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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Greetings to all and Thank you DE for giving builders this opportunity to show our work !

Clan Name : Valhalla Jaegers
Clan Tier :  Ghost
Clan Platform : PC
Clan Role : Founding Warlord
I am pretty much alone in my clan appart from two absent real life friends. I built and funded everything by myself, I hope you will enjoy this visit of my baby dojo !
-First hall is were guests arrive, this is a Pacific Rim-inspired scene, With The Jaeger "Ginger Megan" (Named after our dear giant robot enthusiat DE_Megan) fighting the Kaiju "Grineerian". First Constrution I ever made in Warframe shortly after I started playing. A transporter allows Tenno to get into the Jaeger's head in the fashion of pilots in the movie.
- The next room, "Tennology", is a derelict Tenno Lab. I felt inspired by the post apocalyptic vibe in Portal 2 where fallen pieces of gear meddle with Nature which took its right back. Red lights on console and windows denote old malfunctioning tech.
-Next is " All hail Clem !" . The Chem lab all decorated in Grineer walls and trophies, with a giant efiggy of Clem with his twin Grattakas, Towering the Room. Clem !
-We then move to "E1M1 The Gate of Doom", Tribute to the forefather of First person shooter games. This is the Bio lab, all gilded in Mars fashion, with the four Plaguestar trophies surrounding the console and a fully functioning Hell Gate, which is a transporter.
-Next is "The Repository of a Lost Knowledge". The Orokin Lab, fully guilded in Orokin gold, walls, stairs, plants and Ayatan Statues on Pedestals.
-We then move to "The Venus Research Center", An Iced Corpus Energy Lab. It was my very first work with the new Natural Decorations when they got released. It includes a Kdrive on the side.
-"The Cassandra Quandary", a Zen Garden style Oracle Room. Floating Islands and a small Bridge going through a 2 ways waterfall to a meditation platform.
- The TennOrokin Teralyst : A giant Mecha made of Orokin and Tenno Technology, designed as a counter-measure against the EIdolon Teralyst. The room is Decorated and lit after the Plains of Eidolon fashion.
-The Spacemom Boudoir : A Kiosque room in the woods where the Lotus goes to drink tea and meditate. It is protected by a Sentient Guardian. Several of the very new Atmospheric decorations are in use here.
-"Hey Kiddo"  A giant Statue of SpaceMom, aka "The Lotus", outside the Observatory Room. My biggest construction and a tribute to all the love I bear to Warframe, De and the amazing Community of Tenno.

Thank you all, hope you Enjoy the Visit !




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Clan Name: Alternate Intelligence

Clan Tier: Shadow

Platform: Xbox

Clan role: Founding Warlord

The Dojo work was done by my entire clan, but mostly myself, Daddy Issues AI, Nautati, and SKullbionic

The most unique feature is that on the 3rd floor each member has their own room.


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Congratulations to the winners of the Dojo Remaster Contest

First Place Winners


PC - First Place

PS4 - First Place

XB1 - First Place

Second Place Winners


PC - Second Place

PS4 - Second Place

XB1 - Second Place

Third Place Winners


PC - Third Place

PS4 - Third Place

XB1 - Third Place

It was a pleasure to tour your Dojos and to read your descriptions of different details and design choices. I appreciate and am so impressed by how much talent and care has gone into each Dojo.

Please keep in mind that we will be running this contest again in the future! I would love to see how your Dojos develop ❤️ Thank you all for sharing your hard work with us!

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