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  1. Pryzmatiq

    Why did keys ever get removed?

    I've been playing for 5 years now and think the relics are leaps and bounds better than the keys, and have since their inception. Aside from allowing us to go to tilesets beyond just the void and playing the exact same mission over and over again for a specific part, they allow us to go directly for the items we actually want without them being rotation dependant. Also, the fact that you can choose from a selection of items in multiplayer instead of just having to stick with the one given by the mission to everyone, is great IMO. I already have the Redeemer Prime and I haven't spent a single second actually trying to get it. That simply wouldn't have been possible in the previous system. Literally everything you said. lol
  2. Pryzmatiq

    Ivara skin process(update)

    G is like Warframe's version of a Vierra, which means I absolutely love it. Unlike another rabbit themed skin for Nova, G doesn't look like a pin-up, but actually thematic to Ivara, and badass. If done well, it'd definitely be a buy from me. My second choice would be Fortuna.
  3. Pryzmatiq

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    Damage 3.0, which DE is working on, is going to change much of this. They don't like "mandatory mods" and want modding to be about build diversity. But this is a huge undertaking, and will be literally impossible to please everyone. One thing I do know is that any mods that are removed will refund the credits and endo from those mods, so no worries there. I also agree with what you said about Rivens. They were literally created to bring balance, but instead have simply created an additional power creep. Not that I exactly mind doing a ton of damage, but the system never worked as intended. Too many people want bigger damage numbers instead of better gameplay, it's been this way for ages, and I don't just mean Warframe. Overall, there is literally a plethora of interesting mods they could create that would increase build diversity to replace those that objectively squander it.
  4. Pryzmatiq

    Stuck on stage 2 of phase 1 profit taker bounty

    This is literally driving me insane. Like bashing-head-against-wall insane. Combine that with the amazing drop chance for Repeller systems. I love everything. Everything is amazing. ❤️
  5. Pryzmatiq

    PLEASE stop with noisy visuals

    ESC - Options - Display - Effects intensity. Although I will admit that some things are just plain out ridiculously obnoxious and make me question the dev's choices (new simulor vortexes for instance). But yeah, that slider helps a lot.
  6. Pryzmatiq

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    I'd just like to point out that Venari is Khora's passive. When Venari kills, 100% of the affinity transfers to the frame. This single handedly ends about 90% or the argumentation here. That said, the affinity gained is so little, I couldn't care less about it; That goes for Khorra and Excalibur Umbra. Three AABC runs of sanctuary onslaught nets me all 380k of my daily Focus. If your goal is affinity, AI is literally the last way to go about it.
  7. Pryzmatiq

    Zephyr's Turbulence VS Opticor

    Zephyr's Turbulence sometimes does not redirect the beam from the Corpus enemies who attack her with the Opticor while she has the ability activated. Edit: After facing a lone Opticor unit, It seems I cannot get this to replicate, but it definitely ignores Turbulence from time to time. While doing the the first Orb mission at the 2nd part where you protect the terminal, I was hit by the beam, looked down to check that Turbulence was active and it was, looked back up and was hit by the beam again. Also, I should note my power range is 250% and he was probably 20-25 meters away. The beam itself pierced through me (it wasn't radial damage from the explosion). I'll keep trying to replicate this this during the mission. After testing in the simulacrum I still cannot get this to replicate. Luckily it doesn't happen often enough to be too huge of a problem.
  8. Pryzmatiq

    Lockers with Arch-Guns

    Edit: Scratch that, somehow it got switched. Must have been the update, and somehow I didn't notice with other weapons. Must be because my Kit Gun reload time is like 1 second while Archwings are like 4. Lmao. Thanks guys.
  9. Pryzmatiq

    Does titanias lantern have agro problems?

    Yeah, it's horrible now. It used to work like a charm, and literally anyone in the radius would be CC'd, but now I'm lucky if one enemy is even distracted by it. It's basically a single target Spellbind at this point.
  10. Pryzmatiq

    Lockers with Arch-Guns

    I don't know if this has already been addressed here, but I was using my Fluctus in a survival mission and noticed that every time I opened a locker it made my Fluctus start reloading automatically. If I opened another before the reload was complete, it would start reloading all over again. I don't know if it's all lockers, but the new corpus ones were doing it specifically.
  11. Pryzmatiq

    Suggestion: Add simulacrum access through the ludoplex

    I thought of this too, but I figured it would ultimately come down to "but there is already little enough reason to go to a relay", or something along those lines.
  12. Pryzmatiq

    Why does DE hate color coding?

    I completely agree. Not only are the lights smaller, but the distinction isn't nearly as effective. To top it all off, they put the yellow block right where the main lights are, which detracts even further from being able to differentiate which is which.
  13. Pryzmatiq

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    I agree with everything you just said. While it's still better than always being magnetic damage (I guess), it still is just meh. True damage would be a fantastic change.
  14. Pryzmatiq

    I'm Back! With another Zephyr thread.

    I'll share my thoughts on what I'd like to see changed for Zephyr from a previous post I made. They read as patch notes. Generally speaking people all seem to be in the same frame of mind with what changes she should receive. LIGHTWEIGHT Reworked. Along with Zephyr falling more slowly, the duration of her Aim-Glide has also been increased by 200%. (There are many people who dislike her current passive, so removing the slow fall altogether would be fine as well. That said, I definitely think her passive should greatly improve Aim-Glide time. TAILWIND You no longer can charge this ability on the ground. Holding the ability while grounded simply makes you cast Tailwind straight up into the air no matter what direction you are aiming. When you hit a solid object, Tailwind now instantly loses all its momentum getting you quickly back to general movement. Using Tailwind in the air not only resets your Aim-Glide but also lets you perform an additional jump if you've already jumped in mid-air, allowing you more control over how much Tailwind's momentum affects you. Pressing and holding the ability key in mid-air now charges for one second and causes Zephyr to enter a Hover at that location. Using the Hover instantly stabilizers her and puts her in the hover state for 10 second previously given by charging from the ground, not affected by Ability Duration, as well as resetting her Aim-Glide and giving you the additional jump. Casting the Hover does not create a radial wind burst like the Hover Jump from the ground used to. Zephyr can continually re-apply this hover multiple times without ever touching the ground. Jumping, using a melee, rolling or holding down the ability key while hovering will manually end the Hover. AIRBURST Increased projectile speed by 50%. TURBULENCE This ability now has an audio cue to signal when the duration has ended. JET STREAM This augment now increased the projectile speed of Airburst when Turbulence is activated. TORNADO Engulfing radius for each Tornado increased by 25%. Pressing the ability key while Tornado is active now manually ends its duration without recasting. Pressing it again after the tornadoes have dissipated, whether manually or otherwise, will then cast the ability as normal.
  15. Pryzmatiq

    Nyx's Bolts recast

    After using Nyx since the rework, I really think that instead of holding the ability key down for Psychic Bolts to deactivate the current cast, that casting the ability again should instead deactivate the current cast at the moment you throw out more bolts. Right now it feels very clunky. In the end, this would still only allow up to 6 targets to be affected at once, but make the ability work much more smoothly. Also, sorry if this has already been brought up in the forums.