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Thread Bumping and You

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Hey everyone,

Recently there have been a lot of cases of excessive bump spam and duplicate thread spam in the clan recruitment threads as of late.

Unfortunately for those of you participating in doing so, bumping threads is not something we condone--it's considered a form of spamming and can get you a warning point and even result in your posting permissions being impacted.

"Bumping" is the act of making a post which does not contribute, discuss or update information on a thread. For the sake of recruitment threads, comments like "We're still recruiting!" or "Apply here today!" or "Message this person to apply!" or "This clan is great and your should apply!" are examples of bump spam. What isn't 'bump spam' is replying to users' questions or applications about the clan, and posting major updates to the thread that impact potential applicants (such as application closures).

As a result of this excessive spamming happening across multiple threads, a decision was reached to change the default sorting for recruitment to threads' start date rather than their latest reply. This means that thread bumping will no longer push your thread to the top of the list unless users switch the sorting each time they view this subforum. This also does not mean you're free to post bump spam--it is still spam and is not something we allow. This sorting change will also likely be a temporary measure.

On the topic of re-posting clan and alliance recruitment threads, you are allowed to do so as long as you do the following:

  1. Report your current recruiting thread for deletion
  2. (IMPORTANT) Wait for your current thread to be removed by a moderator
    • If your old recruiting thread is fairly recent (within 1 week of age), it may not be removed for you to re-post it.
  3. Once your old thread has been removed, you may now re-post your recruitment thread

It's important to note that posting multiple recruitment threads without having your original received thread removed will result in your recruitment threads being merged together--you may also be warned for spamming. Moreover, editing your old thread to say or read something along the lines of "delete" or "old thread please ignore" it is not an acceptable form of thread removal for re-posting.

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