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  1. Yeah, I could feel the gray hair from this post.
  2. 'we can't have good boss fights without good balance' Is just straight up wrong. Take wolf as an example, when he first came out, he actually had a gear check to kill him and made players change their loadout to deal with him, still wasn't a good boss fight because he was effectively a bullet sponge. Good boss fights in Warframe: tridolons/orb mothers are the two best examples. They have gear checks like wolf but the thing that makes them good boss fights is the new mechanics they introduce to make them not just a bullet sponge. Tldr: challenge does not equal a good boss, and a
  3. I'm really interested in nidus prime, even though I don't think I'll take off his deluxe skin, still interested in how they're gonna make him.
  4. My issue with frost is that if you make a CC build focused around stunning everyone with 4 to stay alive while being somewhat mobile you make every other ability he has worthless. And if you go for the armor strip 4 with the high hp 3 you end up having your survivability tied down to snow globes which makes him too slow for mission types that require any movement. Like literally every single frame in the game, he can do SP just fine. It's just a slog in the vast majority of mission types. He has the same issue with a lot of older frames. Abilities having anti synergy with one another in
  5. I get the intent behind giving slowed enemies DR. But I also dislike it. Same energy as having banshee sonar not apply to any enemy that we actually want to do insane loads of damage to.
  6. nah, just... blew my mind that someone would actually do that.
  7. who... who opens a new one when one is already open?? What.
  8. World underwater sounds interesting. The cool thing about building an underwater open world is you can build around vertical space instead of just horizontal. I think it would be interesting if they used rail jack style missions but in an underwater setting. The main issue with sharkwing was the extremely confined space you used it in making it a pain to control, using railjacks instead could make underwater gameplay much smoother.
  9. Weird feeling reading a post I made 3 years ago.
  10. Loki and I usually use a melee weapon that can one shot them with a slide, fast and silent. If you don't have weapons that are cable of wiping rooms silently equinox sleep build works, used it for focus farming but works for this too.
  11. Usually my strategy when coming back to warframe is seeing where I left off and doing the new content from there. I find that if you immediately play the new content before DE fixes it you'll have a worse experience. When content launches it takes a bit for de to reduce the grind, fix bugs, nerf and buff stuff (hate investing in stuff for it to just be nuked,) do a QOL pass etc. Also recent trend that de has been doing to reduce 'content islands' complaints is making new content build off of old content.
  12. I hate how much max vent kids standing makes sense for this frame. God I don't want to grind that. Might be the first frame I might just buy...
  13. how would you give players the ability to speed up defense that doesn't revolve around killing but still reflects player performance? You also need to not invalidate survival as a whole by making defense too efficient while also not stepping on excavations toes because that's a game mode that disincentives nuking/ccing enemies because the power supplies will drop farther away from the excavator slowing you down, we can't just reuse what excavation missions did. I just don't see a way to solve your issue that isn't already another game mode.
  14. Grind makes players skip grind at the cost of plat/money. Without grind we would be paying a monthly fee to play warframe. people have been playing warframe for a long time, tilesets lose their beauty after you have done them 1000+ times whenever de has tried to introduce enemies that hard not purely because of numbers alone, the whiners come out they have been trying to do this with open worlds, showing progression as you become closer with the npc's, it's a lot harder to implement into the base game where content updates inherently mean we don't get an end to fighting enemies.
  15. Bruh, everyone is always complaining about content islands, I for one am tired of them leaving content untouched for literal years. Creating new content for old toys is always a plus.
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