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It would be amazing if Warframe worked with Steam Play / Proton for Linux


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3 hours ago, WhiteMarker said:

As there is basically no one using Linux for gaming, there is no real reason for DE to make this happen.
And no, you using Linux doesn't mean there is a market for "linux-gaming".

Steam is heavily investing in Proton, a compatibility layer that will allow Windows games to run under Linux and MacOs, so Steam does think that there is money to be made there.
It's also a chicken-and-egg problem: if the attitude is "no one uses Linux for gaming" then there won't be anyone making games for Linux.
People who otherwise would switch away from Windows will have to stick with it and people who would otherwise play will keep not playing.
BTW, even if you use only Windows, this will benefit YOU, because competition will push MS to improve their product rather than rely on user lock-in.

Using Proton, Warframe runs already under Linux, well enough that I ditched Windows entirely.
It's not practical for DE to support Linux officially, and no one is asking them to do that.

However, there is a single pain point, ie the necessity to have a gamepad connected, where DE could help us Linux zealots.
Are there enough Linux + MacOS users to justify asking DE help to address a single, very minor and very specific issue?
It's entirely possible that DE will find out that it's still not worth their time, but I don't find it unreasonable to ask.

One way or another, I won't be reinstalling Windows any time soon.

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This has been the greatest surge in gaming on linux popularity I've seen in the past 10 years, I know people who aren't too familiar with Linux changing over due to how well done Proton is and how it is integrated in Steam. Currently I can get new titles that will just run seamlessly on Linux when they were never designed to be.


The issue with Warframe is that it runs really well on Linux already, the problem is the Launcher prevents it from being compatible with Proton and anything that uses Wine. I have a feeling that this would be a really low risk software change by the dev team if they decided to see what was up (I am a software developer but hat caries no weight lol).

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