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  1. We all know the post mission stats are completely broken, useless, meaningless and use some kind of fuzzy math. however the Stahtra has taken it to all new levels of stupidity. Like 130,000% fire accuracy stupid. Yes, thats one hundred and thirty thousand percent. and we could have gone higher if we hadn't quit the mission. 🤣
  2. If using a keyboard to type in chat, after about 15-20 characters in a message the cursor will start to get messed up and appear before the last letter. often cant delete the last letter and/or you dont actually know what letters are there. sometimes they don't show at all. Happens the majority of the time. If any of this makes a difference: Xbox one X USB keyboard direct into xbox (tested and known good on a computer and has no issues elsewhere other than chat window in WF) font size small not sure when it started happening - at least one major update ago (pre-deadlock) - maybe even two or three updates ago but its finally driving me mad.
  3. if you are dual wielding with a secondary (ie had switched from your primary to secondary), the heavy attack will change and will no longer be press <RS> but will be hold B. I don't know if this is intentional or they missed it when they changed the heavy attack to <RS> in the first place - it is annoying to constantly change what button you have to press depending on if you have a primary or secondary equipped.
  4. This has happened quite a few times since the major update PRIOR to deadlock protocol and still happens: I will be left unable to start a mission from the orbiter. Every UI part works EXCEPT actually selecting a mission - when I try to select a mission, I hear the sound effect as if I had selected it, but nothing happens. It doesnt matter if am host, client, solo, multiplayer etc. I can interact with the start chart, zoom in/out change planets, use the foundry, mods, relics, arsenal etc with no issue. But can't start a mission, goto a relay, the dojo etc - just a "click" (the normal node selection sound) and nothing. Only fix is to force quit warframe and restart.
  5. Did Granum Void Jupiter Sabotage 4 person squad, I was host. after completing the void we proceeded to sabotage about 700meters from the hand (relevant to give sense of time elapsed from void completion) i went to one of the sabotage points to extract a canister - another 100m into the map, switched to my operator and was instantly teleported back to the Hand statue with the Exiting the void animation.
  6. no - not network not responding. nothing to indicate an issue other than kill count not incrementing for last 20seconds of the timer. normal signs of lag etc were not present: other players were not running in place but rather moving normally ability casts seemed timely no issues going in/out of tenno hitboxes seemed to be where they were supposed to be.
  7. Rewards not given if not host enemy kill count is broken which is to say I was not host - we went into the void as a squad (3 of us), killd 97 enemies then it just stopped counting kills. There was about 20 seconds left in which time I killed 20-30 enemies and not a single one counted it was just stuck at 97 for 20 seconds, then the timer expired and we didn't get rot c reward. guess i'll take another 3mo sabbatical and see if anything works then.
  8. can confirm this happened to me when I was not host as well.
  9. New focus school? New Paths? don't see how they'd do it. If they add new paths, people with excess focus (refunded or or not) would be done with the "new content" on day 1. so no grind for long time players. If they add a new school, they'd probably refund points so people could re-allocate - and back the previous problem - no grind for long time players. With 10-20million excess points in each existing school, there'd be nothing there to make old players grind. and if there is one thing I've noticed is they don't like to add "content" that respects existing player stockpiles of anything - be it standing, resources, etc - always has to be something nobody has any of to make people do the grind all over again.😑
  10. I did. In fact I use it to farm axi relics all the time. And I was ablet to get into sortie 2x (although had to disconnect both times because atrocious host connection even though I set my ping connection limit to minimum.) First time I spawned in, and was immediately frozen and couldn't move Dashboarded, was prompted if I wanted to reconnect to squad said no. Started mission again and got reconnected to same horrible host. Then it disconnected on its own. Prompted again if I wanted to rejoin again I said no Then I tried to start mission again and now it says I need to unlock Apollo - regardless of public/solo/invite only.
  11. Unfortunately they took away the players ability to choose to use the coupon and you probably used it without choice getting 50% discount off something you just spent credits on. Horrible change that we no longer have a choice when we want to use it.
  12. The result is if you are trying warp around the ship using the map hot spots, you often can't get to the helm or the foundry if its too high up (and hidden behind the resource list) or too far down and off the screen. The map should just be in the middle of the screen all the time. and it should be further to the left so if we are using a controller that is slow to move across the screen, if we want to activate a tactical ability before warping we don't have watch that cursor creep across the screen or set our sensitivity so high its hard to actually select things from menus. And why are the resources in the upper right when you have the tactical menu up d-pad navigation end points? Trying to use the d-pad to jump to the map warp spots and half the time it ends up cycling through carbides/pustrels/diodes on the top right. You can't even interact with those - why does the d-pad jump to them?
  13. If you have the left d-pad bound to quick mission progress, you can't activate the tactical menu unless you are in a railjack seat (turret/artillery/pilot). if you aren't sitting down - holding RB then pressing left d-pad just brings up the quick mission progress as if you are not pressing RB. If you bind left D-pad to something like a gear slot, it works ok (and just "ok" as there appears to be a delay before it registers that you are holding RB so 1/2 the time I end up dropping an energy pad >.> if thats whats bound there.)
  14. and unable to see rewards, and you can't bring it back with "prior mission results" (option not available)
  15. do a few missions - level up some weapons- return to drydock and they are back to zero. This is not the same as the old double affinity bug - they will have gained 0 affinity. Happens as both host and client. Not sure how to reproduce -but has happened to me multiple times and to a clanmate in my squad. dont know if intrinsics were lost as well. The weapons (standard melee/primary etc) showed progress during the missons. and they were being used to kill -wasn't just shared affinity.
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