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Please separate Archwing keybinds from ground keybinds


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If you bind Roll to E, this carries over to Archwing, where it would make more sense to be able to bind "Roll Right" to E. Binding "Roll Right" to R to sort of work around this means you can no longer reload in PoE Archwing (assuming Reload is bound to R), necessitating another a secondary keybind for reloading and so on, despite rolling left and right without boosting not being present in PoE. This is just one example of headaches that can be avoided with a full, separate set of keybinds for Archwing. Maybe as a subsection of the Controls menu, or just as a list at the bottom of the keybinds submenu, whatever.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes Archwing but has to deal with rebinds snowballing between gamemodes. Please DE, implement separate keybinds. It would improve the gamemodes quality of life significantly, especially considering how the upcoming reusable Archwing launcher could increase overall use.

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