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  1. Didnt think i would revisit the forums since i was trying to avoid interactions to ween myself away from warframe after all the chain of b.s. thats been going on and its especially showing with all the popular content creators showing it real loud now. But yes, Plenty of god frocking quality of life improvements need to occur, before a bunch of things. Screw Nightwave, Screw New Content, Screw New Warframes, Screw Deluxe Skins & Tennogen, Screw the memes. If D.E. cannot even implement something as simple as in-orbiter trading stations and ease of access trading functionality for maroo
  2. Im currently suffering from the after-effects of a stye in my eye yesterday so im not exactly in a proper state of mind due to all the itching on my eye right now. to be more honest i would rather a chain que or multi-que system then them just simply reducing crafting times. Part of the issue stems that it can take a long while to pile up a bunch of forma and it can get yeeted away quite instantly once a bunch of new ewapons or primes or rebuilding has to occur for setups. As for the relic packs, its not a matter of guranteeing to get what you need, its a matter of getting such a huge sto
  3. A good tweak indeed which would pretty much lead up to around 13 hours and a half reduction so maybe a tad too powerful. 15 minutes or even 20 per MR might make more sense. ...but honestly i rather we get the ability to just craft up to 3 items into a multi que and if d.e. needs to restrict it a tad, just limit us to about 9 items we can craft at a time to prevent multi-que crafting abusage, since besides those hyper rushing out a bunch of weapons early on or playing catch up, one is likely not to have 10+ items crafting besides those who use the foundry to store items in it.
  4. And this is where my massive statement stands: D.E. F`ED UP WHEN THEY DECIDED TO RELEASE 13 WEAPONS ALL AT ONCE!!!!! WHILE SKIPPING OUT ON THE EXCHANGE BOARD OR A INFLUENCER SYSTEM TO FORCE WEAPON REROLLS ON THE LICH ITSELF. Even if D.E. intended to expand upon the system, there is no point to release a half finished/broken system where: Kuva lich can one shot you and gets stronger for each of your fail to kill is a blind spam test. Kuva lich can spread influence without really needing you to do anything and just by being present on a planet, means they can pilfer your stuff a
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