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Kuva Flood - no kuva awarded.

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Doing kuva flood mission.  Was NOT the host (initially). 4 players

Tileset: WAR, Mars assasination

Last kuva cloud (the 4th not the last possible before losing) got stuck on the map somewhere. We wasted 5 minutes searching high and low for it and finally the host rage quit.

Host migration, I became the new host along with one other straggler.

As soon as the mission finished migrating, the kuva siphon pointed to a new cloud which came as normal.  I collected it then proceeded to finish the mission. At that point, everything appeared normal - the correct number (4) of missed kuva clouds were showing, before the host migration there were 3 collected, then I collected the 4th after the migration. The kuva siphon vanished, lotus gave her typical congratulatory speech etc.

Upon completion  of the assassination and extracting, I had all the orvius parts, the krill drop, the pickups from along the way, the XP. But no Kuva.  the only reason for wasting any time on that mission - and trust me - a lot of time was wasted because you haven't fixed the pathing of the kuva yet.  And then apparently, even more time was wasted because you haven't fixed the host migration issues yet either.



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