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  1. The benefit of running no survivability mods is more damage. Cause technically you don't need survivability mods if you play perfectly. We shouldn't Nerf tank frames ability to level.
  2. Before. Status was better for long term cause crits don't do much when you get into billions of eHP. But crits were faster for lower level content (probably up to about level 80-100 depending on build.) Now. You can REALLY feel the gap early on and crit is just straight better now.
  3. I took a break. Like four months or something because the only content I was enjoying was farming for prime frames/weapons and min maxing then. But I ran out of them. A lot of the new updates just aren't fun to play, I still like Warframe, but to me it felt like old Warframe stopped receiving updates.
  4. I can't comprehend why someone would want to play Warframe pvp. So many good pvp games out there and you choose Warframe.
  5. I was at 3000 plat without spending anything on this game. And that's through normal trading. Imagine if someone who cared more about trading and delt in rivens would make. I doubt a lot of the high platinum owners have spent much on this game. Probably rolled a super good roll once and traded their way up.
  6. I feel like this game was only ever considered positive is because people didn't have a reason to Blame, or even talk to others. (Except for spy sorties, but there's a good reason why that has the highest solo rate compared to other missions.) Most of the content in this game can be easily solo'd but the few bits where you actually need people to be competent cause toxicity.
  7. Better. Though I guess disappointment is what I get for expecting stuff from them.
  8. I remember taking a break near the start of this thread. Kinda funny looking back at all the people saying that it will be back in the top ten before long. Yikes.
  9. The small amount of money I've spent on the game for how long I've played. 30$ give or take for over 1000 hours in this game is pretty amazing.
  10. i remember when someone in 2018 said it was an issue that was gonna get fixed in 2019. lmao
  11. It's amazing to me that Warframe players can attack destiny dlc but defend Warframe prime access.
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