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Host Migration issues please DE


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In a Arbitration Survival at 50 min the host died and decided to quit. However that's when we all got a host migration and then the 'host migration failed' popup and thus lost all rewards/ mission progress and got evicted back to orbiter.

This just makes the game frustrating to play. Do you want your game to make the players angry/ sad/ disappointed ?

Can I just suggest that whenever a host migration occurs and it's not going well then each player hosts his own version of the mission keeping rewards & mission progress but everything else like current enemy locations/ loots get randomized so warframe doesn't need to know what these where before. Just Rewards & Mission Progress would be enough.

That would be VERY nice.


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Ever since the Chimera update I always get host migrations mostly in Arbitrations or Eidolons that guarantee fail causing me to lose my squad and all my earned rewards. I know what you're going through and it sucks. For me Host migrations have always been a problem but ever since this update they've been pretty bad. Another thing is host migrations always wipe any buffs I had like the Kavat double buff. I can never go to rotation 2 in an arbitration or I will lose everything. I can't host missions because then something always happens and I lose my squad mates and they good put into a different instance of the mission. It's making me crazy and I need DE to get on fixing this Asap or I won't be able to enjoy Fortuna or anything for that matter. Same exact thing happens to me and I couldn't find anyone else going through the same problem until now.

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