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  1. I've got around 4000 hours in this game. I'm at the end of the pipe-line anyway. My feedback is under no obligation to be specific to be valid and useful. And you didn't even get all the bullet points there haha. See ya!
  2. Warframe is a great game. I just wanna see some badass updates. The bad news first. Then the good positive stuff, okay? You start out a pion. That's most games. But this game is a power fantasy, almost like a superman game. The Warframes get mods and weapons, operators get their perks and stuff. The power growth is one of the things that I most enjoy in Warframe. I like a big difference from point A to point B. Railjack is cool in-part because of the increase in magnitude. Albeit I get the feeling that a steel path nox could probably tank my railjack all day, which is hilariously stup
  3. Getting a little off topic, but what if DE just added more ranks, perks, and abilities to thing. Overall expansion of systems so players could go on and on?
  4. 0.2 would be reasonable for maybe something like umbra forma across a wide range of missions. That way you'd get a few over a few thousand hours. Stuff like that. Maybe like ten ephemeras all at that chance, same principle.
  5. Basically mimic real life stocks to a reasonable extent. Invest in Anyo corp or whatever idk. Just wanted to get the idea out there. Invest and sell plat stocks? lol jk not really
  6. Couldn't the test cluster have gotten the helminth to... Test and provide feedback on between the reveal at tennocon and release? Like just give them the room without the quest and story since everyone had already known what the room was?
  7. No more nerfing of these abilities. You released it, you had time, and you have a test cluster. Commit.
  8. I don't usually speak on nerfs. But this one is a fascination. I would like to expand a few thoughts and questions on the Marked For Death ability. Know that I'm on xbox, so I can only comment on the state of the ability as I currently have it, but still speaking in past tense. I found that Marked For Death was making a good chunk of frames viable. I urge you to find some way to nerf it without actually touching the lethality. You can increase energy cost, limit the number of enemies it can hit somehow, cause it to do some self damage (good for chroma?), give it a cooldown or make it slo
  9. I have no systemic issues with the helminth so far but... I saw that Marked For Death is getting nerfed. I doubt that'll so much as scratch the surface of my particular set up, because I'm 1-shotting crowds of level 2000+ enemies with it Which isn't saying that much with modern armor scaling, But if it's substantial enough for me to notice on any normal mission, then that would be an insanely vulgar nerf. However I do understand where DE comes from with their interest in their graphs and stuff... I'd personally put the ability as final the final few ranks' unlocks in the helminth. That w
  10. I'm having no trouble ranking up in this system without blowing my resources. Just wait for the green arrow on something you have tons of. It's super easy. Then again I have around 4000 hours, so I can't speak for everyone.
  11. So Some frames like banshee and hildryn are a bit more viable now in general play. This is good because I was getting sick of the mesa and saryn situation. Not to say that there's anything wrong with mesa or saryn really. Other frames are simply more useful now. Not looking to go into a big debate on this one, but that's generally how I'm feeling about this system so far. Oh and can we just choose how much of these resources we feed it? Just put a highlight on the bar so I know where the bonus is at.
  12. Am I the only one who feels like the helminth system should've been unlocked by a classic cinematic quest?
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