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  1. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Why does DE have the trend to blind us and kill our Eyes!!!?

    With the introduction of the tricap, it seems DE is on a mission to outdo brightness on every previous update. And with every rework of a weapon, they do the same.
  2. Regardless of hitting zeros or ridiculously small damage numbers, bringing elemental only weapons to an elemental resistant sortie is just asking for a bad time. Mag with the Rubico trivialized the Ambulus today and all his supporting cast.
  3. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    What are the best/cheesiest weapons today?

    depends on the mission. Starchart missions almost any weapon is overkill if potato'd & a forma or three. whips & polearms with memeing strike and/or a crit chance riven are broken. If you stay a while in an endless, you will likely need to start getting some synergies between your weapons and your frame - then it starts to come down to playstyle. Things like the ignis fall off pretty hard after an hour.
  4. This. I resorted to putting it on a hotkey on both pc and xbox so I just tap jump, then the hotkey and it works every time. Got sick of being on level ground and getting invalid launch point.
  5. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    [Revenant] Enthralled crewman can deploy an indestructible beacon.

    Was thinking the same thing - could finally stop worrying about those fragile sticks when farming toroids.
  6. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    controller help

    FWIW: I use an xbox 1 controller (sometimes xbox 1 elite controller) when I play on pc for all aspects except typing in chat with no issues (current as of 12/25/2018). I use it wired via usb as there is too much lag when wireless. I do NOT use steam version of warframe but rather use the direct download from DE - I would check your steam settings and if possible perhaps even do a direct download rather than the steam version just to check if it works properly with steam out of the way.
  7. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Kuva Survival: DE FIX YOUR #(@$ GAME

    Just finished a 1hr 5 min kuva survival. No kuva awarded. WTF DE. We activated every kuva life support siphon. I was not inactive - doing 40% of the damage, killed 1162 enemies I had a smeeta kavat and a resource booster active and was expecting to get tens of thousands of kuva. I was not expecting to bend over at the end of the mission. Every other reward was given - 40k mission credits, 3 axi relics, 800 endo, 6 garbage credit caches,all the usual garbage mods from the mobs etc I have no idea if others in squad were as screwed over as I was as it was a public mission. I checked my kuva before and after the mission: 228,561 before and after
  8. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    Despite patches, Beacons are still blowing up instantly after host migrations Terra Elite Trenchers still not dropping to the ground from drop ships and get stuck in the air Additionally: Resource Drop Chance boosters do not appear to be working on Toroids. They are a drop, it should work but does not. False advertising for something that costs real money. Lastly Pilfering swarm does not appear to alter drop chance either. Toroid drop chance is published at 1.1% (miserably low but I digress). Over 10 hours of farming I killed just under 9000 enemies. The resulting toroid drops was 105 which works out to 1.16%. Running pilfering hydroid and ensuring to recast tentacles on each enemy spawn so AT LEAST 50% of the enemies were touched, it should have been closer to 150 toroids. With 9000 enemies killed I strongly believe the sample size is large enough and that the .06% above the published 1.1% drop rate is simply within the standard deviation of normal drops. It is worth noting that the entire time the farming was taking place, a drop chance booster was also active - but for the above math I ignored that since it clearly isn't working either and you (DE) are just stealing peoples money with boosters that don't boost.
  9. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    Pobbers Only Hunting Club: Broken Hunting

    I have only pobber & vermink lures but both work properly for me - most of the time I have had one or the other or both poop piles fail to appear at all - leaving vallis back to fortuna then back out again does NOT fix it.. have to return to orbiter to completely reset then they work again. some poop piles can't be activated at all. I just give up on them and go to a different pile of sh.. sometimes "call for transport" get stuck on after completing one hunt, finding the next pile, and finding the call point - leaving me unable to use the echo lure at all. only fix is to abandon that animal type completely and switch to a different type. after a successful hunt of a different species, the first will start working again. sometimes animal never appears - i'm not talking about when they don't appear and are immediately scared off, but they just never show. particularly pobbers if the call point is by too much water/streams. and a pile of other issues lol
  10. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    @[DE]Megan any indication when we might get the equivalent of PC hotfix 24.1.2 - specifically the increase in the drop rate of the Vega Toriod ?
  11. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    I don't know you mean by dropship "collision" lingering - I assume that the skeletal remains of the ship still have collision with other objects such as resources and as such they hold them in the air? I DO know, that the dropships themselves will often still linger after destruction - don't know if their goods are still held up in there however as I never bother to go check.
  12. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    Drop ship enemies still getting stuck in the sky - not nearly as many as before but often 1 out of the crew will get stuck up there. EDIT TO ADD: It always seems to be a crewman of some type. Its possible a drone from time to time not 100% on that - I haven't seen any more moas stuck since the hotfix - but definitely crewman. Additionally- on things getting stuck, the jackel frequently gets his head stuck in cliff walls and just his butt is sticking out. He can't /unstuck himself. happens very often when converting the three areas above the lake to friendly blue areas. Also happens at temple of profit if you lead him out toward the cliffs. related to drop ship enemies at Spaceport enemies are frequently dropped by drop ships up in the cliffs and get stuck up there. Particularly, if you are facing the entrance(s) to the spaceport, the left most upper cliffs just behind the leftmost walls Dropships - the ships themselves - frequently get stuck in the sky before deploying their troops, just spinning in place holding up further enemy deployment until you notice them and shoot them down. Reinforcement beacons still explode on deployment after migration: just now I was not host, I chose to leave squad because they were causing enemies to spawn where I didn't want them (or more accurately enemies wouldn't spawn at all where I needed them). As the new host, every time a beacon was placed it immediately exploded. I was at Enrichment labs FWIW.
  13. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg


    redding iz herd from the original post:
  14. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    A question on the drop rate of Tower White (Dye)

    When I was farming tower white - I personally farmed about 800 pigments - I never got a single drop from any condroc that STARTS in the sky (ie the ones on the left side by the ocean). The only drops were from ones that spawned on the ground - if they took flight from there that's ok they still might drop white.
  15. (XB1)Tucker D Dawg

    K-Drive Multiplier is broken

    something definitely feels broken with kdrive tricks - I keep hitting rails etc and it never gets any points - only doing copters etc do I get any.