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  1. correction - this will happen if you go to operator at all. no mech required.
  2. Was host, random public 4 man crew. frame xaku with helmith infused gara ability. Frequently got "Ability in use" error after transference out of mech so couldn't get back in or do anything - had to find holes in the map to jump off and respawn to fix also after about 4 waves, anytime I went back to my warframe, i was moving very slowly as if I had a cold proc - very slowly - including doing parkour like bullet jumps. Nothing I did would fix this and was stuck with it until we finished the 36 waves.
  3. removing all infusions and mirage is still broken in Grendel survival. It used to work before i infused anything as when grendel missions were first released, I used mirage to solo them all. and one correction - casting hall of mirrors actually did create 1 clone - that was stuck running in place wherever the ability was cast. It had permanent duration, and if I jumped off the map so I could re-use abilities, i could create another clone somewhere else and have 2. they basically behaved like immortal loki decoys with infinite duration. It did not appear they would shoot -
  4. Infusing Harrow Condemn has same issue. Guess Mirage is just effed.
  5. Update - Infusing Khora Ensare has the same problem on mirage. Getting to be expensive resource sink testing your game.
  6. replaced sleight of hand. tried to use it in Grendel mission. Result was absolute failure. Casting 1st Ability - made the noise as if doppelgangers activated but they didn't. Nothing happened. (Only could do this if I hadn't tried 2nd ability) Casting 2nd Ability - (Now Resonator) - completely breaks all abilities. After using this, EVERY ability showed "Ability In Use" so was unable to cast 1st, 3rd, or 4th and also prevented melee or interacting with anything (elevators, life support etc). Only way to reset it was to jump off the map forcing a respawn. But that just got me
  7. Long experience. It has always removed (temporarily) the countdown timer. It applies to regular alarms to unlock doors, pauses triggered spy timers, pauses triggered rescue target timers etc. And works on the sortie. Very handy for Lua and Kuva fortress rescues solo if you get unlucky and have to do all 4 vaults before locating the guy.
  8. Collect Samples for bait station to draw out the target: Playing solo, had to restart bounty 4 times before I could complete it as it would get stuck consistently on the stage "Collect the samples" for the bait station. (Regular bounty) Every time enemies would stop spawning in the area - the only enemies to kill would be well outside the radius of the bait station (300 meters away) resulting in "abandoning objective" and failure. Even when waiting until the game waypoints them, the waypoint markers were across the map (and turned out to be the flying face huggers). And one time th
  9. This can happen if the players are not the correct rank, or had already done the mission to prevent double dipping.
  10. Was doing an Arbitration survival as Inaros. Health on Build was 6497, Health in mission was slightly higher (around 6800 iirc) due to a teammates aura I believe. I solo revived multiple people (getting 5 drone things) and each time was able to fully restore my health. Then the host left, I was the new host, and one other player stayed with me (both the original host and the 4th extracted normally) (Around the 40 minute mark) My health was still ~6800 Then my teammate died again. (around the 1hr 5m mark - so had access to full health for at least 20minutes since the ho
  11. This. How many things from alerts did i need that I missed because i couldn't play right then. Or get on and have a fiend say - oh you just missed an alert for XYZ you really wanted. I don't like NW - but I REALLY didn't like alerts.
  12. haven't played much WF in the past few months, but I started to this week and noticed the waypoints felt particularly useless have had multiple missions as client and host where there wasn't an extraction waypoint at all (even floating off the map), other times I had the extraction floating but nothing on the current tile to indicate which way to go, other times where i'd have on on one tile, but when i followed it to the next room, there was no further guidance and would just start exploring again until I got it back. Most (or maybe even all) of the problems are in endless st
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