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Infested open world


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It`s obvious that this is going to happen we have POE (grinner) Fortuna (corpus) so it makes sense that there is going to be an infested one probably on eris. Even through DE haven’t talked about it, I would like to list what I would like to see in the infested open world or things to point out.

·        The location is on the planet eris instead of a corpus ship.

·        The mycona people (from the glast gambit quest) make a return and are the NPCS you interact with. To me they are the most interesting civilians in warframe, I would like to get some sort of back story with them or better yet another quest involving them.

·        A nidus backstory. Nidus is an infested warframe and DE didn`t even give him a backstory which make no sense, I would like to know what happened. Was he a warframe before he was corrupted? Was he one of the mycona people? Or is there a higher infested lifeform at work?

·        New possibly humanoid infested enemies. It would be interesting to see an infested force like the stalker’s acolytes, nidus lookalike. Maybe the first and oldest infested intelligence pulling the strings.

·        The infested room having a part to play in the infested open world. At the moment that room is totally useless, make it have purpose.

·        New game type: Operator possession like in the war with in quest. Maybe in this mission you play as the operators only where you must possess infested type animals. (worms)

·        Trap based ability will be very useful in the infested world. Warframes like Vauban, khora, inaros etc.

·        A new game mode mission that favours cc over killing enemies. If you kill a certain number of enemies, you will make the mission harder some sort of way idk just throwing ideas out there.

·        If companions 2.0 is good, you can have unique infested pets e.g an infested snake that does toxin damage and give warframe toxin damage to warframe abilities.

·        And lastly all the good content from poe like infested weapons, operator outfits, amps, new stance mods will also be included in the open world.


Lets just hope DE sees this and get some ideas from this. If you have some suggestions jot them down.

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