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  1. For example after doing fomarian event, where it shows damage dealt has a [placeholder] text doing corpus event I believe portions of either the summary, progress or equivalent was missing Doing valence fusion: Upgrade Electric % | STATS_ONE| Consume magnetic % STATS_TWO| Result {TYPE_THREE||STATS_THREE| ..are you sure? Well no, because the above is useless information.
  2. Title. of course the usual failed host migrations that just dump you back to the orbiter are still a problem, but this is new so now double the odds of wasting time. Another update, another reason to never play in a squad.
  3. TYPE: In-Game (XBOX) DESCRIPTION: Forward artillery wouldn't charge, or it would charge but then not discharge. Was not host. Had been host for a few back to back missions but (set to public but not paired with anyone with no issues until it randomly took me off my own railjack and paired me on a different RJ (even though I hadn't returned to drydock was just doing back-to-back-to-back... EXPECTED RESULT: Enter artillery with plenty of dome charges, I expect to be able to use them. OBSERVED RESULT: Could not use them - I could switch to turret mode, and the turrets would
  4. I believe it is a bug - I reported it as such a few weeks ago. As someone pointed out, this happened in the past as well (I don't remember exactly - but it happened all the #@% time in Eidolon hunts switching to operator and back and WF abilities etc. For me, if I use Sevagoth - When I return from ghost to frame by casting 4, I have to then go to operator and back to cancel the stuck button effect. Exceptionally annoying but it kind of became muscle memory.
  5. I'm fine with warframe and pet mods not being applicable to mechs, but I think they should go back to the original release where Magus arcanes and operator abilities could heal them. The operator clearly interacts with the mechs they same way they interact with warframes - so IMHO it would still makes sense.
  6. somewhat balanced build with counterpulse. casting 3 fully restores shields (and gating). That is enough with a little map awareness to stay alive to any level. Some strategic bubbles to block ranged attacks if needed. If you struggle with that you could throw on rolling guard - but I don't find it necessary with decent energy management.
  7. Never worked? Worked for who? I suspect it works fine for the monetization of the prime access packs. All the frames are available now via trading. Just because whatever frame it is you haven't farmed isn't released next doesn't mean its not working and working fine.
  8. TYPE: In Game (XBOX - don't know if it works on pc with pc controls - probably would with controller) DESCRIPTION: You are able to fast travel to the railjack without omni tool from a mission objective (grineer asteroid e.g.) REPRODUCTION: Enter Grineer Asteroid Bring up tactical menu (RB+Left Dpad- You will see a map of grineer asteroid then release buttons Press RB only - you will now see map of interior of railjack with fast travel points (foundry/bridge/turret etc) which you can select and fast travel to. I assume you need that intrinsic unlocked in the first plac
  9. No there is no such thing, I was making a joke that you have to PAY to get the official review. If you ever watched the movie Clear and Present Danger - when harison ford asks how much is the helicopter? 2 million dollars. How much to rent it? 2 million dollars.
  10. Yeah avoid Flexa - run it over 100 times since the update farming other things (which have yet to drop)- never a galleon there.
  11. Yep - there is already an official approval - it costs 150p review fee 😅
  12. Building challenge is challenging so long as DE insists on making all content accessible and achievable by low ranked/casual/non-meta players. Current content IS challenging - to newer players. having abysmal drop chances like Turret Velocity that require huge numbers of enemies and mindless repetition of the same nodes to have a slim-none-chance of getting it. having often insane build/resource rquirements requiring huge numbers of enemies and mindless repetition of the same nodes to craft/research/whatever something. players demanding and getting infinitely scaling
  13. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: RJ void storm saturn - after clearing enemy ships, I entered the grineer asteroid base and screen went black during transition. couldn't bring up menus or anthing but could still move around and see hud and my icon on minimap. Couldn't quite find the door back out so omni-travelled back to railjack. still black screen but could move around. Couldn't find exit to AW so squadmate guided me there until he said I was right over it, pressed X and was in AW normally. Tried to go back into grineer base but screen went black again so had to teleport back to ship.
  14. I run equinox in SP with no issues - but I don't even pretend to try to use Maim - night form only, in fact on my SP build I helminth'd away his first ability so I can't even switch to day form.
  15. Solo go to navigation click RJ icon in upper right click flexa timer starts, once it hits zero you screen just switches to warframe standing next to relay navigation console.
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