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  1. Destiny is heading in a good direction, I wish I could say warframe was doing the same. I think what killed anthem before launch was the lack of a core design idea, it didn't know what it wanted to be.
  2. The mindset that a lot of people have including myself is, "sure, I COULD level all of the k-drives to get that sweet, sweet mastery. OR I could go play a game that has fun stuff to do."
  3. 1. Money 2. Low effort content that brings players back into Warframe 3. A way to mitigate over saturation of relic drop chances. take that with a grain of salt, cause they could've made certain relics drop on certain planets to deal with saturation. We already have an issue where most of the star chart is dead after one clear cause there's no reason to relic farm outside of the most efficient and optimal place(s). which could have been fixed by tying certain drop tables to certain planets.
  4. I mean, if you just straight up avoid the lasers Gauss or volt are the fastest because they take the least amount of time getting from spy vault to spy vault.
  5. If Warframe charged even half of what destiny charges, without SIGNIFICANTLY increasing quality. I would dip at first notice.
  6. He doesn't always follow people. There's a percentage chance that he just wanders.
  7. Kinda. You have to reach a point where enemies can damage you before you kill them. Then you ether mix cc and damage to not die or you use invisibility. The solution to extremely high levels isn't "lol, just get more damage" it's mixing ways to stay alive with damage.
  8. Because raids were a thing, map blind mirage basically made the raid a joke because unlike almost everything in Warframe, killing wasn't the objective.
  9. Complaining about other people's play styles. If you hate how other people play the game, solo mode is there for a reason.
  10. unpopular opinion but saryn. she has to work for her survivability in higher levels (using cover, mobility, etc), and she has to use both her weapons and abilities to deal high amounts of damage.
  11. exact numbers it can't determine, but rough highs and lows it can. Warframe has always been like that though, people come back for a few days when an update hits than they just leave for months till there's anything to do. for PC, looking at steam numbers is better than chat, but for platforms without steam, chats a decent way to determine traffic in Warframe.
  12. at that level. I think it would actually be pretty hard to kill. It's pretty easy to dodge most of his attacks but one aoe attack will one shot most frames Back on topic. When I'm doing endurance runs and not using invisibility or cc bombards are pretty scary cause aoe.
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