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  1. Wouldn't be wild if Hayden Tenno showed up in the New War? Or maybe some more of those proto skins? There's things I'd like to see carried over from dark sector tbh. Edit: proto excel should be his own frame and not a skin. Same with nyx. Since Umbra isn't a skin.
  2. It's simple: give CC abilities DPS and give DPS abilities CC and adjust enemy stats accordingly. Give each faction units with mechanics/stats/abilities that don't allow them to be instantly nuked. This way the warframes and weapons feel powerful while increasing challenge as levels go up. Then simply work out the kinks.
  3. Are they still around? I feel like the grineer would just be spamming them at all times. Where'd they come from where'd they go.
  4. Has anybody ever got, seen the stats, aim, and then fire a single shot from this thing? It's log, guys. It's a forsaken potato.
  5. Warframe's core gunplay is like an arcade horde shooter. So, in my opinion, it CC and DPS should be the same thing.
  6. Can you build a high speed rail from my house to tennocon?
  7. It's never affected by wind or movement and the stuff on her body just seems so outdated. Opinion.
  8. Valkyr, depending on life steal at high levels, is limited to hysteria now. At least she still has some endgame builds floating around.
  9. Well, I obviously knew it was likely - but would be lying if I said I didn't try anyway.
  10. I'm sorry, but "why are playing then" is the stupidest response ever. It's because I like the damn game!
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