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  1. The others are not lacking power. They are lacking a reason to use their power.
  2. While the general want for sure is multi shot, Crit damge and crit chance with something like - zoom not all want them the same. Rubico prime will make better use of crit chance and damage than Lanka due to higher base crit chance and crit damage. But knowing even more you will learn that since the Rubico has increased crit damage while zoomed in farther it makes crit chance is better while the Lanka has higher crit chance when zoomed making crit damage better.
  3. I would be all for the first 2 points. As for the blink on all archwing that would not be necessary if other archwings get a reason to be used with railjack and open world archwing is a separate loadout selection. Giving every archwing a blink just makes them less unique. and ends up with some other factor like health or shields decide which one everyone will use.
  4. Amezha and Odonata were useful for their own reasons in Jordis verdict. And yes I did a lot of trials and it was common to have several of both of these used in a group. Amezha made getting through the tunnels child's play while Odonata had enough shields to make it through tunnels if played decently and the shield amplifying damage against the golem made it a good option as well. Itzal on the other hand was so lacking in shields that you basically always needed shield pads or an Amezha's protection. Elytron was kinda lacking a reason over others and might need some changes or might not. It was jsut not commonly used expecially after Amezha was added making it's large shields less important. Nerfing Itzal blink is not going to make other archwings suddenly used. It is still going to be the fastest and best for things like PoE and Orb Vallis where archwing is used to get across the map in a timely manner. It is like taking Frost to a spy mission when you have Loki or Ivara. Why would you even do it when you have a more efficient option at hand. Itzal is not overpowered it is just the only one that fits into what the game has people doing. Add something like Jordas Verdict back *railjack* and other archwings will be used. As for K Drives They are never going to be as useful as archwing on open worlds unless you buff the hell out of them, make archwing so slow that they are worthless or put something that is actually requires K drives being used to get.
  5. Don't tell him. I need that salt for the popcorn.
  6. If they make the effects apply for both get ready for the effects to be halved. Honestly think Chroma could have the 4 types as a cycle changed when you hold down his first ability like Ivara 1 or Khora 3.
  7. Since you might have fashionframe on point for some things but others you are just using at that time because they are most ideal for a situation.
  8. This reminds me I need to sell my extra Tipedo riven.
  9. *Cries about Rubico riven but then looks at Paris having 217 crit chance and a 8.8 crit multiplier and feels better*
  10. If you are trying to present ideas that no one will complain about you are doing it wrong.
  11. Or just make them upset with an auction house and bidding for rivens.
  12. Make them to interesting or somewhat challenging like 40 excavators in a single mission and people will complain about them being to hard. We literally had the 40 wave defense changed to 100 eximus last week. There is no winning over everyone.
  13. Have it actually be bidding and both parties will get what they deserve.
  14. In truth most rivens are not really needed and the game would not be all that different if they were gone tomorrow. Rubico prime being used by Chroma can one or two shot basically anything you would run into before 2+ hours in a mission. The only times when I would hate them disappearing is things like my Venka Riven which allowed for me to get a really good hybrid build with viral damage (it has a .50 disposition which is as low as you can go so hardly a mega powerhouse of a riven but it allowed for something I would have not been able to do otherwise) and kohm no longer being so easily to get to 100% status chance. As such having a rubico riven is a nice power boost but it is really only a bundle of stats that more often than not adds nothing strategic to a weapon. It is not like covert lethality which can turn a Sheev into the most powerful weapon in the game if you know how to use it.
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