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  1. What if I told you that they already remastered earth?
  2. Playing this quest felt good. The implications of it are good. It is good. - I liked the lore and story progression. - I liked the art of the remaster and sound design. - I liked the new warframe and weapons. The future of warframe will be alright.
  3. In my perfect world, everynode is an open-zone of that tile-set - in which missions can be found.
  4. I'm not seeing that happen very much in normal missions, and even then, why the count down? Why not just let the ammo be less common?
  5. I'm testing against enemies, and have allot in the past as well, and I just can't see the justification for removing these guns via timers for so long. There are regular weapons that one-shot most enemies, where-as the archguns tend to take seconds to do the same. These do not feel like power weapons worthy of such limitations in my opinion. I'm comparing at high levels, which is where archguns should shine right? I could be missing something, but that's my take on that. Also, they're fun to shoot, so it's annoying to have it limited. EDIT: With rivens, these weapons become pretty heavy hitters. But I still don't like that timer haha EDIT II: After further Experimentation, I've decided that the timer is a negligible inconvenience for me as it doesn't pose any real issues. Consider this topic over.
  6. The only issue I have soloing these railjack missions is that I have to go in and out of objectives all the time to destroy radiators. It would be nice if Cy could take the care a little point-and-shoot, maybe even cut off life support if the ship gets boarded when I'm not in there. But to stay focused on the topic, I simply think it would would be a great QOL adjustment to make these missions more accessible for people. The first approach is where Cy takes aim with with an unused turret to target the radiator. Second is where he has his own AI located in that top part of the ship that's always serving as an extra player essentially (That's a topic of its own). Lastly, Cy could literally pilot the ship into position and fire on targets with the pilot guns. This seems like an easy way to handle solo and even incompetent squad issues without eclipsing the command intrinsic.
  7. You know how cephalons kind of have shards like Ordis (Karris) has? What if we work that into the the abilities. Maybe the frame is part cephalon in some way or another.
  8. There is no excuse for someone else to be forcing my ship in and out of missions against everyone else's will.
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