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  1. I never use the arca - snipers only for me unless sortie prevents me. used the catch extensively but have lately switched to the cyanex & tysis. melee is whip or kripath depending on mass murdering or high damage single target mission objective.
  2. fix the scanner first getting unequipped every time you auto block, try to melee, or switch to operator. the plants - meh I've always felt helios should keep scanning them and kavats but I just don't bother to do that nw
  3. just tested again - was hoping XBOX ONE @1 would prompt some response. loaded ok-ish into PoE for night hunt end of mission - 5 minutes waiting to leave - doors never opened. at least one squad member made it out since (s)he started the bounty againg - but two of us never did. host eventually quit. only thing we could do was chat. when host left - said connection lost you will be returned - then screen went black and that was it. never recovered. also lost all arcanes etc from first hunt of course. had to dash board. BL3 can't come soon enough. (although hearing reports of lots of crashing there too in pre-release 😂🤣😕 ) immediately tested PC again - no problems - fast as usual.
  4. 5 minutes trying to load emmisary sab on neptune on xbox. game mode solo. stuck with flying ship progress bar about 1/2 way before i just dashboarded switched to a different game. no issues on pc. same internet. i have reset xbox, deleted wf 4gb file,
  5. you can already select the ping limit in options. what they should do is fix the host migration bugs (enemy spawns, returned orbitor fail, reward not given, wrong rewards, buffs not working, etc etc)
  6. Not getting the login failed - but since yesterday exceptionally bad loading times: 3 minutes to go to dojo from orbiter 2:30 to return to orbitor up to 4 minutes to load PoE returning from missions game locks up for up to 30 seconds right when mission summary appears, longer if returning from PoE Problem started around noon yesterday (9/8) and continues today. No issues with any other inet services/xbox games etc. EDIT TO ADD: Just tested on PC: PoE takes 15 seconds to load.
  7. The next time i experience the issue i will test this. If I can remember my PC pwd lol - havent used it since december.
  8. FWIW: I am on "Optimum" Online - but am not using their proprietary router. In general, for years Warframe works fine. Then for a few days it starts acting up. It usually starts with an error message when I'm already in the game saying an update is available when I try to load navigation. As I keep close track of these forums (and also know y'all don't do updates at 11pm EST, or over the weekends, and without red text) I generally know its acting up again. Sure enough, logging out (as that is the only option since the game thinks I'm on the wrong version) results in being unable to log back in. Sometimes lasts for a few hours, sometimes days. Happens concurrently to others in the greater NY area (i'm in CT). Once it resolves itself its generally fine again for a week to a month. It really behaves like I suddenly get connected to an out of date server and since I'm on a newer version than it, there is no update to download - especially given a) when logged in, it decides out of the blue my version is incorrect b) the "check your credentials" message can appear if my WF is actually out of date (which it has been a few times when I logged in at the exact time of a real red text event) While I could manually forward those ports to my xbox, we have multiple Xboxes in the house and that would cause issues for the others. Futhermore, since it generally works fine for months on end with no change on my part, it seems unlikely this is the issue. (If its a general issue with Optimum its likely happening further upstream than here.) The fact that every time I have the issue, I can come to the forums and at the exact same time others are generally reporting the same issue or will respond to my post stating "same" would also suggest its not localized to the user.
  9. 5 charged lures inside 30m, sentient energy contained, bounty failed. Thx DE. Gerry. near side of lake (door side)
  10. Title. if ppl have fetch on their pets, it steals the wisps and you cant get the buff.
  11. a longstanding issue I've complained about several times. It is particularly bad trying to turn in cores for Quills standing - guaranteed to break your bumpers eventually. selecting hundreds of mods also sucks. there should at least be a way to click in the # box thereby bringing up the kbd overlay to type in a number. I have resorted to having a kbd/mouse plugged in to get around it but its a kludgy work around to a bad UI.
  12. Tested multiple times - taking damage from grineer/eidolon/voms - no energy granted. Doesn't matter if host or not.
  13. When not the host, and I choose leave squad (not return to cetus/orbiter etc) because someone either refuses to or is incapable of putting their shard in so I just want to proceed solo I get returned to cetus instead of continuing in the plains solo. It only works reliably if I'm host. The result is not only that I can't continue and just solo them, I also lose any rewards/arcanes gained to that point and is a complete waste of time
  14. its regional although seems to happen to greater nyc area a lot. sucks that no one at de seems to monitor it or these forums
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