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Faction Squads. [Ally NPC and related mission overhaul] "Friends are gold"

(XBOX)Architect Prime

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Have you ever noticed that syndicates will send a squad with you on syndicate missions? 

Disclaimer: Not everything I come up with is perfectly thought out or 100% realistic. So there you go. It's already been stated. But give it a read ūüôā

  • Invasions -¬†Your¬†NPCs of the allied faction follow¬†you tightly as you progress through the map. The total amount following you increases 3/6/9 as you do the three invasion missions. The follower NPCs respawn after some time and make their way back to you after they're killed, ensuring that you hover around the intended amount of follower allies. The
  • Syndicate -¬†Not only should you be get a squad in syndicate specific missions, you should be able to bring a squad to almost any mission involving the faction/s they oppose. As an example, being aligned with steel meridian would give you the option to bring a squad of steel meridian troops to (exclusively) any mission where the Grineer is the enemy. Steel meridian¬†to Grineer, Perrin¬†Sequence to Corpus, and so on. The actual squad is one syndicate troop per rank (That's a max of five). Syndicate squads wouldn't be available in invasions due weirdness.¬†
  • Tenno -¬†Specters need a rework in my opinion. That rework is this. Let's say you have three people in your squad. You can fill that last spot with a specter. And to that end, specters should be unlimited and based on your MR or mission level or something. Only¬†one of, or and the first, specter¬† gets the assigned specter loadout. The rest are randomized. And ALL are randomized if there is more than one real player in the squad. | Now I probably don't need to tell you that air support is lackluster across most of the lisets. So I say that lisets should be either mod-able or¬†the air support should scale outright. The air strikes going through the ceiling is so dumb, just use the corpus bombardment effects if you have to...¬†
  • Reinforcements System - It's an equipment item called "Encrypted Network Communicator". Using this item brings up a menu which allows you to select from the available reinforcements. The list only includes the factions that are eligible in the current mission. I guess Tenno reinforcements can actually happen this way. At most, this could result in 5 syndicate NPCs and a full squad of Tenno (up to 3 specters) if playing solo. In invasions, you'd get up to 3¬†followers¬†in an all players squad¬†and the ineligibility of syndicates.¬†This would make solo A VIABLE OPTION for everyone. As long as you're not doing long survival runs. In other missions around the starchart, you'd see a maximum of 20¬†allied NPCs is everyone in the squad was at max rank with a syndicate and sawned/called their max rank amount.¬†
  • ¬†Commands - Selecting one of your allies brings up the 1, 2, 3, 4 or Y, X, B, A. This menu is achieved by holding the vanilla stay/follow button (X on console). The commands are as follows: Follow me (tighter than the existing follow), hold¬†position, trade weapons (summoned¬†menu is both of¬†the loadouts side by side. Easily swap weapons by¬†selecting primary, secondary, or melee), and the final command is pursue objective (The NPC attempts to do the mission objective.
  • Ally NPC scaling -¬†But what of the higher level players? The poor syndicate NPCs will get annihilated in high level play without scaling. So on the 3rd day the lord said "Let them scale based player and or enemy level". Syndicate NPC allies¬†would scale with your syndicate ranking 20/40/60/80/100+ After 100, they scale with the enemies + a number based on the¬†MR of the player who spawned/called them. The scaling is visual as well. So you may start with a loser in a tight suit and end up with five steel meridian veterans in modified grineer armor. | The invasions scale with themselves already and are only level 30ish. They don't need to be touched for this unless they make higher level invasions of like 70+ | The Tenno specters'¬†scaling is¬†based on the enemy level + a number based on the highest MR in the squad. ---¬† X = enemy level * (MR/Y)¬† --- X is the specter level and¬†Y determines¬†how the MR is¬†weighted... I think.¬†I got a D in math class once.
  • Revival - Syndicate allies will revive you 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% of the time. Specters will revive you 100% of the time in solo play, but each player in the squad reduces that percentage by 25%. So, in a squad of two players and one to two¬†specter, specters have a 50% chance to of trying to revive you (or the closest person who's¬†down). Invasion ally NPCs will not revive and will instead flee until you either revive or another player becomes not down/enters the mission?. Syndicate NPCs¬†and specters will NOT both try to revive you at the same time. Only one after the other if either of gets killed. Same goes for the individual syndicate NPCs. Only three of them will attempt to revive you at a time (maximum).¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†
  • Speed Scaling - Our allies can't keep up with us under the current system. Just look at the standard method in rescue missions. That's why all ally NPCs will scale up to match your sprint speed. For syndicate allies it'll be upgraded to 80%/85%/90%95%100% of your sprint speed. Specters will start at the max obviously. Auras will work on allies. Abilities like Volt's speed will be 30% as effective on ally NPCs.¬†
  • Synergy - ALL abilities cast¬†on Allied NPCs (excluding specters) will only be 30% as effective. Casting on specters will retain 100% effectiveness. Syndicate NPC allies will have a 20%/40%/60%/80%100% chance to come with one of the troops being an eximus varient. energy leech Eximus gives +0.5 energy per second to allies within X amount of meters, Regular blitz eximus, Arson eximus +50% heat resistance to allies within X amount of meters, Arctic eximus slows enemies within X amount of meters, and so on. Some needed to be modified not to be OP obviously. this way, you have a reason to actually move with your team rather than zip around.¬†
  • Performance -¬†I think it'll do alright. Having 20 NPCs in a room seems extreme. HOWEVER. I have stumbled into rooms where way way way more enemies have clumped up due to an old survival bug. My original Xbox one could handle that at a reasonable frame rate, so I see no reason why this wouldn't function.
  • Balancing it -¬†This is the sketchiest part in my opinion. And I think the only real solution is to make the enemies target the player/s much more often than the allied NPCs. Or, in other words, your wall of 20 steel Meridian human barriers won't be a wall as much as extra guns. They can still be targeted, but not NEARLY as often as Tenno. But that changes around 1 or two meters, it's first come first serve at that range.¬†
  • Syndicate missions -¬†This might be a bit¬†polarizing. Make¬†the syndicate mission levels scale up with your rank 20/40/60/80/100. I think this would vastly improve the mid-late game (not endgame). There would simply be more.¬†
  • Invasion Missions -¬†For Invasion missions, completely randomize the enemy levels. Enemies levels would vary 5-70. Certain heavy/advanced unit types like bombards, heavy gunners,¬†napalms, and commanders always spawn above level 50 while lesser units like butchers, troopers, and rollers would be of far lesser level (like 10-50).
  • Defense missions -¬†That guy that we always protect is an idiot. Unless you give him/her a gun, they will be now be huddling behind something, avoiding the enemies, or hiding in a room.

          I might do concept art and otherwise add to this on the very-off-chance that allot of people like this.                                                               

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