic is opened, with only resource booster modifiers affecting it. Redesign how bonus traces are earned. Enough with this +5 bonus trace if someone picks your relic. Make it a static bonus if a person opens a relic at the same time you open a relic. Which honestly needs to be a +33% bonus per extra player involved, aka double the trace gain for all 4 players, if all 4 players opened a relic for that round. Which even in a 2 man group would equal about a +2~+10 trace gain, which has much more value, since everyone gets some extra traces, not just a single person. Redesign the GOD. DAMN. ENDLESS FISSURE BONUS., I rant this one alot but there is ZERO reason to have affinity boosters, credit boosters or even resource drop chance boosters during a fissure farm. Heck even the bonus relic on the 5th round could be a major complaint. It should be +25% bonus void traces after each round, especially since its suppose to CAP at +200% and KIND OF HARD TO, if no one wants to run more then 4 or even care to touch 8 rounds in a fissure farm. Plus if we do not have any system to BURN more relics at a time then one a round, its obvious that the stock is going to be to such absurd levels, that people rather burn common relics then spam radiant ones for particular items, if no real boon exists besides a so-called better odds, of what could be between 3 to 18ish relic rounds to get enough traces to radiant even one relic. Plus lets stop with this friendship fiasco crap and remove relic sharing al-together. Just like with Void Traces, Relic `sharing` is an annoying addition that just made chasing after certan parts more annoying. If D.E. never put this thing in, people would be fine with the rotational reward drop style like usual and would of became tolerant to the system. Now that everyone is spoiled on it. Only way D.E. is likely going to fix this annoyance is make it so regardless of party size, regardless of who put reactants in or not, EVERYONE gets several rolls on thar OWN relic, with 3 choices likely, so they do not need to run with the same relic runners or have to rely on others to run relics with forma or no forma to get rarer parts. Because when people do not care about what relic your running, then everyone can just focus on putting on some smooth jazz and just enjoying the farm instead of sweating over bad rolls a whole lot less. Especially if they want to just RUN with friends and they put whatever they want in while you run what your chasing after. Also anyone else getting tired of Fissures just randomly rotating mission types and you often end up with situations where theres no endless or no non-endless or even no fissures of your tier showing up and not updating for as much as an hour long??? Seriously, we should just have fissures put back in the dang void and maybe throw in we can just get void traces for just doing content in general in the void. Because thats what void fissures is about, the freaking void, Combined with the previous suggestion i feel like it would let people, have less trouble just enjoying the farm with some smooth jazz music on and with less mission nodes for the fissures themselves, it means more people could group up easier and just enjoy the farm. Because it honestly does not make sense for low level players to get thar hands on primes extremely early in the game unless they bought prime access or something. Plus lets not forget that RELIC TIERS honestly means 100% useless meaning, these days since they have no outlining impact besides being a way for D.E. to split up the relic pools, you get no extra reward for running the higher level more difficult relic tiers unless chasing certain parts. Which pretty much adds into the gag of people having absurd amounts of Neos on top of being a relic commonly got for content most would frequent on other things. In addition to why most would just run lith and meso relics, as long as a GOOD farming fissure is up, to make the content go ALOT faster and have ALOT less hassle when all they want is just ducats, forma bps or even prime junk to sell for platinum. Anyway theres likely more i could likely list but i think these 6 things i brought up, are a prime good example on what D.E. needs to address with the fissure system and ALSO where they cannot just address one, two or even three things about the system, they need to do so much to it to make it in a bearable state. Because you do not see many other games have people rely on other people to decide what loot they get, outside of maybe a score ranking that could yield more treasure boxes for loot or even more exp/money for doing a high rank clearing if we talk about some other online games. That actually still give a care to progression systems like leveling up.
  4. Having particular elements normalized would be nice. Such as how certain augments are NECESSARY to recast the ability such as Iron skin needing Iron-shrapnel. Which honestly should be buffed and granting the puncture AoE, While you can normally recast ironskin by default, just like how plenty of other warframes, like Revenant can refresh mesmer skin with no issues. Which this basically goes to show how Rhino, an older frame vs a newer warframe, on the subtle functionality differences they have. Where you can likely find similar situations with other warframes. Plus it would be nice if they just made certain effects more of an innate gimmick, but listing them at 2:24 am would be a pain to go over. But lets be honest with a few such as how Energy Transfer needs to once again, should of been a improvement on equinox, just like how her 3rd ablity should not cancel out either when the one is used. Not to mention certain warframes that could honestly just have an extra effect tacked onto thar 4th like Loki`s radial disarm augment should be an innate effect due to how the disarm effect is useless against infested (and plenty of particularly annoying corpus and grineer units) basically and it would make more sense if his 4th applied confusion and his augment applied the disarm effect. But since Loki has such a very bare bones kit and is extremely fragile, they could just cram a bunch of his augments on as innate effects and still he would have plenty of room to buff him with improvements to make him stand out better, against other stealth frames like Ash, Octavia & Ivara. When they have more then just being the sneaky guy. Never the less, i think i will stop with my quote replies here, since its ultimately that D.E. needs to prioritizing fixing the quality of the game instead of pushing out new content. Because if we were to take into account on the pages of bug fixes they did. I would think they would have plenty of opportunity to put some time to the side to check over old warframes and pitch refresher improvements where they could ship micro-improvement patches for 2 to 4 warframes at a time, likely only touching one or two abilities at a time. Where they release them as segmental improvements via hotfixes or so and rotate to some other frames and if necessary, go back to previous ones, after they finished sifting thru ideas and how to put them in properly. While not doing anything drastic besides tacking an ability on, tweaking a interaction or even changing the numbers for particular abilities base stats.
  5. Exactly what i would say. Especially since Warframe is a PvE game, not a PvP one. Even if some elite-ist who get thar frat bois together for conclave want to cry otherwise, Warframe should have little concern on power creep and just let people get to go over the top and embrace unexpected interactions that result in very fun elements of gameplay for warframe. Game breaking bugs like how people could use archwing in the plains for abusive ability boosting strats obviously are an issue. But i certainly do not like it when ones that enable a warframe to be GOOD & popular again, gets axed. But lets be honest... Primary kit guns unless they have completely unique parts are going to matter little since they need to have much stronger stats to make Gaze, Catchmoon, Tomb-finger and Rattleguts stand out a whole lot. Since we have things like Opticor Vandal, Tenora, Kuva Quartakk, Bramma, Lenz, Kuva Hind, Tiberon prime, Heck even Supra Vandal, Quellor, Soma Prime, Kuva Ogris(and regular), Kuva Tonkor and so many guns that would clearly outshine carbon copies of the kitguns in primary form even if the stats got improved. Which lets not even forget how busted they could get if they could use the same arcanes as the secondaries, but now we have certain primary exclusive mods that could result in some extremely powerful interactions. Plus honestly i would rather some more unique kitguns for the primaries. Give us a Laser X-bow, A Flame thrower, but its cold based and will never mix to let us have some fun cold+dual element interactions. Maybe give us a Energy Bola shooting gun that will tie one or more enemies if they are close enough and continuous DoT them with high status chance on what element you have on the build. Maybe even a Nail-gun machine gun, that procs bleeding cause stabbing nails repeatedly in something would cause some nasty puncture holes like it was slash damage.~
  6. Which is always fun when you frequent one of the most common things every player will do, farming fissures. Aka the corrupted region where all enemy groups get enhanced into one group. Aka where you have to bring 4 C.P. AND measures to yeet ancients & nullifiers and deal with crap like bombards. Which funfact, unless enemies have a different formula. 300 armor is literally the 50% D.R. mark, so outside of those with non-existent armor. They already have E-health twice thar health at that point and of course, scaling makes it WAY worst to where 2700 armor already brings them up to 90% D.R. Where unless D.E. redesigns how armor is stripped to remove the bottom half of armor instead of the top half (aka the part that has most of the D.R., then one needs to strip more then 75% of enemy armor in mid-level cases and all of it on anything that is level 50 or higher more often then naught). Just a small funfact using https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Elite_Lancer A level 1 Elite lancer has 200 alloy armor meaning it already has 40% D.R. A level 103 Elite lancer will reach that 90% D.R. i talked about but by then that now 2728.39 Alloy armor has brought its 17,574 clone health to 177,403.3 or basically 10 times the amount. Which we all know how fun it is to YEET enemies with that much health without armor stripping measures. Oh and lets say they DO stop the scaling at 75. A Elite lancer will still have 1,493.49 armor or 83.27% D.R. and 8,250 health. Meaning it still has a E.health of 49,321.11. Meaning that 28 level gap is easily less then a 3rd of what it was before, but still a chunky durability for a common enemy. But in the other case, how MUCH will the scaling drop since it would need to be a drastic reduction to make an impact.
  7. A balance is fine, but with how warframe has its own rewards these days, some items being in the 3% or lower on a drop table that could take 3 to 4 rounds for a single rotation. Some loot being off of enemies with drop tables in the thousandth decimal point https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Condition_Overload if we want to get specific. Plus how fissure farming has no way of improving despite it being the de-facto way for market trading way before riven mods ruined it and arcanes being moved to eidolons became a spam on itself when it was present but no so often where people demand entire arcane energize sets for less then 100 plat. So i would honestly say the critical issue here is that it should not be the rotation that makes people stop doing runs, but when the enemies get to a certain threshold like level 80~100. Which even in Lith, you will still find people wanting to leave before rotation 4, unless its excavation or disruption, the only two endless types that can be done in less then 5 minutes. So it become an issue of taking too long for people`s patience on ends. Which warframe has definitely got to the point of having to wait an extra few minutes despite totally having a mission on lock-down, will grind at people`s gears. Which helps to push the whole concept of map nuking frames for defense & interception missions for the former to quick clear each wave and the latter to keep all 4 nodes locked to the point where no enemies get near if nullifiers are present to prevent just using limbo. Which too bad that fissure pretty much makes up the majority of that where nullifiers are ALWAYS present. Honestly i would say a standard run of farming should be about the same time length a dungeon in FF14 tends to take which can roughly amount between 20 to 50 minutes, depending on if its new content, people`s ilevel gear or if they are allowed extra levels above the entry level which trivalizes it to where people can take down multiple enemy groups at once instead of 1 at a time. Which likely in warframe`s case should amount to around 4 to 10 rounds. If we go by the standard 5 minute a round idea. But again, people hate rng-sus tables that barely are different from each other regardless of what game mode you do of that tier or so. Small funfact, a random pub round on warframe basically tends to much shorter then a FPS match in many games, a short campaign type game of say Spacelords, Even a Strike on Destiny lasts longer and definitely a LoL rage-quit match instant ff at 15 lasts longer then a warframe pub round. Which makes me feel like that outside of rare occurences, warframe players are basically the most impatient gamers unless its disruption or excavation, where one can rush it so fast, the enemy scaling likely will not catch up nor the short-term impatience people have where they decide to only do 1 round in endless missions, especially fissures, when they could of just did a non-endless to get loot faster, especially for fissures. And again, warframe does not even over-reward the median, the spread on the loot table tends to be 60~90% relics most of the time with a pool of easily 8 or more types, meaning it is a pain in the butt to hunt one particular one down and you always get one relic per round, aka why people will speed run disruption & excavation if the drop rates are not that different. Or that take the bounty approach where they only have 6 items period in the pool, with a guranteed silver or higher on the last bounty plus a bonus silver or higher if they perfect run it There is a good reason why outside of things like arbitations, i would like things like endo, common resources and relics flooding most of the tables. Where it would be nice if D.E. restructure it so people can only farm relics in places like the Derelict and the Void. Which would make more sense and they could probably have the drop tables on per map and much more tighten up instead of having 3 tier plus 1 or 2 unique drop tables and most follow the same arrangement with few differences for each game mode type. Where disruption was the only one to likely shake this up enough by giving us actual decent places to solely dedicate farming each relic tier then have gags like XINI and what not. Yet D.E. has yet to updated other drop tables which means they are pretty point-less to farm for specific relic tiers in the wake of disruption farming. Unless you think a 1~4% higher chance of getting a specific relic (like derelict ship) every 2 outta 4 instances, is faster then wiping 4 conduits in less then 5 minutes or even less with competent team mates, and likely able to get 2 rounds in less then 6 to 7 minutes. Endurance runners can have thar fun, but i would like situations where if people hate dealing with pugs, have trouble getting recruit chat groups and thar friends are all offline, can just straight up go into a endless mission and farm fissures without such a drastic difference in enabling good loot compared to just running a group. Since i still honestly believe that the focus of being with a group should be to make the mission easier, not passively BOOST people`s odds of getting better loot. Cause i am sure plenty of people had situations where leeches just joined in and shoved in relics and just hid in a room while waiting for reactants to drop then pick them up and go back to hiding in the corner and they get a free 4 pick with little to no effort. But overall, the only reason such ridiculous endurance runners can occur is D.E. just balances most of the game with scaling, not improving enemy A.I. such as reduce the damn mob of enemies and make them more smart so players have to be more wary of the possibility of some special ops enemy could show up and will track you and then throw a marker grenade on you if you did not notice him first and dispatch`m before your perpetual stealth is compromised and then every enemy in a 50~100 meter radius has a bead on you and will rush you with a enhanced alert state due to the marker paint for X seconds. Either way, i would rather D.E. to redesign how enemy logic & combat patterns works, lower the enemy cap, boost the drop rates to compensate, make enemies smarter and follow more tactical decisions, so players have to pay attention to enemies better instead of just run around bullet jumping and throwing nukes every where, even when 2-3 frost eximus units are slowing you down or a scoprion just grabbed yer feet. Soon as you regain control you`d just yeet a CC. or go to operator more to easily escape and pop right back up to those eximus or scorpion units and one shot them and then continue branching around with nukes. But lets be honest, thats some huge overhaul work that D.E. clearly never decided to do, so we are going to have to deal with the same ridiculous mob swarming likely with sentient, except they have more absurd D.R. measure then grineer and will likely be in just as huge numbers, making them way worst then level 80+ Cold Eximus bombard swarms with multiple nullifiers guarding them and even if you take 2 of the bubbles down, several of them will just refresh back before you can start firing on the bombard units that are spamming rockets at you.
  8. Any game can be casual, even pvp centric games, but thats a silly argument i would rather not dive into too deep since we got that whole NINJA fiasco going on recently it seems. Thar is a big problem with a game once it gets so focused on doing grinding for such absurd amounts of time yet the majority it becomes a wasted effort once a new weapon comes out that completely yeets the reason for you to grind a weapon or in the opposite where a new weapon comes out and after you grinded it to try it out in real content. You realize said weapon is so bad you just stick to the one you had before. Which throw in the fact that most enemies still have really stupid A.I. and unfair mechanics to `screw over tenno` like nullifier bubbles, osprey mines, map covering eximus flame nukes or Stackable Ice fields or fast draining energy fields or give massive D.R. to everything, even to the enemies with already massive armor for D.R. Plus lets not forget the scorpions, ancients who can yeet grab us from anywhere or moas/bursas that just love ground pound yeeting us into knockdown. Well anyway, getting a little crazy on the tangent, but D.E. if they are so focused on making the game more for CASUALS, they should of simplified more complicated elements like dual elemental builds, actually get the fking tutorial system in. Plus make extended systems like the operator focus system(which you need for eidolons or just leech a run by not listening to yer carry at all) and make the kuva lich and railjack system ALOT more simple. While having anything more complex be an extension that is entirely not needed to worry about in the early portions of said content.
  9. There is a reason why i end up using Rathelius`s videos as a easier way to point out this issue over and over again: Because honestly without a reward to be associated with the fact that enemies get so absurd they require one of 4 possible ways to YEET retarded durability, despite doing effectively the same thing for the most part. Which is basically have everyone stack C.P. Aura, people run ridiculous slash proc type builds (likely with viral mixed), run a warframe with armor stripping aka Mag, Hildryn or Oberon for mass map clearing armor stripping YEETs and finally just run corrosive on all your guns because besides the fragile EZ to break shields, corrosive is always neutral or bonus damage against anything else. HELL why do you think i bring up the points of D.E. needs to simplify the elemental system and redesign how enemy armor works? With so many elemental types it becomes a mess that they might as well remove dual elementals and just have it where people can either go full IPS, pair it with one elemental to YEET a specific enemy faction or go with 2 elementals to double down like using electric & toxin with corpus to YEET shields & poison health or heat + cold to C.C. the more durable grineer while thar armor gets burnt off while they are panicking. Where Infested could just get toxin & cold to C.C. the swarm and erode them pudge healths. Keep it simple enough on a system and it can let people have more fun with build diversity, instead of how people take up 1/4th of the bench for a dual elemental just to counter absurd behavior and basically lose the effects of the separate elements just to get a element that works entirely different then its base elements. D.E. just needs to stop with the gag on damage reduction and split it off from the armor value. Have it so ALL enemies have a D.R. but its fixed to what enemy they are and if they are a eximus unit, nothing more or less. While just making armor be a non-regenerative shield for grineer and just swap the armor on things like robots and certain infested units with that new type of armor where certain units that grant armor health to infested units, would just have it be a slow regen type of armor health that can easily be mowed down by focusing on it or just pop the infested unit giving it to instantly make it go away like usual. Gotta enjoy those people who can`t stay 100% on topic and changes the subject entirely. But lets be honest, D.E. needs to make sure the armor changes benefits everyone, including the endurance runners. Because i do not even believe we have a ranking system for endurance runners offically in the game, to make them more recognizable at thar capability to keep going in a mission long time. But anyone in thar sane mind wound not do that and would rather get rewarded for such long runs, since running hours on a endless mission on warframe is not that impressive when its not that difficult for people to entirely moot the point of enemies thru particular measures. ...like using a silenced gun on ivara to just do a infinite pickpocket wombo in the void survival for hours on end since its not like the nullifier drone or shield scales with the enemies, which would piss off people if nullifier bubbles got more durability from being popped at higher levels. Which just then turns into a game of luck till enemies barely pop out life support capsules when you already exhausted the towers from pushing as long as possible in the survival. So before D.E. ships out these armor scaling changes, i hope they take a double take and consider putting the endless fissure bonuses ATLEAST on regular endless missions and give arbitations & ESO endless bonuses like the former would yield endo, ayatan statues, amber stars or vitus essence and the latter could doll out focus shards or similar goods. But honestly fissure needs a updated endless bonus specifically to resource boosters, void traces & relics. While also giving a 2nd endless bonus that innately boosts void trace value every round or atleast ups the minimium trace gain by +3~5 per round and then just boost the total gain once it catches up to the 30 of the 6~30 rng-sus base. I mean, it would take 8 to 5 rounds to hit/exceed that 30 max base value, which is pretty deep for how i see most fissure runs tend to go and would be a good way to incite people to do 8 or more round runs if a worth-while boon was present, so people stop with this Endurance runner logic, and just see it as people doing long runs to GET REWARDED for it.
  10. There is a reason why i said D.E. should just straight up make riven mods that have already been unveiled be unable to trade and make the veiled the only to trade, which would mean that only the riven traders suffer the most out of the system. Which to help those who normally trade rivens with friends or something, they could just reduce the cost and allow more control to restrict what the riven becomes, such as something like a TRANSMUTATION CORE, that could of been the SIDE BONUS from kuva liches, where we could force a riven transmutation (WHICH NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO THREE INSTEAD OF FOUR), so the veiled riven is guranteed to always be that specific weapon category. Plus also would be nice if we had a choice of 3 weapons of that category after we open the riven to allow more flexibility if the above two systems were applied, but mainly the first one to utterly destroy the RIVEN MAFIA joke that even if its not real, it might as well be considering how ridiculous riven pricing is. Veiled are worth nothing yet unveiled have such a ridiculous range that its not the stats of the riven that make the cost, its the stats tied to a abusively strong weapon that make it overpriced, plus a huge load of greed scummery about. Honestly i would rather we could just take 4 rivens of the same category, select a weapon and those rivens will re-roll into a new transmuted veil that can`t be traded but will gurantee that it would be a riven for that specific weapon. But the kuva cost needs to honestly get lower even a tad to like 3000 to make it less of a hassle, since you could do 10-20 rolls and never get any decent lines due to how B.S. the rng-sus is. Never the less, it would be nice if riven marketing was REMOVED from the market chat, unless its only for veiled rivens, which are easily accessible and would make a great trading economy for all players, since people will actively want a quantity of veiled rivens with only a few categories to deal with, meaning its easy to make a good sale since everyone would be `trading booster packs`, not the cards FROM the booster packs.
  11. D.E. rushed the fk out of content that clearly was not released and its already been around 2ish months since we got it. I would say it should of already had plenty of fixes occurred because i am getting the vibes of when i played games like Wakfu where despite the game not being some high-quality for what it was, they take many months to just to ship out important elements that should of honestly been shipped out with the content, alongside the content a month later instead of the skeleton only being shipped out by itself. Which i think many would of enjoyed railjack in JANUARY if it had alot of the features it had right now, plus alot less bugs that showed up, instead of getting what we got before 2020. ...So yeah, i think we get the right to complain, whether its to tell them to slow the FK down on content released to new systems before fixing the system first OOOOOR, request that they priotize fixing content first before talking about any extended content they want to introduced. Hell, i would not mind if the new warframe & Corpus ship rework gets delayed 2 months if they first resolve kuva liches & rail jack problems first. Just like how they need to resolve alot more content, including any associated systems that might get connected to what content they bring with the corpus ship revamp. Honestly if FF14 did not have the subscription cost draining me slowly when i still played it, i would of likely stuck with it over Warframe. when i left about 4/5ths of the way in stormblood before they wrapped up that. Either way even if i were to be handed a 2 year free subscription on FF14, i likely could not return due to being so behind in it and its never fun playing catch-up on a game you left for a while. Sadly i think i suffer that same stockholm with warframe despite its huge content droughts. Even though i literally own all the mods and fully mastered all the warframes & weapons and its only rather silly tennogen stuff and prime access exclusive stuff i do not show much care about. Reason why i need an alternative to wheen me away from the stockholm syndrome, so i have zero regrets on not touching warframe for a entire week. But sadly forma stocking always ruins that bit a tad. Cause even having to play pvp only games, the genre i wanted to stop playing, is certainly alot more appealing them be stuck bored out of my head cause D.E. left plenty of content in tire-some un-enjoyable states and older content has no real retention value these days. Even Destiny 2`s PVP was more enjoyable even if i often got YEET`d by people using those explosive bows and min-max guns, when i did have PS plus and tried to get back into Destiny 2 last year.
  12. And this is why despite the fact that most F2P titles that do not have something like a playstation plus requirement (which kind of defeats the purpose of Destiny 2 BECOMING free to play since being unable to do pvp, strike, raid or basic group up activities makes it a ver restrictive game), are pretty generic on console, atleast for PS4. Seriously the only ones i noticed that are not full-on pvp focused are TERA, Caravan Stories, Space Lords, Dungeons & Dragons and the only good one if you do not hate the nightmare build making fuel, known as Path of Exile. There honestly is a lack of good f2p titles to really make Warframe get roasted on. I mean, move onto PC only stuff and games that require a one time payment and that list becomes quite huge to make warframe not that much of an impressive pick anymore, especially the recent content botch ups further messing with it. This is why i will keep using PSO2, as i have repeated likely a hundred times by now, as 8 year old title finally coming to global in Spring for Xbox & PC and apparently Summer for Switch & PS4, will do a much heavier beating on siphoning off warframe`s playerbase, then Destiny 2 did, when they waivered the entry fee cost for it. Oh i could make quite a fun list that i think i`ll list 10 long-time or newly problematic issues, especially with some being either right from the start of its introduction of the improvement to some being bad idea changes. But i will try to avoid Railjack & Kuva liches as long as i can to poke at other problems. Introduction of Relic system which seemed to make it easier, but required people to run full groups for forma & ducat farming or specific part hunting which encouraged short term runs instead of long-term farms to maximize loot from a single key. Where instead you are burning a `KEY` aka Relic, for each round instead. Void Traces being a piss-poor solution to fixing prime part hunting by slightly askewing drop rates to be better for rarer stuff, but the time it takes to get 100 traces is ridiculous unless you have people picking your part constantly for that 5-15 extra MEASELY traces. In addition to abusing resource booster and Smeeta charm to boost the very fixed value that sticks to 6-30 dice rolls with nothing else to boost the gain rate. Which just further pushes the idea of doing short runs instead of pushing for longer runs which normally in such situations, would boost loot quality or quantity gain as you tackle more tough stuff. The fact it took this long just for PETS to get Stasis finally removed, But we still have yet to get a fang/claw weapon bench for beast companions, similar to Sentinel/Moa guns so they actually have build space to make something good, then being stuck running damage mods, durability mods and utility mods on one bench. Which we can imagine how FUN that would be if warframes had to balance weapo mods on thar warframe bench also if it was left like that, even if the weapon mods would apply universally to the weapons. The fact focus system is another forgotten relic of improvements since plenty can say certain abilities are good. But the rest of them are just MEH DPS garbage which suffer the same B.S. as warframe abilities, no real way to reliably improve the damage against high-level enemies to make them more like Vooben`s Flechette orb, but instead they are stuck to the idea of NEVER using them, when even the amp is better since it can apply status procs AND can do criticals, even if its still not that useful against enemies, since the status proc is just mag`s magnetize in a worse version. Seriously, when focus 3.0 D.E.? Fact that Arch-Melee had to suffer when D.E. had to redesign archwings for railjack release and it resulted in arch-melee & Titania`s exalted melee losing the useful feature that made them worth using, a lock on & latch to while melee`ing a enemy. Despite the fact D.E. does not exactly have a lock-on system for warframe. U.I. certainly needs some fix ups, because i get sick of the objective parts suddenly breaking by being stuck on the same elements when others have not run into it so i have no idea what the timer is at or in things like plague star`s cases, if everyone even fully filled the mixer and so many other fiascos. Plus who ELSE hates it when the communication poke takes up half the left side of your screen? Seriously D.E. games like Final Fantasy 14 lets people move the U.I. all over the place, GIVE US something like that so i can have the communication bit shrunk down, moved to the right side or have it only display a small faction icon, the name of the speaker and maybe even disable the text shown so its not clogging part of my screen, especially when it covers objective information. The fact resource extractors have not been turned into a AUTOMATED system. Just let us plop several of them down and it will continuously pull up resources that i can just click to TAKE what it delivered and let it continuously go without me having to keep placing them again. Durability system on those might as well be removed and boost the amount of resources it picks up by about 10x its current quantity, since even if it can pick up 10 times the amount in the same amount of time it extracts which is 4 to 8 freaking hours. We can easily pick up more than 5 times or 50 times, the original loot it picks up in that time, with us just casually strolling thru a farming map, such as Dark Sector for that planet, in addition we can get multiple resources then just a single particular one. Plus might be nice if we could just designate them to only pick up rare loot and maybe be able to throw them in the void since unless they can start picking up Nitain extract or Argon crystals, they do not even serve a purpose for even newbies. So otherwise, they might as well just be removed and just give a lump of plat to those who got the prime extractors if they do not plan to give them those extractors as decorations for thar ship. The fact that even when we get the return of events like Ghoul Purge, Acolytes, Operational Alerts, whatever the Fortuna Thermia one was called, have yet to be updated with meaningful rewards to revisit them, like how some could give out potatoes or forma similar to Plague star and how the invasion `alerts` let people get something like 100k credits and a potato from it...course speaking of invasion `alerts`. The fact invasion alerts & invasion assassins feel so meaningless on the worth to do them, besides the former can blow up a relay if it wasnt for people wanting to farm for the special arch-gun gold mods and the imperator vandal gun parts, Which usually just turns into people selling for platinum cause so many issues get resolved with the market place. And finally, the fact that alot of the solutions to solve the bad ideas that D.E. pulled on warframe, is just using MARKET CHAT to buy/sell things from it. Ridiculously low drop rate mods, night-wave exclusive weapon parts before D.E. let us get a weekend to directly spam Wolf of saturn six, the solution to fixing part of the B.S. of Kuva Lich weapon hunting & the railjack avionics/weapon-salvage? Oh lets not forget how market chat absolutely chomped on when eidolons replaced on how to get arcanes, making them a lot cheaper and when RIVEN mods came in, it just got even worst. Anyway i could push further on my many issues warframe has which most could of been over-looked, except they have been ignored for so long that its now a problem when they keep showing up or i have to keep using them as the END-game of warframe these days. But i think i will just go back to Yakuza 6, clearing up the post-game and contemplate what else i can enjoy for the next 1-3 months, while i wait on more enjoyable titles to show up and Phantasy star online 2 coming in to remind D.E. what a real Free to play, long-term game should be aiming for its peak, especially on making even its old stuff not extremely boring.... ...WITHOUT HAVING TO REVISIT IT TO CONSTANTLY FIX IT TILL ITS IN A KINDA BEARABLE STATE.
  13. There is a good reason why i stopped caring about having a plat stock of over 2300ish from selling mostly syndicate & weapon stance mods, It literally just turned into the same cycle. While i wait thru the content droughts: Get to a certain threshold of plat stock. Buy the new deluxe skin that shows up, with maybe the bundle if it actually looks good. With Excalibur Deluxe 2 Zato or whatever you call skin, felt like it was kind of EH for its bundle and might be doing that with Mag deluxe 2. Which pretty much devolves into my just waiting for a coupon to make it cheaper. Get frustrated when a new prime drops and the poorly designed, un-optimized, needs a fking rework Relic Fissure system keeps forcing me to build a massive stock of relics and then spam recruit chat for repeated runs. Only to just keep getting bad rolls that could be as much as 5 or even 10 bad rolls nearly in a row. Which is likely only thanks to disruption that i can do it as fast as possible to keep grabbing recruit randos to have the best odds to get the parts. Which is a major funny that the price on goods should go up as the supply drops because not many people are trying to farm it anymore. Enjoy all the `grind` for the new stuff(aka the phase 3 or 4th one which would likely include forma for me to replace my old regular warframes and weapons that i actually make use of sometimes, which is not often cause Opticor Vandal & Kuva Douba Stuba exists and before the latter was the Catch moon and before that was the pyrana prime and before that was the Akstilleto prime and before Opticor Vandal was me just using a Lenz cause freaking crowd destroying measures for mobbing is just too important these days), which more then likely, i will never use again unless its a frame with a good kit like Ivara, after she got her prime, but then just go back to the more reliable Equinox P. or Rhino P. or Oberon P. cause they are a heck of alot more useful on what they provide for general content. I mean, When was the last time Warframe had something super-amazing released that was NOT Disruption and actually still had a lasting, POSITIVE, impact since they released it? Sadly due to the fact i do not have playstation plus anymore and i do not plan to re-new it any time soon, I could not try to re-attempt to get back into Destiny 2, even if i were to avoid doing PvP and pretty much everything else F2P & NOT PVP centic on PSN, is not really that good. Aka RIP until PSO2`s PC global release hits to tide me over till the PS4 version comes out.
  14. A well designed game can give zero fks to repetitive content by making things both visually, auditory and just immersive to where you do not even notice your spamming the same mission over and over again. This is why i use PSO2 as a fine example as a well-designed game in plenty of times on how i compare things For example, This is literally a revival of an old PSO1 boss with the differences against them being rather minor, but if i still played PSO2, i would still have fun fighting him: Plus if the title did not show it off, that is literally one of the episode 2 boss-type enemies of PSO2, which it is currently up to episode 7 and has been in japan for 8 years, yet even the old bosses are still interesting as fk to make ya want to fight them.With here`s another example of really EXCITING, NORMAL bosses on one of the more recent ones, that should be released with the global version in spring and summer. The point i am trying to show here is that warframe could easily resolved itself years ago if it made content interesting in some way, It does not need to re-invent the game, but if they were more creative on what they had, We could of got bosses like the Prelate a whole lot sooner and even more interesting bosses after that. Oh and just a reminder, Phantasy Star Online 2 is a full on free to play game, It may have a much bigger company to back its own budget, but if a game cannot get in very good quality after 5+ years of development, POST-RELEASE, then clearly it has a major problem indeed, especially if it keeps having the same problems it has had years ago, continuing to resurface. Plus once again, this would just have people spam lesser low-level missions to boost that rate up and the system would only benefit those farming relics. Namely that unless we are talking about a 10x to 50x multiplier on drop rate, people would likely never use this system to farm for specific mods, that they likely already got copies of, which were due to the plat cost being so ridiculously cheap, despite the absurd drop rates in the .0X% region. Where one could sell a max Rank Healing return mod for a huge lump of platinum, yet a Max Rank, condition overload is demanded for less then 20 plat, despite the drop rates and enemies that drop them, basically both being semi-uncommon and thru similar hunting methods and no, its not the fact that Healing return gets up to rank 10, cause i have seen other Max ranked mods that go up to 10 be demanded for ridiculous cheap more often then naught. Especially in the cases of primed mods. Plus we all know D.E. will NOT get so ridiculously complicated for such a system and it would piss off people if they could SPEED RUN these build-up missions but get PUNISHED for going thru them extremely fast. Which likely D.E. would put in a temporary boost bonus, which means that the bonus could vanish after a while or degrade, Meaning the spam to refresh that multiplier would get gutted even worst cause people have to forcibly go slow in the missions to not get clucked by the multiplier regaining. The fact that D.E. has not fixed up end-less type fissures, between its punishment for people running map cleaning warframes by not spawning enough `corrupted enemies`, its b.slap on how it gives out `bonus void traces` and only really applying to whoever picked your relic and so many other issues (like the fact we can only burn one relic per rotation despite the fact we are flooded with them too easily from casual playing), well the rant tangent i am spouting should be a good idea on D.E. needs to fix alot of sheet. And until D.E. actually address alot of these factors, them putting in new systems to artificially FORCE co-op play is just putting in more B.slaps that make plenty not want to play, just like how some people demand that you need a head-set with a mic when doing raids in destiny and if you try and do any boss fight on a online game with `trash gear` (aka imagine Final Fantasy 14 and doing a end-game boss with gear below the max level and significantly low i-level for the recommended i-level if your gear), well we know how that song and dance goes in hard type content in basically any online game. D.E. needs to stop forcing co-op and make it so co-op is something that simply happens and the rewards will come either way, but the co-op improves the efficiency of getting them, not deciding the quality of the loot itself.
  15. Bit too chunky for my tastes so i did not do a 100% read but lets be honest: We do not need ship variants, we need some freaking more simplified design work on how Railjack works in addition to making key features can actually be swapped/upgraded also. The fact that the Tungska cannon cannon be used from the pilot seat is really stupid since the cooperative meme is dead for it, since you can only use tungska cannon directly behind crewships in saturn/veil nodes to do decent enough damage or one-shot crewships. And we all know how coordinated shooting and flying can be without a headset. The fact that we cannot use the forge from a console near the turrets or doing it from the pilot seat is really stupid, especially with how large the ship is and even with a teleporter, it takes quite a bit of time just to restock the resources, since we can`t exactly trust a engineer to do it even if we use some kind of ping command to say WE NEED A DISPENSER HERE. The fact that due to how a lack of information on the ship(seriously just make a information console where people can check your ship`s loadout, right in the turret room) can make us have zero idea what kind of build the host`s railjack is so, we have to memorize vague as heck Symbol-moonspeak to know what each thing does and have to fire the guns and pray they are not some MK I apoc trash the host left on the turret gun-seats. The FACT that enemy fighters are ridiculous fast and janky on movement that if you did not have the lead shot indicator then you would have a nightmare hitting on them and the fact that Turrets do NOT have a indicator to tell if your within range on being able to fking hit the fighters is also very stupid. Also the fact we cannot `replace` the tungska cannon, the arch-wing sling shot and the forge with improved versions that make them much dang better then how without some of the high rank intrinstics, they are quite terrible to even use, Especially when some of the lower intrinstics are MANDATORY, to even access the them. Point n case, lots of facts that still have yet to be addressed on railjack currently. Plus we honestly need to get fighter ships we can launch from the railjack that tenno can remotely control (seriously, just make it a rank 7 or 10 intrinstic for gunners) and not be stuck with a pilot who may or may-not be terrible at flying and makes it even worst to aim when you can`t simply fly a ship yourself to be able to easily chase after the enemies and YEET`m. Without having to rely on Seeker missiles or overpowered guns to do most of the work.
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