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Walking and Spinning ESC menu


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When you try to access a console (and by that i mean the Foundry, Modding Station ect) and you access it while holding down W (haven't tried with ASD so it might apply to those keys too.) You continue to walk whilst looking at your foundry ect.

When you leave the screen you've accessed you continue to walk around without holding anything down and if you press ESC while you are like this you start to spin and it seems the longer you're in the ESC menu the faster you spin. Do note that it's the background that spins while you're in the ESC menu.

Note: I've only done this with the Foundry and the Modding Station but it may also apply to all consoles in the orbiter,  also you don't see you yourself spin but the background does.

Pressing any movement key (WASD) will stop this bug

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