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DE, Please give players the option to choose "Squad Enemy Spawns" for Solo play...


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This has been one of the biggest problems I've had with this game since I first started playing. I've been trying to understand why this is even a thing and I think I get it. You don't want enemies to be too overwhelming for solo players. That's very understandable, but some of us play solo because it can be more challenging. For example, I love to solo Eidolons. Oddly enough, one of the biggest differences between a solo Eidolon capture compared to a squad Eidolon capture is the amount of vomvalyst spawns. In solo, it's super easy to fill up lures because vomvalyst constantly spawn. That has nothing to do with this topic, but I just thought I would share. Anyways, I do solo captures because it's actually harder than doing it with a squad. That's how I would like all content to be. 

Playing with a squad is almost always easier than playing solo, but not for the right reasons IMO. So many systems are based around enemy spawns. Whether we're talking about life support, power cells, or efficiency, it's all about how many enemies we can even get a chance to kill. In solo it's much easier to kill all the enemies because there just aren't as many of them, but that has a hugely negative impact on those systems I just mentioned. 

What I would love is the ability to choose to have "Squad Enemy Spawns" in Solo play. This would fix both problems. The only players who care about enemy spawns are the players who care about endurance. Going longer means facing higher level enemies. You can't have one without the other. If I want to go longer, I need more enemies to keep up life support, power cells, or efficiency. For that, I need as many enemies as possible. More enemies is more challenging, and it also allows me to make the mission longer, which gets me to the tougher enemies that come later on.

DE, please consider giving players to option to have more enemies in Solo play. I'm not asking to make the game harder for everybody, but if you just make it an option, both types of players can be happy. It's usually not a problem for most content, but every new mode directed at players looking for a challenge is heavily nerfed for solo players. Those newer modes are less challenging in general and they can't ramp up in difficulty because low enemy spawns don't allow solo players to go as long as they can kill/survive.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you add the option to choose "Squad Enemy Spawns" in Solo play. 


Oh yeah, while I was typing this happened...


I just wanted to say thank you DE for making this dream a reality. Now I'm gonna go destroy everything before I go to bed. 😍

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