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  1. We could add a few more disposition ranks so that garbage weapons can get extreme enough stats.
  2. First of all, you can't just have spoilers in the title. Secondly, the warframe's derive their powers from the operator's void stuff.
  3. The energy loss of the overheat thing should be impacted by efficiency, which will slow at least one additional build.
  4. I guess all my inferno wailing about adding "heat sields" paid off lmao
  5. I don't think there's an afk ISSUE. But one could developed.
  6. You know, I don't really care if someone wants to go afk as long as they don't get directly in my way. The multiplayer spawns make some builds better even.
  7. I'm not terribly sold on ugly grineer companions besides clem. I'm more interested in the weapon permutations, since it seems like a safer investment. I'm open to being proven wrong in all areas though.
  8. The passive seems good. Abilities seem dependent on how the heat proc changes turn out. I'm currently on the fence about energy loss of such an extreme caliber. Letting efficiency have an impact on that might be the right choice. The one issue I can see about the new survivability is that you have to be able to stay at that sweet spot of durability all the time or else high level enemies will just one-shot you at any other point. Visually... I wanna say things are better... I mean the static wof flames are gone. But yeah the fire on her head around her body arn't quite there for me PERSONALLY. Maybe give some of it physics so it isn't early xbox 360 fire idk... Certainly an upgrade though. The actual model of ember prime has always been beautiful, so no complaints there. Those are my thoughts so far. I obviously won't know anything for sure until I've put a bit of hours into it when it comes out.
  9. With a few Ballas quotes in mind, I'd say that the Tenno should probably be like the generals in the new war against the Sentients. On the field Jedi style. Ultimately, we seem to be in a good set up for the Tenno to become the primary military leadership in the system. All the leaders and hierarchies of the other factions are being torn down and the colonies already side with the Tenno. I think what you said makes allot of sense.
  10. I'm thinking something more akin to the stance mods on melee weapons. It gives a different set of moves instead of modifying the stats.
  11. Simple concept. Add a mod slot for "parkour mods" and start releasing said mods over time just like anything else. If you can't guess, these mods would offer different/additional moves to further enhance mobility in the core gameplay. Space jump from super metroid would be insane lol
  12. I mean there is 1000s of hours to be had start to current, So they deserve some credit... But yeah, they're stuck in a nasty cycle. I personally think the formula should adapt to the landscape of 2019. Okay that sounds really bad. What I mean to say is about their focus, not micro transactions and stuff lol. But that's getting off topic at that point.
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