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  1. Theoretically I would say SP kuva Survival - however due to enemy spawn and pathing issues, in reality my experience is SP interception. In either case, the correct answer involves SE. and for SP interception to work you need a decent team of killers - on console that means every khora should be averaging a minimum of 2k kills per hour with one generally getting closer to 5 or 6k per hour. (note these are console spawn rates - pc should be higher). The sad reality is that if you go to recruiting for khora's you usually just end up with kharries so you should expect sub optimal result
  2. One thing you might try and has fixed things for me similar to this is My Games & Apps -> right menu button on Warframe ->Manage ->select Saved data ->Delete the 4GB Reserved Space Also ensure your xbox has at least 10% free disk space
  3. been happening for the past week or so. Tried using controller and keyboard and nothing. Also can't bring up chat menu when it happens with controller, can only use the keyboard by pressing 'T" Also - just finished 2 hour run, and we all extracted and are just stuck on the mission summary screen. Looks like its 2 hours wasted and no rewards. Thanks.
  4. Having run a fair number of extended Steel Essence farms with and without a Drop Chance booster. Farming Solo, there is no question it makes a difference. Also, farming in a squad IF I AM HOST AND HAVE ONE it definitely makes a difference If farming in a squad, and I am not the host but I can confirm with certainty the host has one, it make a difference. BUT If I am host, I dont have one, but some one in my squad has has, it does NOT appear to work. and If I am NOT host, but and I DO have one and confirm no one else in the squad has one it does not appear to work
  5. I can't stand the new one the old one was more responsive the old one was easier to quickly see at a glance what resources you got - they made the same design problem here they've made (and gotten feedback about in the past) - sticking huge pictures instead of easy to read text. At least this time they kept the text but because of the pictures and the both horizontal and vertical nature of the layout, its harder to quickly see how much (or if) you got a particular resources. As for the mission accomplishments, just like the rest of the stats, they are laughably incorrect - bas
  6. at this point i'd just be happy if they turned of the voice - you know after maybe you've killed a couple hundred thousand of them. "Dreamer, there's gotta be a way to take these things doooowwwwn." yah think? we've only seen them 100000 times. "You gotta find out what's protecting them and then take yo shot." Nora, are you keeping count? Pretty sure we know "They're tough, but no glass is unbreakable." Sadly, the only unbreakable thing seems to be the endless repetitive lines.
  7. not exactly my point - the issue I was pointing out is that they have demonstrated multiple times it is possible to hot fix both drop tables and vendor wares - and as a simple and dramatic qol change it would have been nice if they would occasionally consider us console players for economy issues like these and make them in smaller hotfixes rather than waiting until a cert build a month (or more - how long it took for the economy changes to Railjack for example as they went off on vacation for christmas) after pc gets the change. And I'm not saying that in a "oh, pc gets it first wah wah wah
  8. So you can update the market, update the drop tables, but can't update Loid to offer the mech mods or update the horrible mech mod drop tables of the iso bounties. ok.
  9. I farmed nidus solo both times (for him, then for helminth). I stayed to wave 8, sometimes 12, every time. Its not hard not sure why you would recommend only going to wave 4 or implying its any different in luck vs a full squad. Inaros + melee weapon + too much free time and collect loot. Unrelated to your post, the single biggest issue I've seen with rando's and Infested Salvage is they don't actually stay to rotation C but think rotation B is C (as if it went ABC instead of AABC). then they could farm forever and never get it.🤣
  10. a cold weapon. In my testing I used the glaxion vandal with only cold and 120% status chance. Where I said a cold proc in the bullet points - i meant the enemy was marked with a status effect icon. Where i said "a cold proc killed them" i mean i simply held the glaxion vandal beam on them until they were dead. They never turned into frozen statues - however the body parts on the ground were frozen remains. In any event, believe what you want. I'm out.
  11. To entertain you i just tested in the simulacrum: Gave enemies cold proc, but did not freeze them solid, then killed them with Puncture weapon - only a single desecrate ever in 40 tries. Every enemy tested had an active cold proc, and I killed them with a puncture only weapon. Killed enemies with a cold weapon - they never froze, but only cold killed them (Glaxion Vandal with only cold) - multiple desecrates occasionally from a single body. Note the visual body parts were frozen body parts in this case. Frozen enemies solid then shattered them - multiple desecrates from a s
  12. I quoted that in your message - and I'm telling you what the author was trying to convey. It does specify that the body needs to be split into multiple parts. It then goes on to list the things taht can do that: Slash procs and Cold Procs It does NOT say they are guaranteed to do it if an enemy is simply carrying that proc around while they are alive. And nekros ONLY desecrates the dead. what happens while they are alive is irrelevant. Its HOW they died that matters and what happened to their body (did it break into multiple parts). BTW - you can kill an enemy by ANY means - THEN chop the
  13. I guess we'll just have to disagree. I don't like ensare, don't like the 3 second wait, and generally don't need this kind of cc on my builds. I am have great fun with Dispensary, Rest/Rage, Roar, eclipse, Ivara arrows, and breach surge on all kinds of different frames like Inaros, Mag, Volt, Mesa, etc I have no intention of using ensare on anything and have even taken it off of my Khora builds 🤣. But to each his own and everyone's playstyles are different.
  14. No its not wrong - you are reading it wrong. you need to read it as "body parts that result from killed enemies being split into multiple parts are treated as distinct corpses. Things that can result in a body being split into multiple parts are slash and killing frozen enemies" like this: "Bodies that are cut in half or into multiple parts [ for example by Slash damage or a Cold proc ] are each treated as distinct "corpses", each part with their own chance to yield additional loot." the fact that it is a "proc" is not what is causing the behavior - its simply the multiple bo
  15. IF (big if) I do public, I'm generally patient with people - for a few minutes. I don't begrudge them if they do no damage, die all the time, or make mistakes or aren't super speeding to the shrine. I do however bark at them if 3 people are standing around waiting for them to put the shard in and it takes them more than a few minutes even with instructions from everyone else saying "here is the shard you need", "now put it in here" - if you're getting carried, do a favor for the people carrying you and don't throw out an anchor while you're riding on their back. I do think tr
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