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  1. How about self kills so I don't embarrass myself with Kuva Bramma haha! That thing sets a new bar for weapon quality imo
  2. Impact - enemies stumble longer/further and have a good chance to drop their weapons. Puncture - projectile gains X amount of punch through, but all the damage is converted to puncture after the first enemy. Slash - Slash proc does increased damage. Heat - An AOE of heat around the projectile that scales with the percent... Like most of these... Cold - Slows enemies increasingly. They can be totally halted. Toxin - The length of the proc increases. Electric - Chance to causes electric arcs between enemies. Blast - Increases radius, but only does blast damage from that point onward. Gas - Aoe increases and a chance of it catching fire. Radiation - Chance to cause a random proc. Viral - Chance to jump to another enemy within X meters. Corrosive - Chance of splashing the acids onto nearby enemies on the technical form of several arcing projectiles. Magnetic - Chance to make enemies get stuck to metal surfaces or each other.
  3. So you know when you're gonna choose weather to stay or extract in a mission and you get the two images with a generic squad on there? In screens like that an future screens, I'd prefer to see some manifestation of my actual squad if a team of warframes/operators must be shown. Something about having the generic team there doesn't blend well in my opinion, So I'm creating this post in hopes of preventing it before it expands into a big project to change. Does anyone else feel the same way about this?
  4. What if the scaling per lich level was increased allot to the point where we could have each health bar droping a reward the first time you bring it down. So you could get some kuva or something, then the ephemera, and then the weapon when you beat it. I'm afraid of DE removing the self harm of bramma and nerfing the damage as a result... Get good!
  5. Like with liches, I don't think it should be quick and easy. The only question for me is "where does this progression lead"?. And we arrive at the endgame arguments.
  6. New movement feels much better. Archgun's projectile speeds are far too slow. Core gameplay of railjacks is fun, but I dread having to use archwing because they seem unusable in combat. Archwing abilities and weapons should shred normal infantry. All the big space guns should turn practically any level of infantry into mince meat. Isn't that the point of a big, power weapon? How is it the only thing that can hurt an orb boss, but is less effective than many weapons against normal troops? It's very strange to me. There should be an streamlined indicator when a projectile is near and a quick, responsive dodge that will almost always work if you use it right when the indicator goes on. Bottom line is that it feels cool, but is ultimately ineffective. Archwings seem like a direct downgrade from whatever warframe is piloting them.
  7. There's honestly like a 15% chance that you'll get dummies in public. That's simply the risk of it. I can't think of a work around that wouldn't bring bigger problems.
  8. At a certain stats like MR or hours played (or whatever qualifiers), players should become eligible to answer questionnaires. I think a massive feedback feature like that would be invaluable. DE could create and continually add onto, a library of poles so that players can give feedback and look at the all the graphs right there. DE has a close relationship with its community. Why not improve on that point? I see only positives. At least add trading market stats so players can be informed.
  9. While I'm also annoyed when people sometimes don't respect the captain and pilot without asking (because that impacts all factors of the mission), I also find it important to be able to have someone else take the wheel while I take care of other things.
  10. So why is it taller than the moon? What's your frame of reference or reasoning there?
  11. That would require an elevator or some way to traverse the levels. There are three entrances specifically at that level.
  12. Yeah, it's not a huge deal or anything. But I thout I'd bring it up.
  13. Something like that and yeah like how plain bounties will pop up once in a while while you explore. For some reason I thought that the orb was like that too in that moment.
  14. The Orokin carved up the moon and built giant gold ring around it. Tell me more about how a tenno superstructure (probably originally built in by Orokin for Tenno in the old war times) is surpassing Orokin architecture?
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