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  1. Doesn't matter since you only would use it on heavy units. I use it pretty often after about 3 hours on steel path MOT.
  2. I'll play around with these. I've been trying to get back into madurai.
  3. Ah I see blood for energy. 50% seems like a reasonable percentage.
  4. Several hours into a survival and it'll be nice to have a consistent way to outpace the leech eximus by slam dunking a dude or two.
  5. I just think that there's not enough incentive to use the finishers. Forgive me if there's already a mod that does this.
  6. Roll is real cute, but simply void dashing is much more efficient travel.
  7. UPDATE: After some more hours, I've come to the conclusion that Valkyr is fine. She's far surpassed by many other frames in every area where she excels, but she's fine. In time, there's gonna be items that will click with her and bring her to a better state. But for now, she's simply okay.
  8. It's especially bad while flipping around what not. Even while simply running around, the wings tend to be stiff. I don't want invisible wings either. That's pointless. Jump animation - flap double jump animation - flap flip animation - tuck aim-glide animation - continued flapping How's that sound? EDIT: For situations like roll, simply recycle tuck.
  9. Problem is that too much of the game is mid-tier. Both new player and endgame player need more attention.
  10. It's worth noting here that I play with controller. The melee auto-targeting mechanic can be very janky.
  11. Why is everyone against this? There is only benefit.
  12. That can easily be applied to other frames with negligible clipping compared to things that we're already allowed to mix-match.
  13. Wrong. This is not me asking to use an entire deluxe skin. It's me asking to use a syandana.
  14. there are thousands of clipping scenarios in the game that are very obvious. Not an excuse.
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