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  1. His survivability not being tied to an ability means he's not cucked by host migration turning off your abilities while enemies shoot you, a lot of players value this. His 1 is actually pretty good cc, goes through walls with solid range, gives inaros access to finishers which means he can 1-shot any enemy open to finishers while also healing himself for 20% for each finisher, immune to status effects and more importantly knock downs with his 4 + augment which you can fit easily do to how few mods he actually wants. He's the 4th most used frame in the higher MR brackets for a good reason, a
  2. Brozime's point about banshee was accurate though. In the few, and I can't stress this enough, FEW, situations where we want damage buffs against enemies, DE just says "no" to her damage buff meanwhile rhino and chroma can apply there damage buffs just fine. That's a leap in logic, banshee is bad because the one niche she has is often denied by DE because of their weird debuff application rules on enemies. The warframes you listed have their own niches and uses. Banshee doesn't.
  3. His biggest "issue" is that his kit doesn't really have content in the game that suits it. He's strong and fun, but he excels at long, slow missions, which just aren't common or relevant in warframe.
  4. I weirdly like chroma, sometimes I like focusing purely on weapons in warframe and he just boosts weapons and keeps you alive. Set and forget abilities can sometimes be nice.
  5. Warframe lost a lot of it's community. The players left in the game are whiney old players who complain about a game non-stop but still choose to play. If you don't believe me, look at the gate keeping and elitism in this thread. It has boomer written all over it.
  6. Feels kinda meh to nerf ranged weapons when melee is already so much better in the vast majority of situations. I feel like a ton of people use KN purely for buffing CO, showing again how much better melee is to range. Although I don't know if they will nerf KN because it's been very good for a long time and it's one of the few things keeping the lich system alive. I don't actually care that much, just don't touch my Kuva Kohm.
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