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  1. Its a shame D.E. never had the big brain idea to create a 2nd type of market which could mainly deal in misc. items like resources, especially newer kinds, blue prints and so on where players would be making use of a more common currency like Endo, Credits(*sarcastically*) maybe even Kuva. In addition to it could of gave a new life place for trading for things like ayatan statues and such. But because D.E. let the market rampant so long with plat trades, its kind of expected that Tencent is going to see that and likely come up with some way to utterly ruin that further somehow, maybe sho
  2. If they actually followed that logic properly and did do QoLs especially to line up with Primed/Deluxe skin drops. We would have so many more frames getting kits that should of got massive QoL`s already done, even things as simple as letting frames be able to recast abilities while in effect, like how Loki still cant do it that with Invisibility and certain other frames are still stuck in similar cases, such as some having abilities that still act as two handed, movement stopping abilities that require bunny hop cheese, then being stuck to actual one hand type actions. Anyway a fine examp
  3. Small irony i find is that when i poke saw this new content on a trailer on youtube i thought D.E. was getting lazy and ripping off borderlands 3`s 2nd campaign DLC a tad which was basically about a wedding and also some eldritch cult worshipping the heart of said entity. Fine example of them repeatedly breaking consistency of same resource use cause they are just wiping thar arses with thar brain tissue and thinking every `new` thing should just use the shiny new kind of resource even if its 1,000,000% has no reason to exist in that spot. Like Ayatan amber stars in Kuva Relics and arc
  4. know its a bit late of quoting, but there is a reason i try to avoid being too much of a lurker these days. Plus what do you expect? PSO2 was a jpn exclusive game for basically the same number of years that warframe has been around and a f2p at that, but in comparison to other F2P games they are well damn more generous then other games. Screwed up your Mag? You can use level down devices via EX-cube shop for minor screw ups, its kind of your fault if you dumped hundreds of points in the wrong spot otherwise. Need storage? You make use of character storage or even use extra characte
  5. Granted though i have finally left warframe for good, i am likely going to be lurking in the forums when i am taking breaks from phantasy star online 2, which i have stated many times over the years, that is likely already proving the point that D.E. has been too lazy with what they had and abused the good graces players had with the game on it being something quite different from f2p games when it came out. Now we have not only PSO2 finally in NA, also rushing thru all 6 episodes of content in a span of 6 months but plan to have both jpn and NA server get an engine overhaul in 2021 for a
  6. It does not help they are quite literally using 2, maybe even 3 forms of story types, if you count the abandoned version. Sequential for the ones that are typically quest required which fall under the meh ones like the first mandatory quest, the second dream, the war within and so on. Which typically lead into some conflicting issues especially when similar elements are present in the quests that fall into category 2. Where loads of it could of easily been resolved to have alternative lines of changes in those quests if you already completed certain quest. The so-called standalone
  7. Theres a reason i get annoyed when people do not properly include full details such as what map (and saying the game mode of course since not everyone memorizes every generic named mission and rather not have to look it up to remember what the map was) they were doing, what method they were making use of and if its especially thru the use of a current exploitable trick and if it was thru solo mode where they can pause and take stretch breaks and what not. The fact the person went 7 hours and 33 mins in what i can only surmise is a dark sector map, solo is all i can tell from the details a
  8. Not everyone has the patience to run hundreds of rounds on something that can NOT be instantly popped and cleared at a rapid pace in order to gain large sample size. Especially when doing such a feat would require doing it on some automatic system or over a period of weeks just to avoid the insanity that comes with said b.s. rates, especially if your doing it for what could be rather pointless data if the devs are not going to take notice of the rates. Honestly, there is a reason i applaud game companies who actually go the extra mile in special methods to obtain loot with low drop rates.
  9. Lets be honest, its more then just punching the RNG-sus enough times till it spits out the golden ball you desire. Its also an issue of a chain of rngsuses and iffy factors being forced into it. Randomness of X relic dropping Randomness of void trace procurement per wave, not counting smeetas/resource boosters for obvious reasons. Reliance of other players running the same relic as you once you to so-called: Engagement of friendly socialization towards hunting on the same goal when its not really cause no one thinks about frocking math and ever brings multiple copies of X rel
  10. Why do you think i want more mod space to fit things like rapid resilence into my builds? Thing is rather op when you have the space for it and primed sure footed. If it actually forced you to use one weapon type, then people could cheese around it with exalted weapons or archguns. Plus lets be reasonable, it would have to be like +250%~450% and it would still likely barely amount to the ridiculous multipliers normal builds pull off, since when you check the application bonus, they are insanely misleading on what they do to where i wish d.e. would redesign/remove particular mods with
  11. Indeed, which does not help warframe is not very explanation-strong, on the natures of magnetic procs, leech eximus, mission modifiers, typically nightmare mode, that hyper drains energy so its basically d.e. trolling you indirectly on you cant use warframe abilities (which would honestly make a better modifier to temporary disable abilities for a few minutes into a mission for a modifier instead of this perpetual hyper insttant en drain). It would certainly help if we had things more fleshed out and smoothed out better, though it would be nice if a slow energy regen and hp regen, like
  12. There is a reason why i believe more successful pvp based modes typically stick with the idea that people cannot bring what they made into pvp, only skills and familiarity of said weaponry, in addition to throwing in rngsus factors to spice it up so people dont pick the same weapon over and over again cause it has X best TTK, has the minimal weaknesses to screw it over and will give a major FK you to common strats like jitter strafes & pop in and out of cover for tap fights. This is why in Destiny and Destiny 2, guns like the M.I.D.A.S Multi tool scout rifle, was able to yeet so many
  13. I will agree here on this notion because it can turn into a whambulance of favoritism, since even if a content creator is `extremely popular`, it could easily result in plenty of players (especially the toxic ones) start stupid debates on why are you favoring X when you should be favoring B and in some cases, the toxic ones will demand they should be just as entitled to be listened to. Even if these toxic folks who believe they should be listened to, pull off the same gag as entitled pricks who says universal medalions should not give conclave standing. Despite the fact that Conclave outside o
  14. Granted we have Solo and Invite only for that. But i assume you mean joining a existing player`s room instead of it just auto-defaulting to making you host. This pretty much just makes me want us to be able to pull up a menu on each planet that lists who are currently doing missions on that planet to allow more selective joining if i care little on which node i desire doing and rather just join active instances.
  15. I wasnt suggesting them to do it, that is literally what PSO2 does and D.E. certainly needs to take notes from a GOOD game`s design that has been around just as long as warframe has, excluding the fact it has much more resources from previous entries and a bigger development team more then likely, yet both are free to play games still to this very day. Instead of pulling half shoddy re-creations and putting what might as well be meme things, like how the kuva lich would auto kill you and break your back on its release version. Plus it does not matter what the game is, any game can take in
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