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  1. Please stop Desolate Hands from auto attacking (and alerting) unalerted enemies and spy drones. Since there is no way to turn off the ability, there is no way to be stealthy if you've activated it.
  2. after that last experience where it teleported in front right when I was activating volt speed and pressing X to do volt speed stabbed it, I reverted to abort farming. no possible mistakes that way - and 200 consolation kuva not worth the risk to me.
  3. I use the bramma - sure I kill myself when I change to that loadout and forget thats whats equipped at the start of the mission a teammate jumps in front of me (but once I get past the above, its rare that I'm not paying more attention to my surroundings. In general, neither is a big problem in any mission including endless. If you are constantly killing yourself with it, as pointed out, its a you problem not a weapon problem. I don't think the 1 hit ko is a problem. your team can teabag you and then pick you up, or you can use one of the gazillion self revives you get. I also like that that gives it a built in dis-incentive to use it. the last thing I want is every pub scrub mission to be nothing but a bunch of pop-pop sounds of people launching explosive arrows everywhere without a care in the world.
  4. It ruins the flow, and takes control of our movement away. Prevents us from going where we are specifically inputting through our controls to go, interrupts or prevents ground slams, and is just generally annoying and useless.
  5. Multiple times I have deliberately NOT stabbed it because I don't want the @(#84%@# thing, I leave it back at the beginning of the mission on its knees and it magically teleports in front of me later in the mission. Then I accidently stab it while trying to get a finisher on something else Or, as just happened, WF decided to ignore that I was pressing RB while hitting X to cast my second ability right when the larvling decided to teleport in front of me and instead of casting my 2, it stabbed the bleeper. hours wasted slogging through murmurs to get rid of something you dont want and were actually trying to avoid. Because DE is too stubborn to give us a way to just get rid of the thing.
  6. It sounds like you applied a filter while in mod machine press Right Stick and make sure: Show Maxed is Checked Rarity is show all Polarity is show all Game mode is univeral
  7. I doubt you were getting stealth via bows - I haven't gotten a stealth kill using a primary or secondary for months. It sucks - was annoying enough before that multishot broke stealth (because you know, they become so aware in the fraction of a millisecond between projectiles but grabbing them around the neck before slowly slashing their throat doesn't alert them. /s) - and now there is no stealth for anything but melee.
  8. One of the new updates made it so no matter the mod, it says this item is in use and will be removed. once upon a time this worked so if I had two mods of equal rank and one was in use, I could actually generally figure out which I could trade. But now its just broken. Its exceptionally annoying to not know which mod is actually in use. Now its not even limited to mods that are used anywhere. Lets say I have vitality maxed (installed) and unranked vitality (not installed anywhere) - no matter which i choose it will say mod in use. But ALSO lets say I have Revenge - not installed ANYWHERE - it will still say mod in use and will be removed.
  9. OP said Sanc Onslaught not Elite - so I'd go Saryn - and the other frame doesn't matter. Or just pick any two frames and a some decently fast polearms. Or a big whip. on ESO where abilities are more stringently limited and the enemies higher level - I'd go Saryn and well, the other frame doesn't matter. You can't speed up onslaught - you're there for the slog.
  10. This doesnt just happen in RJ, and isnt just limited to entering/exiting the gun. I have this happen in PoE - AW goes straight down, and when not in archwing the character behaves like it is tethered - very slow to sprint, even slower to walk, 1/2 height double jump (and slow) I can usually fix it by going to AW (or if the problem is in RJ going to pilot) and tapping LB. It seems like toggle crouch gets stuck on (which in turn toggles move down, sneak, etc) even though I have it set to NOT have crouch be toggled on/off. Can also result in warframe getting stuck in a slide. Been a problem for years. Reported many times. resolved never.
  11. Arbiters of Hexis, E Gate Venus, Disruption (Authentic syndicate level). No enemies spawned. Searched entire map, collected all medallions, went to each terminal but no enemies ever spawned. Everything appeared to be normal (other than that LOL) - ie little duck did her usual speeches etc when mission loaded, when hacking first entry door, and when approaching first terminal. Eventually the mission timer started and the mission failed.
  12. lol post was a month old - but I resolved it by remapping buttons (to exactly what they were but that made it work).
  13. I stopped playing a week ago - and should have stopped even sooner. Now just login to collect login reward and see if there's an update. If not, move on to different game.
  14. This is nothing new in warframe. Any long time player should know everything gets easier to get if you simply don't play on release. Vauban - you can buy the whole thing getting to rank 1 in NW instead of hoping for alerts and getting lucky being on Nehza - no more seasonal RNG for sortie rewards Mesa - significant reduction to create keys AW launchers - no more crafting Cetus wisps, focus tree, avionics, wreckage, limbo quest, … aside from hema, I can think of very few things that aren't significantly easier to get. And rather than feeling slighted, they should be happy the game is the better for it. The fact is, spending 60 hours was entirely wasted to begin with - its a f'ing video game. I stopped farming the ephemera around 2-250 runs, realizing that it was a) not worth it, and b) definitely going to change and c) rng based anything is not an achievement.. I should have stopped sooner - and had even said so to a friend that kept dragging me back in - but no, no one who did a 1000 runs to get it should get special treatment. What about the person who did 2000 and DIDN'T?
  15. Burn out = no fun. Why would you actively participate in something that isn't fun? Go play another game or do anything else. No advice required here - just common sense - its a game not a paying job or life requirement.
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