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  1. I thought plus damage is completely useless on chroma since stuff like serration is ignored and replaced by chromas base damage increase. Multi shot+ would be much better.
  2. I 100% don't think this will fix anything. Was mainly trying to point out that de was introducing revives as an attempt to fix host migration. Not lower difficulty. Considering the only complaints I've seen about abitrations is how slow and boring it is or having to complete all the star chart to be able to do them. Also, ever since single extraction was added and I was scammed by the host migration out of 30k+ kuva I feel like I'm a hostage now because the host might just decide to leave giving me a chance of losing everything.
  3. 1) nothing in warframe is inherently difficult. Even sorties can be completed with no forma and un potatoed gear. 2) the reason revives were being added to abitrations is because too many people were leaving as soon as they died and causeing host migrations which could instantly kill you depending on what frame you are (cough cough rhino) or just cheat you out of your rewards.
  4. With mods. It's just adding numbers to a calculator. Because rivens are random they have to take up space for each possible outcome. With names, a blank space is created and what ever you input as your name fills in the space. It's the reason in old RPG games they had a letter limit on names because if they exceeded a certain amount it would cross over to the next line making the punctuation weird.
  5. Let's say viltality takes up one space and for each upgrade after it takes up another spot. The reason why rivens take up so much more then 13 spots is because for each possible variation of a riven (percentile increase, what stats, names, order, how far it's upgraded) a new spot is taken up. So when you do the math for every single weapon in the game you're looking at over 1000 space taken up compared to the under 20 normal mods take up. (I'm using a simple example for the explanation, using proper values would be a lot more confusing to explain)
  6. We're talking about normal enemies here right? Why would you use amp for them. Like a bare bones hek build with four not even maxed mods does more damage.
  7. The reason differs from game to game. But usually it boils down to one of two reasons. 1) financial backing. even if warframe is a high grossing game, it's still a major cost with not a lot of pay off. 2) the type of game. take overwatch as an example, the game would have been dead on release if it didn't have dedicated servers Because peer to peer connection can't work with 12 people and it can't work in a PvP game due to the INSANE advantage the host would have. While warframe is a game that is only 4 people and is against AI. Generally. The biggest issue with peer to peer connection in Warframe. Is the poor netcode and the lack of a buffer to let the players recover from the host migration. Both can be fixed at a much lower cost.
  8. Really depends on if the orbs energy drain. If they do it will be like index. Mostly dominated by rhino with a few inaros in the mix.
  9. As much as I would love dedicated servers. It won't make de money. An easier option that's far more possible solution is; keep our abilities in tact and Don't touch the efficiency in eso or the objectives health in defense for at least 10 seconds. Breathing room for the player.
  10. Even a god roll riven can't beat host migration. powercreep is a lie.
  11. a serious response. most grind games have a format where you get better loot to do hard content to get better loot and do even harder content. warframe has an issue where there isn't any real difficulty increase but we still gain more power.
  12. I just want to say, everyone's opinion in this thread is wrong.
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