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  1. Yeah that was my point - it feels the same as any mission - previously it was even slower - or at least it felt that way. Although tbh any change seems pretty negligible No one asked for it, for that matter I don't think any one asked for this game mode 😛
  2. Don't know about rapid - it feels the same as any other mission. At about 1 1/2 hours they are level 250-300 on xbone. As for some other comments I see about reduced life support - what reduced life support? was this introduced in a later patch (later than the revive mechanic/scaling changes)? on console, it feels the same and no issues keeping life support solo with any non-looting frame past the 2 hour mark. so long as you kill kill kill its fine.
  3. Aside from getting rid of the Arbitrations altogether, and going back to the drawing board with this fail of a game mode, one snippet from the OP does make me think about something: Drones coming into contact with enemies that are ALREADY affected by an ability -be it Nidus Link, Trin Link/EV, etc. A big QoL would be if drones could not latch on to one of those.
  4. Just pretend you were tired of mashing left click from when it was first released, and didn't realize they added the functionality later. Or change it to "why do we have to mash it so many times - once for each line? we don't want a fast forward, we want a true skip" 😛
  5. Why do so many seem to think that new players need some special pass? This is in the same vein as "XYZ boss or raid or alert needs to be dumbed down because MR1's cant finish it." What is wrong with having some content behind harder challenges? Giving players a reason to get better gear, or improve their game play or tactics, or get help from clan mates, friends recruiting, or just trade for the item.
  6. English not being his first language, perhaps "thematically" would be more appropriate than "efficiently". Hypothetically say there was a "Thematic Measure" Increases the fewer alarms triggered in spy (or decreases as you trip them) Increases the fewer alerted enemies in exterminate (in the whole "space ninja" theme) etc... I'm not in favor myself, but lets not let the language chosen confuse the issue. And if a spy with no alarms takes two hours, you have bigger issues than worrying about increasing your loot tables.
  7. Doing Eidolon hunt (although I doubt its limited to this) I was unable to reload manually several times. In all cases where I noticed it, I was NOT empty so I could still shoot should I choose, I could still switch weapons between primary, secondary, melee, but I could not reload. Going to tenno and back did not fix it. The only thing that did fix it was shooting until empty and allowing it to reload on its own provided I didn't quick melee when empty. Not 100% sure how to reproduce - only thoughts were it was related to one of the below as these are things that would cancel a reload. got staggered or knocked down while trying to reload the first time Transferrence in the middle of the first reload Ability usage mid-reload quick melee mid reload. Although perhaps related, I don't think this is the same bug that occurs when you are unable to reload after running out of ammo then picking some up, or running your magazine empty but still having ammo reserves - as those can generally be fixed by switching to a different non-melee weapon or scanner where as here I was unable to reload at all manually.
  8. this has happened to me in the past, when there were network connectivity issues either on my, DE, or xbox live end -but to be clear for the devs was this on XBOX or PS4 as your account appears to be ps but you posted in xbox?
  9. hmm - I did forget the "Wrong Category" category. Post feedback or bugs in General discussion. Thought this was covered under a 1-2 punch of Veteran and Exclusivity - but I admit, nonsensical angst might deserve its own category. Ah this I did forget... the classic Rehash & regurgitate. Although the cynic in me sometimes thinks its just the youboobers alt account trying to generate views.
  10. Literally. If you don't include this word, your post will literally carry no weight. it will literally be as unreadable as the game is literally unplayable. Everyone. You have to speak for everyone. The same everyone that is leaving the game. Or the same everyone they that quits a mission when the wolf spawns e.g. Wants. IF you don't state your wants as absolute needs, DE will not implement them. So never say "I want console to get updates when PC does", but something like "Consoles need to get updates when PC players do". Never "I want crafting requirements of XYZ to be lowered" but rather "Crafting costs for XYZ needs to be cut in half". See how much better that sounds? Endgame. While speaking for everyone, be sure to include everyone's definitive goal for endgame. You know endgame better than anyone. Its not a problem that warframe can't have endgame since you know what everyone (the same everyone as above) considers endgame, and therefore you know it can't exist. Nobody. This is the large group of nobody's that is the opposite of the everybody you speak so loudly on behalf of. The same nobody that never needs endo. The same nobodies that like frame or weapon X. You can speak with the same authority for the nobodies as you do for the every bodies. Likes. You need to think about likes when you write a post. Since there is no downvotes, you must realize the true badge of honor on the forums is to have tons of likes. So throwing a few animated gifs in there should help. Competition. You need to bring up the competition - suggestions here include threatening to leave to go play Destiny, How much better the world would be if DE was more like Bungie, or why Epic does battle passes so much better than DE. Veterans. never forget we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the veterans - so if you are one, be sure to remind new players how things used to be when they were nothing more than a twinkle in their daddy's eye. And if you aren't a vet, you better remember to remind the vets how elitist they are. Swear. A lot. extra special bonus points for creative spelling of shyte and m07herfv(k1ng scrubs. Remember, no one will take you seriously, like an adult, if you don't swear like a sailor. Exclusives. Your thread will not make two pages long if you don't talk about exclusives. Doesn't matter if you are the communist type that thinks everyone should get everything at MR1, or the dbag that epeens with their exclusive skin while admiring themselves in the mirror. Just be sure to bring it up. DE. Be sure to address DE directly "DE is this how you treat..." "DE, you need to do"... Because this is the forum for General Discussion amongst players that DE doesn't respond to. So since you so kindly addressed them, now they will definitely get right on it. Content. If you don't complain about the lack of new content, your post is doomed before the ink is dry. Extra bonus points for complaining a day or two before they release a major update. Statistics. Like any rational discussion, it is never complete until you throw in some statistics. Perennial favorites, if you can't make any up on your own on the spot like most people, would be things like "90% of players quit", "I ran the mission 100 times". Don't worry, you can ignore that 100 runs would take longer than the game mode has been available, or that DE knows how many players quit - nice numbers like 100 and 90 roll off the page and sound good. Quit. Yup - quit the game. But before you do - be sure to include all the above points in your farewell address. Bonus points for including all the above in the post that says you quit a while ago (but for some reason are still reading this). Well, you don't have to quit - in fact we all know you didn't, nor will you, but it is so cathartic to write that essay about how Warframe was your life, and now your life is over, and you're moving on, its not you its them...
  11. Mastery will do nothing to fix the problems with arbitration. Just did a defense and left after 20 minutes of boredom - but was paired with an MR25/27/19 and they did 8/17/11 percent of the damage respectively. the MR27 had 185 kills, the 25 had 106, and the 19 had 134. I did 64% of the damage with 778 kills - I've done plenty of arby's with MR 10-12 that did better than the three above. The game mode needs to go in the small house with the hole in the middle, the one that's outside. 10min waves for endo, endo, endo, rebranded endo, and more endo. always 300% power strength - no variety. ever. how about range? efficiency? duration? an awful revive mechanic more host migrations than at the border. with about the same success rate. "DE - can we have a game mode that takes forever between reward rotations, has terrible rewards when you finally get there, a worse revive mechanic than the reward table, and constant host migrations?" - said no Tenno ever. The only thing that is "endgame" about arbitration is that it makes you want to end the game for the evening and go do anything else.
  12. I actually had the no fish spawn earlier today. Plenty of hot spots, plenty of dye, plenty of bait - no fish. left PoE and came back and it was working again. And yes, the hitboxes are often off. And I too have fished more then I ever wanted too. Thankfully NW and Rivens are the only thing I have that requires ever require further fishing and I can completely ignore the former.
  13. We also have the BP - did it for the trophy however, not the BP. Another way they could have rewarded it: All Clans get BP available for research Top 20% don't have to donate resources to research - just have to start it. top 10% don't have crafting cost - they just have to start building it in the foundry. or something.
  14. We get this but no puppies or kittens free roaming while we can still use adults? boo.
  15. So in other words NEWS FLASH: "DE didn't break any promises they didnt give, nor miss a deadline they didn't set" also "An asteroid didn't end all life on Earth today - tune in for more breaking non-events reported live as they don't happen"
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