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  1. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Kuva Fortress Survival - Buggy and waste of time.

    Been trying to build up a bit of kuva. Not only is it insulting that an hour long run (IF SUCCESSFUL) doesn't even generate enough kuva for two rolls of a riven, but frequently the game crashes and all progress is lost. Today was the kicker though, the real poke up the rear: 40 minute run -- there were only two of us, I was host. Converted all but one of the life support capsules to kuva - get to end of mission - and of course NO KUVA. In fact the resources and mods can't possibly be right either: In 40 minutes, running vacuum, killed 1293 enemies (teammate killed an additional 154) - broke countless crates, opened lockers, and somehow only end up with a single mod, and no resources. The only items i got were the relics, endo, and credits from each 5 minute rotation - in fact the split chamber was probably a 5 minute reward as well. Come one. WTH.
  2. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    Pre-dating this slow UI change - but persisting - we (on XB at least) STILL can't hold down the right RB to donate sentient cores and have them autoincrement. At MR25, if we wanted to donate the thousands of cores we have to mash the bumper button. TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY TIMES if doing intact sentient cores. Finding stuff in the inventory still sucks - the pictures mean nothing if every different item uses the same picture. Moving up to squad menu on console is still painful, navigating it equally so, and seeing what frames are in the squad is tedious.
  3. Ever since the Quills were introduced, you have to mash the right bumper button for each sentient core you want to trade in for standing. I've posted multiple times about it is but it is absurd that we can't hold the button down to increment the counter. So @ MR25, to contribute intact cores to max, we have to mash the button 260 times. Seriously? TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY TIMES? Clearly you don't know how fragile the #@% bumper buttons on xbox controllers are to begin with, nor that carpal tunnel syndrome is a thing. Come on, let us hold the button down already.
  4. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    No Void Traces

    Just did a one hour void MOT survival fissure mission SPECIFICALLY to farm void traces. Finished the mission and got NO TRACES. All other rewards were there as normal, but got no traces. I didn't notice during the mission if it was popping up on the screen as I opened relics or not. (yes the relics were getting opened.) Went to my relic refiner to confirm - entered the mission with 285 traces, and still have 285 traces. GG DE /s
  5. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    7/14 PoE Sortie -6 attempts before feasible

    first 5 attempts had a "find the caches" the caches were in the cave by geyser pond but the door wouldn't open. Waypoint was @ the door, door was green, wouldn't open for any squad members, tried as warframe and tenno) reloaded mission 5 times and each time it was the second mission, and each time it was there and un completable. (we are 100% sure the caches were not above ground, and the waypoint marker was leading to the door to the cave. 6th attempt finally put the find the caches on a different part of the map.
  6. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    What's this about the upcoming major update breaking builds?

    Agreed 100%. And I'd go so far as to say that with significantly less than 21 forma they will have better builds than they did with their custom weapons they specifically built to run with mesa/excel/whatever - especially since the vast majority (and certainly anyone claiming to need 50 forma) had no clue what mods actually worked to improve their exalted weapons and which had no effect. Now: You aren't tied to running a specific weapon with a specific frame - which not only gives you something you might actually WANT to use, gives you another weapon choice that maybe complements the exalted weapon. And to top it off, you can now use Mesa n(for example) in Melee only sorties etc without suffering a dps hit there is absolute clarity as to which mods work and don't work with exalted weapons.
  7. Bring up a menu (any menu) randomly some menu item will not be able to be selected. Highlighting it and pressing "A" results in the cursor jumping off the menu item to the left. This happens on PC and Xbox (and has since the first iteration of this cursor thing on PC). On pc - I can usually use the mouse to select it rather than the controller, on XB I'm just screwed and usually have to leave the mission/dojo/orbiter to fix it. closing the menu and relaunching it does NOT fix it, nor does selecting something else, then trying what I wanted to do originally - only flying in ship or restarting the game fixes it.
  8. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Still getting the bug where i'm unable to reload

    Shooting & reloading with no issue Do transference then unable to reload manually or automatically when the magazine is emptied. Only fix is to do transference or to switch to a different weapon and back. Happens on PC and Xbox. I can only remember it happening on PoE - but is NOT limited to tridolons - can and does happen at any time of day or night
  9. What is this supposed to achieve? some sort of feel good measure under the pretense that some progress can be made? increase the drop chance but REDUCE the quantity? I hope that's not how DE gives you all "raises". "Here, I'll pay you twice as often but half as much - don't you feel so much richer now?" I had previously simply stopped doing Tower white because the horrendous farming, but with the combination of a drop chance booster as a login reward plus this change I figured some progress could be made. Nope. 45 minutes of brainless running in circles from spawn point to spawn point resulted in 30 pigments (out of 900 needed). It is this kind of grind (actually specifically Tower White) that convinced me to NEVER purchase a doubler for farming resources as I absolutely refuse to reward DE for this. If the 45 minutes with a doubler had resulted in 200 pigments, or if the total required had perhaps been 90 instead of 900, I would have happily spent the plat to cut 4-8 hours of grind in half. But to reduce a 40-90 hour grind to 20-40 hours? Of absolute boredom running around killing an infrequent and inconsequential bird that has nothing interesting? yeah eff that.
  10. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Game not launching xbox one

    Since you already uninstalled/reinstalled, only things I can suggest is ensure you have at least 10% of your total xbox storage capacity free - uninstall some other games or delete some video captures to ensure plenty of free space. If you have it installed on an external drive, try moving it to internal storage or vice versa
  11. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    picked up a <nil>

    doing Ophelia survival - scrolled a pick up place holder <nil> - popped up like a resource not like a mod or rare item like tellurium. Didn't see anything out of the ordinary in mission summary screen. (or this new <nil> resources LOL)
  12. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Greedy Saryns and Volts in Onslaught

    EVERYONE is a broad brush. I don't care about the summary screen at the end and have long said it should be removed entirely. Many of these useless epeen threads would vanish overnight (along with many nerf requests as well). So I don't think its about damage and kills number at the end - I think its about efficiency DURING. As for energy/health etc... Any build I run in public onslaught or ESO is self sufficient and doesn't need energy or health from others. Can't go into a public mission expecting there to be a trin/harrow/equinox/whatever there to support you. That assumption is as bad as assuming other players won't be killing things as fast as they can by whatever means or tools DE provides to do so.
  13. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Peculiar Bloom mod is in urgent need of a visual upgrade

    They should use the WF energy color. Peculiar growth is similarly underwhelming.
  14. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Greedy Saryns and Volts in Onslaught

    A game mode built around killing as fast as possible - so people bring stuff to kill as fast as possible. Do you also complain about chroma on Eidolon hunts? And those pesky Loki/Ivara/Nova's on spy missions?
  15. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Most efficient way to level just weapons?

    Most efficient: Bring only unleveled weapons. Stay in affinity range of teammates and let them kill everything. Basically leech. Most efficient way without being a leech: bring only unleveled weapons and use said weapons to kill stuff.