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Ingredient selection in crafting system has no indication of equipment being forma-ed.


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This is the first time I've encountered this, but I'm shocked that this is an issue, especially with the redone UI. 

I'm trying to craft the Twin Basolk. It needs an Atomos as one of its ingredients. I wasn't about to sacrifice the one I've forma-ed 3 times, so I made a new one and just MR-ed it because...why not?

I go to craft the Twin Basolk and it presents me with this screen: 

Notice how despite one of the two has been forma-ed multiple times, there is no indication of that on the icons. 

Furthermore, the atomos have identical mouse-over popups, regardless of the difference between them:


There's no way to determine which is the one that's been forma-ed and which isn't. So now I'm stuck with two of these things until a fix is made. 

So, the obvious fix is to implement an update to the UI that allows players to see the forma-ed status of equipment in both the thumbnail and the popup. Kinda like how the arsenal is already? I honestly can't understand why this isn't already the case, but whatever:

An alternative fix, albeit a far less effective one, is to remove the item from the crafting menu entirely if it's currently equipped. I tested this and even though I had the 3x forma-ed atomos equipped, it still showed up in the ingredient selection menu. 


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13 minutes ago, Fozzibab said:

so I made a new one and just MR-ed it because...why not?

MR-Ed does not mean levelled right? There would be no benefit in doing that at all.


This issue has always been a problem. Easiest solution was always just to make a new one because it told you the level. (No idea if it does on the reworked system)

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Max leveling (or mastery-ranking or MR-ing?) a duplicate item you've already max leveled doesn't contribute to your overall mastery rank? I was under the impression it did. If that's the case, I've wasted a lot of time. It's so cool how the game tells you how that works.  

If this issue has always been a problem it's even more unacceptable that it hasn't been fixed. DE has 300 devs on staff, how the hell is this still a problem?

From what I can tell the system does reflect the MR level in the ingredient selection screen. I just crafted a second galatine for the paracesis, and the new one shows GALATINE[0] while the original shows GALATINE [30]. That number indication isn't remotely good enough. 

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