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  1. Objective and Waypoint marker not working correctly in missions since last update

    similar just happened to me on XB1 sortie 3 Rescue mission (Grineer Tileset) The only markers were for the "friendship" doors - no indication which way to go. Just displayed off the map (both small and large overlay) Unfortunately the map was laid out in a huge "U" shape so I wasted 10 minutes trying to get directly there. Was going to abort but figured it would just happen again so pressed on.
  2. Helminth Charger Loyalty Decreases When Reviving It

    I've had this happen with Chargers & Kubrows. My experience Companion goes down and is revived - may or may not result in loyalty loss. seems to be about 50/50 Companion dies (down and NOT revived) - may or may not result in loyalty loss. seems to be about 90/10 (loyalty loss 90% of time - but sometimes no ill effects) Interacting with companion does not always restore loyalty: Pet can have all 3 interactions remaining, and yet petting it does nothing. sometimes the interactions are consumed anyway, sometimes not. Interacting with a pet who is recovering from stasis - interactions will be consumed, but no loyalty will be restored In my experience the loyalty systems has been a buggy frustrating time wasting mess adding nothing to the game besides aggrevation If they even have to keep it, the penalty for letting your dog die should simply be faster health deteriation requiring more stabalizer. Especially since they still have a knack for dying in unreachable spots where reviving them isn't even an option. On the flip side, since LoR's went away, I'll never have a reason to even take a dog out of stasis again :)
  3. Bounty Dead Shrine

    If you killed him that might be the issue - I believe you have to capture him.
  4. Invati Sekhara

    Or medals you could pin to your chest - so you can have the army "garden salad" of medals - would only be cool if you could have multiple at the same time
  5. Chat window not updating squad member list

    Other chat bugs: Returning to Orbiter - Unable to RB/LB to switch tabs unless I activate Navigation (even then sometimes it won't even work until I go to a new mission/relay Returning to Orbiter after a mission(s) - the prior SQUAD chat windows can actually still be accessed by using RB/LB although the userlist doesn't change, and the tabs don't change or get highlighted but pressing LB/RB cycles through several prior mission chats.
  6. Chat window not updating squad member list

    If i'm in a squad, then leave squad, it continues to show the old squad members Only seems to happen when coming from a PoE squad although this may be because I rarely do any other missions on public Leaving squad on Plains, and returning to Cetus still shows old squad members. Leaving Cetus and returning to ship and they are still there. Only resets when I open navigation on Orbiter or join a completely new squad.
  7. Invati Sekhara

    Although I could claim Frohd Bek taught me well, it had nothing to do with greed. I was just suggesting something that I thought would make all the people who were too lazy to even try to do them once extra salty.
  8. When I finished all focus I expected fireworks

    What? According to DE they removed them becuase they didn't want to maintain them and didn't like the game play. Only the top X% can do sorties, only the top Y% can do Eidolons etc - just pick the X and Y. How many games have content that a player can just walk into the first day and do everything? Maybe minesweeper and solitaire?
  9. When I finished all focus I expected fireworks

    Did full sortie solo operator only leaving frame at spawn and never getting transferred back. I admit it was probably the easiest one (Infested - spy/rescue/assasinate phorid) They are more than capable. And with a charged madurai void strike, they can definitely drop sortie 3 enemies.
  10. Embolist & Corpus Nullifiers

    First, Thanks for fixing the lanka so it can finally shoot Corpus nullifier drones. Now can you fix the Embolist? Its actually worse than the lanka was - it can't do any damage to the nullifier drones AND it does no damage to the nullifier bubble itself so you can't do anything to a nullifier at all or anyone in the bubble.
  11. Please allow us to view equipped mods during a missions

    Even if you could see their mods it wouldn't tell the whole story (and I don't want my story told in any event). But you would need to know what arcane they may or may not have had that might have buffed DPS Did they have a critty kitty Focus school DPS buffing abilities (theirs or a teammates) Were they scoring headshots every time where you miss did they proc a status with a different weapon before using the one in question etc etc. If you want a decent build for weapon xyz, there are plenty of youboobers out there posting theirs builds. (of course 90% are trash but hey you gotta start somewhere ) If you want a really good build for weapon xyz, get to the simulcrum with your typical warframe etc, and start testing stuff. You might actually learn something in the process.
  12. After using Tenno transferrence once, upon returning to my warframe I was was left unable to cast any abilities - including transference. "/unstuck" did not fix it, dying did not fix it, standing in the water at night to get mag proc did not fix it - only recourse was to leave squad. At which point the Eidolon we were hunting that had only a tiny sliver of its shields left, got full health and shields restored, none of the lures that had been following me were in a follow state etc. And I'm sure the three Tenno I abandoned were basically screwed since they were low ranked players who couldn't handle the Eidolon on their own.
  13. XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2

    Could you please elaborate on how the Fixes are enumerated from our last release to this update where we skipped over revisions (22.12.xxx eg.)? I have found at least one issue that was fixed in 22.12.3 is fixed in 22.13.2 but there are no release notes for Consoles indicating that it was. If we want to know what is actually fixed do we have to go to the PC notes and filter through every hotfix release since our last major release? Also I'd add the new fonts look fuzzy and out of focus on many screens - particularly when they are large. They always looked sharp before. And sad that you worked on the PoE map, but the starchart "Large Overlay Map" is still scaled even smaller than the small variant. Defeats the purpose of making the map large so you can see when instead you have to squint extra hard. This was changed and/or broken in the last major update we recieved.
  14. My Suggestion for Miner/Fisher Problem During Bounties

    thats not been my experience - unless you have a hard time finding caches. Things like cull the enemy have less enemies to cull if you are solo. Defend vault/liberate camp are fixed length. Capture the target is just the one guy. And extracting is usually a full minute faster because there is always some laggard who can't get to extraction in a timely fashion. And lastly, on XB at least the chances of a bounty glitching out and failing is exponentially higher as soon as several people are in the squad resulting in a huge waste of time. Sometimes I'll do public if I forget to change it before heading out, but as soon as I see a leech I leave squad (and really hope I'm host when I do).
  15. One loadout to run them all, what would you choose.

    Dual Nourish/Zenurik focus with all other tree waybounds Arcane Energize - the other doesn't even matter Rivened Opticor or VectisP or Lanka or Rubico Rivened Euphona Rivened Zenistar Loki w/irradiating disarm CarrierP No mission starchart/boss fight type this doesn't trivialize.