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  1. Covered in the op it would seem. They say allot of things. A lot. of things... Notable = amount of time which is significant as experienced from the perspective of the player, which naturally varies per player. And for sources and statistics. I'd just say that I'm not in the mood to pump thousands of hours into the game to make an inferior version of a previous account. Seems like a normal way to feel, so no. I don't have the international bureau of statistics on this one, sorry. One account. Two saves. plat can't transfer. I thought about this as well and real
  2. This is not a hard cross-save OR cross-play request in the form that they're usually thought about. Please read the full idea and then reply. Sorry if it's been posted before. If so, I haven't seen it. It's simple: You have one overarching account. Plat and maybe even tennogen CANNOT transfer. Your stats (MR, playtime, ect) are cross-saved, which would actually help to prevent scams I'm assuming. But that's besides the point, which is that big corporations don't lose money. You can then trade items between PC and Console. this means that you only have the one copy still (or however many
  3. first of all, I enjoy seeing railjack expanded upon. Secondly, The ghost ship theme was cool. Then there's the fact that I didn't know when the quest was over. Despite the high quality of what was delivered, I was expecting more narrative movement after all the waiting. The work that DE did was good for the most part, yet I it's dissapointing to see such a small volume of it in the actual story progression. And when do I get to call my rj in open zones?
  4. Unless it's some multi-hundred dollar amount. of course. I figure why not if it's a matter of expense? In my case it's console to PC.
  5. I haven't gotten this update on console yet, but it seems to answer many issues. My main fear is that they'll give up on railjack before it's the connective tissue it's supposed to be.
  6. To many Saryn users, this may be true. HOWEVER, if you build play her in the right way, specifically for hydron, your speed will significantly outpace the reduced XP gain - making it well worth it.
  7. Please. Cranking up numbers isn't enough. I mess around with levels into the thousands in steel path survivals. We need more enemies who are mechanically difficult.
  8. From my perspective, people who leave just because someone else MIGHT not play how they want are pricks who cause inconvenience to others knowingly and to themselves unknowingly by extending their own grind.
  9. I think the orbiter is supposed to be far enough below the railjack to not be visible.
  10. I am of the opposite opinion. If, for example, I'm leveling a frame in hydron. I much prefer people who are leveling weapons to nuke every wave so I can just be done with that mind numbing content. If Saryn was nullifying something super challenging for huge amounts of time, that'd be one thing, but she doesn't really impress me outside of a few specific missions.
  11. Incorrect, because the orbiter and the railjack are in the same field. It was stated offhandedly years ago. I don't remember where,
  12. It uses void cloaking if I'm not mistaken. The railjack is tethered to it so it can be invisible too when it's parked. Although I'd like to use the railjack as an orbiter.
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