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A Hardcore Ember Rework


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So at first this sounded like a bad idea, but then I started to realize that it could actually give Ember a good deal more synergy while fixing the problem of taping 4 and forgetting it without reduced range.


There are three changes that would need to be made to her abilities, but her 2'd and 3'd abilities would remain the same.

The first change that would need to be made is to her fourth ability "World on Fire" where instead of the range shrinking after 5 seconds, after some number of time (about 5~10 seconds sounds about right) a fire proc will be applied to Ember (as well as every 5~10 seconds after that) causing her to be damaged over time so you can't just cast the ability and forget it.

Now I totally get it, that sounds absolutely stupid with Ember's problems with surviving, but hear me out to the end here.

The second change would be to her first ability "Fireball" simply adding the ability to remove heat status from Ember while granting some amount (test if it should be a large or small amount DE!) of health and/or shields back in return for each heat status removed (while probably adding more damage to the attack for each heat status removed as well). This would give us a very good reason to use the first ability too. Maybe have that change replace the charging of her first ability.

That combo could possibly give her the ability to survive that she needs when she's not spamming her 2'd and 3'd abilities.

The last changes to the last ability on this list may be less obvious. With the previous changes her passive "Ignition" would be available in every mission from the get go and having that endless supply of energy doesn't sound balanced at all, so the energy regeneration would have to go. However, in it's place being on fire would grant more fire damage from her abilities. I'm thinking around x2.0 (or maybe even x2.5 fire damage for her abilities) with maybe a boost in speed to counter her normally rather slow movement (I mean I might be running a little harder if I was on fire).


These changes wouldn't necessarily cure her of running through low level missions without seeing an enemy, but it would make it so you couldn't just turn WoF on and keep running either. You could run while casting her first ability every time she receives a heat proc, but that would also make managing her energy harder while (hopefully) not becoming to tedious. 

This would likely make WoF at least a little tedious, but I think that can be a good thing. I believe people tend to rely too much on WoF while ignoring her other two good abilities (namely her 2 "Accelerant" and her 3 "Fire Blast" which can be amazing). 

Bonus: why are her 2'd and 3'd abilities good? Well Accelerant has an innate stun that hits effects any enemies in range while her Fire Blast will knock down enemies in a large radius when it is first cast (it also adds fire damage to attacks fired through the ring, but that doesn't really matter much). So if you use something like Energizing Dash while you have maxed efficiency on your Ember you can pretty much endlessly crowd control the field.


So that's the rework I was thinking of (with a little recap of what some of her abilities can do already). 


From a Friendly (but rather anti-social) Ember-main.

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