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  1. I'll show it to my friend and see what he thinks. ^.^
  2. My friend is trying to think how to reach 350% power strength and also looking for arbitrations that have wisp in it for that extra 300%. He's a mad man O.O
  3. So my friend who once was an ivara main now is a wisp main cause of how powerful her first ability is. He has built her to where the speed effect is around 63% buff and my god.....that gun and melee speed, I have never felt so fast swinging my Jat Kusar everywhere, it was amazing. And we do lots of missions together where it feels more natural, but it's the horrific problem is after he leaves for the night and I still do another run without him it hits me hard. That slow/sluggish feeling when you have your normal build.......it makes you feel that withdraw so damn badly, even the gun fire rate on the catchmoon just doesn't feel right anymore. I'm addicted to wisp's speed boost and I feel it's ruining the game for me. 😧 And now my friend is working on improving it to make the speed boost near 70%.........I need mah fix! Darn you Wisp you drug dealer!!!!! D:< And this isn't even counting the times we do relic runs and wisp gets a buff or if another warframe buffs him.......oh god.....
  4. But wouldn't adding another slot would require to look into the mod points cap? Adding one more may push over the max mod points needed for certain builds these days.
  5. I disagree, I think going back to the original method of marking an enemy and having an aoe instant effect bladestorm around it would be better, this would be faster while keeping all the new mechanics of triple marking instantly, no immortal enemies, and no animation force unless teleporting to one to join in, and slash damage if any survive the finishing bladestorm effects.
  6. From the second paragraph: It should be noted that some Augments are tied to abilities that see very little use (such as Pool of Life), however, these will be looked at later on when those same abilities are considered for a rework. Bladestorm's line of sight mechanic is terrible for a team comp when the game's meta moved to killing things faster, so hopefully they will look into reworking it to be more better to use in battle.
  7. So Bladestorm will be reworked sometime later? Thank god, it needs it badly.
  8. Your god damn stupid system doesn't work, I keep trying to log in to warframe page and it keeps telling me " g-recaptcha-response field " and I can't put in a support ticket unless I log in for it. I don't know how to fix this.
  9. So when you say you increased drop chances, you mean you lower the high drop chances and raise the low drop chances up so it's better? Cause I don't want to farm higher tier wolf only cause you increase the common drops higher than they should be.
  10. Yes, my ash has green eyes from the energy color, yet this new fix now turned it purely blue from the second energy color...can this be fixed? https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/949605868321621695/77E059E6EFF5A5E77F1220432F24830168C9587E/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/949605868321622483/11033ED0DCD5FDEFBAA1F6127A83E20679449F90/
  11. We just did the defense mode on Jupiter and passed it with flying colors, boy people really wanted a challenge there eh?
  12. Like the Umbra Kubrow armor, your Sloughi Kubrow armor doesn't fit the big buff kubrows, that are wide chested so the stuff is actually clipping through them, if you can please make the adjustments for the armors to fit big boys and girls kurbrows, thank you. ❤️
  13. The Oxylus and/or it's mods mods are effecting the spawn rates of conservations showing up on the mini maps still, any chance this is being worked on?
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